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Engineer Manager

Austin, Arkansas, 72007, United States
April 30, 2018

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901-***-****- 662-***-**** –


Cloud and Solution Architect and Network Engineer with over 20+ years of experience leading network transition teams for installation/de-installation, planning/preparation of projects, within Network Data Centers.

Cloud Applications Solutions Architect that delivers solutions to improve operational effectiveness and increase scalability of team, to manage large numbers of strategic design of network, security and capacity on a global Management to Cloud basis to deploy new concepts that will help grow the install base and revenue with a focus on the client experience. Leverage the right tools and responsibilities, like AppsZero for Windows Server Migration Tools with automation Software.

Architecture, implementation and deployment of private and public Cloud, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 W/Hyper-V Server 2012, Microsoft provides a End-to-End, Network-to-Client enterprise management Cloud solution in Microsoft System Center, SMS Clustering with Servers Farms, that includes supporting on-Demand access, rapid scalability, Jenkins, XAAS, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS and Cloud Foundry work flow automation.

Maintained responsibility for delivering reference architecture, briefings, and Visio documentation to the client. Work with large team to collaboratively implementing ITAAS, Cloud/Data Center Builds Cloud solution.

A enterprise iWAN network will redesign and augments the bandwidth with an internet based link. Virtual machines running Kubernetes, using PODs replicas container that builds upon Dockers as part of the filesystems, adding provisioning, volume directories and or devices.

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a network concept that uses IT Virtualization to virtualize entire classes of network node functions into building blocks that may connect, or chain together, to create communication services.

Openstack Triple0 provisioning includes VMware ESXI Integrations, Storage integration, Update Management, Control Plane Backup/Restore, RabbitMQ Cluster, MySQL Cluster, Monitoring and etc.

Experience deploying and maintaining infoblox with private DNS/IP infrastructure, including having worked with Cloud DNS providers


MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (Windows 2000 and 2003, 2008 R2 and 2012 R2)

MCTS Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

MCSA Microsoft Certified System Administrator (Windows NT 4.0 and NT 2000)

MCDST Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (Windows Vista)

MCWVO Microsoft Certified Custom Windows Vista and Office 2007

MCNNA Microsoft Certified Novell Netware Administrator

MCSNA Microsoft Certified Novell Systems Administrator

CCNA LAN/WAN Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices

ICND I Certified Cisco Wireless Networking Concepts and Technology

ICND II Certified Cisco Installation of WIFI, Aironet Devices, Signal Antennas

SBMs Small-Medium Businesses, designing and building critical products, systems, and


Comp TIA: Security+ 2008 Certification

Checkpoint Firewall Certification of completion

AWS - Certification Amazon Web Services

DevOps Engineer-Professional

Advanced Networking-Specialty

SysOps Administrator-Associate

New - Solutions Architect-Professional


T-Systems (ThyssenKrupp Elevators) Memphis, TN. Contractor Feb 2016 – Jul 2017

Cloud / AWS Solution Architect - Management

Supported Data Center Equipment (Servers, Routers, Juniper and Switches in a Network Infrastructure).

Configured destination IP addresses, WAN design and deployed distribution. I was task maintaining various spreadsheets and documentation. Having an in depth knowledge with TCP-IP, BGP, OSPF, MPLS, DNS and IP strategies. DevOps – Leverage advanced functionality of virtualization tools, such as converting legacy system to VMs. We used MS Azure – Software Define Network to solve security problems, to transition from client server to the cloud.

Windows 2012, Hyper-V and VMware configured as a cluster node that run Virtual Machine in ThyssenKrupp, network layers to leverage the ACI power of SDNs, versus heavy vLAN and physical devices. I worked with the implementation for future Google Cloud Infrastructure installations. Azure is implementing a cloud application centric network. AWS and Microsoft Server, Failover Clustering and SQL.

Open Telekom Cloud is an international large-scale public OpenStack Powered Compute Cloud from Deutsche Telekom supported and operated by T-Systems out of Europe. It has been designed for simplicity, security, compliance, affordability and openness.

Experienced in providing support/setup installation, for networks, of all hardware/software, including

Managed and monitored ThyssenKrupp network infrastructure, providing first, second and third level troubleshooting including Cisco switches 3960, 4507, 6500, 5500, 5505 series.

Responsible for doing site surveys - defining, designing and implementing network solutions.

Pre-Sales Engineer, where I delivered fast, repeatable and predictable solutions to the end customers.

Capture and activate data from anywhere on a unified platform then harness it to create content and advertising that’s more relevant and effective.

Operations Manager in the planning, designing, installations, testing, and troubleshooting of LAN/MAN/WAN Networks that utilized abilities in cabling infrastructure and network technologies to meet customer needs and expectations. I had to use, discretion and judgment in the performance of my work objectives. Participated in new and ongoing system like Triple0, evaluations to ensure technical systems remained optimized to meet business objectives. I took responsibility for the approval of Technical Review documents as part of the project and fiscal plans of management.

As the Operations Manager, I interacted with all personnel, both internal/external to the Information Systems Department. I also, needed to interact with vendors and consultants. I was able to operate with substantial latitude, making decisions and resolving network issues. The Team worked to help coordinate system upgrades and updates to ensure technologies remain current and placed special emphasis on integration of all network information. Azure SDK .Net, allows you to build applications in order to scale cloud from the API core computing resources.

Verizon (Collabera), Boston, MA. Contractor Jan 2016 - Feb 2016

Sr. Infrastructure - AWS Solution Architect/

Cloud suite, with Redhat-7 and Ubunto to configure Openstack, with Controller, Triple0 Network and 3 Compute HP servers infrastructure, its components for deployment, orchestrating, operations across multiple data centers and Google cloud providers, for Core Coverage.

Cloud-Specific Infrastructure and Openstack Systems and Architecture Open Stack + VNF Integration capabilities. Experience in providing support/setup installation, for networks of all hardware/software, including “L2/L3 switching routing, troubleshooting using Wireshark.”

Cloud Planning. Installed and Leverage, Public/Private SAAS IAAS PAAS in a Google Cloud, Azure Cloud Infrastructure models, vCenter Mgmt and with Windows servers 2000, 2003, 2003R2 and 2008 and 2008R2 – 2012R2, Design VM with Openstack fortigate software and this is where we use heat to deploy Python Scripting and customize VPC instances.

Meraki Switches configure management VLAN, Spanning Tree Protocol for switch stack, quality of service, and port mirroring. This allows the switch to reach the internet via a trunk port and each switch to use the same management VLAN, configure NPS on the servers with radius Client, WPA2, DHCP, Static IPs on each AP. Configure access control to enable SSIDs.

Executed many services like Nova, Swift, Cinder API, Keystone, Neutron API/ Controller, Glance, Heat API, Horizon, and etc. I have hands – on deploying of infrastructure Architecture, use to manage servers like Management, Provisioning, Servers, External, KVM Hypervisor, Undercloud / Overcloud Servers, Network zone-1, Network zone 2 and Storage. Along with Application Manage Layer, Services Management Layer, Adaptation Layer and Forwarding Layer.

Configuration knowledge of Openstack Kilo, with operations across multiple Data Centers and Cloud providers, for Core Coverage, Cloud-Specific Infrastructure with Viptela vEdge POC, using Virtual IPs.

Traffic Flow Technology, TeraVM and VNF Openstack/KVM Systems and Architecture Cloud Planning.

A virtualized network function, VNF or NFV, may consist of one or more virtual machines running different software and processes, on top of standard high-volume servers, switches and storage, or even cloud computing infrastructure, instead of having the custom hardware appliances used for each network function.

This is the building blocks for both NFVI and NVF-Mano Platforms. NFV-Mano role consists of VNF and NFVI manager and virtualization software operating on hardware controllers.

The NVF platform is a carrier-grade feature used to manage and monitor the platform components, recover from failures and provided effective security – all required for public carrier networks.

Installed and Leverage, knowledge of AWS Solutions Architect, with Public/Private SAAS, IAAS, PAAS, ML2 plugin/API, Open vSwitch plugin, for both internal and external networks in a Cloud Infrastructure models, Cisco iWAN MPLS VPN.

Office load, vCenter Mgmt and Design VM with fortigate software. Configure WAN tunnels/policies, Juniper and all physical BRs & MCs. Servicing Chaining, using 2 VNFs (IPSec Hub + FW) for integrated service management.

Red Hat Storage as a storage back-end for open stack services, to manage networks based on VXLAN, VLAN. F-5 ASM – Flexible web application firewalls that delivers application security in traditional, virtual and private Cloud environment.

Comcast Corporation (Centennial CO) - Contractor Aug 2014 – Aug 2015

Sr. Configuration Engineer //Cloud Architectural Engineer/ Management


Provision, for deployment, orchestration, and operations across multiple data centers and cloud providers, Core Coverage, Cloud-Specific Infrastructure and Systems and Architecture Cloud Planning.

Installed and Leverage, AWS Solutions Architect with Public/Private SAAS IAAS PAAS in a Cloud Infrastructure models, vCenter Mgmt and Design Cluster Migrations. I implemented changes to vCloud suite and its infrastructure components. Cisco ACE to Netscaler Migration, using VPX, MPX SDX (ADC Solutions) to validate design (CVD) Architecture, to integrate into a datacenter solution.

Configuring Cisco UCS Platform Automation – for cluster A-00, cluster B-00, VPC, management ports. Perform resources isolation, for independence using L7 intelligence, to deal with multitenant delivery. Amazon Inspector which automatically assesses applications for vulnerabilities. VPC flow logs, provides details about traffic flowing. AWS Config, does inventory of AWS accounts and visibility for changes.

Utilized Lync for remote sessions VPN, or IM session communications and VMware Virtual Switch, ESX. Lead integration to support end to end Cloud environment for CDN/POD architectural delivery Platforms. Build and deploy virtual machines and environments using openstack, vagrant and virtual box, X1 App

ECI –Elastic Google Cloud Infrastructure, Leveraging highly optimized IAAS on a large computer models Utilized all Core Web Infrastructure procedure, Python Base Scripting, NAS-CIFS and NAS Storage Clustering. AWS offers different services, Managed, Optional, Infrastructure /Compound, Mobile, Enterprise DevOps Integration, focused on operating, maintaining and upgrading of customer provided Cloud AWS IAAS

Continuous Integration (CI) is a process of continuously merge source code updates from all the different developers into a folder, in order to prevent merge conflicts when integrating code from different developers as soon as it’s available, and enforce security coding practices and vulnerability assessment.

Continuous Delivery (CD) means that everything changes in a production-type environment so applications and services will always be in the deployed-ready state. Applications and services can confidently be delivered whenever it’s needed.

Cassandra automation data, experience with Physical and Virtual Firewall and Load Balancer Platforms

Experiences working with Cassandra, vSphere, vCloud, vCenter and Netapps blade installation

Knowledge of Netscaler Language, bash/puppet, and splunk–chef Perl, Python/ Ruby.

Knowledge of Openstack/Cloud Platform, code for Nova, Neutron, Swift, Glance, Keystone Cinder

Installed and configured ndvr/uscm/netapps/vcenter/vsphere/vclous and Transcoders, arris recorders, with Web-Base Zenoss, and SNMP Monitoring Zabbix. AWS Cloud Specilist w/Cloud Foundry – where I work worked with on-premise installs running over VMware’s vSphere virtualization infrastructure, although deployment to openstack is the other option, using internal controllers using BOSH to get to the underlying Azure XAAS, infrastructure to spin up virtual machines to run container on.

Utilized UCS configuration development – vCenter, vSphere, and UCS manager version 2.2(1b/3b), KVM

Using cisco ucsm system component, netapp fas2240-2 storage system using cdvr linear and jetp packages. Working with video recorders, Transcoders, Envideo, Arris Recorders, and cdvr/upgradeds: Cloud Integration, Execute Migrations using tools like Cdot, Data ONTAP and DB-SQL and Scrum calls.

Working with 6296 fabric interconnects with Windows Azures, for migrating VM’s between local Data Centers. Worked with 2200 series FEX, b200/4400 M3 blade servers, Chassis for both channels and troubleshooting all blades drives. UCS, Hardware, Management Suite for Developer of AWS Cloud Migration Specialist, OpenStack, VMware and Xen Vertualization for a Cloud Solutions Platform.

Experience -with Cisco 7000 series, c220/c440 Blade servers. HP Servers-LVM, MSA, LUM, SAN, Linux.

Configuring UCS Manager chassis for both A and B NetApps blade servers Manage Sev 1/2/3 & MySQL.

Working with Developer of, vCloud Direct, CloudTV Platform, VMware 5.0, 5.1, 5.5 versions and Video Transcoders

Working with Bandwidth at 300 gbits, 4.3 Petabyte /Exabyte storage, ITaaS, and Data Center Builds.

Support all components of vCloud Management suite: vCAC, vCO, vCOps, NSX, vCenter, LogInsight.

Support for all components of POD infrastructure: Jenkin, NodeJS, network, storage, compute. F-5 Big IP Application Security Manager (ASM) ASM – web application firewalls that delivers application security in traditional, virtual and private Cloud environment.

Presage Solutions Consulting - Network Experiences - Contractor July 2013 – June 2014

System Engineer/ Configuration Engineer (Fort Worth, TX)


The Presage Solution Company had DNS looping problems in their network.

Hands-on working with Architectural and integrated storage area networks, using Cisco UCS NetApps.

Worked with Windows Azures in their SOC-Security Operations Center, vRealizes Manager

Hands-on with Checkpoint firewall, Cisco UCCM, Unified Communications Contact Center Systems.

Hands-on with SAN configurations and Network infrastructure, with knowledge of Dell-Sonic-Wal

Installed F-5 Big IP Suite – with LTM/GTM application Delivery Network System, ASM – web application firewalls.

International Paper – Memphis, TN - Contractor Dec 2012 - June 2013

Configuration Engineer


Configured some Cisco 2600 Wireless Controllers, Cisco Catalyst 2960-24, 3550-48, 3560 POE Wireless devices, Cisco Catalyst 3750-12X Core Switches default with port Trunk Encapsulation for dot1q and their DHCP Traffic issue. Implementing and supporting Citrix, XenApp, XenDesktop and Provisioning Servers. Meraki AP’s are configured a trunk port and each AP’s so they can use the same management VLAN. Responsible for configuring NPS on the servers with radius Client, WPA2, DHCP, Static IPs on each AP. Configure access control to enable SSIDs.

Wal-Mart Data Center – Bentonville, AR - Contractor Oct 2011 – Sept 2012

Senior Cloud Solutions Infrastructure Security Engineer/Manager

Responsible for deployment of Enterprise Network Infrastructure, touches on all aspects of enterprise network design, including network technologies, vendors and strategies. Major focus areas include networking technologies for virtualized data centers; improving application performance using technologies such as application delivery controllers and WAN optimization that span the gap between applications and networks

Delivered Solutions to improve Cloud architecture, deployment for AWS Solutions Architect with Private and Public Cloud, SMS Clustering with Server Farms, Suse Linux Red Hat Linux, Fedora and CentOS, VCenter Management and VMware. Manages vendor relationships and contracted for products and services.

Reduce cost of ownership and improve tech support configuration, scalability, deployment and diagnostic.

Network Security Design Methodology, Windows 2008/Windows 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Experience designing, implementing and supporting Cloud Foundry and Cloud Infrastructure solutions.

Utilized engineering/architecture with Infoblock/Cisco Architectural Design and Implementation.

Virtual Routing Forwarding (VRF)–Rackspace Custom Image/APIs Tools, SQL Server 2012/SQL 2014

Developed, worked with open source Azure infrastructure as a service IAAS, NAAS, SAAS, PAAS

Responsible for delivering reference architecture, briefings, and documentation to the client.

DevOps–Utilized DevOps tool to manage Operating Service Level for UCS - Hardware and Mgmt Suite.

Working knowledge of Sumologic and Splunkstorm, search monitoring software, for the Cloud system.

Work with a larger team to collaboratively implement all AWS/Azure Cloud Solutions Architecture with EMCCA and SSD. Presales engineers, supplement their technical expertise with many traits to determine the technical requirements to meet client goals and act as liaison between the organization’s sales/business development and engineering groups.

Worked with scripting Automation for JavaScript, Linux/Unix toolbox, Python, Peal, Bash, Ruby, Puppet, Chef, Git, Github, Jenkins and Data Center, ESX, VMware Virtual Switch with Design/Implementation. Negotiated with vendors on the types of equipment, that was installed in Cisco and Juniper Lab area. F-5 Big IP - GTM – Global Server Load Balancing using DNS. Application performance scales, of the DNS infrastructure, mitigating DDoS attacts and real-time DNSSEC solutions.

Perform root causes for troubleshoot switches, servers, directly back to secure Cloud connection.

Contributed to capacity planning for DR, Consolidated Management, with bandwidth at 300 gb back bone

Set up PIX Firewalls to send syslogs to syslog server on the inside with an IP address like a Web server.

Computer Science Corp (CoreSite) – Reston, VA - Contractor Mar 2010- Aug 2011

Network Engineer

I was a member of a project team with CoreSite where I optimized connects, protects and delivers an optimal performance environment and mission-critical data. IT infrastructure for enterprises and Internet, private networking, mobility, and cloud service providers.

CoreSite's scalable platform of over two and a half million square feet of efficient, network-dense, cloud-enabled data center capacity enables customers to accelerate business performance, reduce operating costs and increase flexibility across their IT and communications systems.

CoreSite provides valuable gateways to global business opportunities with direct access to more than 275 carriers and ISPs, inter-site connectivity and CoreSite's Open AWS/Azure Cloud Exchange, which supports rapid, efficient and scalable Ethernet access to multiple key public clouds, enabling simple, flexible, multiple -cloud capabilities.


Managed Open Source and distributed License data center in a Cloud Infrastructure (AZURE).

Support CORE Infrastructure, for Front-End/Back-End Installations/Routing via IP and DNS protocols.

Responsible for documenting to maintain this environment their technology solutions.

Switch/Router operation, device configuration and network connectivity using utilities to: ping, traceroute, Telnet, SSH, ARP, Netstat, ipconfig, Dell Sonic-Wal and vRealizes Operation Manager.

Combined OpenStack technology with Red Hat Suse Enterprise Linux scale the AWS infrastructure, Jenkins, VMware 7k, 5k and 2k. HP and Dell Servers, is configured with iSCSI, Linux, Load-Balance/Redhat.

Supported Banking for Zurick Bank, Banks of America and Military contracts in a DR type Data Center

Executed ACS policy-based security Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) services to the network in a WiFi /Wireless/VPN environment.

Supported - Solaris T3, Layer 2 and Layer 3 Configuration, Perl VB Scripting, Linux, UNIX, Citrix, IBM Lotus Notes/Realtime Software. Hands-on experience working with Wireshark, Tracert, Snort, Kismet, TCPDump, Netflow and Solawind Scout Software, Juniper MX5s – VFR, Routing VRF firewall directly to the top of MXs.

I have an in depth knowledge of BGP, OSPF, IP strategies, and all aspects of F5 service deployments.

F-5 Big IP Suite – LTM, I work with Application Delivery Network Systems, and Load balancing on full-proxy architect. I configured intelligent traffic management as well as advanced application security, acceleration and optimization.

GTM – Global Server Load Balancing using DNS. Use high application performance, scaling DNS infrastructure, mitigating DDoS attacts, and real-time DNSSEC solutions. With ASM – web application firewalls that delivers application security in traditional, virtual and private Cloud environment.

VIVINT Home Security System - Provo, UT Dec 2010 - Mar 2011

Home Security Installation Technician


Installation and Setup of Home Wireless Security Systems

Northwest Airlines/Delta Airlines Inc. - Atlanta, GA Jun 1994 - Dec 2010

Senior Network Engineer/Manager


Worked in a dynamic and robust environment where I provided, Level 2 Field Service Network/Support and Security Administrator Support, for both NWA/Delta Global Enterprise Networks. As a part of their Network Collaborative Team, my responsibility consists of four unique areas.

Skilled in MS OS installation, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP2 R2, Desktop, Laptops (Dell, HP, IBM and Toshiba) Hardware and Software installs. Hand-on experience with the following technologies: Cisco Nexus - Switches - F5, Netscaler - Load Balancers - Sourcefire - IDS/IPS - Cisco ACS - Access Points Control 802.1x - Opnet - Network Management - Cisco ASA, SharePoint - FW - Cisco Nexus 9k, 7K, 5K, 2K and Juniper M- Series routers.

Administration: Manage and monitored NWA network infrastructure, that provides first, second and third level troubleshooting. Management and control, of network configurations and provide support for networking issues. VNC to remote sites and fix or troubleshoot system problems. Generate repair orders and dispatch repair techs.

Engineering: Implemented computer support enhancements, that includes both software and hardware updates. Support many Data Centers with (Server and Network Infrastructure).

Architecture: Responsible for doing site survey - defining, designing and implementing network solutions.

Project Management: Managed technical projects within their scope including maintaining knowledge of industry trends and practices. My responsibility also consists of making appropriate network infrastructure recommendations for all business and technical aspects for external service, which enhances the current standards and new proposed solutions. I also worked various shifts to ensure each project was completed.

Cisco Call Manager: Knowledge of CM, setting up and configuring Multiple SIP Trunks. SIP Trunks can run on all active Cisco Unified CM nodes and have up to 16 destination addresses/ DNS and are often used with a route list for failover to the PSTN or a group. Configured destination IP addresses, according to the WAN design and deployed geographic call distribution.

Maintained various spreadsheets and documentation, administered and maintained user accounts, rights/permissions and utilization reports. Supported both Windows Hyper-V and VMware.

Experienced in providing support/setup installation, for different networks, troubleshooting of all hardware/software, including PL/SQL, MS-SQL, T-1 Connections, Frame-Relay, CSU/DSU, DSL, Gateways, Routers, Switches, Nokia, Nortel, PBX Telephony, Cisco Corporate, Checkpoint firewalls, TCP/IP Routing, KVM switch, Unix/Linux, Net Scout - Sniffer, Wireless Access products, Microsoft Server, Cisco IOS, Manager/Monitoring System, Aruba Wireless and Cisco Wireless Access devices, 1142N Light Weight/1200 Aironet series, Power Injector Media Converters, ANT-5959 Aironet, Yagi-2.4 GHz and Air-Ant 3485P-8.9 DBI Patch, with STP 02.1d/802.1t, and File Server installs.

Working knowledge of VMware technology. Executed different installation of IIS 6.0/7.0 Web Applications, F5 Load Balance, support Engineer that included OS upgrades, for trunking, and general troubleshooting of the devices. I supported each ISF/LFS platforms and understanding of Cloud Computing and Capacity Planning, Reports and Trends across servers.

IPT Solutions Systems, focusing on the design and deployment of network base security solutions. IPT integrated solutions cater to diverse client base, of local and national systems requirements, this was done through multiple technologies and network infrastructure as required to best meet a client needs. This range from Access Control, ID Management and Video Integration to video motion and high speed network transmission of CCTV camera and recording equipment that compress high quality video 802.11ac and 802.11n, allowing the client to record, retrieve, view and send video anywhere throughout the client network.

Setup and some configuration - terminate fiber and copper wiring, VOIP, Nortel 8600 Switches, Cisco Routers and Switches 7500, 2600, Switches Catalyst 6500, 5505, 3750, 3550, 2950 series, Cisco ASA Platform, Security products, PGP Universal Server. Integrated with, NSA VPN, (SSL/IPSC Secure Computing and Cisco ASA) Exchange. Advanced experience in Network Routing Protocols, including EIGRP, BGP, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, OSPF, IGRP, SNMP, RIP, VLAN and VPN Connections.

Familiar with signaling, framing and protocol standards for circuits using Ghost imaging, TCP/IP, RF, WI-FI and Aironet frequencies. Switch/Router operation, device configuration and network connectivity using basic utilities (including: ping, traceroute, Telnet, SSH, ARP, Netstat, ipconfig), Aruba AP-130, 134, 135 Series Access Points, dual software configuration radio 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz with 3x3 mino 802.11n, three spatial streams and up to 450Mbps per radio Aruba - AirMesh Router, it provides end-to-end clarity and control to Wi-Fi. Mash Configuration.

Experienced in using Visio, Radius and TACACS, Access Manager, LDAP utilities, VLAN, VNC connections and digital electronics.

Analyzed all system failures, by replacing or coordinating the backup and replaced both Internal/External DNS of UNIX Server failed equipment.


A.A.S., Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering

Attends Southwest Community College

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