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Aerospace Consultant

Everett, WA
September 25, 2018

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Professional Global manager with a proven track record of on-time performance. Strong Leadership background and 20 years leading engineering and manufacturing companies. Lead and develop complex technical projects from conception through customer delivery. Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving. Successfully managed significant cost-saving results with technical improvements and productivity increases on new programs. Demonstrated superior collaboration and communication skills while working successfully with people at all levels contracts, supply chain management, engineers, managers, chief engineers, vice presidents and most importantly our customers.

Providing exceptional Aerospace Leadership in managing Global Aerospace Life Cycle Programs, understanding the goals in the Global Leadership environment should make me an ideal candidate and continued success to you and your customers.

Feb 2018 Noramtec Contract Complete - Director / GL – Payloads Interiors – Mitsubishi -MITAC Regional Jet Aerospace Program. This is an International Program with the majority of teams in Nagoya Japan and Seattle Wa. Michael provided methodical strategic Program solutions to support Entry Into Service. Managing the Engineering and Business Strategies in support of Mitsubishi – MITAC Payloads and all suppliers.

Prior to this position Michael provided Global Aerospace Leadership to Boeing BCA-CAS 787 In Service Program Management, Integration & Supply Chain Development. He was responsible for Service Related Problems in support of all 787 Global Customers in the Fleet. Leading key company growth and productivity initiatives supporting Airplane performance. Supporting this position Jan 2012 to Nov 2016.

From Jan 2010 to Dec 2011 Michael served as 787 Program – Project Manager EIS – (Entry into Service) Initiatives such as PSE (Production System Efficiency) and Production Block Point Incorporation. In this position, he had responsibility to develop Cost savings and strategically development Engineering Implementation into the Production Line. Leading the design, development, test and certification of the 787-8, -9, -10.

Prior to providing Leadership on the 787 Program Michael had responsibilities to support the New 747-8 Airplane Program. In this position he had overall responsibility with the Flight Controls and Mech Hyd group in support of Certification, Test Plans, and Flight Test.

From March 2005 to March 2009 Michael was the Project Technical Leader supporting Boeing Modification Services. Aircraft Modification projects for all Boeing Aircraft models.

From Feb 2004 – Aug 2005 Michael led Modification Teams for Jamco America and Flight Structures.

From Jan 2001 – Jan 2004 Michael held the position of Chief Liaison Engineer in support of the Raytheon / Boeing - Boeing Global Tech Data Initiative and Large-Scale Airplane Level Integration Programs. (Tech Pubs / Service Bulletins / ICA / ATC / STC Certification).

From 1984 - 2000 Michael developed his Engineering design skills in multiple positions.

Michael has held many leadership positions in engineering, research and development and program management during his Aerospace experience. His experience includes Business, Program Leadership, technology development, design, product development, manufacturing and flight test of aircraft and spacecraft systems.

Michael has worked in many product domains including Commercial Aircraft, Cruise Missiles (Secret Clearance) & Space Shuttle.


C: 425-***-****



20+ years of large global scale airplane integration, holding life-cycle and cross-functional leadership roles with customer focus.

Provides strategic solutions for various aerospace work streams including Preliminary Design Review, Critical Design Review, qualification testing, flight test, engineering release, manufacturing, installation, type certification, Entry Into Service, technical publications and service bulletins.

Business management experience in contract negotiations, supply chain, product development, design decisions and end-user customer relationships. This spans across internal and external global partners and suppliers in support of budget and P&L.

Secret Clearance - Cruise Missile & Space Shuttle

Engineering leadership in new aircraft and modification programs that include systems (flight controls, mech. hyd., environmental control systems, electrical sub-systems, electrical design and avionics), airframe and propulsion, interior payloads, flight deck, seats, in-flight entertainment, tooling, manufacturing planning, MRO liaison, export control and FAA certification.

Ensures successful execution of business plans, risk management and financial resource planning.


Director & Lead, Payloads Interiors & Qualification Testing: Noramtec / Mitsubishi Regional Jet

Jun 2017 – Feb 2018

New international Aircraft Program. Provided methodical program strategy to support First Delivery aircraft for Seats, Oxygen, Equipment Furnishings, Lavs and Galleys, Water Waste & Cargo System.

Key accomplishments: Developed Interiors Qualification Testing strategy for successful implementation. Re-aligned Seattle and Japan Engineering organizations. Developed Tier 1 Interiors Strategy to include Preliminary Design Review and Critical Design Review.

Engineering: Acting Chief Engineer for key design decisions spanning across all Interiors teams. Successfully developed and completed Certification & Japan aircraft regulatory strategy not previously in place.

Business: Managed Interiors suppliers, schedules and parts build not previously in place. Input and oversight to revisions on supplier contracts that would lead to a certified First Aircraft delivery.

Service Related Problems Manager: Boeing 787 Fleet

Jan 2012 – Nov 2016

These Service Related Problems have been identified as a significant impact on the fleet’s operation and revenue. SPRs that impact dispatch reliability, products that do not meet customer’s expectations, effects to the reputation of various airlines, Boeing, the suppliers and Supply Chain.

Responsibilities: Supported all ATA’s of the aircraft: Systems (Flight Controls, Mech Hyd, ECS, ESS, Electrical Design & Avionics), Airframe, Propulsion & Interiors.

Engineering: Managed 50-60 projects simultaneously. All projects completed within the requested fleet schedule to support on-time dispatch reliability.

Business: Key participant that aligned 787 process improvement to streamline Supplier Management & Customer Warranty flow. This ultimately expedited the overall time to complete the SRPs.

Special assignment: Fixed and Portable ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter). Successfully led both teams in support of Boeing and all aerospace regulatory requirements. This project has significant visibility due to the nature of the original event: fire. This project affects all Boeing models. Completion of this assignment led to a continued airworthiness aircraft.

Special assignment: Battery Redesign Project Manager. Responsibilities to lead the Diagnostics and Prognostics team to successfully review and document all material associated with the functionality of the Main and Auxiliary Battery. This project has significant visibility due to the nature of the original event: fire. Completion of this assignment led to a continued airworthiness aircraft.

Engineering Project Manager: Boeing 787 Airplane Level Integration

Jan 2010 – Dec 2011

Responsibilities: Supported 787 Block Point Integration, Production System Efficiency and the Value Engineering Integration process, leading to a significant increase in airplane production and overall cost savings.

Engineering: Led the Airplane Level Integration team to participate in Production System Efficiency. Traveled to Japan to lead Technical Partner Workshops, successfully producing 500+ engineering ideas for improvement to the 787-8 design and cost savings of the program. Where applicable, the 787-8 design improvements were implemented into the 787-9 design.

Business: Provided Technical Integration leadership in developing Partner Engineering Workshops that reduced aircraft weight, increased quality, improved installation and reduced cost to the 787 Program.

Special assignment: Successfully managed the team to a schedule which aligned with the 787 Type Certification for 600+ ECS Ducts. This included BMS8-363, BMS8-381 & BMS8-401 material testing, design and stress analysis and all technical deliverables for Type Certification. Schedule met the Programs entry into service schedule. This Risk Mitigation Plan is defined though the Boris (Boeing Opportunity, Risk and Issue System) tool. Ultimately responsible for managing deliverables and communication to 787 Program leadership.

Special assignment: Wire bundle production break. The 787 program was not building airplanes to the planned Production Rate. This engineering change successfully revised 787 Partner’s desired Manufacturing Production Rate. Successfully led the Electrical and Structural Team through all phases of risk mitigation to support the baseline -9 entry into service schedule.

Project Manager: Boeing 747-8 New Flight Controls & Mech. Hydraulic Systems

March 2009 - June 2009

Special assignment: Developed the revised Flight Controls Integration Test Plan and Flight Test requirements. Successfully created the plan to meet realistic goals and expectations to support the First Flight Test schedule and First Flight delivery.

Special assignment: Developed the new Air Drive Unit and Ram Air Turbine technical plan to support internal and external requirements for First Flight. Successfully created the plan to meet realistic goals and expectations to support the First Flight Test schedule and First Flight delivery.

Engineering Project Technical Lead: Boeing Modification Services

March 2005 - March 2009

These modification projects support all Boeing models, worldwide. Received multiple Pride at Boeing Awards for Exceptional Performance.

Responsibilities: Managed 30+ projects simultaneously and responsibly led Airplane Level Integration. Developed and managed the Technical Engineering aspects of the project plan, including engineering, business agreements and FAA Certification.

Engineering: Integrated the Statement of Work which included multiple Engineering disciplines: Interiors, Structures, Stress, Environmental Control Systems, Electrical & Wire Installation.

Business: Ensured the customer agreements were properly executed, with profits ranging from 5-25% per project above original plan. Provided direct communication with the customer, contracts, suppliers, Design Engineers, BDCO Certification and Installation. Successfully completed all projects within the original Engineering budgets. Travel required to Paris, Italy and California to support program Initial Technical Coordination Meeting, Preliminary Design Review and Critical Design Review meetings.

Special assignment: Successfully managed the largest Boeing Modification program to date (80,000 hours, $32MM budget): new Seat/Interior/IFE Project for Saudi Arabian Airlines. Liaison Installation support ensured timely Aircraft delivery by managing the MRO Aircraft Installation for 2 separate installations, one in Malaysia and one in Saudi Arabia.

Project Engineer: Jamco

Sept 2004 - Feb 2005

Responsibilities: Successfully managed and led the Engineering Modification teams of 2 SAS 767-300 Aircraft in Copenhagen, 2 Air France 747-400 Aircraft in Paris and 1 Thai 747 Aircraft in Bangkok.

Engineering: Areas of modification to the aircraft: New Interior, Seat Tracks, Floor Panels, Lavatory, Galleys, Video Control Center, Closets, Stowage Units, Attendant Seats, Partitions, Center & Outboard Bins, Gasper Mod, PSU, Seats, In- Flight Entertainment System.

Business: Ensure Customer Business agreements are firmly enforced. Manufacturing and Delivery commitments were exceeded.

Design Engineer: Flight Structures, Inc.

Feb 2004 – Aug 2004

Responsibilities: Engineering responsibilities to support the Boeing 747-400 MAS conversions.

Engineering: Designed the Structural modification to support the revised Interior; Lavatories, Galley, Stowage Bins and Seats in Sect 41/42. Schedules, Designs, Manufacturing and Delivery commitments were met.

Chief Liaison Engineer: Raytheon & Continental Data Graphics

Jan 2001 – Jan 2004

Responsibilities: Successfully managed and developed the Boeing Global Tech Data Initiative and Large-Scale Airplane Level Integration Program at Boeing to include ICA, Tech Pubs and Service bulletins. Motivated, advised, managed and reviewed the work of 50 retrofit engineers. Assumed Boeing supervisory responsibilities during the absence of group supervisors. Received multiple Pride at Boeing Awards for Exceptional Performance.

Engineering: This program coordinated the work transfer of Airframe, Engine and Component Service Bulletins to and from Seattle, WA to Long Beach, CA and London, England. Managed FAA Certification requirements towards the approval of Boeing Service Bulletins.

Business: Provided technically accurate and timely information to Boeing Tech Services & Modification and Fleet Support airline operators. Coordinated customer queries regarding Service Bulletins. Created, monitored and maintained necessary metrics. Coordinated with Warranty, Contracts and Spares. Oversee Manufacturing Planning Commitments. Scheduling tools included STEALTH & Primavera.

Lead Liaison Engineer - Schwartz Engineering, Mukilteo, WA (VIP BBJ Interiors) Jan 2000 – Jan 2001

Design Engineer - Flight Structures, Inc., Arlington, WA (Aircraft Interiors) June 1998 – Nov 1999

Lead Engineer - Hexcel Corporation, Bellingham, WA (Aircraft Interiors) Feb 1998 – June 1998

Lead Engineer Specialist - Northrop Grumman, Hawthorne, CA (Aircraft Structures) March 1996 – Feb 1998

Design Engineer -Flight Structures, Inc., Arlington, WA (Aircraft Interiors) Feb 1995 – March 1996

Designer- Boeing, Everett, WA (Aircraft Interiors) Feb 1994 – Feb 1995

Design Engineer- McDonnell Douglas, Long Beach, CA (Aircraft Interiors) June 1993 – Dec 1993

Design Engineer - Flight Structures, Inc., Arlington, WA (Aircraft Interiors) March 1992 – April 1993

Designer -Boeing, Everett, WA (Aircraft Interiors) July 1987 – March 1992

Designer - Calvert/Air Pollution Technology, San Diego, CA May 1985 – July 1987

Designer - General Dynamics, San Diego, CA Government Secret Clearance, Advanced Cruise Missile, U.S. Space Shuttle 1984 – May 1985

Education - San Diego State University – Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences.

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