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Human Resources Employee Relations

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
May 23, 2018

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Chesapeake VA 23321

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Human Services HR Director/Administrator August 2017 - Present

City of Virginia Beach Human Services

As the HR Director, I have directed a full range of comprehensive/innovative Human Resources (HR) programs in support of over 1700 employees. I have ensured that the right people with the right skills are in the right place at the right time through effective application of HR programs including, but not limited to: classification and compensation, staffing and recruiting, test development, employee relations, training and development, equal employment opportunity, occupational health, occupational safety, benefits, official personnel records management, and member communications. I have used feedback and input from throughout the organization and provide recommendations to the City Manager Office on HR program/policy innovations, changes, and enhancements. I also lead organizational initiatives and assignments to support and address HR common issues that serve the needs of our teams and committees, and partners with various departments and agencies for more efficient and effective results.


Provide leadership training with my Comprehensive knowledge of the specialized principles and practices of public HR administration, including recruitment, selection, testing, classification, compensation, employee relations, training, occupational health, and occupational safety, benefits, and records management.

Provide counseling with my knowledge of the qualifications and characteristics of major occupational groups.

Employee Relations and Supervisory Conflict management Training

Provide support with my thorough knowledge of local government organization and operations.

Provide guidance with my knowledge of federal, state, and local laws pertaining to all phases of public HR administration.

Provide analytical data for effective and efficient decisions with my knowledge of the department’s Core Strategies and of Quality Government Organization principles and practices

Directs the activities of the Human Resources department to all divisions within Human Services; labor relations, compensation, benefits, employee relations, performance management, and training and organizational change management.

Ensure department compliance with City policies and labor laws; independently manages and respond to EEOC and DOL charges, generally without attorney assistance.

Determines and recommends employee relations practices necessary to promote high levels of employee retention, morale and motivation.

Leads implementation of continuous system improvement projects including HRIS, performance management, online application, employee portal, and benefits systems and related technology and user interfaces.

Leads the ongoing development and facilitation of in-house leadership training, legal update workshops, Department Customer Services training and other related HR training and department career development education.

Designs and manages processes of organizational development such as Success/Succession planning, comprehensive customer service, workforce development, and employee retention.

Prepares information and advises on the department budget.

Performs all other duties as may be required to meet organizational needs

Division Chief August 2011 - 2017

City of Alexandria’s Emergency Communications (E911), Alexandria VA; 40 hour weeks; City of Alexandria's Public Safety Radio, IT Systems Manager, Dale Johnson Contact 703-***-****

As a Division chief for the City of Alexandria currently, I have to multi-task between Human Resources and Budget related duties including (VEC) unemployment Hearings and recruitment policy changes and the reporting of vacancies and Budget expenditure reports to City. I am also in charge of the preparation of requisition packages, PO’s and RFP’s and all procurement processes, and interviewing of applicants; employee performance evaluations, administration of the Family and Medical Leave Act, (FMLA), preparation and maintenance of complex human resources records that must comply with various City, State, and Federal laws as well as licensing and accreditation regulations. I train others in structured interviewing techniques and assure compliance with City, State and Federal rules and regulations pertaining to equal employment opportunity (EEO) and disability accommodation (ADA). I do provide advice, guidance, and direction to Department managers on employee performance issues, including disciplinary actions, in coordination with the City's Human Resources Department and the City Attorney. I also direct the Department's payroll, leave and attendance record-keeping and processing functions. These include substantial budget preparation and oversight, payroll administration, accounting to include tracking of Special Revenue incomes, departmental expenditures, purchasing, oversight of information systems, and routine personnel administration functions. Tasks include comparing and developing revenue projections to expenditures, developing a structured plan to implement expenditures based on revenue, oversight of payroll activities, preparing budget information, and providing tracking and supervision for information technology functions. I coordinate performance analysis and statistical data for meetings and performance measures in creating SOP's and Directives based on the statistical data calculated. Then I track the impact on the increase or decrease of Human Resources issues and Fiscal expenditures to the department. AS the CMS Webmaster, I have setup the DEC Website as a Human Resources recruiting tool to inform future candidates. I have also updated and maintain the site to include recruitment procedures, pictures, and announcements about our New Department and information from our Director.


Creation of New Job Classification/Title, which changed from Emergency

Communications Technicians to Public Safety Communications Officers (PSCO)

Creation of a Career Ladder and promotional opportunity for Supervisors, which

gave our employees opportunity to advance their career within our department

instead at another center

Creation of filters in NeoGov to recruit E911 experienced candidates, which

have reduced the training time and increased retention; because of those

candidates were aware of this environment and culture

Creation of a Position Number Tracking report, which tracks vacancies and

evaluation due dates. So vacancy approvals are completed faster and

evaluations are completed on time

Creation of a Condensed Promotional and Hiring Process, by setting up all the

scheduled test and exams, interviews and final offer within a 4-5 day process

once that candidate is selected, instead of a 3-4 week process like our

competing local 911 centers for recruits

Creation of New Medical Standards which reassures the department that a

the candidate is fit for duty

Creation of an Internal Human Resources Department with Hours that covers both

shifts to gather all paperwork and meet the staffing needs who don't work

City hours, which has increased morale

Creation of a New internal Exit Interview process, which helps us address the

reasons why employees are leaving and to gather negative or positive feedback

to improve the center. I believe this will reduce the turnover rate as we

address the reasons that we can control why people are leaving.

Creation of Charts and Spreadsheets to track expenditures and forecast Budget

cost, which has helped me balanced the Department budget three out of the

three years I have been employed and in charge of creating and managing the

Departments Budget

Negotiations with vendors on Contracts, which has helped me find language

discrepancies and overpayments that have increased the efficiency of services to our department from vendors

Administration Officer (AOD) August 2008 - August 2011

South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs –Summerville, SC; 40 hour weeks; Director of Staff Development Rufus Britt 843-***-****; contact supervisor

My job title is Administrator Assistant and Safety Officer during the week and Facility Director on the weekend for the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs at Coastal Center, SC. My biggest achievements are increasing personal safety by teaching PCM techniques and tools and writing and coordinating new State/Departmental Standard Operation Procedures (SOP's) that have reduced the worker's compensation (injuries at work) by 70%. I also maintained the Budget for Training personnel on campus. I also provided assistance with client behaviors, staff coverages and investigation paperwork for the entire Coastal Center that has increased the response time and turnover of all abuse cases. I had also trained employees to use radio communication for emergency situations efficiently. I oversaw 12 units/cottages with over 100 staff members and nurses per shift, and roughly 171 patients/clients. I was in charge of the campus security and Human Service Assistant (HSA's) Staff scheduling. I also provided Professional Crisis Management (PCM) and Fire Safety training as the lead Instructor for 516 staff members, classes of 150-200 students on an annual basis in helping redirect intense client behavioral outburst and maintain a safe environment for a strong relationship between parents, staff, and clients. This PCM training certification ensures that the center complies with all policies, procedures and all state and federal regulations including OSHA, CMS, AAMI, HIPPA and QMRP's and SCEIS payroll system. The state has also multi-tasked me with the census to track all patients and their care every day. I was also coordinating program coverages and incident reports and investigations on patient abuse or staff abuse. I was in charge of keeping the environment calm and controlled by reviewing fire drills and evacuation safety protocols, developing ideas for redirecting behaviors, in which has made this facility one of the safest in the state of SC.

Operation Specialist/Master at Arms August 1999 - October 2007

United States Navy- Stateside and Overseas; 60 hour weeks; Navy/Military Police Officer (MAC) Chief Charlene Murray 404-***-****; contact supervisor

Writing and coordinating, and following and teaching new Naval/Federal Standard Operation Procedures (SOP's) for new naval soldiers. Also as a Law Enforcement Specialist and Navy Command high stress and crisis Instructor/Mentor for 150-200 soldiers for monthly training, which was about 1800-2400 soldiers a year on duties that included deployment issues, Identifying multiple high risk areas, and job training on Task Force Command Satellites in the P3 Aircraft community, analyzing secret messages, information system technician and operation specialist for Anti-Submarine force, Control of Operations in the Arabian Gulf, Japan, Korea and Hawaii. I was the Command Duty Officer and Lead Force Protection Instructor of an Anti-Terrorism Unit in UAE, Bahrain Conducted Training in a high Tempo Anti-Terrorism/ Force Protection area of Operations with Classes of 100-200 soldiers on a monthly bases. I can state with l00% accuracy that all of my missions sustained 0% causalities with 100% success as stated on my DD214, with RE-RI status. I was a Harbor Patrol Coxswain, Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) and Visit, Boarding, Search and Seizure (VBSS) Instructor for 1000s of soldiers in Hawaii and UAE and Bahrain on a monthly base with classes of 50-100 soldiers. I was a Command and Control Officer in charge of the Tactical Operations and Intelligence Briefing training/coordination in Japan, Korea, Bahrain, UAE, California, and Hawaii. I also was certified in Global Command Control System-Maritime (GCCS-M), Radar Coordination for coalition/ U.S. forces, Supervised over $100million in military asset and AFL (Japan) Semi-Pro Football TE and WR Coach.

Branch Manager August 1996- December 1998

Enterprise Rent-a-Car Fairfax, Virginia, South Carolina; 60 hour weeks; Area Manager Bill Miller 800-***-****; Contact Supervisor

I had developed financial, performance and forecasting models; perform proforma analysis; perform complex scenario modeling; perform a business, market and competitive analysis; track and analyze key operations and financial metrics; complete annual budgets; perform variance analysis; ad hoc reporting; etc. Then I was promoted to assistant branch manager and increased sales numbers and gross profit in my branch by 75% and reduce losses and write-offs by 90% while expanding our branches fleet by 50 cars. I was also the finance, insurance and account manager that demonstrated a superior knowledge in management recruitment and training programs with a concentration on managing account Receivables, Client relations, customer service, public relations in sales and marketing the Enterprise product, and Supervising employees and other administrative duties to increase growth and sustainability.


(2018-2018) Strategic Human Resources Leadership cert., Cornell University

(2009-2010) MBA/HCM, Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, Florida; 3.5 out of 4.0 GPA; 42 Credit Hours

(1992-1996) BA, Communication Studies, Lynchburg College Lynchburg, Virginia; 2.4 out of 4.0 QPA; 124 Credit Hours

(2002-2003) Law Enforcement Specialist Certification, Technical and Tactical, Emergency Training, Miramar College; San Diego, California 40 Credit hours; 4.0 out of 4.0 GPA

(1992-1996) BA, Marketing Communication, Lynchburg Liberal Arts College Lynchburg, Virginia,

(2016) APCO Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement and RPL Certification

(2015) AMA Internal Investigation Certification,

(2014) Human Resources Generalist Certification, Atlanta GA; Human Resource Certification Institute –HRCI

(2015) FEMA, NIMS 100, 200 level certification

(2016-2017) PENN State, High Impact Supervision and Law Enforcement Agency Budgeting, and Leadership and Command Certifications


Knowledge of ERP Financial Systems such as SAP, Oracle, People Soft, etc., Share Point, Munis, NeoGov, Legistar, and SCEIS/Kronos payroll systems, Adobe design software and proficient in Microsoft applications; Excel Spreadsheets, Word and PowerPoint presentations, also proficient in all forms of communication software; email, web chat, text and teleconferencing, MapInfo Analyst's Notebook, SQL Server

References: Will be furnished on request.

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