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Design Engineer Engineering

Carson, California, United States
August 10, 2018

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**** ******* **.

Carson, CA ****6

(310) 650-7509C

OBJECTIVE: Employment as a Mechanical Designer (Design Engineer)

SUMMARY: 15 PLUS YEARS of Hardware Design experience to include the integration of skills with the

following types of Products of Disciplines:

Castings and Machined Parts


ProE (23,000)

Plastic Injected Parts

ASME Y14.100

CREO (4000 Hrs)

Small Mechanism

ASME Y14.24

WILDFIRE (9000 Hrs)


EM Packaging

Sheet Metal

Pneumatics-Electro Hydraulic


DOD 100


CATIA Ver.5 (500 Hrs)

PRO-Cabling (500 Hrs)


AUTOCAD (5000 Hrs)

Ability to coordinate and communicate effectively with engineering and management personnel at all levels and performs effectively with the assignments requiring attention to




11/14 to 03/17 Carson, Ca

Design Annalist

Assigned to Revolution Toilet and CVTS Programs to do final model and drawing check of all

Mechanical and Electrical drawings using Y14.5M 1994. Prepared tolerance stack up on

assemblies and mating parts. Model checks were done using Proe CREO and Solidworks.


1/10 to10/13 Costa Mesa, Ca

Manufacturing Design Engineer:

Assigned to UPS Product Line Support, Uniflair Cooling and Solar Backup Power Supply

Systems. Responsibilities - included creating Engineering and Manufacturing Instructions

(MEI’s) and Spare Parts Packaging for Uniflair and Solar Pilots, provide ECR, ECN and ECO

Documentation for UPS. Modified or created new Engineering drawing on ProE (CREO)


Accomplishments – Designed Electrical Box fixture to assist in assembling Electrical

Componets into E-Box. Designed Pallet Adaptor to accept small Frame Chassis for Uniflair

Product Line. Designed Uniflair Dolly to move Chassis Base from staging area to assembly

Stations. Created over 300 MEI’s Spare Package Kits for Uniflair and Solar Pilots. Created

Part Qualification Request (PQR’s) to qualify Vendors for various parts being manufactured.

Created Parts Spec to release parts into Release Parts Data Base.

Contracted to: BAE

7/06 to 08/09 Santa Clara, Ca

Design Engineer- Assigned to the Structures Group on the MRAP Program

● 4X4 Vehicle: Designed Commanders Side Laptop Slide Panel with Quick Lock and

Release feature. Layoout and Design Interior Protective Spall Liner

● 6X6 Vehicle: Provided detail drawings for Intercom and Internal Lighting Installation

● Flat Bed Vehicle: Provided mounting brackets for in-cab heater and routed locations for

Heating Ducts and Vents

● Tow Vehicle: Designed front Towbar Mount and Turn Signal Installation

All designs, layouts, modeled parts and drawings were created using ProE Wildfire 3.0

Top Down Design Concept.

● Responsibilities included PDR Preparation and Presentation, Design conception, Drawing

Status and Release Dates, Interfacing with other Design Groups and ECN Changes

● Assigned to ECP Team (Engineering Change Proposal-Cost Reduction Team):

Redesigned Winch and Spare Tire Bracket assembly with 800 lb load factor

Contracted to: RAYTHEON

7/99 to 05/06 El Segundo, CA

Design Engineer: SSBI

● APL5 Pluto-Designed and detailed a three piece Shutter Housing 43.0” long X 25.5”

diameter that consisted of mounting interface for an Optics Assy, two external ports for

transferring heat from optics to external area of housing and Heat Transfer Plates.

● APL5 Avalon Tool Design-From given requirements, layout, design and detailed

a 98”X 85”Pallet Assembly with a 2200lb load factor and a 4 point lifting attachment that

mated to the Payload and used to transport Payload from assembly labs to test labs.

Designed a 105” long Rotation Cart with a 3300 load factor that mounted to the Pallet

Assy, rotated Payload and Pallet along “Y” axis for various installation and test positions.

Responsibilities included interfacing with Thermo, Optics and Stress groups, reporting

Weekly status on drawings and parts in fabrication, follow design from concept to inception.

All Parts, Drawings and Assy were created using PRO-E/WILDFIRE, Y14.5M-1994 and



8/98 to 7/99 Canoga Park, CA

Sr Designer:

From given specification, assisted in the design and detail of installation fixtures for X33 rocket engine. Designed and detailed a combination installation and removal device on RS68 Program for Mid-Combustion Chamber (MCC) and Convection Ring Assembly all models, assemblies, and drawings were created using PRO-E workstations with respect for Y14.5M-1994 and DOD MIL-STD-100.

Contracted to: LITTON GCS

9/97 to 6/98 Woodland Hills, CA


Assisted in developing a 100 cubic inch Global Positioning Unit that consists of,

Fiber optics Gyros, an Optics Tray, Accelerometers, an Optical Receiver Card, and a

Photodiode Package. Modeled and detailed parts and created detailed complexed assemblies. Modified engineering prototype drawings and parts for fit and

function. All parts, drawings, and assemblies were generated using PRO-E

software with respect for Y14.5M1994 and DOD MIL-STD-100.


8/96 - 9/97 Torrance, CA

EM Designer

From given specifications, design and layout mechanical structure for the power supply of

an Ion propulsion thruster system for deep space satellite. Down load all PWB’s

related to the power supply from Mentor Graphics to PRO-E. Designed encapsulation

tooling for Hi-Voltage power supplies. All models, part drawings, sub-assemblies

drawings and top assembly drawings were created using PRO-E workstations.


5/94 - 8-96 Torrance, CA

Sr. Designer

Performed as Lead Designer responsible for overall layout and design of 5.0 Auxiliary Power Module (APM) and 6.0 GEN II Power Electronics Bay (PEB). Provided

engineering support to manufacturing/assembly. Act as engineering liaison to vendor in

prototype and proposed production phases. Successfully designed and laid out 5.0

APM within schedule guidelines. Redesigned input filter midstream during P.O.D. Assembled and implemented transition into the assembly as scheduled. All 5.0 concepts, layouts and drawings were performed on an AutoCAD workstation. All 6.0

GEN II parts, assemblies and drawings were modeled and assembled using PRO-E.

EDUCATION: El Camino College, CADAM, 1985

Pasadena Junior College, Associates Degree, 1979

ITT General Controls, Basic Materials Science

John Muir High School,

Pro-E, Certified 1991 Rand Tech

Pro-E/Wildfire, Certified 2004 Rand Tech/Creo, Schneider Electric 2010 Certified

Catia V5, Certified 2006 Rand Tech

REFERENCES: Submitted Upon Request

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