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Sales Engineering

Beaumont, Texas, United States
August 13, 2018

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Kevin Wegner



To be part of a team using my manufacturing engineering experience and skills, I would be honored. Over the years I have been responsible for building products and compa- nies, overseeing all team areas, business strategies, manufacturing, engineering, budgets, leading the teams to implement and execute critical business plans. The challenges of building products and business, and leading teams is exciting with great rewards! Experience


Worked with clients to develop unique methods of business, marketing and increased sales by using media to enhance brands. Methods included LED technology, video, light- ing and sound. Responsible for designing & logistics, sales team, marketing team, creative technology incorporation in the company. Clients included Formula 1 racing, Waypoint, Haeir, Mulit Media Games this is just a few.


Built the business from ground up and hired all employees and set-up all departments. Core mission was to use multi media to enhance brand awareness for trade shows, con- certs and events. Technology department included flm, photography, music videos, pho- tos for magazines. Responsible for creative teams, sales teams, logistic team, accounting team, events team and warehouse.


Built a multi department business from the inception. Mission to create and direct brand- ing with marketing for corporations and non-proft companies world wide. We formulated marketing strategies, sales campaigns, branding implementation plans, and mulit-media facets. Some of the clients we worked with; Corazon Tequilla, JCP, Sino Swearingen, American Heart Association, Bras for a Cause. We also directed and produced television shows for Bass Pro Television, Thompson Center Arms and other TV shows. Sino Swearingen

Media Director ~ Was responsible and built all media for website, marketing collateral, videos, trade shows and supported CEO board meetings & Sales Team/Distributors. Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor ~ Lead a team of 25 Manufacturing Engineers for designing plans, bill of materials, and building of the SJ30 aircraft. This was a new air- craft I was in charge of developing the procedures, polices, planning and MRP II/bill of materials for Manufacturing Engineering. Lead the implementation team with engineering for frst fight.

MOONEY AIRCRAFT - 1997 - 1998

Kevin Wegner


Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor ~ Lead a team of 20 Manufacturing Engineers for designing plans, bill of materials, and building of the P30 engine cells for the aircraft. Lead the team of engineers in re-doing all the tooling to save money for building the Mooney Ovation.


Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor - Supervised 25 Manufacturing Engineers and projects. Was appointed to the ERP implementation team and developed all procedures for the Bill of Materials systems. Worked with all departments to make sure parts and as- semblies where built and delivered on time.

Manufacturing Engineering - Worked with Engineering on developing the plans and building the trainers for the F-16 program.

Floor Assembly - Built the F-16 Pylons for fuel, F-16 Gun Trainer, Cockpit Procedure Trainer, Fuel Trainer.


Abilene Christian University - Communications


Sandler Sales Training Presidents club, Microsoft Offce Suite, Adobe Suite, Final Cut Pro, 4k Cameras - Red, DJI Drones, Sony, Luminux, (or any camera), Pages, Keynote, any PC or Mac, Social Media (FB, Instagram, Twitter, or any app), Html, Php, Wordpress, Joomla, Auto Cad, 3D modeling all types.

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