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Engineer Manager

Pearland, TX
October 04, 2018

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Mithilesh Vidyarthi



Name: Mithilesh Vidyarthi,

Address: **** ******* **** *****, ********, TX-77584, USA, E-mail id: &, Cell: +1-832-***-**** Authorized to work in the United States: EAD: EAC1790134642 Seeking opportunities: Offshore Structural Engineer/ Consultant/ HOD/Engineering Manager, Construction & Installation Manager, Subject Matter Expert in Oil and Gas Industry EXPERIENCE SUMMARY

Versatile and highly qualified O&G engineer with 33 years’ of international career with Consulting Companies and Major Operator (Chevron) in offshore Phase-2 to Phase 4 activities ranging from conceptual design to detailed design, planning and procurement, fabrication and construction and installation of fixed and floating offshore platforms, floating units, pipelines, engineering and construction management, leading and managing large projects and contracts (FEED, EPICS) while always sharply focusing on risk and HSSE management. My career exposed me to very varied range of cultures and work environments in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Middle East, UK North Sea, USA, Gulf of Mexico and Nigeria. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION

• B.Tech (Hons.): Bachelor of Technology with First Class Honors in Civil Engineering - 1977-1982 (Five-year Graduate Course in Engineering Degree), from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.

• PG – Six Month-Part Time Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Computers and Applications from NITIE, (National Institute for Training in Industrial Engineering, Bombay, 1987. Publication, Accomplishments and Recognition Awards –Within Chevron (Work Related Only) 1 Received twenty two (22) Chevron Recognition and Awards ($50-$1000), effective Jan-2008 until-2015 towards technical expertise, improved design methods, improvement of organizational capabilities, concept developments, mentoring, cost saving, safe work practice and leadership roles (Business Units: ETC, SASBU, NMA and PRC) 2 FE Conference, Houston 2012: Published and represented NMA BU “ Lessons From In-House Design Simplification Initiatives to Optimize Offshore Installation, Business Impact : Net saving $30 MM or more 3 Published Unit Accomplishments in ETC CSME Newsletter, 2008, USA South Nemba Auxiliary (SNX) Platform configuration (SASBU) : Leadership role and Individual expertise for the success of team, demonstrated that a 4-pile jacket configuration was a better option to an 8-pile skirt pile option proposed by engineering contractor. Business impact : Net saving $25.0 MM or more. (2008) 4 Published Unit Accomplishments in ETC CSME Newsletter, 2008, USA Leadership role on Chevron Decommissioning Technology Development to confirm 100% severance of multi-string conductors (proof of concept by yard test)

5 FE-MCP Internship Training Program (NMA SBU) : Conducted training on Civil-structural Module for Oil & Gas Industry. Received an award for Championing Diversity Initiatives and Teamwork in CNL 6 NMA BU CSOC Forum 2012 : Published Lessons From In-House Design Simplification Initiatives To Optimize Offshore Installation Business Impact : Net saving $30 MM or more 7 83-N: (PRC-SASBU): Developed, evaluated and innovated a standardized STS type of design considering all lessons learned from previous Chevron STS projects, installation, feedbacks drilling, operations and non-Chevron operators. A standardized platform concept was developed for a range of water depths (25 ft -225 ft) to define the best and most cost effective platform alternatives for Block-0, New Field Development Projects(NFD), Angola. The concept was unanimously accepted by all stakeholders (internal team, SASBU, operations and ETC) but further put on hold due to negotiation of fiscal term with partners. Further to this initiative, engaged EPCI contractors to provide lump sump cost for installation. This will help benchmark Chevron cost initiatives Mithilesh Vidyarthi



S.No Company and Location Position

1 Confidential: Project on Surface Wave Intelligent Profiling System SWIPS (Aug, 2016 – current)


2 Chevron Houston (1st January, 2015- 13 June,2016) Sr. Advisor Facility Engineering (Deep Water Exploration and Production )

3 Chevron Houston ( 16th June,2014 -31st Dec 2014 ) Engineering Manager (PRC) 4 Chevron Nigeria (1st April 2013 - 15th June,2014) Engineering Manager (CPP Project) 5 Chevron Nigeria (1st April 2012 - 1st April 2013 Engineering Manager (EGP3B Project) 6 Chevron Nigeria: ( 16th June 2010 -31st March 2012 ) Structural Engineer /SME 7 Chevron, ETC, Houston, USA

( 2nd Jan 2008 -15th June 2010 )

Advisor Facilities Engineering (CSME) ETC

& Subject Matter Expert (SME)

8 SBM Atlantia, Houston, USA (2006-2007) Lead Structural Engineer – Floating Units 9 WorleyParsons, Jakarta, Indonesia (2001-2006) Manager Offshore Structures (Lead Engineer) 10 PT Kvaerner, Indonesia (1999-2001) Manager Offshore Structures (Lead Engineer) 11 John Brown Bangalore, India (1992-1999) Manager Offshore Structures 12 Mazagon Docks Limited, India (1982-1992) Senior Engineer, Offshore Design (EPCI) Chevron USA: 2nd Jan, 2008 – 13th June, 2016

• Eight and half years (8 1/2) of experience as an operator and served from engineer to supervisory and leadership roles for shallow and deep water projects all over the Chevron Business Units from conceptual to detail design, construction, procurement, installation and asset integrity management. Engineering, construction and Installation management of offshore platform and pipelines (Chevron Nigeria). Outside Chevron (1982-2007) – 25 Years

Twenty-five (25) years’ of international experience in the offshore Oil & Gas industry relevant to EPCI Projects, design, construction and installation of offshore fixed and floating platforms. Projects executed for Oil companies in: South East Asia, India, Middle East, Far East, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, GOM, and North Sea.

• Experienced in managing multi-functional team across broad scope involving offshore platform facility designs.

• Engineered and supervised design of offshore fixed and floating platforms.

• EPCI Projects, Engineering Management, Engineering design, Construction Management, transportation and installation of offshore platforms, conversant with conceptual, FEED and Detail design process

• Offshore facilities include: Fixed and Floating platforms, Shallow water & deep water facilities, minimal facilities, Minimum facilities platforms (MPF), stacked template structure (STS) jackets, float-over topsides, integrated and modular topsides design and construction

• Design, construction and installation of Floating Units: FPU, FPSO, Semi-submersible and TLPs

• Design construction and installation of: Subsea structures, pipelines, PLEM, BUOY, Manifolds

• Design, procurement and fabrication of MCPs both green and brown fields

• Knowledge of offshore production facilities, equipment package, procurement, contracts, pre-commissioning, cost and scheduling, subsea pipeline engineering, design and installation, Safety, IIF culture

• Integrity management of existing platforms and remedial /mitigation plans

• Risk and Uncertainty Management, Project Management of Change, Project Controls, Interface Management, Operations Assurance

• In-service and pre-service designs( In-place, fatigue, seismic, non-linear push-over analysis, ship impact, load out, transportation and installation)

• Construction and Installation of offshore platforms PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP

1. Member : American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2. Member: American Institute of Steel Constructors (AISC) Mithilesh Vidyarthi


Company Experience: Chevron USA (Effective 2nd Jan 2008 –13th June, 2016) - 8 1 2 years Job Details Job Description

Date:1st,January,2015- 13th June,2016

Chevron: Deep Water Exploration

and Production, USA

Job Title: Sr. Advisor Facility


Location: Houston

Sr. Advisor Facility Engineering

Responsibilities include:

Team member of DWEP FE MCP organization and provide input to DWEP’s Appraisal, Exploration and NOJV teams relevant to facilities engineering support to Deepwater GOM operated and non-operated prospects through CPDEP Phases 1 -4 as needed. Provide oversight for non-operated, joint venture projects from phase 2 through 4, supporting NOJV Hess operated Stampede project (Hull and Mooring System). Participate in process safety studies, design reviews, safety in design and risk management. Provide consulting services; participate in partners’ technical meeting, NOJV engagement, influence management and project execution and planning. Provide overview and verification of design assurance assessment to assure facilities are safe, operable, maintainable, cost-effective, constructible, and reliable and in conformance with the design basis. Mentor and train Horizon engineers. Date: 16th June,2014 -31st Dec 2014

Chevron: Project Resource Company

Job Title: Engineering Manager

Location: Houston

Engineering Manager: 83-N Project (New Block Development Project (NFD), Block-) Angola Responsible for: Engineering Management of the 83-N platform in-house :( Phase-2) initiatives and cost management.

Evaluated and innovated a STS type of Standardized design that will provide breakthrough for potential Block-0, New Field Development Projects (NFD) for Chevron. Defined the best and most cost effective development concept (s) & platform alternative(s) during Phase-2 engineering(in-house) that could be considered as a step change for potential candidate platforms in Block-0 resulting in a standardized STS type of platform design, easy to fabricate

(factory-made multiple templates), flexibility in offshore installation and ultimately admired by Chevron. This was achieved and presented as path forward for Block-0, NFD Projects but put on hold due to negotiation of fiscal terms with partners. Date: 1st April 2013 - 15th June,2014

Chevron: Nigeria

Job Title: Engineering Manager

Location: Nigeria

Engineering Manager: Consolidated Pipeline Group.

Responsible for Engineering and Management of MEJI and Okan Pig Receiver Platform design, Procurement of steel and equipment, construction planning and fabrication management. Support on Installation of 24” Export pipeline, PLEM and Buoy. Managing installation contractor’s scope for the Delta South Platform and all other installation activities within Chevron Nigeria offshore field.

Engineering management, coordination, supervision and procurement activities, Responsible for platform fabrication and installation. (Delta South). Date: 1st April 2012 - 1st April 2013

Chevron: Nigeria

Job Title: Engineering Manager

Location: Nigeria

Engineering Manager: EGP3B Project.

Responsible for Engineering of MEJI and Okan Pig Receiver Platform design and fabrication. Coordination and Engineering management of Offshore installation (PP Mods) Coordination with fabrication and engineering contractors and with all stakeholders for alignment.

Supported Delta South and PWD projects as needed. Support on offshore installation activities

(PP-MOD), Delta South, Platform repair, etc.

Mentoring CNL structural engineers to improve Organizational Capability Date :16th June 2010-31st March 2012

Chevron: Nigeria

Job Title: Structural Engineer

Location : Nigeria

Structural Engineer –EGP3B

EGP3B Pipeline and Platform modification (Phase-4): Responsible for managing and assessment of seven platforms, assent integrity management, topsides modification, deck extension, review riser and pipeline design reports (SS7), influence on design and installation activities, design of riser guards and installation. Organization capability: In-house design of MEJI Living Quarters platform, OKAN NWP Pigging platform and Delta south compression platform. Support to other NMA SBU MCP projects as necessary. Training and Mentoring Date: 2nd Jan 2008 -15th June 2010

Chevron: Engineering Technology

Center (ETC), Houston

Job Title: Advisor Facility

Engineering (CSME) /SME

Location: Houston

Advisor Facilities Engineering (CSME) ETC Houston :(From 2nd jan.2008 -15th June 2010)/ Subject Matter Expert (SME)

SME support to Chevron business units worldwide on Phase-2 to Phase-4 projects. Projects: South Nemba (SNX), CRX, Takula phase-2 new developments, Lifua, Mafumeira Sul, Rosebank, Clair Ridge, Aje, TIRP, Support on decommissioning technology developments, author for CES specifications.

Mithilesh Vidyarthi


SME Support Job Description

Technology Development Lead role in the Chevron Platform Decommissioning Technology Development project to confirm 100% severance of multi-string conductors using Time Domain Reflectometry Method in coordination with Subsea Integrity Group, UK. Witnessed yard test to confirm proof of the test. Yard test was successful. Published Newsletter

Technical Services -1 Authored Chevron Engineering Standards – Fabrication of Fixed Platforms Technical Services -2

TIRP Phase -2a Development (Takula Area Improved Recovery Project, Angola): ( Jan-2009 – onwards) :

Lead Structural Engineer for CPDEP Phase-2, WHP and CPP platform concepts and cost estimate. Initially typical wellhead platform concepts were selected by the project that resulted in higher CAPEX. Proposed dual well slot concepts to minimize drilling time (driving conductors vs. drilling), and introduced slim jacket design (Tower type structure) concepts to optimize platform weight, reduce installation time and installation spread followed by overall reduction in CAPEX of the project. These options are being considered for the TIRP project. Business Impact : Net saving in CAPEX $25MM per platform. Technical Services -3 South Nebma Aux Platform (SNX) Phase 2/3, Angola :

• Investigation of an 8-skirt pile jacket design selected by the engineering contractor identified major schedule and fabrication risks in Angola.

• Proposed an alternate 4-leg grouted pile jacket resulting simpler light weight jacket easier to fabricate thus offering substantial savings in cost.

• Mitigated fabrication risks of skirt pile jacket in Angola.

• Project team and engineering contractor agreed to adopt the 4-leg main pile jacket configuration for detailed design.

Impact: A four pile jacket in lieu an 8 –leg skirt piled jacket option was selected and resulted in net saving of CAPEX about $25MM. A white paper to this option was also presented for the project. Published Newsletter

Technical Services -4 CRX- Pigging Platform design, Congo-Angola (Phase -4): ( May -2009 onwards) : Lead Structural Engineer

• Identified potential risk of spud can punch through. Risk mitigated by additional study.

• Improved jacket foundation design, optimized topsides design

• Finalised jacket and topsides configuration for dertiled design Technical Services -5 • SMAD Phase 2: Phase-3 (Jan – April 2009) (Lead Structural Engineer)

• Conducted design review and provided technical expertise to achieve light weight structures for Wellhead and CPP Platforms.

• Influenced and convinced that a 4-pile jacket design in lieu of a 6-pile jacket would be better and cheaper option.

• Reinforced importance of weight report and design basis during early phase of FEED to achieve defined scope, avoid scope creep and change orders.

• Provided feedback that float-over would not be the best alternative. Impact: Defined scope for FEED.

Technical Services -5 • Loran Manatee Project Development (LMOD), Phase-2. Venezuela

• Latin America Strategic Business Unit : April -2009

• Lead Structural Engineer:

• Identified potential risk of a float-over installation option for the CPP platform in Venezuela due to limited installation weather windows, severe weather conditions and seismic prone zone.

• Proposed an alternate option i.e., integrated lift installed topsides and a launch to mitigate this risk.

Impact : Flexibility in bidding and improved local content requirements Mithilesh Vidyarthi


Previous Experience: Prior to Chevron (June 1982- Dec, 2007)) - 25 years Company Responsibility

Dated: Nov.2006 - Dec 2007

Employer: SBM Atlantia,

Location: Houston:

Job Title : Lead Structural


Supporting many deep water projects to resolve structural engineering issues and support. Concept development and designed disconnectable Yoke on Tension Leg Buoy (GOM) - OTC Paper published by SBM Monaco.

Conceptual design of Spherical Buoys.

Thunder Hauk Facility (Murphy Oil): Performed structural review of hull structure, designed mooring platforms and push fenders.

Performed transportation analysis of Agbami piles and review of buoys. Conceptual design of Belanak Turret for load out and lift scenario. Design review of modules for Frade topsides.

Dated: Oct. 2001-Nov.2006

Employer: WorleyParsons

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Title : Lead Structural

Engineer & Discipline


•Department Manager & Lead Structural Engineer

•Supervised design of offshore fixed and floating platforms for Oil Companies: ConocoPhillips Indonesia, TOTAL, Premier Oil, YPF Maxus, Kufpec, National Iranian Oil Company, Kodeco Energy, Amerada Hess and Unocal.

•North Beult (CPP) - Design of 15,000 mt topsides for float-over option and jacket for ConocoPhillips, Indonesia.

•Design of wellhead platforms for TAD /jack-up options.

•Supervised detailed design of West Lobe platform for Premier Oil & Gas, Indonesia

•Kerisi Field Development: Supervised &designed CPP and WHP platforms, ConocoPhillips Indonesia.

•Supervised and designed Free Gas and refrigeration modules for Belanak FPSO and confirmed structural integrity of hull. - ConocoPhillips Indonesia.

•Conceptual design of Floating production Units - YPF PERTAMINA.

•Conceptual design of Wellhead and Process platforms - Amerada Hess, Indonesia

•Conceptual and detailed design of Wellhead platforms for PTT, Thailand

•Internal training for new graduate hires

Achievement: ConocoPhillips Indonesia

Jacket configuration for 15,000 tonne float-over topside for ConocoPhillips, Indonesia. The jacket configuration was conventional but one of a kind & unique, peer reviewed by others and accepted. This option resulted in cost saving by $12.0 MM.

Dated: Sept,1999-Sept,2001

Employer: PT Kvaerner,


Location : Jakarta

Department Manager & Lead structural Engineer.

•Unocal Indonesia: Supervised and designed 4-legged Stacked Template Structure (STS), new concept for Attaka West.

• Conceptual design of Modules (West Seno)-Unocal

• Supervised and designed AGX production platform & bridge for Premier oil & Gas, Indonesia

• Supervised and designed to confirm structural integrity of Anoa Gas Platform for additional facilities, Premier Oil.

• Supervised detailed design of two wellhead platforms (BK-B & BK-C), Malaysia

• Conceptual design of Gajah Baru Platform, Premier Oil & Gas Indonesia. Achievement : Unocal Indonesia

Developed and designed a New Stacked Template Structure (STS) for Unocal, Indonesia, patented by Unocal. This concept utilizes dual well slot topsides configuration, installation by piling barge thus reducing CAPEX of the project significantly. This was a great success for Unocal Indonesia. I was responsible for development of this concept.

Dated :June,1992- Sept,1999

Employer : John Brown E&C

/Kvaerner Process, India

Location : India

Lead Engineer & Manager Offshore Structures.

Lead and supervisor role of the department. Engineered and managed ONGC projects in Bombay High. Supervised conceptual and detailed design of offshore platforms, and installation of platforms. In-house mentoring and training and software developments Kvaerner Process Abu


Lead Structural Engineer: Conceptual design of two float-over topsides and substructure for Total ABK and Umm Shaif field for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). Dated: June,1982-June,1992

Mazagon Docks Ltd

Location: Bombay India

Job Title : Management

Trainee - Senior Engineer -

Offshore Division

EPCI projects: Design, construction, planning, fabrication and installation of offshore platform in Bombay High. Supervised and executed EPCI scope, relevant to design, fabrication, installation, load out and installation of offshore platforms in Bombay High, India. Construction, planning and installation. Installation Engineering. Construction engineering and contracts. Material procurement.

Software development relevant for installation engineering References: 1) Richard Bazely, Manager, Chevron USA, E-mail: 2) Segun Kuteyi, GM, Chevron Nigeria, E-mail: 3) Denis Lucey, Director, WorleyParsons, E-mail:

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