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Data Analyst Sales

San Jose, California, United States
May 17, 2018

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Akshay Arora +1-972-***-**** 201 South 4th Street San Jose 95112 arora12


Pursuing M.S in Business Analytics from Oklahoma State University, USA. With over 4 years of experience, seeking full time opportunities in the field of Analytics to leverage my analytical background in solving complex business problems and add value to business.


1: Data Analyst Intern at Loves Travel Stops and country stores (USA) Jan 2018 May 2018

Successfully built a forecasting model to forecasts sales for multiple categories across different channels of 450 Stores in USA, using Arima and various other forecasting models in R.

With 94% accuracy, managers are using these forecasted sales for regulating and replenishment of inventory and stock. The model also accommodates increased promotion sales for the last year.

Also based on the contribution of sales of each category, model forecast demand for 200 categories across Loves.

Successfully deployed and automated the model using R server and SQL server 2016. 2: Data Science Intern at American Fidelity Assurance Company, USA May 2017 Aug 2017

Performed market basket analysis to provide product recommendations based on the customer buying patterns using association rule mining.

Developed a dashboard to determine the relationship between Macro parameters like Unemployment, GDP, Healthcare consumption and company parameters like Annual Premium Earned Premium, Loss ratio etc. 3: Graduate research Assistant, Oklahoma state University, USA Jan 2017-Dec 2017

Assisted a marketing professor in ongoing research using SQL, R and tableau.

Extracted the data for sentiment analysis using Factiva and other sources. 4: Analyst at Accenture, Delhi, India Sept 2014 June 2016

Built a predictive model to predict the likelihood of churn and identify at risk customers for customized targeting.

Built customer segmentation model using customer demographics, behavioral and transactions history data for a retail client to help in marketing personalized promotional offers to increase cross-sell & up-sell.

Successfully built a predictive model to predict response rates of campaigns to identify the best customers for targeting.

Successfully built a customer segmentation model using RFM analysis to help in marketing personalized promotional offers. INDUSTRY PROJECTS

1: Customer Segmentation model with Comcast, USA (Cable Provider) Jan 2017 May 2017

Explored and analyzed data for one of America’s biggest telecommunication company in order to understand the relationship between services used by customer and demographics & developed a road map for converting the least profitable segment to the most profitable.

Segmented & clustered data by K means clustering, based on services used by 0.2 million customers as base variables and, demographics as descriptors.

2: Pricing Elasticity Model with Founders Brewery, Michigan April 2018

Successfully presented a price-elasticity model that calculates the elasticity of various SKUs of Founders against SKUs of competitors across multiple regions using IRI data.

Multiple regression model is being used to find out the cross price elasticity. 3: Image Classification Sept 2017 – Dec 2017

Developed an Image classification model for movie posters in order to detect the genre of a movie which could help film makers/ad makers in targeting or marketing movies/advertisements to the desired audience using VGG16. 4: Warranty Claims Analysis with Ditch Witch, USA (Construction) Aug 2016 Dec 2016

Analyzed the impact of geographical areas on warranty claims using ANOVA and other statistical tests. SKILLS

1: Language/Tools – Python (NumPy, scikit learn, Pandas, OpenCV, and Matplotlib), R, SQL, and Advance/BASE SAS Certified. 2: Statistical Test and Machine Learning – A/B Test, Regression, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting, Cluster Analysis, Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Network, SVM, Time Series Analysis. 3: Visualization – Qlik, Tableau, SAP BO.

4: Big data/Tools – Basic Knowledge of Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Spark 5: Business – Marketing & Retail Analytics Customer Relation Management, Data Analysis & Management, Data Warehousing. EDUCATION

Masters of Science in Business Analytics May2018/GPA-3.78 Oklahoma State University – Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science May 2014/GPA-3.92 Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, India

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