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Data Entry

Smyrna, Georgia, United States
August 24, 2018

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Iccha Bastola

Smyrna, GA Phone: 850-***-****



●Seeking an analyst position where I can utilize my skills, expertise and grow as a professional analyst. I have strong interest in data mining and machine learning in transforming raw data into meaningful and useful information.


●Experienced Data Analysist, with many years of experience of managing and analyzing data.

●Analyzed and classified data set to explore new business opportunity for GSBA

●In-depth knowledge of computers, command in Microsoft applications (PowerPoint, Excel, Word), system (Unix, Windows) and programming languages (C, PYTHON, JAVASCRIPT, VBSCRIPT).

●Experience with reporting design, remote dashboards, and portal products, online conferencing and polling tools, data visualization techniques and products.

●Expert Excel user (Pivot tables to analyze, summarize and visualize data), built in functions offset, VLOOKUP, Index match, string manipulation functions. Also able to record and write macros, use statistical function, data fitting and regression, charting and sorting, filters, formula auditing, data tables.

●Updated MS Excel tracking system of potential and current sponsor for greater Seattle business association, Local community association in Georgia, Students attending Sunday school.

●Used Microsoft Query to retrieve data from a corporate database of GSBA.

●Experience exchanging data between Microsoft Excel and different application (e.g., MS Access, SQL Server, Outlook, Sharing with PowerPoint and Word).

●As a local community leader, used google form to conduct a survey of the community and gather information pertaining to organizing social awareness program, cultural activities and Sunday schools. Also, I have experience in creating and managing form, and managing spreadsheet in google docs.

●Experienced in various types of testing including Sanity Testing, Smoke Testing, Functionality Testing, Integrated Testing, System Testing, Positive and Negative Testing, Security Testing and Regression Testing of, Web Based and Client-Server applications.

●Ability to perform system level analysis and design, and perform breakdown of complex business processes into simple business requirements and create dataflow, workflow as required.

●Community leader and program coordinator with excellent oral and written communication, interpersonal, organizational, presentation skills.



Expert level MS Office user (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Access)


SQL, Unix Shell scripting, VB script( QTP), JavaScript, HTML


Oracle11g, Oracle 12c, SQL Server, MS Access


QTP, Quality Center


Windows, Linux ( Red Hat, Oracle, Fedora)

Data analytics

Data Entry, Typing, Data mining (e.g., Clustering, Multiple linear regression), Statistical analysis using R and Excel

PR skills

Intercommunication, Critical thinking, Can-do Attitude, Innovative Inbound/Outbound calls, Teamwork, Confidentiality


Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal Sep2000-July 2009

Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics and Communications

Atlanta Technical College, Atlanta, GA May2016-Present

Associate Degree on Computer Information Systems

Major: Database Specialist Certification

(Candidate for graduation on May 2018)

Atlanta Technical College, Atlanta, GA May2016-Present

Academic Projects

Account Menu Software (JavaScript)

Developed a bank account menu using JavaScript. The input data for the account menu is entered through the keyboard. The program prompts for login credentials. For each account, the program prompts for menu choice such as deposit, withdrawal, current balance. Subsequently, the program updates the balance in the account (the task involved username validation (If else statement, do loops)

Linux Scripting and User Administration

Implemented a UNIX interactive shell program that can processes file redirection, transfer, and file system management, besides simple UNIX commands.

Performed Unix User administration tasks like user creation, assigning groups to users and provided file/directory level permissions on users, groups.

Introduction to Oracle database

Installed Oracle 12c on Windows 7 as part of the class project.

Issue SQL command to retrieve data based on criteria specified by the user.

Use SQL command to join tables and retrieve data from joined tables.

Performed calculation based on data stored in the database

Use functions to manipulate and aggregate data.

Use subqueries to retrieve data based on unknown conditions.

Create, modify, and drop database tables.

Manipulate data stored in the database tables.

Enforce business rules by using table constraints

Create users and assign the privileges to users to perform tasks.

Completed various assignment that involved the use of commands and methods in understanding the fundamentals of SQL: Create initial database, select, view, and display multiple columns of a table, remove duplication list, use column alias, perform arithmetic operation, and concatenate fields; Create table and management using SQL commands, add and include constraints to tables; Use of data manipulation language (DML) to modify data; Create, maintain, and delete sequence, indexes and synonyms; Administration of database by setting up database users, control their access, and role to database objects; Database query using filters, joining data from multiple tables; Use of single row, multiple rows, and group SQL function; Use of nested subqueries and merged statements. Create database object using views and materialized view

Project: Designed, developed and gathered requirements to create College Database.

Planned, designed and developed RDBMS database in Oracle 12c Express Edition, and create packages, procedures using SQL, DDLs, DMLS and sql+/sql developer.

Used constraints to join tables, to retrieve data from the joined tables as well to enforce rules, practices, and policies for data integrity.

Providing authorization and control to other users.

Courses Completed: Java scripts Programming, Unix/Linux Introduction to Oracle database, MYSQL, Oracle 12C SQL fundamental

Scheduled for Oracle certification program (EXAM IZ0-061 for Oracle Database 12C) by May 2018


Greater Seattle Business Association October 2017-Present

Data Analyst

●Review and become familiar with all GSBA Corporate Sponsorship level by processing, gathering, sorting, organizing, and recording data, information, and documents.

●Analyze GSBA corporate sponsors and determine which benefits best suit their needs.

●Create tracking system for completion and fulfillment dates.

●Create Team Progress Report, Summary of Weekly Progress for both data teams as well as HR team

●Analyze various CRM tools to verify the best for the organization.

●Extensively used Pivot tables to analyze, summarize and visualize data about sponsors and their contributions. Also used various built-in functions, e.g., offset, VLOOKUP (compare two lists, classify data), Index match, string manipulation functions (left, mid, etc.).

●Wrote macros in excel to write Data to Text File and automate data analysis processes.

●Used statistical function, data fitting, and regression to analyze and classify GSBA database on sponsors.

●Updated MS Excel tracking system of potential and current sponsor for greater Seattle business association, Local community association in Georgia, Students attending Sunday school.

●Used Microsoft Query to retrieve data from a corporate database of GSBA.

●Experience exchanging data between Microsoft Excel and different application (e.g., MS Access, SQL Server, Outlook, Sharing with PowerPoint and Word).

●Analyze data to look for business group that GSBA would work in the future on the basis of their revenue, industry, demography of employee, and their social values.

● Review and become familiar with GSBA corporate sponsorship level by processing, gathering, sorting, organizing and recording data, information, and documents.

●Develop and design a timeline for when benefits should be fulfilled and provided alerts.

●Creating tracking system for completion and fulfillment dates

●Generate and organize reporting based on sponsorship level, sponsor benefits, investment level.

Publix Supermarkets, Atlanta, GA Jan 2015- Dec 2015

Store Associate (Part-Time)

●Worked as a store associate at Publix Supermarkets providing customer support/ cash register clerk services, adhering to the company’s procedures, rules, and regulations as outlined in the Publix Supermarket handbook.

●Provided leadership capabilities, mentor junior associates about policies, rules, processes followed by Publix.

●Collected payments by accepting cash, check, or charge payments from customers and provided customer support.

Kamana Bikash Bank Ltd, Nepal Aug 2009-Jun 2011 Production Support Engineer

Used Excel macros to read and write data file from the text, made small useful tools using VBA macro (e.g., loan calculator, Currency converter)

Sent Email to a List of Recipients Using Excel and Outlook.

Heavily involved in day to day activities like data entry and editing (using references and names of cells and fields, advanced data formatting, conditional formatting, creating and updating links between data from spreadsheets, creating and using templates) and data management (sorting and filtering, splitting a column into parts, removing duplicates).

Also used various Excel Functions to analyze and summarize data mathematical, statistical, financial, text search and reference, logical databases, nested functions.

Used date and time functions (e.g., DATE and EDATE) to track payments due on loans, send out statements, maturity dates on certificates of deposit.

Used macros to automate routine tasks such as the end of business day copying of data from workstations to a centralized accounting checkpoint.

Used SQL queries to perform data validation, data migration and data conversion.

Performed System, Functional, Sanity, Regression, and UAT testing of web-based, client-server based architecture automate regression suite using QTP.

Quality Center for visibility within the group and reporting, tracking bugs, and generate a report.



Nepalese Community in Georgia _ _ Jan 2015- Present

Women coordinator (Awareness) and General Secretary Nepali Association

NRN-USA Georgia Chapter

●Organize seminar and event for volunteer awareness program.

●Write a summary of meetings and agenda for the meeting.

●Conducted Understanding Gender Equality, Gender Based Violence and Related Laws along with Rakshya Inc., Tapeshri Inc. in the community.

●Use Google form to collect, manage and analyze data generated from the survey conducted during various meeting and program.

●Worked as a moderator for International Women day in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Nepali School (Teacher and Coordinator)

Atlanta Nepali School

●Teach coordinate outdoor activities, organize, and coordinate an annual fundraising event for the school. Organize Talent show/Quiz contest. Conduct and allocate volunteers for Pre SAT course for Nepalese Kids (age 10-13) in Atlanta.

●Extensively used Excel and Google form to communicate with kids and parents, organize field trips and gather feedback from parents

●I used to google form to conduct a survey of the community and gather information pertaining to organizing cultural activities, field trips, and Sunday schools.

●Used excel to maintain and manage personal and financial data (sponsorship, fund collection).

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