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Engineer Systems

San Diego, California, United States
May 16, 2018

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Senior Application Solutions Engineer for PLC’s

SCADA-HMI and Automation Controls Systems


- I am a registered Professional Engineer, registered member with APEGA, specialized in SCADA and Controls Automation Systems, networks design, instrumentation and project management.

- Extensive working experience in the US compliant with National Electrical Code (NFPA 70), Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace (NFPA 70E) as well as OSHA safety requirements (29 CFR 1910) and in Canada CSA compliant.

- Experienced with controls automation systems running in FDA regulated environments 21 CFR Part 11, computerized systems validation (CSV) and Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP) processes and documentation, URS, FRS, GxP, IQ,OQ,PQ, Six Sigma Green Belt training.

- Extensive experience with design of standalone as well as redundant configuration PLC's and PAC Controls Systems applications and robotics systems.

- Development of HMI visualization and SCADA system design with SQL Server database setup and instrumentation.

- Industrial Automation Controls Systems programming, troubleshooting and commissioning.

- Excellent training and experience in OPC Client-Server data acquisition, LAN, WAN computer networks troubleshooting and complex configuration setup of controller area networks, Citrix, VMware, TCP/IP as well as (CAN) industrial data communication networks.

- Professional training in DNP3 protocol for serial as well as and OPC Server communications between HMI SCADA and PAC, PLC and RTU.

- Proficient with standalone micro-controller applications development, electronics circuits and installations (both analog and digital electronics).

- Experienced in preparing project documentation and project management.

- Exceptional team player who is self-motivated and performing well under pressure.

- Fluent in English, German and Romanian Language


Oxford Global – Consultant – External Contractor for Ethicon Endo-Surgery (Johnson & Johnson)

Medical Devices, Jun 2017 – April 2018

Automation systems upgrade including project estimates, design and documentation, PLC, HMI and vision systems programming for FDA regulated environment as well as systems validation (IQ, Software Validation, OQ, Engineering Studies, 21CFR Part 11, non-conformance NC investigations).

New equipment installation including production/packaging lines validation (SAT, IQ, OQ, Engineering Studies).

Offered support for production and manufacturing engineering team with PLCs, HMI, robots, vision systems and communications configurations, programming and troubleshooting.


Automation Systems – Consulting for Paragon Tactical, Corona, CA

Development of automation systems, June 2016 – Jan 2017

Under NDA. No details available.

Edwards Lifesciences – External Contractor Controls Automation Engineer, Irvine, CA

Life Sciences/Medical Devices Manufacturing - Automation Engineer, Jan 2016 – Mar 2016

-Worked on temporary assignment on specific task as external contractor thru Roth Staffing with Edwards Lifesciences for automation and electrical controls systems upgrade evaluation.

-I developed the specifications for process control improvement as well as for controls automation systems and power supply backup and protection for critical equipment operating in FDA regulated environment and manufacturing processes.

-Development of project specifications for electrical controls equipment and automation systems supporting product manufacturing for heart valve tissues as well as electrical schematics and risk analysis for the project implementation for the manufacturing engineering department.

Accriva Diagnostics – Sr. Automation Engineer, San Diego, CA

Life Sciences/Medical Devices Manufacturing Sr. Automation Process Engineer, Dec 2014 – Nov2015

-Retrofitting, troubleshooting, development and start-ups of process automation systems for FDA regulated environment medical devices manufacturing.

-Writing project specifications for 21 CFR PART 11 compliant process automation systems

-Coaching junior engineers

-Writing and performing equipment validation protocols IQOQPQ, RFCs,

-Leading equipment validation activities and guiding the engineering team in supporting manufacturing activities

-Supporting manufacturing with expertise in automated equipment including PLC controls, HMI’s, vision systems and robotics equipment.

Automation Systems – Consulting for Rockwell Collins thru Tandell Systems, Irvine, CA

Development of aerospace systems, August 2014 – December 2014

Under NDA. No details available.

Automation Controls Systems – Consulting for BRB/Sherline, CA

Development of prototype equipment, April 2014 – November 2014

Under NDA. No details available.

Boral Industries - Electrical Controls Engineer, Rialto, CA, U.S.A.


- Designing automation controls applications for PLC, HMI SCADA

- Electrical controls panels design and drafting using AutoCAD

- Project development - automation systems, PLCs, HMI, Electrical and motor control centers

- Automation systems retrofitting, system upgrade for Allen/Bradley, GE Fanuc, Siemens PLCs controls and HMI

- Automation systems and electrical supply and controls troubleshooting, commissioning

Oxford Global Resources – Contractor Consultant, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.


-Developing project proposals for SCADA Systems and communications network configuration

-Offering hardware and software solutions for upgrading and optimizing SCADA and industrial controls automation applications

-Implementing solutions for optimizing Database and historical process data archiving and handling, SQL Server applications development

-Implementing SCADA & PLC’s system testing and simulation procedures for FAT

-Training clients in use of SCADA and controls automation system tools

Xyntec Inc., Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. October 2012 – April 2013


(I offered consulting and business development solutions in automation systems SCADA, HMI and PLC controls for medical and pharmaceutical industry (JnJ, Neutrogena, Estee Lauder)

-Implemented solutions for production and process management software and statistical process quality software application design and installation, Wonderware inTouch, Archestra, QiAnalyst via OPC to SQL Server application, data acquisition and historical data archiving.

-Develop project documentation, wrote functional specifications, project requirements and equipment specific user requirements as well as documentation for FAT, process validation and specifications for processes requiring Six Sigma, GMP conforming to industry standards ISA, UL, NEC, NEMA as well as 21 CFR Part11.

-Leading teams of electrical and mechanical technicians and specialists in installing and testing equipment: PLC’s Allen/Bradley controller programs, HMI and SCADA systems, network communications settings and network design, Vision Systems integration for process controls.

-Prepared project proposals for complete process control systems having SCADA, Manufacturing Execution Software, PLC’s process controls and vision systems integration.

Amazon Fulfillment, San Bernardino, CA, U.S.A

CONTROL SYSTEMS SPECIALIST August 2012 – October 2012

-Performed installation, start-up and commissioning of Automated Controls for new distribution center for material handling, conveyor, sortation and transport systems as well as integration of video camera for industrial ID vision systems.

-Completed training in video camera systems install and troubleshooting and Laser Barcode ID Readers, then performed vision system testing and calibration.

-Performed PLC configuration and programming (Allen/Bradley RSLogix5000, SLC500, MicroLogix, Rabbit Micro-Controller).

-Worked on HMI development and commissioning (RSView, PanelView, Automation Direct)

-Performed SCADA Systems (Iconix) troubleshooting.

-Completed tasks like network communications setup, commissioning and troubleshooting for Ethernet and serial protocols like Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus.

Schneider Electric – Square D, Energy Solutions, Tustin, CA, U.S.A.


-Performed installation, commissioning, design and testing of custom designed power monitoring solutions using ION Enterprise and SMS software platforms for circuit monitoring controls, power quality and energy consumption metering devices compliant with NFPA70E.

-Completed network design and communications setup, interfacing with third party devices

-HMI screens development and database reporting as well as commissioning of PowerLogic, ION with custom drivers for 3rd party device integration like flow computers, third party process controls and metering devices, backup generators and UPS units.

-Programmed Lighting Controls (Powerlink, Clipsal programming and commissioning).

-Performed WAGES (Water, Gas and Electrical systems) commissioning and troubleshooting with PLC’s controls, power metering third party device integration.

-Performed troubleshooting, commissioning and testing switchboard controls using PLC’s in standalone as well as redundant controls system configuration for Modicon PLC’s, Momentum, Quantum and Premium PLC’s (using Unity Pro and Concept programming software) and Magelis HMI as well as switchboards equipped with third party PLC’s and HMI’s (Allen Bradley, RSLogix5000 PLC’s and PanelView HMI using Factory Talk ME)

-Have completed advanced training courses for power monitoring and controls systems (Schneider Modicon PLC’s hardware and HMI SCADA software) as well as lighting controls systems design and programming.

Eco-Technica Inc., Edmonton, AB, Canada


Contractor of ATCO Electric ( Substation Automation and Telecontrol Systems), Alta Steel (Metal Processing) and AltaLink (Power Generation and Distribution, Water Treatment), and Consulting

-My activity include the development of functional standards and documentation for ATCO Electric according to IEC 60870 and other related IEC standards as well as IEEE conformal standards for communications and electric power distribution systems, specifically Substation Tele-Controls systems and HMI-SCADA (Cimplicity HMI and Proficy Machine Edition programming software) for PC and QuickPanel View applications using DNP3.0 and Modbus RTU as well as Ethernet based communications protocols using OPC Sever and HMI using TouchPanels for the ACTO Electric power systems.

-Developed a project for power generation and energy distribution company in Alberta having a SCADA dual server application for power generation plant using WonderWare, InTouch and FactoryLink for SQL database logging and management.

-Developed specifications for optical fiber and Ethernet communications networks for HMI, PLC systems and remote controlled units for water treatment plant.

-Performed onsite troubleshooting and commissioning SCADA HMI (WW InTouch) and Proficy Machine Edition software for a controls system for heat treatment plant (with GE Fanuc PLC90-30 controllers). I also supervised the start-up operations for the automated controls system in the plant.

-Successfully completed professional training for DNP3 protocol, communication systems design, configuration and troubleshooting methods, also successfully completed training in power generation and distribution automation software for substation SCADA systems and networks design using SubNet Server and SubNet Explorer (OPC and serial communications server).

GE Automation Canada – General Electric Intelligent Platforms Canada, Edmonton, AB


(Activity included PLC’s/PAC redundant systems troubleshooting, HMI and SCADA systems programs debugging, networks LAN, WAN, CAN communications design support and configuring)

-Worked with customers in presales decisions, project estimates, and helped in commissioning activities according to ISO9000 standards.

-Offered technical support and project scope identification with HMI (Human Machine Interface) and PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers) projects communicating via OPC with SCADA applications with SIL 1, 2 and 3 level using redundant configurations server, PLC controls as well as LAN communications systems (IEC62439).

-Implemented advanced CAN configurations (controller area networks configurations using Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, Genius, EGD, DNP3.0) as well as Ethernet based communications configuration solutions including time synchronization using SNMP timestamps (IEEE 1588).

-Wrote over 100 knowledgebase articles for PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) hardware and HMI (Human Machine Interface) application software, and I have successfully completed GE internal courses for 6Sigma Process Quality, LAN and WAN Networks design, industrial and PC networks troubleshooting using “sniffer” software Ethereal/Wireshark.

-I improved my programming skills in C++ and VB, also with Six Sigma training and Project Management courses.

Matrikon Consulting Inc., Vancouver BC


(OEM – Consulting in industrial automation systems design, project development, maintenance, commissioning)

-Developed HMI application based on the PI&D plans for OSB (Oriented Strand Board) wood processing plant and programming routines for the wood processing recipes in the plant application.

-Designed and tested a HMI visualization program using WonderWare InTouch 7 and 9 for system integration via OPC for a SCADA application for the OSB (Oriented Strand Boards-wood processing plant) plant

-Developed PACs ladder logic project using RSLogix5000, RSLinx and RSLogix5000 Emulator for process testing and simulation of the controller logic program and the network communication protocols.

GLC Controls Inc., Prince George BC, Canada

Controls Systems Programmer June 2004- Sept 2004

(Industrial automation solutions provider PLC systems integration, project development, installing, commissioning)

- Successfully completed training course and certification for Allen / Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) with Rockwell Automation Software RSLOGIX 5, 50, 500, performed PLC program debugging and also troubleshooting and programming for PLC using RSLOGIX, RSLINX.

- Converted and reprogrammed PLCs system and developed a new (HMI) application for a water treatment plant and managed the start-up operations with tuning of cascaded PID loops.

- Developed a standalone Flow-Meter project application for chemical processing plant using Z-World OP7200 using C# for analyzing Burkert 8031 flow control sensor (using the Hall effect), then tested flow meter to verify results and simulate field results with the Rabbit 2000 microprocessor system in ASM and C++.

Engineering Consultant, Sibiu, Romania


(IT-Consulting electronic equipment and industrial automation systems development, commissioning)

- Provided maintenance and troubleshooting for system failures in a range of companies, identified scope and solutions and supervised project development as well as network design and troubleshooting.

- Investigated failures of hardware and embedded software control systems, and trained technical staff to use and make minor repairs of systems.

- Provided commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting service for system failures in a range of companies including wood, chemical, textiles and foods industry.

REMTEC AG, Riedern-Glarus, Switzerland, Joint –Venture


(OEM Company that specializes in electronic equipment for automation and large SCADA industrial applications. Developing water distribution, renewable energy production and treatment plants for Municipalities)

- With a team of six engineers and electricians, I performed SCADA project development, connected to a PLC and DCS system for water treatment plants and municipal water distribution systems. I have designed and programmed simulation and testing procedures for SCADA system for a custom specific industrial applications for the Swiss partner company Community Services (municipal utilities) for four Swiss counties.

- Project development and of remote controlled automation system of the analog digital remote controlled devices managing system and designed process simulation tool for up to 12000 tags.

- I extended by 70% the area of SCADA to PLC communications using serial Ethernet and radio transmission lines

SIEMENS T.F. Romania, SIEMENS AG Transportation Systems, Braunschweig, Germany

PROJECT ENGNEER – H/W & HMI S/W ENGINEER Jul. 1998 – Jan. 2000

(OEM Design, projecting and installation of high security electronic interlocking systems and signaling for railway transportation systems)

-I was selected for scholarship and professional training, offered by Siemens AG headquarters in Germany as hardware and software project engineer for high reliability SIL 4 and SIL5 automated electronic interlocking systems in redundant configuration.

-Developed and tested 2 projects with hardware configuration setup with HMI visualization software for high security electronic interlocking systems.

-Prepared project documentation as well as the SIL4 safety systems standards for the customers.

AFRISO M.F. Bucharest, Romania, AFRISO Euro Index Inc., Güglingen, Germany


(OEM Manufacturing and distribution of electronic measurement devices for environmental protection

-I increased company's business by300% by initiating sale of imported (from Germany) mechanical/electrical computer-controlled devices measuring environmental factors, and also NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2 concentrations, rH, electronic and mechanical flow meters, temperature & humidity sensors.

-Developed technical documentation and took the responsibility for the certification and metrological approval for DIN and ISO standards for industrial environmental parameter measurement devices.


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems 1996

from the Faculty of Engineering “Hermann Oberth” at the University "L. Blaga" of Sibiu, Romania

I am a registered member with APEGGA as Professional Engineer (P.Eng.)

References available upon request.

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