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Software Developer Manager

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
August 23, 2018

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Saurabh Anant Wani

Charlotte, NC 585-***-****


• Programming Languages : C#, Java, Python, SQL, T-SQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C++

• Databases : MySQL, PostgreSQL

• OS : Windows, Linux, Mac OS

• Tools/Technology : Android, Eclipse, JSON, Microsoft Azure, MS SQL Server, NetBeans, Postman, PuTTY, PyCharm, SVN, REST, Visual Studio, WEKA, WinSCP, Xamarin


Masters in Computer Science Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY Aug. 2018 Related coursework: Algorithms, Parallel Computing, Big Data Analytics, Intelligent Systems GPA: 3.16 Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecom. University of Mumbai Mumbai, India Aug. 2014 Related coursework: Microprocessor and Microcontrollers, Data Signalling and Processing WORK EXPERIENCE:

Software Developer Co-op ALSTOM SIGNALING Rochester, NY Feb. 2017 – Aug. 2017

• Gathered requirements, conceptualized and implemented two simulators for Metrolinx (USRC) project, Canada

• Maintained requirement traceability matrix and performed alpha testing

• Generated relevant requirements, test description, and user manual documents Simulator 1 (C#, WPF, Asynchronous Programming)

• Simulated a part of the centralized train control system for Union Station, Toronto

• Aided in testing a device for railway communication built for this project

• Accelerated the validation process as it represented a system that was still in the production phase Simulator 2 (C#, Windows Form, MODBUS TCP)

• Modeled a setup to create on-field messages for a train control system and assess data over the network

• Needed a system to ensure the communication channel was trustworthy

• Incorporated in the bit-by-bit testing of Graphical User Interface along with the primary objective PROJECTS:

Android System Security Evaluation Manager C#, PHP, HTML, RESTful API

• Built a RESTful API and a web application to enhance an existing Android application and deployed the API on Azure

• Provided the android application the ability to store previous data and maintain user information for future analysis

• Helped notify the user of how to secure the device and gather information for further analysis was compared to others BLE Temperature Sensor Android, C#, Xamarin

• Worked in a team of 2 on an Android application to receive, interpret data from a BLE temperature sensor

• Examined, summarized the temperature information & dynamically displayed the relevant information to the user

• Assisted a group who needed to indicate the user, the temperature changes of their cooling pad using the sensor Sentiment Analysis of Company reviews Android, Java, Python

• Extracted company reviews by web-scraping Indeed and Glassdoor job portals using Selenium

• Performed Sentiment Analysis to identify top reviews of a company and integrated it in an Android Application

• Reduced human effort to manually go through thousands of reviews from these portals K-medoids Clustering Java, C using CUDA

• Accelerated K-medoids clustering by developing a parallel computing program using GPU

• Augmented the performance by efficiently distributing computations over multiple processors

• Obtained efficient clusters in relatively less time DNA Sequence Querying Java

• Created a program to query for a sequence in a large file using Map Reduce parallel programming

• Implemented a system to search for a DNA sequence in a huge FASTA file

• Achieved satisfactory reduction in time required to retrieve search results PNNL Connected Building Challenge Project Python

• Enhanced an application allowing it to interact and regulate a VAV controller

• Varied dynamically the air flow in a room based on the number of people, thus reducing electricity consumption by 20%

• Bestowed with ‘Most Innovative’ award along with an article being published on ‘’ HONORS:

• Awarded with 30% Graduate Scholarship in Computer Science at Rochester Institute of Technology PUBLICATIONS:

• Adaptive Cruise Control. International Journal of Infinite Innovations in Technology (2014), Volume-II (Issue-IV), Paper-05.

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