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Multimedia Producer, Social Media Influencer, Copywriter, Technical Ed

Lompoc, California, United States
May 31, 2018

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Wallace Jackson

New Media Producer, i*D Programmer, Acrobat 3D, Android App, iTV, HTML5, WebGL, eBook, Virtual World, UI, UX, IoT Design


• Seasoned Multimedia Producer i3D Programmer iTV, eBook, Mobile App, Website, 3D Games • Oracle

Google Amazon Developer Partner Author, Technical Books on Android 5 and Java 8 • Exceptionally Small Data Footprint Content Design Data Optimization 512KB - 2MB Maximum) • International Clientele: Major Brands, Manufacturers, Ad Agencies, Producers, Artists, Authors • Virtual World & MMORPG Creation including Content Design, UI Design, UX Design, 3D Modeling • 3D eBook Design i3D Programming i3D Publishing for Amazon Kindle Fire Barnes Noble NOOK • Employs the latest content production software from Adobe, Autodesk, Oracle, Google, Editshare • Employs the latest 64-bit hi-def i3D multi-core Hardware (SUSE Linux, Windows 8.1, Mac OS/X) • Electronics Clients: Sony, Samsung, Tyco, Epson, Nokia, Dell, Compaq, TEAC, IBM, Sun, SGI • Display Clients: ViewSonic, NEC, EIZO, KDS, ADI, Christie, CTX, ProView, Mitsubishi, NANAO • Data Optimization: Content, Code, HTML, CSS, 2D Image, 3D Animation, iTV Programming, App • Content Optimization: eBook, iTV, Video, JPG, GIF, PNG, Animation, Game, 3D Simulation, PDF • Internet Optimization: Content, Keywords, SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Visual Social Media, Widgets • New Media Content: Tizen, Java 8, JavaFX, Android, Firefox, WebGL, HTML5, Torque, i3D PDF • Virtual World Content: Java, OpenGL, Torque 3D, UDK, VRML, U3D, X3D, O3D, WebGL, HTML5 • Smartphone Mobile Content: Ringtones, Brandgames, Screensavers, Wallpaper, i3D apps, eBook • Interactive Television Content: iTV Programs, iTV App, ConnectedTV, GoogleTV, SmartTV, ipTV • Android Development: GoogleTV App, SmartPhone App or Game, eBook Reader App, Tablet App

• Business Social Media Optimization Expert LinkedIn #2 All Time Top Expert Publication Section • Electronic Press Kits (EPKs), iDVD Menus, i3D Logos, i3D Products, i3D Games, i3D Simulation • i3D eLearning, eSignage, ePublishing, iTV Apps, IoT (Internet of Things) Apps, SmartWatch Apps Skills & Expertise

Application Development

Social Media Marketing

Software Development

Website Development

User Interface Design

Content Development

Application Design

Data Optimization

Software Design

Game Design

Digital Media



Mobile Applications

Web Design

New Media

Digital Marketing









Digital Signage

User Experience

Video Editing

Mobile Devices

Digital Video

Viral Marketing



Content Strategy

3D visualization

3D Design

Virtual Reality

Virtual Worlds

Digital Design

3D animation

3D rendering

Adobe Acrobat

Computer Animation

Digital Imaging


3D Studio Max




Sound Design



Android Apps for Absolute Beginners (First Edition) Apress (Springer Scientific+Media) April 15, 2011

Authors: Wallace Jackson


Android Apps for Absolute Beginners teaches how to code in XML and Java for Google Android 1.5 OS, for SmartPhones, iTV, Tablets and SmartWatch using Android versions 1.5 though 2.2. This best selling book was written by Developer Wallace Jackson of Mind Taffy Design for Apress (or Springer-Verlag). It has been updated to a 2nd Edition for Android 3 and 4 and a 3rd Edition for Android 4.4 and 5.0. Digital Image Optimization Concepts and Techniques ePublish Interactive (Amazon) May 29, 2012

Authors: Wallace Jackson

Covers the Optimal Work Process for Digital Image Optimization as well as Digital Imaging Concepts for those who wish to make their Digital Photography work look better, and load faster, in the digital domain. Covers GIMP and Photoshop imaging software work processes for all the major digital imaging concepts and compositing applications. This is a great companion book for Pro Android Graphics. Social Media Business Profile Optimization

ePublish Interactive (Amazon) March 13, 2012

Authors: Wallace Jackson

A title written by LinkedIn's #2 All Time Top Expert, this book covers exactly how to optimize a Social Media Business Profile on business social media websites like LinkedIn, Viadeo, Naymz, PeerPower, ReferralKey, or XING, yielding SEO and SMM optimization. If you want to be found by employers and/or business partners, this is a book that will show you how to generate 1st page search results! How to Optimize an Open Source New Media 3D Workstation ePublish Interactive (Amazon) March 27, 2012

Authors: Wallace Jackson

Shows how to acquire, install and optimize the leading open source new media software packages, in all the major new media verticals, including: Digital Imaging, Digital Video Editing, Digital Audio Editing, 3D Modeling Animation, Sound Design, Composition, Office Productivity, Programming Languages, Integrated Development Environments. Great companion book to Android Apps for Absolute Beginners Android Apps for Absolute Beginners (Second Edition) Apress (Springer Scientific+Media) December 17, 2012 Authors: Wallace Jackson

The Second Edition of Android Apps for Absolute Beginners was released at the CES 2013 trade show, covering the latest Android 4.x Jelly Bean application programming. I upgraded a first edition of the book from 300 to 400 Pages, featuring new code, diagrams, screenshots, concepts, tips, techniques. A 700+ page 3rd Edition of the title covers Android 5.0 and was released in 2014. Learn Android App Development

Apress (Springer Scientific+Media) May 6, 2013

Authors: Wallace Jackson

Learn Android App Development is the perfect follow-on book to the Android Apps for Absolute Beginners title. It takes a Beginning Android App Developer to an Intermediate Level. It is intended for those who are already programming in languages such as C++ or Objective-C, or those who have already completed Android Apps for Absolute Beginners. A popular 548 page book available in Print or eBook. Page4

Pro Android Graphics

Apress (Springer Scientific+Media) October 20, 2013 Authors: Wallace Jackson

Advanced Android Programming Title covers Professional Graphics Design Principles Techniques for advanced Android Developers. Addresses: Digital Image Editing, Digital Video Streaming, Porter-Duff Modes, Digital Image Compositing, Raster (or Bitmap) Animation, Vector Animation, 3D Animation, User Interface (UI) Design, User Experience (UX) Design, and the Draw, Shader, Canvas and Paint Classes. Pro Android UI

Apress (Springer Scientific+Media) February 16, 2014 Authors: Wallace Jackson

Pro Android UI examines the complexity of advanced User Interface Design for the Android Applications Development Platform. The book covers advanced UI layout containers, UI design across different sizes and shapes of Android powered devices such as HD Smartphone, Tablet, iTV Set, Watches, e-Readers, Chromebook or Set-Top Boxes (STB), and integrating new media such as images, video and animation. Android Apps for Absolute Beginners (Third Edition) Apress (Springer Scientific+Media) August 16, 2014 Authors: Wallace Jackson

The 3rd Edition of Android Apps for Absolute Beginners covers 64-bit Android 5 development including Wear SDK wearables and Android TV application design using IntelliJ IDEA. I'm upgrading my Second Edition of the book from 400 to 700 pages, featuring new Java 7 code, XML markup, UI Design, UX design, screenshots, concepts, tips & techniques. One of Springer-Verlag's top Android books. Beginning Java 8 Games Development

Apress (Springer Scientific+Media) December 3, 2014 Authors: Wallace Jackson

Beginning Java 8 Games Development will take the reader from zero knowledge of Java 8, Java FX 8 and NetBeans 8, and teach them how to develop games, using these powerful new open source tools. This book will cover Java 8 and powerful new features, like Lambda Expressions, and the JavaFX 8 Prism game engine and how to use them in a NetBeans 8 JavaFX8 and HTML5 integrated development environment. Pro Android Wearables

Apress (Springer Scientific+Media) July 1, 2015

Authors: Wallace Jackson

Pro Android Wearables covers IntelliJ Android Studio Wear application development for emerging products in the area of wearable electronics such as SmartWatches. A related Pro Android IoT title will cover other Android consumer electronics IoT devices, such as Robots, 4K iTV, SecondScreen, Android Auto, Android TV, and Android Glass SDKs, Game Consoles, SetTop Boxes, Home Media Centers and Drones. Digital Image Compositing Fundamentals

Apress (Springer Scientific+Media) October 7, 2015 Authors: Wallace Jackson


Digital Image Compositing Fundamentals is the title that covers all of the foundational concepts and terminology, for readers who wish to learn what goes into the digital image compositing pipeline, for special effects, digital photography or new media production. This book covers free for commercial use GIMP 2.8, and GIMP 3.0, software as well as Adobe Photoshop CS6, across all popular OSes. Android Studio New Media Fundamentals

Apress (Springer Scientific+Media) November 7, 2015 Authors: Wallace Jackson

Android Studio New Media Fundamentals is for Android Developers who want to learn about the new media support in the Android 5.3 OS as well as the fundamentals behind those new media areas that Android supports. These areas include i3D OpenGL, SVG Vector Illustration, Raster Imagery, Digital Audio and Digital Video. This book would be a good companion to my Pro Android Wearables title. Digital Audio Editing Fundamentals

Apress (Springer Scientific+Media) December 23, 2015 Authors: Wallace Jackson

Digital Audio Editing Fundamentals is the title that covers all of the foundational audio concepts and terminology, for readers who wish to learn what goes into their digital audio editing and sweetening pipeline for special effects, podcasting, music publishing, or multimedia production. The book covers free for commercial use Audacity 2.1 software as well as professional audio editing software. Digital Painting Techniques

Springer Scientific+Media December 17, 2015

Authors: Wallace Jackson

Digital Painting Techniques is a beginner-intermediate title, which follows content in the popular Digital Illustration Fundamentals title. It covers both open source Inkscape, as well as the professional Corel Painter 2016 digital painting software package, and how to use digital painting tablet hardware products as well as advanced digital painting workflows and content development pipelines. Digital Illustration Fundamentals

Springer Scientific+Media December 11, 2015

Authors: Wallace Jackson

Digital Illustration Fundamentals is a title that covers the foundational concepts and terminology, for readers who want to learn what goes into digital illustration or digital painting content pipelines. This includes vector illustration, filter effects, digital painting, and SVG content production. Includes Corel Painter 2016, and free for commercial use Inkscape and GIMP software, across all OSes. Languages

JAVA 8 (Full professional proficiency)

JAVA 3D (Full professional proficiency)

JAVAFX 8 (Full professional proficiency)

JAVASCRIPT (Full professional proficiency)

XML (Full professional proficiency)


CSS3 (Full professional proficiency)

HTML5 (Full professional proficiency)

OPENGL (Professional working proficiency)

TORQUE 3D (Professional working proficiency)

WEBGL2 (Professional working proficiency)

COBOL (Professional working proficiency)

PYTHON (Professional working proficiency)

ANDROID 6 (Full professional proficiency)

MONTAGE JS (Professional working proficiency)


Google Android 6.0 OS Developer Partner

Android 4.4, Android 5.4, Wear SDK, Auto SDK, Android TV, GoogleTV Application Development January 2008 to Present

Developing Interactive Applications for our clientele for the Google Play App Store, for use with: iTVs

(Interactive Television Set), eBook eReaders, Tablets, Smartphones, SmartWatches or Game Consoles. Developing 3D Android Applications for customers with Android Wear, Android Auto or Android TV. Write titles covering Professional Android Application Development for Apress Springer Science+Media. Oracle Java 8 and JavaFX 8 Developer Partner

Java 8.0 and JavaFX 8.0: Games, Interactive Content, UI, UX, and i3D Application Development September 2009 to Present

We've been Oracle Java 8 and JavaFX 8 Developer Partners since Java 1 and JavaFX 1 were released. We are currently developing i3D applications for Java 8 using JavaFX 8.0. These can be used across all popular Operating Systems and Internet 2.0 Consumer Electronics Platforms, including but not limited to iTV set, Tablet, SmartTV, NetBook, ConnectedTV, PC, Smartphone, Laptop, DVD, eReader, IoT. Amazon Kindle Fire Developer Partner

Kindle eBooks, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HDX, Fire TV, and Fire Phone Application Development December 2011 to Present

We Create, Develop and Produce i3D eBooks, i3D Games and i3D Applications for Amazon Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire XHD, FireTV, and Fire Phone Products for our Production Company and for other Publishers, Ad Agencies and for our Client Organizations. This includes: all 3D Modeling and Animation, Texture Mapping, Special Effects, Coding, Compositing, Publishing, Sound Design, Music Composition. Mozilla Firefox OS Developer Partner

HTML5 and WebGL2: i3D Games, Interactive Content, UI, UX, and i3D Application Development January 2013 to Present

We Develop Interactive HTML5 and WebGL Applications and Games for the Firefox OS App Store, for use with all of the popular consumer electronics devices including Smartphone, Tablet, iTV Set, eBook, eReader, Mobile Phone, Smart TV, Connected TV as well as via the world wide web. We provide clients with applications featuring major wow!factor and at the same time a compact data footprint under 1MB. Page7

Linux Tizen OS Developer Partner

Tizen iTV Set, Tizen SmartPhone, Tizen Tablet, and Tizen SmartWatch Application Development February 2013 to Present

We Develop Interactive 3D Applications for Smart TV and Connected TV consumer electronics devices, using the Tizen OS, as well as other open source, Internet 2.0 consumer electronics devices, platforms, and environments. This includes Tizen Applications for SmartWatch or Tablet Environments, as well as Second Screen scenarios, where custom content spans between SmartWatches, Tablets and iTV Sets. Ubuntu Touch OS Developer Partner

HTML5 Apps, WebGL Apps, Smart TV Apps, Connected TV Apps, Tablet Apps for Ubuntu Edge March 2013 to Present

Developing Interactive Touchscreen Applications for the Ubuntu Touch Consumer Electronics platform, across Smartphones, Tablets and Interactive Connected Television, using HTML5, CSS3, OpenGL ES 3.0

(WebGL), Java 8 and JavaScript. Applications include BrandGames, 3D eBooks, AdverGames, 3D Apps, iTV Programs, SmartTV Apps and similar content for International Brand Clients for Ubuntu Edge. Barnes & Noble NOOK Developer

Barnes & Noble NOOK eBook and Nook HD HTML5 and i3D Android Applications Development April 2013 to Present

We Produce i3D eBook, i3D Games, and i3D Application content for the Barnes and Noble NOOK HD Products, for our own content companies, for other e-Publishers, for Advertising Agencies, and for our International Clients. This includes: creating 3D Models, 3D Animation, Texture Maps, Special Effects, Programming, Compositing, Publishing, Sound Design, Music Composition, Audio Engineering, Testing. Google Chrome OS Developer Partner

HTML5 Apps for: ChromeCast (iTV), ChromeBook (Tablet), and ChromePhone (SmartPhone) September 2013 to Present

Developing Interactive Applications for clients for the Google Chrome App Store, for use with: iTV Set

(Interactive Television), eBook eReader, Tablet, Smartphone and ChromeBook Laptops and Chrome Phones. Developing i3D Applications for our i3D App Storefront as well, for sale to our fans and for our customers. Authored 7 Pro Android 5 Java 8 titles for IoT for Leading Technical Book Publishers. Projects

Pro Android IoT

June 2015 to Present

Members:Wallace Jackson, Steve Anglin, MSc, Mark Powers, Matthew Moodie, Chad Darby Pro Android IoT covers Android 5 application development for the Android Auto SDK and Android TV, as well as for the emerging products areas of appliance electronics, including Robots, 4K iTV, Second Screen, Auto Dashboard, Game Consoles like OUYA, nVidia Shield & Amazon Fire TV, and HDMI devices. A separate Pro Android Wearables title will cover wearable (smartwatch) application development. Pro Java Games Development

May 2015 to Present


Members:Wallace Jackson, Chad Darby, Mark Powers, Matthew Moodie, Steve Anglin, MSc Pro Java Games Development will take readers from Java 7, JavaFX 8 and NetBeans 8.1 chops they learned in my Beginning Java 8 Games Development title, and continue to teach them how to develop games, using powerful open source tools. This book will also cover IoT Development, Java 7, 8, and 9, as well as JavaFX Prism Game Engine, and how to use all these with NetBeans 8.1 IDE and Android 5 and 6. HTML5 Quick Mark-Up Reference

October 2015 to Present

Members:Wallace Jackson, Matthew Moodie, Mark Powers, Chad Darby, Steve Anglin, MSc The HTML5 Quick Mark-Up Reference is a handy book that every HTML5 application and website developer will want to have on hand containing all of the tags which are supported in the current HTML5 specification used across all web browsers and in popular HTML5 OSes such as Google Chrome OS, Mozilla Firefox OS, Opera OS and Tizen OS. A great companion to my Java 8 and JavaFX titles. JSON Quick Syntax Reference

October 2015 to Present

Members:Wallace Jackson, Chad Darby, Matthew Moodie, Steve Anglin, MSc, Mark Powers The JSON Quick Syntax Reference is a handy book that every JSON application and website developer will want to have on hand containing all of the syntax which are supported in the current JSON specification used across all web browsers and in popular HTML5 OSes such as Google Chrome OS, Mozilla Firefox OS, Opera OS and Tizen OS. A great companion to my HTML5, Java 8 and JavaFX titles. Digital Video Editing Fundamentals

December 2015 to Present

Members:Wallace Jackson, Matthew Moodie, Steve Anglin, MSc, Mark Powers, Chad Darby Digital Video Editing Fundamentals is the title that covers all of the foundational video concepts and terminology, for readers who wish to learn what goes into a digital video editing and special effects pipeline for video editing, music publishing, or multimedia production. The book will cover Pinnacle Studio 19 and Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X9, as well as open source EditShare LightWorks 12.5. Education

University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business MSBA, Marketing Strategy, 1990 - 1995

Activities and Societies: Completed USC's Graduate Entrepreneurship Program. One of three candidates for Entrepreneur of the Year, wrote a business plan for an access control start-up approved for $3M from Wall Street. Ran Multimedia Design Firm MindTaffy Design as Multimedia Producer serving international clients IBM, Mitsubishi, Viewsonic, Western Digital, CTX, KDS, Nokia, SGI, Sony, Samsung and TEAC. University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business MBA, Information Systems Design and Implementation, 1987 - 1990 Activities and Societies: Activities included: Multimedia, rich media content design for 3D Websites, 3D Product Demonstrations, 3D Simulations, 3D Visualization, 3D Virtualization, 3D Data Optimization, 3D Programming, i3D Design, and 2D Digital Imaging, for Brand Marketing, Corporate Marketing, Corporate Communications, Training and Tradeshow E-Signage, Digital Signage, Website Design, Website Coding, iTV, IPTV, Interactive Digital Video and other leading-edge i3D new media content development activity. Page9

University of California, Los Angeles

BA, Economics, 1980 - 1984

Activities and Societies: Delta Sigma Phi, Content Producer; Computer Programming, 3D Animation, 3D Programming, 3D Design, 3D Games, Digital Imaging, MIDI, Synthesis, Sound Design, Songwriting, iTV New Media, Multimedia, Interactive Rich Media Design, Multimedia Design, Media Content Design, i-3D Digital Signage, eSignage, IPTV Design, iTV Programming, Acrobat PDF Design, Acrobat3D, interactive TV, Smart TV, Connected TV, eBook Publishing, IoT Design, Java8, JavaFX, HTML5, WebGL, OpenGL Principia High School

High School, Rich Media Design, 1977 - 1980

Activities and Societies: Sports, Programming, Social Activities, Electronic Music, 3D, Travel, Guitar Berkeley Hall School

Junior High School, Mathematics, 1975 - 1977

Activities and Societies: Sports, Electric Guitar, Music Composition, Technology, Studied Precursors to i3D Programming and IoT


Multimedia Producer at Mind Taffy Design

Technical Book Author: Java, Android, IoT, Digital Imaging at Springer Science+Business Media 2010 - Present (5 years)

I wrote Android Apps for Absolute Beginners 1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions, and I'm currently writing the Pro Java Games Development title (2016). I wrote an Intermediate level Android programming title, Learn Android App Development. I wrote the Pro Android Graphics title and the Pro Android UI title and I am writing the Pro Android IoT title (2016), and I just finished the Pro Android Wearables title (2015). I'm also writing Introduction to Digital Image Compositing Concepts (2015). All 2015 2016 release books cover Android 5.x and Java 9, and will be available in popular book stores worldwide via on-line outlets, and in ePub, PDF, and Kindle HD eBook formats. I also wrote Beginning Java 8 Games Development, covering Java 8, NetBeans 8 and JavaFX 8 for IoT Internet of Things games as well as game app (game application), iTV games, tablet games, phone games, wearable games. 3D eBook Producer and Interactive eBook Publisher at ePublish Interactive 2008 - Present (7 years)

ePublish Interactive utilizes Advanced Technology (and Hardware) to create custom IoT Content and i3D Software, as well as writing Product Reviews, for i3D Virtual World Trade Shows, and HTML5 Magazines owned by clients. We use open source technology, performing client-side i3D rendering using technology powered by OpenGL, Kindle, HTML5, WebGL, CSS3, Android 5, Java 8 and JavaFX 8. We specialize in Data Footprint Optimization and Internet of Things Content Creation using less than 1MB code+content. We deliver uncompressed (zero compression artifacts) visual quality. Ultimately, it is the gamification of brands or product demonstration user experiences that will make eLearning or eSignage truly memorable and effective as a product marketing, brand promotion, or product feature eBook e-Learning tool. Our i3D Content is compatible with iTV Sets, eBook Readers, Smartphones, Tablets, SmartWatches, Connected Page10

TV, Set-Top Boxes (STB) and Smart TV. Platform support includes Android, iOS, Tizen, Firefox, Ubuntu Touch, Amazon Fire OS, Kindle, Kindle HD, Blackberry, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Opera and Safari. Multimedia Producer at Mind Taffy Design

December 1991 - Present (24 years 1 month)

Lead Digital Artisan, Mind Taffy Design. International digital media advertising agency executive. • Current Projects: i3D eBooks, i3D Android apps, i3D Games, Virtual Worlds, i3D PDFs, i3D iTV • Multimedia Producer, specializing in Digital New Media Marketing, Branding, eLearning, eSignage • Interactive 3D Production: Acrobat 3D, Android, Torque, UDK, HTML5, WebGL, Java3D, JavaFX • Data Footprint Optimization: eBooks, iTV Program, i3D PDF, Android Apps, DV, Website, UI, UX • iTV Application Design: iTV Games, iTV Website, iTV UI Design, iTV UX Design, iTV 3D Content • Smartphone Application Design: Android Games, Mobile HTML5 Website, Mobile UI UX Design • e- Learning: Acrobat 3D PDF Content Development, Virtual World Simulations, Android Apps, i3D • eSignage Content Design / Programming: eSignage Players under Linux, Java, Windows, HTML5 • Electronic Press Kit (EPK) Design Development: Acrobat 3D PDF, New Media, UI UX Design • eBook Design, Programming, Publishing: i3D eBook for iTV Sets, Smartphone, Tablets, eReader Vanguard Multimedia Production for Leading International Brands; projects include: eSignage, eLearning, trade show multimedia, interactive 3D product demos, virtual products, i3D simulation, Point of Sale, i3D Games, Web Design, Android App Design, i3D PDF Design and Programming, training simulations, viral campaigns. visual social media campaigns. Projects we're speaking with clients about include: i3D, Viral Marketing, BrandGame or AdverGame, Virtual World Design, 3D User Interface Design, 3D Web Design, 3D User Experience Design, i3D Mobile App Development, iTV Program Application Design, i3D Content Publishing via open source HTML5, Java, PDF. Brand clients: Sony, Samsung, Tyco, Dell, KFC, TEAC, SGI, Epson, DEC, IBM, Mitsubishi, Compaq, KDS, CTX, Nokia, SUN, Micron, Viewsonic, EIZO Nanao, Pacific Digital, ArtMedia, Smile, ADI Systems, Techmedia, EZC, Adobe, Western Digital Executive Vice President of Marketing at SSI

June 1990 - December 1991 (1 year 7 months)

Handled Marketing, Public Relations, Programs, Business Development for SSI Access Control • Researched and wrote business plan that garnered a $3M VC investment from Wall Street broker • Created custom multimedia software, mobile and website design for worldwide product marketing • Created Visual Social Media, Viral Media Campaign, for promotion of SSI access control system • Researched eLearning Apps (Java, i3D, Virtual Reality, Virtual World Design and Acrobat3D PDF) • Researched Visual Social Media, Augmented Reality, Virtual World Design, Electronic Press Kits • Created 3D Animation with Autodesk 3D Studio, Blender, Acrobat3D, Truespace, Java3D, HTML • Developed technique for mobile app design for Java8, Torque, Android, HTML, Firefox, JavaFX • Developed design techniques (ipTV, iTV, SmartTV, ConnectedTV, JavaTV, Tizen, HTML, etc.) • Developed Content production technique used with HTML, i3D, Java, Photoshop, Acrobat, 3DS • 3D using Caligari Truespace, Cinema 4D, Realsoft, Blender, Lightwave, Animation:Master, etc.


MIS & IT Management Consultant at Positive Support Review June 1989 - June 1990 (1 year 1 month)

Management Consultant, Leading International Brands. Management Consulting Projects included: • Senior Management Consultant. Brands: PacifiCare, Countrywide Mortgage, Ralphs Supermarket • Digital Documentation Design, Desktop Publishing of Job Descriptions for MIS & IT employees • Redefine Organization: Employee Job Duties, New Organizational Structures, Promotional Paths • Design Documents using desktop publishing software like Ventura Publisher and Adobe Acrobat • User Experience UX Design in the areas of 3D, DTP, Imaging using advanced software packages • Recruited directly from the USC Marshall School of Business (MBA and MSBA) by MV Janulaitis • Personally Recruited at USC; Trained by Positive Support Review CEO, Mr. M. Victor Janulaitis Researched interactive new media, multimedia design software, and content production techniques that I currently use with Java 8, JavaFX, Java3D, Android, Tizen, FirefoxOS, Ubuntu Touch, i3D, HTML5, Torque, MontageJS, ImpactJS, ConstructJS, EnchantJS, GoogleTV, Virtual Reality, Smart TV, Connected TV or iTV set content production, digital signage, website design, interactive digital media design, new media content, product marketing, viral marketing, brand promotion, trade show and corporate communications applications. Interactive TV as well as content development techniques used in IPTV or iTV applications were also researched and developed for multimedia production, training, e-Signage, virtual reality simulation, and e-Learning. MIS and IT Director at Wallace Moir Company

June 1987 - June 1989 (2 years 1 month)

Director Management Information Systems Department at a Commercial Mortgage Banking Firm • Computer Programming: RPG/RPG2, COBOL, AOS/VS and precursor to HTML markup language • Managed Data General MV7800XP Super MiniComputer system, used by over 80 top executives • Wrote all business software for mortgage servicing, property management, insurance department • Wrote custom real estate development, commercial mortgage loan origination business software • Design included: interactive design, user interface design, user experience design, DBMS design • Editorial duties included content design, software documentation, editing, help desk management • Management duties included: MIS & IT employee management and relationships troubleshooting • Data Optimization duties include server virtualization, database design, performing daily back-ups Researched digital technology and developed techniques that later became useful for new media content design, 3D rendering, 3D modeling, 3D animation, interactive 3D, iTV, VR, ipTV, i3D PDF, interactive TV, SmartTV, ConnectedTV, digital imaging, viral marketing, digital signage, Acrobat 3D, JavaFX 8, Tizen, HTML5, WebGL2, CSS3, JavaScript, EnchantJS, ImpactJS, MontageJS, Construct, Torque, OpenGL, Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch OS, Android OS, Chrome OS, Tizen OS, 3D eBooks, Virtual World Design. MIS and IT Manager at Wallace Moir Company

September 1984 - June 1987 (2 years 10 months)

Manager of Management Information System Functions for a Commercial Mortgage Banking Firm • Responsible for keeping all MIS and IT Computer Systems operational, and functioning smoothly • Page12

Responsible for assisting all executives with their day to day usage of data processing systems • Responsible for ensuring data integrity, including back-ups, software design, and programming • Responsible for ascertaining IT needs of investment banking employees and mortgage brokers • Programming in: Pascal, RPG2, RPG3, COBOL, AOS/VS, and Related Programming Languages

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