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Security Manager

Westville, New Jersey, United States
August 15, 2018

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Senior Systems Engineer with over ten years Unix Administration experience. Specific experience includes troubleshooting large operations centers supporting 500 plus servers with a focus on 24/7 systems support, HPC/Grid Comuting over 2000 cores per server, kernel tuning, batch scheduling, process automation & server performance.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems:



Java Server

Storage Software:

* Solaris 10 -11 OVM & OPS center

* Parallel Srv


* WebSphere

* VXVolume Mgr

* HP-UX 11 – 11.x

* Oracle 8.17


* BEA Weblogic



* Oracle 11 fin

* iostat, kstat

* JBOSS 5-7

* VCS 4.1

Security Systems:

Web Servers:


UNIX Backup:


* Tripwire


* ECC 6.5


* SPARC T4-M5k

* Netscout

* Apache, TWS

* VMware

* Legatto




* vSphere

* NetBackup,

* M3000, M4000, T5140

TD Bank

Linux Cloud Systems Specialist 17000 Horizon Way Mt. Laurel NJ 08053

Assisted with rollout of virtualized severs in a cloud and server based cluster farmed environments per banking regulated rule sets for testing QA, production based proprietary store products Storm, Github and Bluprint deploying Linux/Windows 2012 Servers virtualized/cluster based servers.

Installed scripts required for deployments and provided maintenance for patching for the virtualized and cloud based servers for war and jar files.

Provided support and troubleshooting when deployments failed or blueprints based deploys just did not and manually tested the install process.

Troubleshot TIBCO secure ftp and scripting/process for the TIBCO Command Center to batch process mortgage notes and secure items.

Linux/UNIX Systems Administrator 401 Market Street, Philadelphia PA 19103

Setup and configuration of HPSA CMN Tools server discovery environment for over 300 RHEL 5 -7 Linux and assorted Web application servers such as Weblogic, Websphere and Dynamo UNIX Servers to provide PCI compliance and security of file system monitoring.

Role was a split with Virtual VCenter /VSphere and Standalone Servers running various flavors of UNIX/Linux mostly RHEL,AIX, Solaris 10 -11, MOS, HPUX 11.32, HP Openview, HPSA, CentOS 5-7, SUSE 11 plus, for a silo’d approach to provide an automated UCMB Service Center/ HPE Service managed discovery, for compliance, security, patching provided by Tanium along with tracking and monitoring utilizing Zenoss.

Created a manual discovery script that will be eventually pushed out through HPSA to automate the update process to check and audit server health and availability. Actively participated in server automation scripting to troubleshoot computing tools for application transactions to support existing Weblogic and Cloud based servers.

Setup and configured a Centos7 Cobbler server to ready the migration process for JBOSS 4 upgrade to latest JBOSS 6 Application Server and Web server.

Assisted with LAMP implementation troubleshooting and system scripting, server configuration and monitoring.

Troubleshot proxy access issues to run curl and update CPAN services for perl and assorted Python scripting languages

Phila School Dist.

Linux Administrator (Contractor) 440 North Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19103

Coordinated changes in contingency planning along with system documentation and maintained 24/7 support SLA’s.

Setup VMware monitoring tools for performance testing, Linux security, patching & baseline CSI security methodology testing along with Trtipwire for internal auditing and compliance testing.

Provided technical expertise installation and configuration of JAVA based web applications Apache Tomcat, Wordpress 4 on Large scale VSphere 5.5 VMWARE CentOS 6.5 & Red Hat Enterprise Servers.

Provided server specifications and disk space sizing based on past and present disk usage to implement an Uptime 7 rollout to replace the monitoring tool.

Setup and configured an Uptime 7 Monitoring server to replace the existing icinga 2.0 monitoring server to isolate the VSphere server Sprawl and capacity planning to better utilize the environment.

TD Bank

Linux UNIX TIBCO Administrator 17000 Horizon Way Mt. Laurel NJ 08053

Primary function setup and support for TIBCO Platform Server and testing with the Command Center.

Provided backup build/technical support for the teams application servers on both Weblogic 11 and Websphere 7 – 8.5 for the AIX platform servers.

Installed and configured Linux and AIX Platform environments in a controlled banking environment

Scheduled system outages and managed change control systems pertaining to system access and auditing requirements.

Installed system licenses troubleshot TCIP communication errors and permissions errors.

Troubleshot startup scripts installation tuning procedures updates and overall daily systems maintenance of the UNIX systems in a very strict audited environment.


Solaris Administrator (Contractor) 200 Barr Harbor Drive, W. Conshohocken, PA 19428

Setup SUN Blades,T5124, M3000 and M4000 servers for cluster services in an oracle environment for billing and meta financial database services

Installed and configured Veritas Cluster Server on Solaris 10, with Veritas Volume Manager, and Oracle Enterprise agent. Utilized and test IPMP to determine which application would best suit the current web environment.

Managed Oracle tablespace/scheme issues during loading, reporting alert file I/O errors and their solutions, mount points and server utilization monitoring. .

Configured an Apache web/MySQL Lamp server to test load and tune existing environment for development server deployment. Configured M4000 firmware upgrades for production testing & compliance.

Prepare and execute proper backup and disaster recovery procedures/ configuration and working with RMAN (Recovery Manager).

Generating AWR utilizing Netscout to determine I/O and network reports during performance tests and analyzing areas of improvement.

Primary knowledge of PL/SQL scripting, SQL scripting cloning using cold backup, hot backup and RMON agents.

Worked on a process to tune the Java Thread Count & the Swap I/O the JVM was using to put dirty PI into GC moved swap to a less utilized device to balance out tuning & free up needed threads for the billing application.

Univ. of Penn

Linux Administrator (Contractor) 3401 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Setup monitoring VMware Hyperic systems for performance testing, Oracle 11 and Linux Bastille security baseline and STIG security methodology for STIG security methodology STIG security methodology STIG security methodology RHEL 5.7 - 6.1 to test existing Vmware VSphere, & the Zimbra mail server..

Setup an Oracle and MySQL servers as the back end database for the performance and tuning metric to create a baseline database for ECperf/J2EE java instances.

Evaluating systems security utilizing Bastille & CIS for Solaris 10 security testing thresholds and file system thresholds/alerts which will check server builds to work proactively with the current Java/Kerberos environment.

Built a testing environment using tools such as Netscout, Hyperic, and Uptime7 to increase security, and decrease false positives, tuned network performance and improve Java HEAP utilization while reducing GC thread processes that are currently stalling servers with high I/O wait cycles.

Maintained accounting database; assisted with maintenance of customer management database.

Lockheed Martin

Linux & Solaris Administrator (Contractor) 3 Executive Campus, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Provided server side systems support for Lockheed Scientific and development staff with TeamForge/Collabnet SVN check ins. Server builds included Likewise/Puppet Kickstart along with standard Redhat Enterprise 6 server, STIG security methodology and workstation builds.

Built a Solaris 10 x86 Storage TEK D2D & Disk to tape with x4540 with an available 24 TB ZFS file system disk tape backup system tied in with Legato Networker to test a bound AD LDAP auto snap style backups &recovery.

Built Apache/LAMP MySQL Lamp database environments that tied into Cacti to report server,ZFS & UFS monitoring & systems impact analysis reporting.

Executed testing on the Collabnet/SourceForge SVN systems used for code check in to troubleshoot existing mail issues and found security related issues when logged into the JBOSS JamesMail smtp mail port 4555 admin was found set to an unwanted variable.

Facilitated updated security compliance AIDE server side checks CSE security audits, built Red Hat 5.6 Enterprise with a scripted kick start server build process, configured Apache 2.2 web services Puppet/Likewise setup on all systems builds..


Solaris 10 System Administrator (Contractor Virtual/Remote Position

Oversaw and managed systems support, monitoring of business policies for the life science company as an onsite remote contractor.

Maintained existing build processes for an FDA regulatory clients & troubleshoot Linux SLES 10 & Red Hat AES 4 system outages, STIG security methodology, bench tested system software changes/enhancements to standard security patch management. Verified systems into regulatory database for FDA compliance, firmware upgrades, system inventory replacements, zoning changes and file system changes to the Veritas Clustered servers.

Setup Secondary Tier 2 Hitachi AMS 2100 to utilize Veritas Cluster recovery service to support a virtualized EMS security tiered brocade fabric grid to optimize ZONE LPAR security and separate HR from accounting.


Linux Administrator (Consultant) 201 Forrestal Road, Princeton NJ, 08540

Provided day-to-day systems administration tasks, system upgrades, change control updates for all scheduled online upgrades DDN patches and hardware support. Assisted with internal security system wide updates, security compliance, infrastructure requirements, STIG security methodology and system change implementation.

Provided configuration scripts for tight integration within the SLA Scope and security guidelines to monitor Novell HPC GRID SUSE SLES 10.1 64 SLES/SGI support.

HP OVO/ITO monitoring Apache changes & security patches, Tomcat and security changes.

Project planned security changes and web site staging operations to eliminate any JBOSS application server outages and mitigate any security compliance configuration SSL Bluecoat alerts.

Installation of Oracle on Linux, Unix and Windows platforms.• Investigating potential problems and issues raised by business users.• Creating & Maintaining of Databases through DBCA.• Creating and Assigning Roles, Privileges and Profiles to Users.• Maintaining Tablespaces, Storage management, Undo Management.• Monitoring Alert logs for any errors, problems or processes running.


Unix Administrator (Permanent) 1650 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

Successfully upgraded all four existing Suse9 Enterprise, Linux Red Hat Server 7, and Solaris9 servers to either an OS supported Red Hat Enterprise Server AES 5 or a Solaris 10 T2000 platform. Migrated all existing security practices to the new STIG security methodology. Upgraded all server platforms & GIS applications, system scripts to work within security service manager framework. Benchmarked and performed metrics testing to provide enhanced performance from existing baseline benchmark application that proved to support a 20% overall session and I/O increase.

Recreated all GIS,APACHE, JAKARTA web site maps for the GIS team to work with the Solaris 10 License Manager by modifying the ulimit variables in the startup script.

Utilized Network General Sniffers to check/report on network performance issue that were currently impacting a new cluster performance.

Tested and installed the ZEN release RHES cluster and configured fencing for a single failover device and setup apache jakarta for the GIS portal specific to work with the Fortran module loaded in through apache.

Created a server install log to reference all server applications, openssl gensra certificate, Versign class4 business Certificates and mod ssl installs necessary for migration changes. Configured all existing Suse9 modeling software to run in compliance with Fortran specifications.

Implemented and installed, with MS Storage Server, MYSQL NAS, Disk LUN’s for use with Netbackup and an ExaGrid Deduplication disk to tape enterprise backup solution.


Stenstrom Scientific Inc. (Outsourcing Services) 501 E. Lincoln Drive, Marlton NJ 08052

Senior HPUX/SUN Solaris System/Linux Administrator & CheckPoint Firewall Engineer

Provided outsourced systems support, administration and security for Boeing, Charles Jones, Janssen and CSC

Provided I/O metrics cost analysis versus standard Intel based servers running a 32 bit environment. Built Apache fault tolerant load balanced monitoring servers to validate logs and modules. Checkpoint NG Secure Platform Linux servers on SLES version 9 and Red Hat AES 2 servers to be implemented at various client locations and setup VLAN operations.

Charles Jones

HPUX System Administrator ( Stenstrom Scientific) 300 Phillips Blvd. Trenton NJ 08650

Worked on assignment with Charles Jones through SSI to provide UNIX Administration for a server migration project relocating the major servers from Trenton, NJ to Alpharetta, GA.

Corrected file system errors, load issues, Omniback troubleshooting and backup procedures, Rsync, Samba, and MC ServiceGuard hang issues. Facilitated security migration testing for Apache & Linux compliance testing in preparation for data migration

Repaired samba mounted file system share and NFS mount issues. Facilitated, migration & Service Guard changes.


Senior Unix Administrator (Contractor) 300 Trenton-Harbourton Rd. Titusville, NJ 08054

Provided daily on site systems support and troubleshooting of validated servers running HPUX 10.20 and 11.X. 1yr Contract 6/2003 – 9/2004 that was extended for a data center migration project move to Raritan N.J..

Installed/upgraded Basis, ITO 2-3, tuned an HP RP7400/RP8410 VPAR for WebSphere, Weblogic, ECperf for Java JDK 1.4, JROCKET, DB2, Dynamo/ATG, Tivoli Identity Management Software, and Oracle instances.

Facilitated ITO Network moves and HP Node Manager 2.4, configuration, and customization of HP OVO and Telalert integration.

Created batch Scripts to automate daily support monitoring of backups, data transfers reports, hardware fault notifications/CPU speed via getconf and print manifest commands and ignite server recovery.


Senior Unix Administrator (Contractor) 8000 Lincoln Drive Marlton, NJ 08053 JCALS System Administrator a six month contract that was extended to assist with the conversion of data to text format supporting the DOD nationwide 10/2002 -6/2003

Assisted with resolving complex DNS, Oracle and Sendmail/patching security issues. Troubleshot internal and remote firewall integration problems related security rules & logging usage problems. Installed and repaired a Netscape Enterprise Server and a Netscape Proxy Server.

Provided Nagios/HP OVO backup monitoring support to track DOD Snipper Net level backups and report back up/recovery anomalies.

Icor Broker

UNIX Production Support Manager 42nd and 5th Street NY, NY 10036

Documented process improvements with Java Talarian Smartsockets, MQSeries, and upgraded the entire production trading server environment.

Managed 10-12 Talarian/Tibco remote support personnel in New York, London, Australia, Tokyo and overseas support contracts which assisted in daily monetary sales of money options.

Built a HA Oracle Veritas (Database Edition 3.0) Cluster using VCS 2.0 for QA testing and to possibly test Talarian RT and Oracle server failover. Worked closely with the lead Configuration Management team to insure Talarian and Oracle instance would work during.


Senior HP-UX & Solaris Unix Systems Administrator 1181 Nixon Drive Moorestown, NJ 08057

Built an end-to-end hardware and software environment to support a for performance lab for Java metrics testing on various UNIX platforms, such as Sun Solaris 2.8, SGI Irix, AIX, Linux and HP-UX 11.11i. Key responsibilities were geared towards Java Application Server (HPAS) performance testing and system benchmarking comparisons.

Researched relevant Java SDK 1.3.1 tuning parameters and provided optimized performance in a HP-UX Java middleware environment. Documented baseline results and created an online knowledge base of tuning parameter changes.

Installed/upgraded Basis, ITO, Tivoli Identity Management Software, Oracle; supported mission-critical applications; and devised strategic plans for future enhancements, upgrades/ installations. Managed storage architecture network consisting of HP/9000 and NT servers, EMC SYMMETRIX 8430, ECC 5.1, WideSky Solutions Enabler, & Volume Logix technology.

Installed/upgraded Basis, ITO, Tivoli Identity Management Software, Oracle; supported mission-critical applications; and devised strategic plans for future enhancements, upgrades/ installations. Managed storage architecture network consisting of HP/9000 and NT servers, EMC SYMMETRIX 8430, ECC 5.1, WideSky Solutions Enabler, & Volume Logix technology.

Integrated HP-UX OE 11.11i, SUN Solaris 2.6 –2.8, SGI Irix, SLES 9, AIX, Linux 7.1, with Jconfig, Jmeter, Jprobe, Cxperf, C++, Glance Plus, Itanium 64 running HP-UX 11.20 and configured each of the tools to support ECperf testing. Configured and tuned HP/Sun E4500 with N-Tier App Servers, WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, iPlanet 6.0 beta to run HPAS as a comparative platform.

Senior Solaris Unix Administrator 2000 Lenox Drive, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

Hired as a lead UNIX Administrator to evaluate all disaster recovery procedures and developed an action plan to reduce and track server outages. Provided SOP Documentation to assist with any transition of new UNIX staff members.

Audited existing server infrastructure to mitigate production server outages and developed redundant server architecture. Replaced ufsdump backup procedures with a Netbackup datacenter solution which cut backup time by 30 percent and reduced server outages by 15 percent.

Troubleshot Verity search spider engine related issues, such as, broken banners, html links, and faulty CGI & PERL scripts for LDAP. Resolved NES 3.6 administrative LDAP/SSL problems and set up NES user accounts.


Senior Unix Administrator 225 Strawbridge Dr. Moorestown, NJ 08057

Led and project planned an OPS Oracle Parallel Server Cluster migration, which consisted of moving our main Oracle OPS Database to a new location. This migration plan saved Cendant Mortgage over $300,000 in professional service costs. Received three Cendant monetary Blue Star Awards for this migration project.

Installed two Sun E6500 servers with EMC Symmetrix 3430 with 3.2 Tera Bytes of storage capacity. Worked with vendors to order and configured EMC Veritas Volumes, cache memory, and EMC PowerPath Drives.

Provided monitoring/systems support for HP Open View, Tivoli monitoring and batch processing SLA management for American Express accounts/security.

Troubleshot and performed emergency repairs of E6000’s replaced Center Plane, system clock boards and ran diagnostics utilizing Solaris SUNvts/Explorer.

Assisted with daily UNIX and NT SQL Server Operations, this included setting up SPARC 4500’s, 6000, and Unix Intranet servers.

Modified ADSM start-up scripts to send pager alerts when backups or DSMServ service failed.

Installed and Scripted Connect Remote to push out applications to over 500 laptops in the field.

Assisted with a rollout of 4000 NT workstations and migrated these systems over to a new domain.

Installed two Sun E6500 servers with EMC Symmetrix 3430 with 3.2 Tera Bytes of storage capacity. Worked with vendors to order and configured EMC Veritas Volumes, cache memory, and EMC PowerPath Drives.

Education & Certification

Camden County College, Business Systems High Technology Blackwood NJ, 08021

Salem County Vo. Tech. P.O Box 350 RD #2 Woodstown, NJ 08098

Currently an MCP with the following certifications; NT 4.0 Server, NT 4.0 Workstation, TCPIP 4.0, Sun Solaris Admin, CheckPoint Certified Systems Engineer, CCSA & CCSE

Military Experience

Nine Years U.S. Army RA, Logistics Support Computer Integration Specialist, Walson Army Hospital DVHSS; Security Clearance: Secret, Branch US Army, MOS 13N (Updated in 1997 by GE Financial)

Provided site security while on two overseas tours in Germany & Italy. Briefed VIP’s site security procedures and assisted with onsite inspections/security checks.

224 Kings Croft

Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Cell: 856-***-****

Home: 856-***-****

Michael A. Paolo

Work History

6/16 - Present

6/15 – 5/16

6/14 – 5/15

11/13 - 6/14

12/11 - 10 /13



7/2010 -9/2010

10/2009 -6/2010

9/2005 -10/2009

2/2002 - 10/2005


SSI contract

6/2003 – 9/2004

SSI contract

10/2002 – 6/2003

2/2001 – 10/2002

2/2000- 1/2001

6/1999 – 2/2000

5/1995- 6/1999

4/1982 – 6/1991

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