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Sales Customer Service

San Diego, CA
September 17, 2018

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Todd L. Stevens

***** ******* ***. #*** *** Diego, CA. 92126

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Worked 3+ years at Corporate Walgreens from 1994-1997 as a Help Center-Quality Assurance Management Trainer/Coordinator-also performed QSR-Quality System Regulations on a weekly basis, with top priority was quality with public relations assurance. Knowledge of Became familiar with various types of Medical Devices to help manage health care needs CMS (Call Center Management Systems) experience, Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), which allowed me to use the “cloud” computer platform. Used AS400, assisted management and pharmacists through the Call Center with computer hardware and software solutions via the telephone and email. Responsible for shipment of equipment, register parts and store product.

Worked 19+ years in the supervisory management within the financial industry, built and maintained s. AND the restaurant & hospitality industry, starting back from 1982.

Accomplishment: Earned the annual Bill Porter "Passionate, Persistency & Perseverance" award.

Have been involved 5+ years in 3rd party, and consumer collections, which included skip tracing making 50-100 calls daily. Also, utilized including finding individuals or their relatives through people search and some use of Comprehensive Accurint reports to assist locating individuals.

We used DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) with the business debt to expedite the collections activity and there were bonuses based on collections DSO within 3 months, and between 3-6 months.

Strong leadership, interpersonal skills, effective communication skills, who has built strong relationships. I’m sales & financial goal-detailed oriented, multi-tasker that is proactive self-starter. I have a superior attention to detail, and strong ability to visualize, articulate, and solve complex problems. I am driven, with an abundance of compassion, inspirat0069on and desire.

Used & Trained representatives in Sales Force (SFDC), and Goldmine, SAP (Software Applications Products), in data processing with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), CRM systems-which are used to track the customer & business interactions, & used & became Proficient in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, VISIO & PowerPoint). Used KPI (Key Performance Indicators) & GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) metrics to determine best sales results, and adhered to when sharing.

Continuous Training & Mentoring of new sales representatives, while maintaining a necessary sales role, including the assistance in closing & SAVING deals, to help make or beat the sales & financial quotas.

Held the team accountable for hitting daily AND monthly sales goals, with coaching through side-by-side call monitoring with real time feedback and weekly reviews.

Used SAP (Software Applications Products), in data processing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), CRM systems-which are used to track the customer & business interactions. Used KPI metrics, (Key Performance Indicators) Business Activation Software (BAS) – Used with SAP-for Business Process Analyst and GAAP to help determine best sales results, and must be adhered to.

Ability to work in a team environment. Hard-working, critical thinking, results-driven, with tenacity, action-oriented, encouraging, and very motivated to sell. Exhibiting or producing very cohesive client relationships.

Passionate work ethic combined with a commitment to excellence in all positions undertaken.

Certified with the International Association for Professional Debt Arbitrators.

Very detailed oriented, focused driven, hard worker, with strong analytical and problem solving skills. I’m not afraid of humility. Performed Semi-annual team & Individual reviews.

Strong written, analytical and verbal communication skills, hablo un poco de español. Very detailed oriented, with excellent communication skills. Able to develop and nurture relationships.


Sunrise Law Group USA: Head of Negotiations as a Project Management Professional, Sales, & Customer Support trainer, San Diego, CA. October 2008-Present-Currently Part-Time.

The company's Negotiator-head collector of the debt relief program. managed the Inside Sales Call Center, with their development of sales strategy, their custom contract analyst, training on skip tracing skills, hands-on manager, with claims and collections of debts, having a relentless attitude, analyze their data making sure they use the sales process, which initially includes cold calling prospects, to set appointments and scheduling times to create a sale methodology, so that they will have a completion of a consistency of the sale. Expediential supervisory skills. Also, since 2010, was the Negotiator of the consumer’s financial debts. Coached, motivates, time management and trains sales team of 10-20 representatives, maintaining over a 500 customer base. This included training CRM Quality Assurance Management, used Business Process Analyst (BPA) to, Associate-processed details objectives in identifying process improvements verification and training, to verify all the correct steps and measurements where being applied. Immediate if necessary, on the fly Ad-Hoc reports, AND the comprehension of company policies, HR knowledge, and procedures, hiring, and firing employees. Initiated initial interview & communication of prospects. Made sure we were on target to make our sales goals. Used CAPA, also called Corrective Action / Preventive Action, or simply Corrective Action) for improvements to an organization's processes

Ran & Assist in the training and management of the Customer Support Department-reviewed and made decisions on the handling of customer complaints, to help grow the sales floor for 3+ years, and built and maintained schedules. Trained representatives, in Sales Force (SFDC) AND SharePoint 365 was used for team collaboration, to help develop sales strategy, to assist and help with overall teamwork.

Strong phone presence, listening and presentation skills. Ran credit reports, Credit analysis or financial analysis of ALL possible clients, sales reports, spot checking employee follow up on older leads, to get the most out our leads. Used Debt Calculator to run estimates on the length of a program.

Consultative & analytical sales, within the call center. Created a debt calculator, adding an attention to detail and accuracy with an average client for 36 months. Maintain honorability and consistent standards, attaining Bi-monthly sales & financial goals.

Optum RX-Part of United Health Group: Customer Care Specialist, Carlsbad, CA. September 2014-June 2017.

Filled & mailed the consumer, with delivery of their medications & prescriptions. Assisted Pharmacy in getting OR updating their prior authorizations. Administrative support using database software, managed 3rd party administrative and customer service protocol. This included the knowledge and training of HIPAA privacy compliance, communicate with the Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP) and the FDA to help manage and gain knowledge of daily administrative functions, which included managing and to analyze the quality management assurance of medications, medical devices, which included listening to employees calls, to make sure we managed top notch quality of each one of our patients. I had contact of medical facility, nursing home, or their medical coordinator. Managed daily administrative functions, and supervise customer service help desk.

Coordination with co-payment, assisting with co-payment needs, verify and making sure that claims and collections of patients debts with us were collected or find financial arrangements when the customer cannot afford to make their payments.

Became familiar with various types of medical devices, to help manage the patients healthcare needs.

Dispatched and assisted with order management with order referrals, for oncology, hematology, and cardiology patients.

Hospital focused critical care assistance, making sure the consumer is utilizing necessary benefits and has correct and update prescription (s) in order to get correct care and coverage.

Use of SharePoint, as a document manager, storage system, which uses the web-based IRIS (Integrated Risk Information System) as a CRM (Customer Retention OR Relations Management) that integrates with Microsoft Office products.

FreshStart America: Sales Trainer-Team Manager/Debt Resolution Specialist, San Diego, CA. April 2002-June 2008.

Managing a team of 10-12 Account Managers, while still selling service in order to make sure we Went 28 months in a row on exceeding the sales quota, with more sales AND dollar volume each month compared to the year before. Attained OR regularly exceeded sales goals.

Consultative sales with an average client for 36 months, which lead to extreme customer service contact as a necessity of keeping the customer for the length of the program.

Provide exemplary & constant customer service, & emotional understanding of current client’s needs.

Qualifying, setting appointments and scheduling times for a negotiator, to discuss the settlement process and educating consumers, for our comprehensive debt reduction program.

Certified with the International Association for Professional Debt Arbitrators. License credit report reviewer. SharePoint 365 was used for team collaboration, to assist and help with Quality Assurance Management & overall teamwork. Training, running credit reports, sales reports, analyze and spot checking employee follow up on older leads, to get the most out our leads. Interviewing & hiring new representatives. & Promotional Co.: National Account Manager, Chicago-San Francisco-September 1997-June 2001.

Involved with the start-up of this business through digital technologies, performing SEO, with cold calling telesales, brand development & Inside Sales team. We initially got involved in new product introduction through direct mail advertising & digital media marketing campaigns as a small team of 5-6 individuals.

Performed Administrative Assistant duties, which included their contract analyst, Responded to and Answered business owners complaints. Compiled system effectiveness through data analysis by scheduling demonstration appointments for 2 years, for C Level Executives before becoming a National Account Manager. Email-E-Commerce marketing specialist.

Used SAP (Software Applications Products), in data processing in *Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), CRM systems-which are used to track the customer & business interactions. Used KPI metrics, (Key Performance Indicators) Business Activation Software (BAS) – Used with SAP-for Business Process Analyst &GAAP to help determine best sales results, & must be adhered to. *This included 2 yrs of sales of small business software

Exemplary presentation and communication skills within the executives. Obsessed and passionate with creating great experiences for our clients. Created and delivered web based sales presentation, with the importance of profit building, leveraging strong product knowledge for Inside, and Consultative sales which included a powerful-verbal sales presentation for Outside Sales to prospective clients. Won multiple awards for achieving and excelling sales quotas. This included multiple years of the President's Club. As a matter of fact, I eventually earned the first annual Bill Porter "Passionate, Persistency & Perseverance" award.


Oakton College & Finished at University of Kansas: Applied, Data & Material Science & Business/Finance & Hospitality Management Bachelor’s Degree-Graduated May 1990.

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