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It Electrical Engineering

Pikeville, KY
September 12, 2018

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Nicholas G Antiisiaais

IT Director Candidate


nicholas@ant /in/nickant

A few words about this package

A traditonal resu e cannot do justce to a candidate applyin for a ana e ent positon. It’s just a arketn tool that unfortunately has been transfor ed into a series of carefully crafed keywords, locatons and dates desi ned to feed auto ated text parsers producin technical scores that assist recruitn tea s to flter candidate lists. This packa e has been created for real people and not for achines. A person that takes the t e to o throu h this aterial will be able to beter understand the true value my candidacy oferr. I a a technocrat, but no achine can easure atributes like caring for people and developing them, perreverance, empathy, problem ownerrhip. Makin ood thin s happen is not about havin all the technical skills i a inable.

Don’t et e wron . This packa e does include y resu e and a lon list of technical skills with lots of vendor na es, product na es, acrony s, technical ter s, certfcatons, knowled e

atrices, etc. But, there will always be so ethin issin – there is no sin le point of knowled e – it’s always a tea efort.

But this packa e has uch ore: “Short-rtorier” about past wins across ultple industries illustratn how technical co petencies coupled with internal tea collaboratons can produce value for any or anizaton. “Serier of recommendatonr” fro subordinates, peers and ana ers that also indicate i portant qualites and propertes that are key factors for success. One more thing ...

It’s obvious that this candidacy packa e is diferent. Not only does it paint a technical and

ana erial skills picture, but it also helps put the “other qualiter” on the canvas. A lot of efort and atenton to detail akes this packa e hopefully special. This is exactly the level of commitment and efort I brin with e and ofer with y candidacy. Yes, this packa e is diferent. But no ater how ood it ay see, it’s no substtute for a face-to- face eetn and interactve exchan e that will help solidify the value I ofer and the arret I can be for y new or anizaton fa ily tea .

Lookin forward to our next interacton.


Nicholas G. Ant isiaris


Pikeville, KY 606-***-****


Strategic Management / Technology Planning / IT Infrastructure / System Life Cycle Planning Application & System Integration / Data Warehousing / Mobile Technology / End User Support Project Management / Business Continuity / Cost Control / International / Team Leadership Integrated people, processes and technology to build strong IT development and management structures and processes valuable to both large and small companies across a broad spectrum of data-intensive industries, where multi-site operations demand critical levels of support. Planned and directed multiple system improvement initiatives, and ensured productive operation of IT infrastructure. Initiated huge operating cost reductions, Skilled in removing bottlenecks and barriers that limit productivity and profitability. Created user service-focused cultures that aligned IT with business goals and needs in constantly changing environments. Skilled in:

Unifying systems in evolving enterprise environments

Aligning IT and business goals, strategy and execution

Designing systems for speed, accuracy and ease of use

Positioning IT as a high impact business improvement tool

Developing and strengthening scalable business processes

Quickly identifying and resolving complex technical problems

Leading programs and projects to consistently successful completion Masters Degree in Computer Science, New York University Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens Greece. CAREER HISTORY & KEY ACHIEVEMENTS

VP / Assistant CIO, Pikeville Medical Center, 2016 to 06/2018. Play key role in transforming IT organization into world class technology leadership group. Implemented process changes and strengthened internal documentation to meet needs of expanding regulatory and patient care quality standards. Lead project management and internal training teams. Provide robust, high availability information services for this member institution of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

Led digital transformation in healthcare IT. Pikeville Medical Center’s IT environment was largely outdated, and relied on unsupported business applications and less productive processes. Funding for upgrades was not forthcoming, and proactive maintenance had come to a halt. IT staff morale had bottomed out. As the decision was made to invest in new equipment and modern technology, established open communications. Made system status reports available to everyone. Contracting efforts are now published internally so everyone knows what is planned. Rebuilt culture of owning problems and outcomes. Revamped documentation on servers, databases, applications, vendors, operational tasks, maintenance / backup / troubleshooting procedures, reports, resource people and alarm descriptions. Made IT disaster ready via real time replication technologies.

Introduced time tracking critical to capitalizing over $500K in labor costs per year. In an effort to make the Pikeville Medical Center’s IT organization more productive, recently introduced time tracking to better assess how employee time on the job was allocated. Currently working with accounting team to identify initiatives to be classified as capital expense projects. For these projects, the organization can shift operating expenses such as labor costs to capital budgets. Use open source, web-based Kimai time tracking application deployed in an internal VMware environment. Implemented Excel-based tool to consolidate time spent on specific tasks per project. Capitalized over $100K for fiscal year 2016-17 ending in September, while already capitalizing $83.4K for October and November of 2017 with a projected capitalization of over $500K for the current fiscal year. Enabled IT to substantially lower its operational expenses budget, and the organization as a whole to depreciate labor expenses over a three-to-five-year period.

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Community Builder Team Member, Joomlapolis – 2010 to Present. Expanded outreach of this popular social networking community builder solution for the Joomla web site and online application content management system. Responsible for new releases management and translation team organization for product localization for this open- source extension powering over 2.5 million public websites. Directed workgroups for testing and third-party development support.

Operations & Web Technologies Director, WIND Hellas, 2006 to 2009. Planned and managed a five-department operations center comprising ~70 engineers and operators for one of the largest mobile companies in Greece. Led center in monitoring business systems and processes, including networking, storage, backup, database / operating systems layer, systems hardware, etc. Responsible for monitoring and fulfillment of business processes (rating, invoicing, roaming traffic exchange, service availability, number portability, provisioning). Oversaw infrastructure investments (planning and implementation), IS service desk operations, backup and restore operations, security, billing & interconnection operations, systems and applications monitoring (large Openview implementation), disaster recovery / business continuity planning, and enterprise networking supporting internal needs and over 400 franchise shops, and desktop support and services (email, internet access, office automation). Q-Telecom IT Manager, Infoquest, 2000 to 2006. Led budgeting, design and implementation of the complete Q- Telecom IT infrastructure (hardware, software, application processes) for one of the largest Information Technology companies in Greece. Developed home-grown fraud detection system. Responsible for application processes including CDR mediation, tariffing and rating, TAP processing, billing, commissions, interconnection reports, CRM, CTI, IVR, provisioning, in-house fraud detection.

Eliminated errors in premature rollout. Rollout of billing process for land line, mobile line and internet services at Q-Telecom was going badly. In its quest for speed to market, the company had launched services before the billing process was implemented A single multi-part invoice had been designed to handle tax calculations and discounts, among other line items, but calculated amounts were frequently incorrect. Bill reprints were becoming costly. As head of IT, stepped in to introduce a strict quality control process with full electronic parsing of all invoice data printing to printing. Parsing checks were coded to identify previously encountered issues. Each check produced its own quality report to be reviewed by technical, marketing and financial teams. Saved thousands of euros and slashed the number of customer satisfaction complaints. Established process that became permanent part of billing moving forward, with 36 check cases were coded the first year. Billing vendor made use of this process to test billing system upgrades.

Established and maintained strong IT operations in volatile circumstances. WIND’s acquisition of Q- Telecom presented a number of challenges. As the primary IT / telecom executive, during the integration, ensured that normal operations continued as scheduled while maintaining team morale. Kept IT team intact in the greater organization by leveraging each person’s skills. Earned opportunity to head IT Operations division in the newly expanded company, with five departments and a total of 80 employees. Reversed a major disruption during a latter acquisition in which an inherited data migration had caused mass data corruption in the business IT systems (billing, provisioning, CRM). Quickly won over the newly absorbed IT team in working out a data mitigation plan to resync and fix corrupted data.

Saved thousands of Euros while accelerating service rollout. Q-Telecom customers were able to pay their bills at numerous banks, by presenting invoice at any cashier desk for manual account debit, or through monthly auto-debit where banks would securely send payment file to Q-Telecom to be processed by the billing system. The initial need was to have five banking interfaces supported. The billing vendor required three months to implement a single banking interface and would charge €30K. Defined a single universal interface schema for the billing provider. Q-Telecom’s internal team then built scripts to convert incoming and outgoing banking files to the universal interface schema. Enabled the company to quickly roll out its services without having to wait (and pay) for the billing vendor to implement five different banking file formats. Positioned the company to add new payment methods within one week. Prior assignments: Senior Consultant, Ergodata and E-Vision IT&T Holding Company. Head of Technical Department, Cosmoline Telecommunication Services. Development Department Head, Eurocom Expertise. Senior Engineer / Lead developer, Intracom. Network Design, MTS, AT&T Bell Laboratories. Technical Knowledge

Operating Systems



Programming Languages / DBMS

C / C++ AWK Fortran Basic Pascal Python3 Markdown

SQL Perl HTML Z80/8080 SHELL PHP Algol

Phing Make/nmake Informix 4GL MySQL MSSQL Oracle Sybase Open Source

Joomla Zimbra GitLabs LibreOffice MYSQL Kimai InfraView CiviCRM SourceTree OpenProject yED OpenNMS LibreProject Haroopad filezilla Open LDAP GIMP Scribus MAMP Keka 7zip

OpenIAM Kanba CiviCRM Asterix Moodle Wordpress FreeMind Editors / Development tools

VI EMACS notepad+ slimeline text coda PHP Storm SVN Eclipse TOAD Sequel Pro Anaconda Jupiter NB GIT SCCS Telecommunications


Ethernet Genesys CTI VOIP SIP IVR PABX SoftPhone

Kermit Avaya Nortel Cisco Rating CDRs VSAT

Billing Invoicing Interconnect Roaming/TAP Provisioning Mediation Credit check Fraud detect Rate plan GSM BGP Payments Prepaid Post paid Storage


Enterprise Applications

MS Exchange AD LDAP OUTLOOK MSPROJECT SharePoint nroff/troff VISIO ACCESS WORD EXCEL Powerpoint Jira Snagit

Pagemaker Numbers Pages

Business Systems

SAP PeopleSoft SEBIEL DT Warehouse DSS HP OV Automate Solarwinds Fraud Detect Rev. Assurance

Project Management

Waterfall Gantt Agile SCRUM

EMR Systems

STAR Nextgen Medsphere HCI HED Softlab Cerner Radiology HL7 MPV boards Reporting

Technical Accomplishments

Data Center Deployment (2) Contact Center Deployment Business Processes Design Process Improvements Universal Bank Interface Patient Scheduling control Prepaid helpline Network Design Algorithms Team Transitions (2) Nicholas G Antiisiaais

IT Director Candidate



What others have said ...

Donna Owens (linkedin):

In his Assistant CIO positon at PMC, Nick was also iy actng director for two years where his support and confdence always iotiated our teai. As a coach and ientor, he consistently proioted positiity and showcased an unwaiering dedicaton and willing guidance to our entre teai. Nick encouraged us to neier say “I can’t” but rather to identfy “how we could”. As a people ianager he created an eniironient of trust and understanding. Nick was there for us and he proied it again and again. His ability to analyze and dissect processes aiazed ie. Nick’s knowledge and background allowed hii to quickly pinpoint any inefcient practces being used. He brought us together to create new and beter iethods. His ability to understand, organize and cull productie, useful data in Excel was unriialed.

I can honestly say I haie becoie a beter person and teai ieiber just by working with Nick. His knowledge and coipassion -as well as the loiely cups of Greek cofee that he so willingly shared- is a treasured ieiory. Very siiply, Nick is genuine, sincere and worthy of iy highest recoiiendaton. Yiannis Xanthakis (linkedin):

Nicholas, was the IT Director and he was iy direct ianager at Q-Telecoi, a new Telecoiiunicatons Operator in Greece. Under his guidance, we accoiplished great results haiing designed and iipleiented all IT systeis and processes. Nicholas is a iery siart open iinded person, open to new ideas, iery skilled on Technical iaters and iost iiportantly, he was able to get the iery best froi his collaborators. His ofce was always open and always gaie a good adiice on aliost any issue. Thank you Nicholas, for your efort to iake us beter professionals and beter persons. Vassilis Trapezanoglou (linkedin):

I worked with Nick during his tenure with E-Vision as his CEO. His knowledge of Telecoiiunicatons, Inforiaton Technology and Sofware deielopient gaie hii a unique adiantage when called upon to eialuate iniestient opportunites. What really iipressed ie, was Nick’s business insight and analytc reasoning. He was able to coiiunicate his opinion in a direct no-nonsense fashion without alienatng his business opposing teai ieibers. This coibinaton proied to be a huge asset. I would also ienton his integrity and loyalty to established coipany’s ialues and goals. I sincerely belieie that Nick can bring ialue and growth as an executie Inforiaton Technology ofcer in any industry. Konstantn Prigkipakis (linkedin):

Nicholas reported to ie when I was the Managing Director at Q-Telecoi. His technical dutes included the ianageient of the coiplete Q-Telecoi IT infrastructure (hardware, sofware, applicatons as well as its budgetng, design and iipleientaton processes). Our IT center then coiprised of 2 departients, the EDP departient and the Applicatons departient with approx. 20 eiployees. Nick was one of the iost direct, professional and punctual people to work with, always loyal to the coipany, his superiors and peers. IN parallel, he was fair and educatng to his eiployees. I was lucky enough o contnue iy cooperaton with Nick later on (afer Q Telecoi was bought out and ierged with WIND TEEECOMMUNICATIONS) in iy new capacity as CEO of TEEEAS TEEΕCOMMUNICATIONS SA (a fxed operator and subsidiary of WIND) and Nicks' new capacity as IT Operatons and Web Technologies Director in WIND Hellas where he was ianaging the Inforiaton Systeis Operatons center (iobile & fxed) with oier 60 eiployees. With Nick's help we introduced iany cost-reducing procedures at the saie tie iiproiing the quality of seriice to our custoiers. I would recoiiend Nick to any partner or eiployer in the IT Industry for any top Manageient positon. Stairos Kontos (linkedin):

Worked together with Nicholas and ianaged to iipleient and iake of use all the best breed of Custoier Seriice IT technology. CRM-CTI-IVR operated with all procedures eibedded froi day one.

Great colleague and a great person.

Michael Gallouzidis (linkedin):

Nicholas has worked as Senior Business Consultant at Ergodata s.a. while I was in charge of the coipany in the capacity of the Managing Director. In the course of the executon of the dutes assigned to hii, Nicholas displayed an exceptonal scientfc background, diligence and willingness in his tasks, as well as superior spirit of responsibility.

I ai coniinced that Nicholas has the iental capabilites as well as the willingness to carry out with good success any scientfc problei would be assigned to hii. Therefore I would strongly recoiiend for any positon iight be ofered to hii. Nicholas G Antiisiaais

IT Director Candidate



Short stories – wins ...

Healthcare Industry: Digital Transformation

• IT Operatons Handbook

Online (git) source controlled (iarkdown) docuientaton and knowledge-base systei with following content category areas:

People • Systeis • Applicatons • Circuits • Vendors • Network eleients • VPNs • Locatons • Alaris • Interfaces • MPVS • Periissions • eeports • iistributon lists • Presentatons • Procedures • Tasks • Glossary • Services

• iaily (electronic) Operatons Log to track the executon and status of scheduled iaintenance tasks.. Over 60 tasks ionitored. Each task links back to IT Handbook. Failed tasks converted to incidents. Midnight iailing of previous day log results to all IT personnel.

• Operatons governance: iiweekly Operatons ieetngs to do root cause analysis and discuss iiproveients.

• Infrastructure technology standardizaton initatve to ensure that landscape is hoiogeneous and technologies are as consolidated as possible. E.g., VMWare virtualisaton, NetApp storage, Carbon ilack protecton, Cisco ilade servers, etc.

• IT Project Tracking systei linked to contract tracking, IT Handbook and Capital expenses process. Every project ianager ianages their own Excel-based tracking fle with key iilestone dates, key resources, health-check status, weekly status updates, etc. Consolidated reportng for executve reportng.

• Capitalizaton of personnel expenses for accountng-approved projects. sse of open-source platori (kiiai) for tie tracking with ionthly exports and project/period consolidaton supportng plug-and-play eiployee hourly rates. eesults: 550,000 per ionth OPEX CAPEX.

• Siiple tie-of request systei/process to eliiinate paper foris for eiployees requestng tie-of. Inital deployient in IT organizaton and then entre adiinistratve teai.

• Introducton of open-source survey systei used to eliiinate paper fori evaluaton used during training sessions and to conduct internal satsfacton assessients. Substantal cost savings and process streailining.


Nicholas G Antiisiaais

IT Director Candidate



Telecommunications Industry (Europe): New operator roll-out

• Frequency bidding process for iobile (GSM) and WIMAX (fxed-line) licenses

• iesigned, procured, iipleiented, deployed coipany enterprise infrastructure, applicatons and business processes:

LAN/WAN network • iata Center • MS Exchange • Ai • Intranet • VOIP network • Avaya Call center • Genesys CTI • IVe systei • PeoplesoH CeM • Ericsson Provisioning • Ericsson Cie Mediaton • ianet/Maxbill post-paid ratng/billing systei • SAP • Hoiegrown fraud detecton • Interconnecton billing • TAP roaiing fle processing • Ericsson realtie ratng Prepaid systei • CeM / iilling integraton • CeM / credit control process • iilling to invoice printng integraton

Single unifed bill for fxed-line, iobile and Internet services

iesigned and iipleiented a sniversal payient integraton foriat that saved ioney and helped tie to iarket deployient for new payient channels. Saved 120,00 Ese and 3 ionths vendor tie.

iesigned and iipleients prepaid helpline systei where prepaid custoiers could request a siall top-up aiount to quickly iake calls before next prepaid credit purchase.

Autoiated daily prepaid usage reportng. iaily extract froi proprietary prepaid systei feeds AWK script to generate HTML content sent via eiail to executve teais and accountng organizaton.

Quality control checks for billing invoices. iue to vendor inital invoices had iany iistakes

(rounding errors, iiscalculated VAT taxes, wrong discounts, etc. Saiple invoice checking was not sufcient. Iipleiented parsing of all invoices and perforied detailed quality checks on all identfed issues and would not release the invoices for printng if all tests did not pass. At the end of year one we had 36 issue checks. 2

Nicholas G Antiisiaais

IT Director Candidate



Telecommunications Industry (Europe): IT Organization Merge (twice) When Q-Telecoi was purchased by WINi, I faced a nuiber of challenges as the priiary IT -telecoi executve.

• I had to iake sure that norial operatons contnued as scheduled

• I had to keep iorale of iy teai intact and “protect” ie teai (eiployees typically believe that their positon is in jeopardy froi organizaton taking over.

• I had to prove iyself and gain the respect and trust of the WINi executve teai. I was successful as I was instruiental in repositoning iy teai in the greater organisaton taking advantages of each persons skills. Not a single person lost his/her job and everyone contnued to be productve. In the process I had to relocate our call center which was coipleted with no downtie or disrupton of service.

As a result, I was given the opportunity to head the IT Operatons division that was coiprised of 5 departients with a total of 80 eiployees.

Two years aHer Q-Telecoi was purchased by WINi, WINi also purchased another telecoi operator

– TELLAS. The TELLAS CIO was fred as he was responsible for a data iigraton that went wrong causing iass data corrupton in the business IT systeis (billing, provisioning, cri). I was brought in to save the gaie.

Having gone through the experience with Q-Telecoi, I was able to quickly relate and win over the TELLAS IT teai. We worked out a data iitgaton plan to gradually resync and fx corrupted data. Once again I was successful in this technical / people relatons challenge. 3

Nicholas G Antiisiaais

IT Director Candidate



University – Public Education / Manufacturing Industry (Europe): Public Funding, New Computer Lab rollout and PLC driven SCADA monitoring of beer bottling assembly line iuring iy sniversity of Patras tenure at the newly foried Coiputer Science chair of the Electrical Engineering iepartient, I was in charge of utlizing Es funds to roll-out a new coiputer lab. I had to guide graduate students to design and deploy all aspects of the lab. They perfori all the networking cabling (LAN/WAN connectvity) and workstaton confguratons and deployed needed enterprise applicatons (Exchange eiail servers, fle servers, Internet proxy, etc.). I was also in charge of a 5 graduate student teai that collaborated with a local beer ianufacturing coipany (Heineken) to design and iipleient a Windows (iult-threaded) based realtie ionitoring systei for botling line and iain brewing tank. The soHware (Visual iasic) integrated with Sieiens PLC devices through a proprietary industrial network (polling protocol). The project was so successful that the coipany hired 3 of the 5 ieiber graduate student teai. 4

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