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Park Ranger, Security Officer, Forrest Ranger, fish and game dept.

Tucson, Arizona, United States
August 14, 2018

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**** *. ********** ****** **** Tucson Az. 85741

Phone: 520-***-**** E-mail:

EL Rio Security Officer, October 31, 2016 – Present

EL Rio Medical Centers/Clinics: Administration: 450 W. Paseo Redondo, Tucson AZ. 85701, Phone – 520-***-****, Email –

Immediate Supervisor: Andrew Diene – currently on military assignment. Security Manager/Director: Mike Bigger – 520-***-**** Email –, Co-worker: Steven Valdes, Cell – 520-***-****

As a El Rio Security Officer you are part of a team that is responsible for providing security and safety services that support a safe and secure environment for patients, visitors, community members and employees of El Rio Community Health Centers. This role as a Officer will perform routine security and public safety patrol duties, providing escort services and other basic public assistance services at a location assigned by management. The Security Officer must demonstrate the appropriate level of professionalism and self-initiative in successfully performing all security functions, duties, tasks, assignments, and responsibilities following well – established procedures of the Security Department and its varied operations.

Certificates, Licenses, Registration:

Current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation-Adult and child

Automated External Defibrillator (CPR/AED) Certification

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Certification. IS 100HCB, and IS 200.B

Locate Technician, April 11, 2016 – May 20, 2016

USIC – United States Infrastructure Corporation: 4600 E. Washington St. Suite#300

Phoenix, AZ. 85034, Phone – 317-***-****, Fax – 317-***-****, Email –

Immediate Supervisor: Will Pedersen (Field Supervisor), Cell – 480-***-****, Fax – 602-***-****, Email –, Co-worker: Virginia Wolf, Cell – 928-***-****

As a Locate Technician with USIC, we perform over 60 Million Utility locates annually that supports the Infrastructure within North America. As a Locate Technician our main focus is to ensure clear and complete mark-out services for the excavator or property owner along with protecting our clients underground Infrastructure. The most critical part of damage prevention is to make sure that we protect our customer's Infrastructure and those that live and work around it. As A USIC locator I use the Radio Detection Series 8100 Receiver Wand and Transmitter Box, which is custom technology specifically built for USIC.

This technology sends and receives radio signals that adjusts to multiple frequencies ranging from low to high and using the conductive or inductive modes of operation will locate any and all stated underground utilities - (Gas (Transmission & Distribution) lines, Electric, Water, Communications, Cable TV, Sewer & All Other Utilities), which will be marked by company approved marking materials such as paint, stakes, flags, sticker, whiskers or tags of the appropriate color for that utility located.

Locate Technician, December 4, 2015 – February 10, 2016

ELM Locating & Utility Services: 1870 W. Prince Road Stu #68 Tucson, AZ. 85705

Phone – 520-***-****, Fax – 520-***-**** – Email –

Immediate Supervisor: John Brain Paul Boyd cell-520-***-**** Co-worker: Virginia Wolf cell-928-***-****

As a Locate Technician in the Tucson Arizona area, My primary responsibility was to correctly, safely, and efficiently locate underground utilities including telecommunications, electric and gas by the use of electronic locator equipment made by Motrotech. This equipment consists of a Transmitter/ wand that sends out a signal and a Receiver/box that detects a signal. With this equipment that adjusts to multiple frequencies ranging from low to high and using the conductive or inductive modes of operation will locate the above stated underground utilities which will be marked by company approved marking materials such as pant, stakes, flags, stickers, whiskers or tags of the appropriate color for that utility located.

These company/State approved utility color-coded line markings should include but not limited to the following information that are only some not all of the required line marking information or signage for the state of Arizona. The direction to the facility, if utilities are installed in a plastic or steel casing or sleeving and its size in inches, name of the utility, if the utility is high pressure, if utility enters a fitting such as a 90-degree, T-fitting, left or right 45 degree fitting or if it simply dead ends.

These tasks require that I managed my own daily route and schedule within certain parameters of my company’s guidelines. In this, I am committed to the high quality and accuracy of my work to ensure that clients and contractors could operate in complete safety and with full knowledge of the location of any underground utility lines they may encounter.

My other specific duties in my role as a Locate Technician include but not limited to the following:

Completing all necessary paperwork

Maintaining daily contact with utility managers, crews, homeowners, and contractors discussing locate issues

Receiving daily jobs via computer/device

Reading and understanding utility-provided maps to assist in identification of underground utilities

Ensuring that clients and contractors suffer no damages or injuries due to mis-located utilities

Responding to emergency calls in a timely manner

Working periodic weekends and being on the on-call rotation

Public Safety Officer Supervisor, April 2014-Present

Valor Security (Town East Mall), Mesquite, Texas

Assists in supervising and coordinating activities of Security Officers: assists in conducting incident investigations and helps maintain client relations with property management and/or retail tenants in the absence of the Security Director or Assistant Security Director, by performing the following duties:

- Responsible for training security staff

- Evaluate needs of locations and coordinate work assignments

Assign Security Officers to shifts at various locations at the client property according to job requirements and worker's abilities, skills and experience

Observe workers in performance of duties to evaluate efficiency and to detect and correct inefficient work practices

Assist in conducting investigations relating to security or personnel issues

Prepare detailed reports concerning matters investigated

Communicate with appropriate client personnel to maintain location needs and customer relations.

Electronics Sales Associate, October 2013-January 2014

Wall Mart, Hillsboro, Texas

As an Electronic sales representative I strived to help my store meet its sales goals. I must be knowledgeable in electronics and make myself approachable to the customers so that I can answer any questions thoroughly and accurately. I must be ready to seize opportunities for potential sales and help customers find products that meet their needs. As an Electronic sales representative my goal is to make customers excited about the electronic products I sell by explaining product features, performing demonstrations, mentioning sales, and promoting the value of their products. I sometimes are required to document sales by creating and updating records of customer profiles. Additional job duties include but not limited to greeting customers, stocking shelves, taking inventory, marking, creating and printing out usable price tags, Ordering out of stock items by way of handheld computer (Telazon),setting up displays, and processing payments. As an Electronic sales representative I must also watch out for thefts and notify security or police if they see any suspicious activity.


Patrolman, July 2008-Agust 2013

Whitney Police Department, Whitney, Texas

As a Whitney Police Department representative, I implemented programs for career day functions. This also includes demonstrations from my canine when requested by the teachers. Demonstration sizes ranged from gym size to classroom. Also, used my canine to aide with my “Stranger Danger” program; this program taught children how to recognize an unsafe situation and how to react to said situation. I am familiar with State Park principals, rules, and regulations, due to inter-departmental relationship with the Lake Whitney State Park. I worked regularly with local park rangers to aide as backup when requested.

I also work as a team member with other law enforcement agencies in the area. This allows for a fast paced work environment, in stressful situations. This type of work environment has aided in honing my ability to handle stressful situations, emergencies, and operate independently. Police officer job requires knowledge of Texas Criminal Laws, the Code of Criminal Procedures and the Penal Code.

Required to maintain and operate the Whitney Police Department headquarters, company vehicles and company issued equipment. Working as a police officer for Whitney Police Department requires much time spent on a computer, using all forms of office equipment. All reports are typed; all daily activities are recorded in logs. Other forms and logs are completed on varying lengths of time. For example, my canine log varies on time frame depending on changing requirements to keep the canine’s certification. I was trained through local Emergency and Fire department in basic first aid and CPR. I have the ability to follow and lead. I am a field training officer. This is a very involved task that requires daily documentation, safety, training, community policing, knowledge of policies and procedures, people skills, and required to work in all kinds of situations in various weather conditions during all times of the day.

Certified Field Training Officer

Certified SFST Practitioner

Certified Rapid Response to Active Shooter

Certified Basic SWAT

Certified Advanced SWAT

Certified in Roadside Interview-HITS

Canine Officer until 2012

Patrolman, March 2005-July 2008

Navarro College Department of Public Safety, Corsicana, Texas

All duties mentioned above in the Whitney Police Department apply to this job except the interpretation activities. At this location I aided and put on interpretive events for the some of the local private Catholic school in programs concerning narcotics, canine policing, and stranger danger programs.

Certified with IMBPA for bike patrol

Implemented K-9 service for resident housing

Provided K-9 services and drug awareness for local Catholic school and YMCA after school program

Patrolman, August 2001-December 2004

Kerens Police Department, Kerens, Texas

All duties mentioned above in the Whitney Police Department apply to this job except the interpretation activities.

Interpretive events completed at these locations were kid identification programs and stranger danger programs for the local community in various locations ranging from banks to libraries.

Trained and certified personal narcotics canine

Organized extensive undercover surveillance to combat high anhydrous theft

Organized and implemented first child identification program, stranger danger, and say no to drugs program for the Local library

Reserve Patrolman, May 2000-August 2001

Blooming Grove Police Department, Blooming Grove, Texas


I have had no formal training in interpretation but I have put on different types of programs for children. This has been easy for me due to my ability to work courteously and effectively with the public.

I have a knowledge and understanding of state park law enforcement principle from working with local park ranger for the past 4 years. I also understand many park rules and regulations because I like to frequent state and national parks when I have some free time.

Revenue collection: Customer service manager at Wal-Mart I was over all the registers in the store and also ran a register when needed. Chambers Creek Marina I was assistant manager which included running a register. Eckerd Pharmacy I was a cashier. Cici’s Pizza I ran a register. Kerens Police Department I collect revenue off of city warrants.

General Maintenance techniques, use of hand tools, power tools, equipment, vehicles: For Law enforcement I have operated many vehicles from trailers to large trucks. I have driven brush trucks for the local volunteer fire department. When I worked for the evergreen air center I drove a large fire truck to fight fire. In the military I also drove many different vehicles. In civilian jobs and around my house I have operated standard vehicles, forklifts of various sizes, tow vehicles called tugs to tow planes, trailers, boats, motorcycle, atv, mule, back hoe, trencher, bull dozer, riding lawn mower, sky lifts, bucket lift, tractors, grader, jack hammer and many other vehicles. I have also used many tools. I have used jack hammers, arc welder, many tools related to automotive work, used most all tool concerning wood work, have used many air tools for all purposes in construction, worked with epoxies, glues. I have also used a lathe for wood work. I worked in a metal shop and have had some experience with metal presses. Many yard tools: shovel, rake, weed eater, edger, tiller, shears, push mower, pick axe, hoe, spade, vibrator for cement work, trowels, power washer, grinders, and water hoses with nozzles.

Custodial Duties: I maintained campground facilities at the Chambers Creek Marina, general custodial work at Wal-Mart, have waxed and buffed floors with machines, mopped, swept, clean toilets and bathroom fixtures, unclogged drains, did custodial work at Eckerds, Cici’s Pizza, John’s trailer park, Abbots Welding, Whitney Police Department.

Basic report writing: Report writing has been a daily activity in my career as a police officer. I have also completed monthly reports for current position and my past positions in management.

I use basic math in my everyday life.

I am skilled with many pieces of office equipment: phones, fax, copier, computers, calculator, radio, printer, scanner, stapler, hole punch, credit card machine, hand scanners, and filing cabinets. To go further on the computer, the police department has many specific computer programs that are used for daily operation. I also use the computer for all my personal needs. Some programs that I use regularly will be the internet, Microsoft Office, word pad, paint, Adobe, Microsoft Outlook, and media players.

I am skilled in verbal and written communication. I have to interact with all kinds of people as part of my daily job duties. Also, I have given programs to children at schools, after school programs and libraries. When I managed in prior jobs I had to communicate in both fashions. Being a field training officer involves both methods of communication in order to form a young officer and help aid his learning in becoming an independent officer. This skill was earned by working many positions independently and as a team member. Most of my jobs have been a fast paced environment that requires making sound and timely decisions, in all types of situations and environments.

Skilled in First Aid, CPR, and emergency procedures. Have had various small first aid classes. Being that I work for police agencies, we had to keep a basic knowledge of first aid and CPR. But, our most current agency procedures are not very extensive.

My ability to work courteously and effectively comes very natural to me. I consider myself a people person. I had used this ability when working with the teams that I have worked with in the past and present. This ability has also aided in my work with subordinates and supervisors. This trait is especially handy when having to train workers in different stressful situation or emergencies.

Safety is present in all jobs. I have always followed protocols to make the work environment as safe as possible. Also, it is good to have plans for when accidents happen. I believe training helps prevent accidents. I have helped start some general guidelines with co-workers to make them aware of some hazards in the work environment.

I considered myself to be in very good condition. My past work experience has made me a “Jack of All Trades” kind of individual. Most of my jobs have been dependant on my physical ability which has helped me keep my physical fitness side of my life. I work out on a regular basis. Not only for myself but for the others that may depend on me.


Peace Officer License/Tecleose, December 1997-Present

Texas Jailer License, March 1998

K-9 Certification, National Narcotic Detector Dog Association, Inc., October 2003-2011


Whitney Police Department Medal of Valor 2013

Outstanding Service and Commitment Award 2011

Meritorious Achievement in Anhydrous Theft Case in Kerens 2004

Honorable Discharge from United States Army and Army Reserve

Army Service Ribbon

Overseas Service Ribbon

Army Achievement Medal 2nd Oak Leaf Cluster

Army Good Conduct Medal

Sharpshooter Badge with Hand Grenade Bar

Drivers and Mechanic Badge

Driver Wheel Vehicle Badge


BSEP-Math, October 1986

Big Bend Community College, West Germany

Police Academy, December 1997

Navarro College, Corsicana, Texas

Criminal Justice, April 2011

Navarro College, Corsicana, Texas

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