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RF EngineeringTechnician, Automation Engineering Technician

Greensboro, NC
June 25, 2018

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High Point, NC 27260

407-***-****, 407-***-****



Seeking employment in the capacity of an electronics technician, RF engineering technician, inspector, supervisor or any position were a combination of my skills would benefit the company.


Airframe and Powerplant License

General Radio Operators License – PG-GB-059326 (FCC)


I Submitted my letter of resignation in October 2017 due to an ongoing feud and harassment by another employee in the IDP lab. Attempted to transfer to Qorvo Greensboro, but I was told there were no openings after Billy Elliot told me to send him my resume. Only option I felt was available to me was to resign and move back to NC.

QORVO - 1818 S. Hwy 441, Apopka, FL. 32703.

RF Engineering Technician IV – June 2014/2015 – October 2017.

Salary $58,344.00.

See Last Performance Evaluation attached.

TriQuint Semiconductor – 1818 S. Hwy 441, Apopka, FL. 32703.

RF Engineering Technician III – October 2008 – June 2014/2015.

Salary $52,688.00

Worked in the Infrastructure Defense Products Lab IDP Engineering Lab, supporting the Infrastructure Defense Products. Engineering Design team while utilizing digital test equipment i.e. (Rhode Swartz/Agilent Vector Network Analyzers, Rhode Swartz Signal/Vector Generators, and Spectrum Analyzers, Rhode Swartz/Agilent Power meters, Rhode Swartz/Agilent DC Power Supplies, Hewlett Packard Peak Power Analyzer, Tektronix Arbitrary Function generator and Oscilloscopes, Agilent Noise Figure Tester).

Engineering Specifics: Include the following, others may be assigned.

Testing of Surface Acoustic Wafers (SAW) & Bulk Acoustic Wafers (BAW) Filters, Power Amps (PA), Variable Gain Amplifiers (VGA), Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA). Testing Front End Modules (FEM). Optimizing responses of both filter (passive), amps (active) while utilizing a combination of matching skills to enable peak performance of the device while collecting test data. Communicating with the design team as required and make suggestions for tuning to meant the required customer specifications.

Building Sales Samples per customer specifications using lead-free solder (RoHS compliant per Qorvo’s ISO standards with approved documentation.

Have been directly involved in extensive projects, to list a few are, i.e. Band 3 & Band 7 uplink/downlink filters, Doherty High Power Amp. Other duties include fabrication of test fixtures and/or printed circuit boards (PCB) both single ended and/or balanced with varying impedances. Soldering/desoldering passive/active components on evaluation boards while using surface mount devices (SMD) ceramic type capacitors, and/or wire wound inductors from sizes 0105 – 1206. All of the above tasks are completed using microscopes, soldering iron and/or hot air pencil to facilitate replacing components on circuit boards as required. Serve as purchasing agent for the IDP Engineering lab.

All parts are tested at ambient or over temperature, test data of all parameters verified to meet or exceed customer requirements.

As required the use of Gold wire bonders 1.0/1.3mills, for changing device bonding to optimize test parameters. Temperature testing of devices utilizing the Sun Chamber, or Thermonics unit.

Setup and perform power testing in the HTOL lab.

0Engineering Specifics Continued:

Possess extensive knowledge requirements of a RF Engineering Technician IV. Complex external and internal matching skills, that are required. As a season technician possess knowledge based applications with thorough understanding of active and passive networks and the ability to interpret schematics. Under limited to no supervision, ability to set-up and calibrate loss for complex tests for linear and nonlinear parameters such as phase noise, gain compression (P1dB), inter-modulation distortion (IMD), PIM, Harmonics, Rise & Fall timing/Turn On/Off Testing. Have ability to troubleshoot existing products as well as troubleshooting and evaluating new designs. Responsible for organizing and presenting data to design team utilizing software plotting techniques. Currently using National Instruments NI LabView as a test base application for our needs. Developed first enclosed SPI Logic controller for testing of 12 DUTS (Device Verification Testing). Ensure all lab passive testing components are laser marked for ease of locating when needed in a specific test set-up. Ensure lab is kept clean and organized for peek proficiency as well as for customer visits.

Perform extremely complex technical tasks, interacting with engineers and managers to ensure product quality standards and schedules are met. May completely troubleshoot product, process, and/or equipment to determine root cause to remedy problems. May use basic principles to develop and direct the setup of test and/or manufacturing equipment, and direct appropriate testing. Requires considerable judgment and initiative in resolving problems, analyzing and summarizing results to make necessary recommendations. My work is distinguished by its technical complexity and diversity.

RF MICRO DEVICES – 7625 Thorndike Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409-9421

RF Engineering Technician – December 2004 – July 25, 2008.

Salary $37,960.00 annually.

Responsibilities include development, and design work associated with (i.e. Power Amplifiers, CMOS chips, Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA), Bluetooth, and Switches). Working with Visual Basic VB6, automation of code of various tests associated with testing used on Transmit Band (TxM racks), & Receive Band (RxBNP racks), and Excel VBA for Semi-Automation of manual testing. Various types of testing required solely depends upon part and typical usage requirements; (i.e. 3dB, Vramp, Group Delay, or Switching Time tests, or Rx Insertion Loss tests). Worked with Cellular Components Characterization (CCC) Group, which was known as Power Amplifier Characterization Services (PACS) Group? Other responsibilities included, but not limited to manual bench set-up, calibrating, testing and collecting data. This was done by using test equipment (i.e. Signal Generators, Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Noise Figure Meter, Oscilloscope, and Power Meters). Assist the Production Support Engineers in making product ready to be released to Operations.

RF MICRO DEVICES – 7625 Thorndike Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409-9421

RF Engineering Technician / 3rd. Shift Lead – October 2005 – March 2006.

Same job classification and responsibilities as listed above; plus, additional responsibilities as Shift Lead. This position done away with in March 2006.

RF MICRO DEVICES – 486 Gallimore Dairy Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409

Preventive Maintenance Technician – August 2002 to December 2004, from

August 2002 – May 2003 worked for TRC as a temporary employee.

Salary $29,120.00 annually.

Perform routine scheduled preventive maintenance on various types of device handlers i.e. SMT, Delta Device tape and reel & pick and place handlers. Responsibilities include: Cleaning, adjusting if necessary (tracks, bowls heads, rotator, & head pressure/vacuum). Calibration adjustments of vision system (camera over tape, mark inspection cameras), upgrading Microsoft software that supports the test handler operations, revising and loading data files that control operation. Installing adjustment of Sensotec fiber optic proximity sensors, switches while troubleshooting Omron and Allen Bradley PLC components, and associated circuits, and wiring as required. Ensuring test handlers operate at peak efficiency, while maintaining a high yield on all devices tested.

ADVANCE AUTO PARTS – 2911 South Main St., High Point, NC,

1600 National Hwy. Thomasville, NC

Assistant Manager – April 2002 – August 2002 – Salary $24,960.00 annually.

As an Assistant Manager was responsible for assuring all customers are being offered professional and courteous service and that they are completely satisfied with all purchases and transactions. To follow up on any customer complaints. Other duties included opening, closing of the store, scheduling work assignments, handling restocking, and special orders. To make daily cash deposits at bank, to ensure all store registers and safe balances at store closing to complete the daily reports log and e-mail to the home office.

I resigned to return to school, DCCC (Davidson County Community College). Received degree in Basic Law Enforcement Training, set for and passed NC State exam (BLET).

UNEMPLOYED – November 2001 – April 2002. Hired by Advance Auto Parts.

THOMAS DENNIS – 6012 High Point Rd., Greensboro, NC 27407.

Electrical/Electronics Technician – August 2001 – November 2001.

Salary $21,840.00 annually.

Worked in the Finishing Department where I was responsible for installation of electrical and electronic equipment, testing, troubleshooting and repair of all discrepancies with wiring, and/or equipment installed. Assisted engineering in programming of processors used to control the opening, and closing of the doors, and ramps.

Work was with a Temporary staffing agency. (Graham and Associates) - contract ended.

DAIMLER CHRYSLER AVIATION – 7002 Highland Rd., Waterford, MI. 48327

Senior Avionics Technician – June 2000 – August 2001.

Salary $43,680.00 annually.

Responsibilities included installation of avionics equipment, etc. Honeywell, Collins avionics in Gulfstream G-II – G-V luxury jet aircraft. Directly involved with assisting shift leads with planning, scheduling and work assignments. Assisted engineering in designing of the CAD electrical interface schematics. Responsibilities to include, but not limited to the use of various test equipment for testing and troubleshooting, repair of associated wiring of avionics equipment, and FAA flight certification of equipment.

Voluntarily resigned to relocate back to NC due to wife’s mother’s health.

TIMCO – 623 Radar Rd., Greensboro, NC 27405

Aircraft Inspector – February 1998 – May 2000.

Salary $33,280.00 annually.

Perform Primary Inspections on incoming aircraft, document all discrepancies. Open Maintenance work orders; and to perform Buy - Back Inspections of work completed by Maintenance and Avionics Technicians. As a Quality Control Inspector, primary responsibilities were to ensure all maintenance was performed in accordance with (IAW) the specific aircraft maintenance manual, and FAA Regulations. Work experience to include DC - 8, DC - 9, DC - 10, MD - 11, 727, 737, 757, and 767. Received Required Inspection Items (RII) for Airborne Express during 767 modifications also, received Delta Airlines ETOPS EQ certified all 767 projects.

TIMCO – 623 Radar Rd., Greensboro, NC 27405

Avionics Technician – May 1996 – January 1998.

Salary $31,720.00 annually.

Directly involved in Collins SATCOM systems installation, interface on two Boeing 737-200 aircraft in New Delhi India. Involved with interior modification on Northwest Airlines DC-9-30, 40, and 50 series aircraft, worked on Aloha Airlines project, installation of TCAS and Mode-S Transponder, and Flight Data Recorder with enhanced flight control and engine perimeters. Embry Worldwide Airlines Flight Management System (FMS), to include Global Position System (GPS), and Electronic Flight Instrumentation System (EFIS).

Received training and certification on the following test equipment:

IFR/NAV-402 VOR/LOC/GS/MB testers, TIC-30 Portable Nav tester, IFR/ATC 600/601 DME/Transponder testers, IFR /TCAS 201 tester, Simmons PSD-60 Fuel Quantity Tester, Barfield Analog/Digital Pitot Static Pressure Tester.

Completion of R-II Inspection training, familiarization training on Boeing 727-200, 737- 200/300, 767-200/300, McDonnell Douglas DC-8, DC - 9/MD-80/81.

TIMEWARNER CABLEVISION – 1813 Spring Garden St., Greensboro, NC 27403

Service Repair Technician / Fiber Optic Technician – April 1995 – May 1996.

This was the first stopping off point after being furloughed from US Air. Needed work to support my family.

More information is available if requested.

US AIR –Winston-Salem, Charlotte, NC. Roanoke, VA. Hartford, CT. Philadelphia, PA. Pittsburgh, PA. Indianapolis, IN., furloughed in April 1995. Performed heavy maintenance D Checks; A, B, & C checks on 727, 737, 757, 767, DC-9 DC-10. Airframe & Powerplant Certified License Mechanic and Avionics FCC License – June 1993 – April 1995.

More information is available if requested.

PIEDMONT AVIATION SERVICES – 3820 N. Liberty St., Winston-Salem, NC

Lead Avionics Technician II – October 1989 – June 1993.

More information is available if requested.

ATLANTIC AERO SERVICES – Greensboro Regional Airport, Greensboro, NC 27409

Avionics Installer/Technician – December 1987 – October 1989.

More information is available if requested.

LIMITORQUE CORPORATION INC., Boeing Dr., Greensboro, NC 27409

Electronics Technician – May 1982 – December 1987.

More information is available if required.

UNITED STATES NAVY – Assigned to Fighter Squadron VF-171, NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA.

Aviation Electricians Mate Second Class (E-5) – November 1977 – May 1982.

Assigned to the Avionics/Instrument shop as the day shift supervisor; responsible for directing, assigning and performing scheduled & unscheduled maintenance on 15 F4 J/S type aircraft. Qualified engine turn-up and Collateral Duty Inspector (CDI).


Guilford Technical Community College - Start – December 1989 – Graduated September 1992.

Associate Degree Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology.

Airframe/Powerplant License, General Radiotelephone Operators License.

Davidson County Community College (DCCC) – Lexington, NC

Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) – Start – July 2002 – Graduated August 2004.


John Stewart – VP Business Development at Deuk Spine.

Manny Elias – Engineering Technician – Qorvo.

John (Jack) Underwood – Group Lead IDP Qorvo.

Deborah Marsiano – AutoCAD Technician Qorvo.

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