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Engineer Manager

Mississauga, ON, Canada
September 17, 2018

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Email: Tel # 301-***-****

Subject: Application for the position of Plant Manager - Manufacturing.

I am a seasoned Chemical Engineer with over 20 + years of chemical manufacturing experience. In my current role of a plant manager, I am experienced in all aspects of chemical, batch and polymer manufacturing operations. I can effectively plan, organize and meet production targets.

I am fully trained in Management systems, Manufacturing Solutions, Key Performance Indicators KPI, LOC, Incident Reporting, Activation of Final Layers of Protection, Inspections, Work permits, Audits, MOC, WCM, 5S, Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement, Process Safety Managements, PHMP, Risk mitigation and culture change.

Leadership, managing manpower, trouble shooting, employee involvement, personnel safety,

problem solving, lean Manufacturing, continuous improvement, Capex expansion and process improvement projects are some of my key points.

I bring with me a wealth of knowledge and expertise in identification, trouble shooting and resolving issues in the chemical, batch and polymer processing. I am very familiar with sizing; implementation of appropriate equipment and improving equipment utilization.

With my proven track record, you will find me the exact fit and an asset to your organization.

I look forward to a positive and mutually beneficial relationship.


Saifee A. Balsara

Chemical Engineer (P. Eng)

Tel # 301-***-****


Email: Tel # 301-***-****


Senior Chemical Engineer providing leadership direction to Manufacturing, Maintenance and

Engineering department. Expertise in implementation of management systems i.e. Manufacturing solution, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Loss of Containment (LOC), Incident Report (IR), Activation of Final Layers of Protection (AFLP), Inspection (I), Work Permits (WP), Audits, MOC Delta V, WCM, 5S Process Safety, PHMP, HaZop (LOPA), PHA, Risk Mitigation (RM), PSUSR, OEE and Culture change.

Employment History

Kemira Water Solutions – Baltimore MD 2016 -

Plant Manager – Chemical Manufacturing

* Effectively managed the production department of Kemira’s Baltimore plant.

* Planned and directed the day-to-day operations to exceed our customers’ expectations.

* Revised the DMS procedure of FeCl3, Fe2(SO4)3, FeSO4, Pax19, Pax18, XL8, XL6 and Rail

Car Chlorine offloading.

* Placed monthly orders in SAP for Raw materials and managed the CSX rail cars of Chlorine,

SPL, and H2SO4 daily.

* Generated weekly and monthly reports for the upper management.

* Allocated resources effectively and fully utilized assets to produce optimal results.

* Monitored operations and triggered corrective actions and measures.

* Provided a clear sense of direction and focus to the Production and Maintenance department.

* Ensured production output, product quality, RFT and OTIF.

* Increased production, assets capacity and flexibility. Minimized unnecessary costs and

Maintained current quality standards.

* Implemented continuous improvement throughout the Baltimore plant.

* Shared a trusting relationship with workgroups, managed and developed plant staff.

* Committed to plant safety procedures. Promoted BSOP’s and plant safety rules.

* Developed systems and processes that tracked and optimized productivity standards,

Metrics, performance targets and ensured effective return on assets.

* Addressed employee concerns, issues, grievances and implemented culture change.

* Ensured the safety of Baltimore plant, personnel and site security.

* Provided technical support to Production, Engineering and Maintenance departments.

* Improved equipment utilization, efficiency and coordinated with maintenance personnel.

* Implemented visual management and labelling of process piping.

* Evaluated, scoped, and put justification for CAPEX improvement and expansion projects, also

designed and helped in sizing and selection of process equipment.

Orion Engineered Carbons - US 2015 - 2016

Production Manager

* Directed the day to day manufacturing operation of the plant.

* Managed and delegated responsibilities to 4 rotating shift.

* Demonstrated leadership qualities in getting the job done.

* Organized and directed operations, evaluated and improved the efficiency of the plant.

* Conducted walk through audits to ensure all plant personnel worked in a safe manner.

* Actively promoted BBSS – Behavior Based Safety System among the workforce.

* In-depth understanding of trades i.e. Chemical and Mechanical.

* Effectively communicated with all departments.

* Managed employee performance appraisal, trained and disciplined as required.

* Full understanding of OHS Act and H&SE requirements.

Siltech Corporation (formally Rhodia Chemical) - Canada 2010 – 2015

Production Manager

* Effectively managed 3 shift supervisors, 3 lead hands, and 21 indirect shift operators.

* Provided technical support to Production, Engineering and Maintenance departments.

* Planed and campaigned scheduled polymer process orders to achieve maximum efficiency.

* Improved equipment utilization, efficiency and coordinated with maintenance personnel.

* Effectively communicated with chemists, supervisors, operators and management teams.

* Ensured polymer batch processes and in-process tests adhered to SOP.

* Successfully manufactured Agrochemicals blends, Polymers, Silicones, Functional Fluids,

Benzyl Quats, High Temp Esters and Surfactant batches.

* Controlled and minimized off spec chemical batches, thus improved on quality and production.

* Eliminated wastes (Muda), improved cycle times, reduced rejects and improved quality.

* Managed and resolved Action Reports, CQC, SQC and implement new technologies & ideas.

* Strong practical knowledge of E&HS, OSHA and PSM.

* Analyzed and mitigated chemical process risk.

* Conducted and Participated in HaZop (LOPA), PHA on existing and new processes.

* Conducted PSUSR and CTA to ensure all process equipment are safe to operate.

* Scaled up of products from R&D to production shop floor.

* Designed, evaluated, sized equipment and put justification together for CAPEX projects.

* Trained production personnel in process optimization of new and existing technology.

Cost saving:

1. Improved equipment utilization - saved $600,000/yr.

2. Correctly sized, installed a N2 Generator and saved $250,000/yr.

3. Modified/Automated charging, neutralization, filtration process.

4. Reduced the processing time by 900 hours per year.

Rhodia chemicals – Canada 2007 – 2010

Production / Process Engineer

* Hands on experience of PHMP, PHA, HAZOP, PSUSR, MOC, CTA, WCM, LOC,

Incident reporting, Work permit, Safety audit and ensured compliance and accuracy.

* Conformed to standards in H&SE and maintained housekeeping at exceptional level.

* Effectively tracked KPI and initiated actions.

* Monitored COP’s and Improved process conditions.

* Analyzed and mitigated chemical process risks. Conducted and participated in HaZop (LOPA),

on existing and new chemical processes.

* Analyzed cycle times, identified and implemented process optimization improvements.

* Reported cycle time, Overall Equipment Effectiveness and other key metrics for equipment

* Investigated off-spec batches and identified its root cause and implemented corrective actions.

* Monitored COP’s and improved on process condition. Experienced with DCS Delta-V.

* Designed and managed small capital projects associated with the unit.

* Determined scope, definition, justification, conducted safety reviews, derived and coordinated

the resolution of action items.

* Conducted commissioning, startups, and performance report on agreed deliverables.

* Trained production personnel in theoretical and practical knowledge of chemical processes.

* Effectively utilized (MOC) management of change for applicable situations.

* Developed, implemented capital projects, sized, modified and improved process equipment.

* Effectively managed and confirmed all PM and Work requests of equipment and systems.

* Prioritized emergency and regular work requests with maintenance department.

* Conducted plant walkthrough on a regular basis, ensured work standards were maintained.

* Managed employee performance appraisal, trained and disciplined as required.

Cost saving:

1. Re-negotiated contract for waste disposal and saved $150,000/yr.

2. Increased storage capacity of products thus improved On-Time in Full.

Continuous Color Coat – Canada 1999 – 2007

Plant / Operational Specialist

* Planned, organized, directed operations and evaluated efficiency of Paint / EG line process.

* Conducted PSUSR and CTA to ensure all process equipment are safe to operate.

* Developed PFD, modified and fine-tuned process parameters.

* In-depth understanding of trades i.e. Chemical and Mechanical.

* Demonstrated excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

* Managed employee performance appraisal, trained and disciplined as needed

* Eliminated wastes (Muda), improved cycle times, reduced rejects and improved quality

* Full understanding of OHS Act and H&SE requirements.

* Managed, resolved Action Reports, CQC, SQC and implemented new technology and ideas.

* Analyzed process data, quality critical parameters and controlled manufacturing processes.

* Troubleshot problem areas and identifies measures for improvement.

* Planned and campaigned the scheduled process orders to achieve maximum efficiency.

White court Oil North America – Canada 1997– 1999

Production Engineer

* Processed batches of bio-stable/static oils, engineered coolants and functional fluids.

* Ensured the product conforms to specifications thus reduced non-conformance products.

* Conducted studies on Energy optimization and Waste minimization.

* Recommended and justified upgrades and/or replacement of equipment.

* Designed, Planned and Organized projects.

* Negotiated fabrications of equipment and parts with outside contractors.

* Encouraged and trained in-house staff and carried out the required modifications.

* Hands on experience to support plant utility systems and equipment.

* Investigated off-spec batches and identified its root cause.

* Reported findings, and implemented corrective actions.

Effectively utilized management systems

1)KPI, 2) LOC, 3) IR, 4) WP, 5) Audits, 6) PHMP, 7) Risk Analysis & Risk Mitigation, 8) E-room,

9) SRM-BIP, 10) MOC, 11) AT Action Tracking, 12) Root Cause Analysis 13) OEE

Professional Development

First Aid Training Standard Level

Emergency Care Instruction Services (ECIS)

Effective Supervision

Industrial Accident Prevention Center (IAPA)

Joint Health & Safety Committee Certified Member

Resource Environmental Associates – Canada


The International Register of Certified Auditors


Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Professional Engineer - (P. Eng)


Production, Chemical Batch Process, Scheduling, Supervision, Cost control, Training, Labor,

E&HS, Contractors, Fabrications, Maintenance, New equipment installation, modification,

Prioritize, Emergency, Work requests, Process Safety, HaZop, PHA, CTA, Root Cause Analysis,

Risk management, P&ID, PFD, SOP, KPI, MOC, TPM, Incident Reporting, Projects, OSHA, PSM, WCM, 5S, PSUSR, Life critical, Team work, Peoples skills, Trouble shooting.

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