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Managing Partner

Morristown, New Jersey, United States
January 11, 2019

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Cy Heidari, Ph.D.

** ****** ****, **** *** Bernardsville, NJ 07924 201-***-****


Thank you for reading my profile. I am an Innovative thinker with Strategic Operations, Functional and Organizational savvy whom is passionate about driving business growth, business culture and building customer value!

Proven ability to quickly analyze key business drivers and develop strategies to grow the bottom- line and quickly identify new revenue generating ideas and executions. Organizational savvy, champion of change to deliver for results.

I believe in the words: integrity, passion, teamwork, learning and value communication. My multi- industry experience and portfolio of integrated skills allow full ecosystem understanding and overlapping circles of Sales & Negotiations, Strategy & Game Theory, Asset Management, M&A: In depth analysis of pre screening deals, How to identify undervalued assets of targets that could transform a company via integration, how much to pay for them, and how to integrate them, Venture & Divestiture, Tax Minimization Strategy, Transfer Pricing & Risk Management, Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support, Legal & Regulation, Valuation of Technology, Tangible & Intangible Assets and Monetization, R&D, Corporate Finance, and, Human Capital Strategy and Measurements.


Developing New Business

Mergers & Acquisitions

Game Theory, Growth and Strategy

Capital Markets

Health Economics & Public Health Policy

Applied Financial Quantitative Modeling & Analysis

Human Capital & Competency Development

Best Practices for Fair Compensation & Human Resources Information System Platform

Risk Management

Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy & Monetization

Valuation & Financial Opinions (VFO) of IP and Intangible Assets

R&D Portfolio Management & Commercialization

Transfer Pricing

Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support

Building Shareholder Value

Professional Experience

2004 – Present ValueTelligence, Inc.

Managing Partners

One of the founders and Managing Director of this management consulting and advisory company that provides services in Corporate Finance; Mergers & Acquisitions Structuring and Transactions; Investment and Asset Management; Strategy; Marketing & Sales; Organization and Human Resources & Competency Development; Intellectual Property Management Development and Monetization; Litigation Support, Forensic Accounting and Valuation.

Help organizations make strategic decisions based on factual and measured information. Our team initially performs a detailed diagnosis of the organization and helps executives translate public and company data, and other relevant qualitative and quantitative data into information and knowledge and then insight and strategic action.

Hone in on the core problem facing our clients even in a very complex environment. Help our clients to construct and check solutions that really solve all negative effects without creating new ones and above all the cause such a major change smoothly, without creating resistance but rather enthusiasm. Attract, develop and retain critical thinking of the best workforce talent to construct vital strategic drivers of market differentiation and sustainable high performance.

Sell and deliver services to a wide variety of clients, focusing on strategic use of finance, operations, technology, and intangible assets. Advise CEO and board members on financial matters, including mergers & acquisitions structuring and business development, management of investments and endowment, strategy, asset allocation and equity strategy, accounting and tax planning, acquisitions, divestitures, and revenue creation.


Initiate and participate in sales of management consulting services to a broad range of industries and nonprofit institutions. Client areas include most of companies’ major divisions and senior executives. Involved from inception through implementation of recommendation. Primary responsibilities include consulting team selection, client interface, project leadership, and solution generation.

Lead consulting relationship development and execution with clients and cultivate internal and external executive relationships.

Plan and manage of engagements for variety of cases including strategy, turnaround, corporate finance, intellectual property and intangible strategy and valuation, forensics, investigations and litigation matters.

Articulate to clients the breadth and depth of the company’s consulting solutions and actively contribute to strengthening current solutions or developing new solutions.

Lead consulting delivering for multiple accounts and complex projects and work closely with the project team leaders to ensure project delivery remain within specified scope, on time and on budget.

Direct and assist in the performance of complex financial analyses, forensic investigations and other engagement needs and accountable for timely preparation and quality control of client deliverables.

Advise corporate and private equity clients in a variety of strategic and mergers & acquisitions related assignments in various industries.

Manage, develop strategies and execute Customer Relationship Management networking programs.

Provide coaching, mentoring and talents development to managers, senior consultants, and consultants for sustainable high performance.

1999 – 2003 AT&T, Inc.

Director, AT&T Labs -Technology Valuation, Financial Strategy, and New Business Development,


Started the Technology Valuation and Financial Strategy Group at AT&T and teamed with the AT&T Labs, AT&T Solutions, product and service realization, marketing, sales and various CFO organization leaders to identify and utilize AT&T’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio and technology to develop and offer new services which resulted in an increased commercialization by 35% and generated revenue over $100 million.

Developed the most comprehensive project associated with technical and financial valuation of the company’s IP portfolio and utilized the findings to strategically re-focused the organization on growth opportunities in emerging technologies such as IP Architecture, Internet and B2B E-commerce, Wireless, Network Intelligent, Multimedia, Software Development. Designed and implemented strategic game plans and increased growth to 12% (from 4%), for projects valued $12 billion.

Negotiated and closed three technology commercialization deals for combination of cash, royalty and equity with external partners for estimated value of over $750 million.

As a member of technology acquisitions, identified, negotiated and acquired two telecomm technology companies as well as patented technologies from several other companies whose strong technology and product lines complemented current products and services allowing for more innovative and profitable products offerings.

Identified the companies that infringed on AT&T’s patents and worked closely with the IP legal, business units leaders and researchers to negotiate suitable licensing agreements or prosecuted infringers which resulted over $200 million total compensations including damages and licensing from ’98 to ‘02.

Worked closely with VP of Audit and Controllers at the CFO Organization to ensure the accuracy of all IP transactions including royalty collections and technology amortization for financial reporting.

Created, developed, and executed intellectual assets donations program at the company which generated over $56 million net revenue from donating non-strategic assets that equated to over 1 cent earnings per share in the fourth quarter in ‘2002.

Conducted brainstorming events to increase both quality and quantity of the inventions targeted to the company’s strategic plan which resulted in granted one patent per day.

1998-1999 Submarine Systems International (SSI)

Deputy Director, Customer Solutions, Marketing and Sales, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA)


Oversaw all activities related to the sales of a product line and pricing associated with the fiber optic networking such as SMW3, AFRICA ONE, FLAG, Black Sea, TAT-12-13 upgrade, Columbus, SAFE, Northern and Flag estimated at nearly $4 billion.

Met customer target pricing requirement, while maintaining an average profit margin percentage of 32%.

Saved $150 million dollars by tracking unit costs and negotiating innovative network upgrades to increase technical feasibility of network features and lower costs by consolidating various manufacturing operations.

Assisted leaders of technology, operations and production areas with project management and planning techniques, resource prioritization tools, and performance measurement criteria that resulted in reduction in cost of projects of $35 million from ’97 to ’98.

Encouraged widespread use of client-vendor model as basis for the relationships between internal service providers and business units in support of the customers.

Streamlined and automated EMEA financial and unit cost pricing systems which for the company which resulted in faster, consistent, and competitive results to the customer.

Significantly increased “sales market coverage” – for non-bids projects with additional pricing and sales resources.

Customer satisfaction score steadily increased in ‘98 and ‘97 vs. ‘96 by follow-up and resolve all customer findings as well as improved understanding of customers “cultural differences” by sharing cultural information with division personnel.

Actively supported the company to maintain the company’s reputation as the world’s leading Cable Management Organization through understanding the cable plans of key customers and shared information as appropriate; developed new carrier market for the sale of cable management services and Network Management System.

1997 – 1998 AT&T, Inc.

Senior Manager, Financial and Tax Strategist, the CFO, Finance Organization


Performed tax research for tax minimization purposes as well as conducted competitive and intelligence market analysis for the CFO tax organization which were used for development of tax strategies, transfer pricing and M&A transactions.

Conducted tax analysis and planning for acquisitions and dispositions of corporate assets which yielded $200 million savings.

Developed business and intangible assets valuations by designing comprehensive industry, comparative and pro forma analyses, cost of capital and financial modeling techniques.

Accelerated cash flows by $21 million through accounting and tax minimization strategies and planning.

Assessed, recommended and set up financial metrics as appropriate to CFO senior leadership, institutional investors and Wall Street and contributed to SEC reporting related to market risk of portfolio, banks line of credit, etc.

Known as the company resource and internal advisor, acted as an integral part of the various engagement teams for the company.

Regularly invited to speak about topics such as M&A strategy, valuation, investment banking, and creation of new business, human capital strategy and commercialization and monetization of technology, innovation and intangible assets.

Responsible for the directorate information technology (IT) budget, computing needs including hardware and software for 35 professionals.

1995 – 1997 AT&T, Inc.

Manager, Financial Economist - Market Strategist: Public Policy Analysis & Development (PPAD), Law and Government Affairs

Developed econometric and statistical models to forecast interstate industry access minutes by regions and AT&T’s market share for access intervention, and utilized by various business units for competitive analysis studies and strategy plans.

Analyzed the impact of the access rate changes and prices on AT&T’s financial statements and the telecommunications industry and formulated legal pleading relating to tariff filings made by the RBOC which saved AT&T $170 million.

Intervened with the FCC and various state public utility commissions on issues related to access rates, AT&T’s Price Cap filings.

Developed an econometric and statistical methodology to estimate the impact of FASB 106 on AT&T’s profitability. Developed a series of innovative financial models to estimate the impact of FASB 106 on AT&T’s revenue and earnings, which resulted in over $200 million savings.

Assessed the impact of competition on AT&T's market share and earnings, and recommended strategic game plans such as introducing new and high revenue services, bundling services and concentrated on high value customers which resulted in a 2% increased in market share and revenue growth of 10%.

Formulated legal pleading related to tariff filings made by the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC).

Led 2 analysts who included the consumer and business services forecasting team (domestic and international) to identify high-end profit margins and assessed the EBIT’s impact on AT&T regarding market players for pricing and strategic implementation, which resulted in $320 million reduction in AT&T's long distance access charges.

Developed unit cost tracking business models and negotiated proposed upgrades to increase technical feasibility of network, which resulted in reduction in operating expenses by $50 million.

Developed business valuations and revenue tracking per service by designing comprehensive industry, cost of capital and financial modeling techniques.

During the past sixteen years, taught undergraduate and graduate courses in economics, security and capital market, investment management, as well as courses for MBA Executive Program. Conducted research on capital markets, game theory and mergers & acquisitions strategy. Served as a consultant to companies and individuals with high net worth. Designed long-term client corporate strategies, provided strategic advice to leadership of the companies in strategic plans, M&A transactions, and business valuation.

EDUCATION: Stanford University Completed the Program for Executives in Investment Strategy for Industry.

New York University, Stern School of Business, Capital Market Program: M&A, Divestiture, and Option Pricing.

Ph.D.: Economics – Concentration Finance and Econometrics, Game Theory, University of Colorado/Colorado State University. “Dissertation: Dynamic Analysis of Market Share,” Cum Laude. Utilized Game Theory & Behavioral Economics.

M.A., Applied Economics & International Business, University of Colorado.

B.S., International Business Finance and, Multinational Corporate Strategy. The Center for International Business Studies.

SAMPLES OF PUBLICATIONS: “Spin Off and Valuation: New Approach.” Journal of Quantitative Finance, Fall 2000.

“R&D Competition and Development of Market Structure” (with George Rhodes), Advances in Econometrics, Volume 10, JAI Press, pp. 47-64., 1993.

“Forecast Comparison of Exchange Rate Models with Kalman Filter.” Journal of Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Volume 41, Number 4, June 1992.

“The Economic Value Added (EVA) of Information Technology (IT) to American Business.” (With George Rhodes and Rob Spurling), Journal of information technology, (under review).

“The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and Cost of Capital.: (with Kenton Zumwalt) (under review).

“Market Entry and Venture Performance: An Econometric Approach.” Wharton/PIMS Research Center.

“Colorado Manufacturing Exports: An Econometric Analysis,” (with G. Allen and P. J. Lymberopoulos), Colorado Business Journal.

SAMPLES OF PRESENTATIONS: “M&A Strategy, Option pricing, and Valuation” Ramapo College, NJ.

“Valuation Methodology: Advanced Option Methods.” AT&T Labs, NJ.

“Forecast Comparison of Exchange Rates: Kalman Filter Application.” (With Dr. P. Ng), Financial Management Association Annual Meeting, Chicago.

Chairman of the session title: “The Impact of Inflation on stock market.” Financial Management Association Annual Meeting, Chicago.

“AT&T Access Demand Model.” telecommunications society, Washington DC.

“The True Concept of Quality in Corporations and its Economic Value”, AT&T, NJ.

Discussant of the session titled: “International Finance and Exchange Rates Forecast.” Financial Management Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco.

“Demand For AT&T’s Services: Econometric Model.” AT&T Bell Labs, NJ.

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