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Software Manager

Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
August 09, 2018

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Emphasis has been on providing extensive printing and document composition expertise to customers. I’ve been

formally trained at IBM and Xerox for print data streams and print server technology.


Ricoh USA: Norton, Massachusetts – USA Sep - Current

Role: Consultant

Providing document composition expertise to clients using Exstream Dialogue (Open Text) and GMC Inspire (Quadiant).

Consulting Services: Freelance work in local Massachusetts area. Oct 2016 - Oct 2017

Role: Consultant

Working for local New England companies on random very short term projects as well as production support help.

State Of Indiana; Indianapolis, IN - USA Dec 2015 – Oct 2016

Role: Consultant

I came to Indiana to help the State of Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) enhance the way that they administer and deliver services to the Hoosiers that need assistance from the government to subsidize medical costs, purchase food and other expenses until they are able to gain self-sufficiency. My involvement was using HP Exstream (version 9) to create documents, with Diaolgue Live boxes. With heavy usage of Exstream templates and components. Output is PDF format.

Venture Solutions; Dallas, Texas - USA Apr 2014 – Nov 2015

Role: Consultant

Maintenance, and creation of, financial and mortgage statements. Using HP Exstream Dialogue (ver 7). Printing Xerox Metacode and producing PDF output for web hosting. Typical applications would involve using PDF pass thru, Design Layers, Messaging, Components, IMB barcodes, 2D barcodes, Certified Mail barcodes, cloning, mapping data files, setting up rules, creating folders, documents, pages, variables and output queues.

Allstate Insurance Jacksonville, Florida - USA Nov 2013 – Apr 2014

Role: Consultant

Six month contract to support mainframe applications. COBOL and JCL development for the Document Management Services team. Supporting and creating some Health Insurance applications using HP Exstream Dialogue (vers 6 & 7.)

RR Donnelley; Antioch, Tennessee – USA Mar 2009 – Nov 2013

Role: Programmer/Analyst

Leading in the development and conversion of new applications, using HP Dialogue running on Unix Open Systems platform. Developing applications on the PC. Working with a local Nashville auto insurance company converting all their applications into HP Dialogue (ver 5, 6 & 7). I worked very close to the customer, project manager and sales to understand business requirements. I was involved in all phases of the full systems life cycle. Responsible for designing, coding, testing, implementing, maintaining and supporting these applications. The data from the client was in a variety of formats: txt files, AFP, PDF, PCL and compose the data in Dialogue for print processing. Implementing OCR, QR Codes, OMR and 2D Barcodes across all applications. I Created Policy Statements(Declarations), Renewals, Refund Checks, ID Cards, Notice of Cancellation, Intent To Cancel and payment coupons. This project took four years to complete and was on time and on budget.

Com Graphics, Inc. Chicago, Illinois - USA Nov 2007 - Dec 2008

Role: Consultant

I attended a class at Exstream in Kentucky called “Creating Complex Statements”. This is where I learned how dialogue handles section data and statement processing. On this project my main task was to convert mainframe COBOL applications in to Exstream Dialogue (V6). These COBOL programs were creating financial statements and confirms. We were creating output PDF’s and Postscript files. We used 3 of 9 barcodes to control inserting equipment. Tools used: Dialogue (Versions 5, 6 and 7), Automate (Job building and scheduling), Scripting in Dialogue to handle dynamic output queues and driving other logic on the printed page. Source Safe (Used for version control of all the Dialogue databases). Two pass Dialogue process for house-holding records.

Consulting - Massachusetts – USA Jan 2005 - Nov 2007

Role: Consultant

Provide consulting services to Pitney Bowes/Group1 Software. At client sites doing production work using tools such as Group 1 Software products, MS Excel, Exstream Dialogue, PrintNet 3, Sync Sort and JCL. I was instrumental in assisting all Pitney Bowes customers to get recertified in NCOA. Traveling to the client sites, installed the new software and databases, and got them recertified.

W.A. Wilde; Holliston, Massachusetts – USA Jan 2004 – Nov 2004

Role: Consultant

Contracted to migrate mainframe (VSE) EZ-Letter applications to the PC(NT). Once the EZLetter programs were running on the PC I then had to convert the EZ-letter programs into Exstream Dialogue(Version 4). Once the conversion was completed I set the jobs up for production using tools like G1 Software (NT) List Conversion, Merge Purge, Code1 and Presort. Production was generating approximately 6 million pages per month on high speed OCE continuous form printers.

ABA Software INC; Mystic, Connecticut - USA Jan 1999 – Dec 2003

Role: Technical Services Manager

Work from home support services for a small software company. Main products supported included: EZLetter Plus, PCLink, Data Precise and EZProof. I provided telephone support including solutions for different software problems and providing technical coding solutions. I provided customized training at customer locations. I also provided Professional Services including Application Programming solutions both remotely and at customer sites.

ABA Software Continued; RMCB of New Jersey. RMCB was struggling to maintain an old collection letter system. This system was written in Cobol. The author had died, leaving the company with a system that was difficult, at best, to modify. Met with the client to discuss how existing system worked; evaluated all the documents generated from this system; evaluated variable components of each document; installed new software(Group 1 Software EZletter) to replace the Cobol program(s); upgraded required (AFP) printer firmware; educated management and programmers how to use the new software in both classroom and one on one settings; diagrammed how the system should be configured; assisted staff in setting up, code and defining tables; tested new system with live test data. Results: Customer had a new collection letter system, which was easy to maintain. Total time took about four weeks. Customer expects to save $100,000 annually.

John Hancock Funds, Boston, MA – USA Nov 1998 – Jan 1999

Role: Application Programmer

As a full-time employee, provided business solutions to internal business applications. Developed dynamic multi-page financial statements using EZ-Letter, and other mainframe tools. Supported daily production jobs, and made changes to existing programs. On 24 hour call every other week supporting production issues.

Thomas Maltby & Associates, Columbia, MD/Easton, MA - USA Jun 1996 – Nov 1998

Role: Consultant

Provided Application Programming and training services to customers using Group 1 Software products.

Group 1 Software; Lanham, Maryland - USA Sep 1989 – Jun 1996

Role: Technical Services

Promoted through different departments during my six-year tenure. Provided telephone support for over 10 different products to hundreds of clients. I also worked in the Education Department. I conducted many formal training sessions at Group 1 seminars and at customer locations. Training clients on a number of different Group1 products specializing in the print application program EZ-Letter. When I was back in the office I volunteered for Professional Services. I traveled to client sites doing the production programming work using the Group1 Software suite of products. Assisting many customers in how to drive new AFP printers using EZ-Letter. I also helped the non-AFP shops to migrate from line-mode to page mode on the Xerox printers they had. I was an expert in EZ-letter and had been formally trained in AFP at IBM and trained in Metacode (aka page mode) at Xerox.


GMC - Inspire Designer 2017

Exstream Software - Creating Complex Statements 2007

Pitney Bowes Stream Weaver 2005

Villanova University – Certificate in Project Management 2004

GMC Braintree MA- PrintNet T Software 2003

GMC Braintree MA- PrintNet 3 Software 2002

ABA Mohegan Sun-The Sales Cycle (Presented by the President of Group1 Software) 2002

IBM - Tampa FL- Info Print Manager Print Server 2001

IBM – Crystal City Virginia - AFP Architecture (PPFA, OGL, PSF) 1996

Xerox – Virginia - Metacode Print Stream /JDL/JSL 1998

American Management Association – Washington DC - Train the Trainer 1997

Montgomery County Technical College - Lanham MD - Assembler I 1995

Dale Carnegie - College Park Maryland - Customer Relations 1993

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