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Identity and Access Management and Project Management

Marietta, Georgia, United States
$75K to $100K
March 28, 2018

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Important facts for any organization that is considering me for a project or position:

1.I have architected innovative solutions in Identity and Access Management (I&AM), Customer Service, Surveillance, and Telecommunications. These are usually lower in cost, more reliable, less complex, easier to maintain, have superior data breach protection and include redundant components for high availability.

2.I have extensive experience managing diverse projects, currently using advanced web-based management software for superior integration of project workers and agile support development.

3.I am passionate person about the work I do and can be expected to complete challenging tasks or projects on time and in compliance with specifications and regulations.

4.I am very healthy, physically and mentally fit; and I exercise vigorously for an hour a day.

5.I have been awarded a Federal Research Grant and Post Graduate Scholarships.

6.I am experienced internationally and will consider projects or employment contracts anywhere.

I have considerable competency and experience in Project Management, Telecommunications and most recently in Identity and Access Management (see page 3), where I was the Chief Architect and Project Manager. The latter architected solution is devoted to stopping data breaches on-site, or when accessing applications in the cloud, by Teleworkers, Outside Contractors and Insiders, that is also more reliable and less costly than all others.

To achieve my levels of competency I have always remained as a student, continually investigating new technologies and innovative ways to solve problems. To accumulate this knowledge, I am a prodigious reader and communicator with others who have new ideas and technological solutions. In addition to subscribing to many advisory services, I attend numerous conferences and seminars. Further to this, I always make myself available to others who are promoting or selling new products or services. I listen carefully and ask detailed questions, not being afraid to say “I do not understand”. I am trying to gain real value for my time. At a conference presentation you will always find me in the first two rows taking notes and asking questions, with the skill set to absorb complicated issues. Following this I may want to use this new information to make presentations to others, as part of my recommendations to solve problems. I have always believed that if I cannot explain my ideas simply to others, perhaps my understanding and/or solution is flawed.

You are encouraged to interview me, face to face, to best comprehend my competency, vigor, passion and innovative capabilities to solve the most complex problems, and my enthusiasm to make a difference. Examples and further reasons for this are:

1.Project Management (PM):

a.A most important part of managing a project is to make certain that the project’s definition is written and signed off by stakeholder owners, and known to all participants. Secondly, I must know clearly of expected deliverables, and if adequate resources and funding exists to enable the project to be delivered on time and budget, even if there are minor changes to the original project definition.

b.Based on my experience and task planning I know it is best for me to think ahead and do my best to anticipate the likelihood of where and when the unknown and unexpected will happen, that can hurt planning and project success. Attention to detail, which provides more tasks and end dates, help to quickly identify the effect of the unknown and unexpected.

c.I have recently upgraded my management software from MS Project to SmartSheet. This has the effect of reducing the need for excessive meetings and emails, that slow decision making. At the same time, I find that nearly everyone is on the same page with the programs automated notifications, reminders, and status reports. Since the program is web-based it is easy for all task leaders to share history details, and activity logs to achieve higher levels of clarity, which drives accountability. This has the net effect of reducing excuses, finger-pointing, or blame storming. Through the use of the SmartSheet dash board it is easy for me to modify my plan, as is so often called for, in an instant, so that I and task leaders can focus on work, not managing software.

d.I give special attention to track budget variance performance as part of my regular reporting. I want to best alert stakeholders if our estimated and actual labor, materials, and other costs are in keeping with projections, so that we will know in advance of any financial shortfalls that may occur due to project definition changes, or the unknown and unexpected.

e.I believe the best success in managing a project comes when members of the project team are encouraged to know that their individual success will be measured by the overall project’s success. Working on a collaborative basis and not getting involved in finger pointing is key.

f.Lastly, it is very important for me to clearly present my findings in a very comprehensive manner to administrators and stakeholders who may not be as technically proficient as I. My text reports, Power Point presentations, and one on one meeting discussions must be persuasive and in a believable manner.

2.Problem solving, cost savings and superior services:

a.Use of Disabled Veterans, as Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s), yields a lower employee turnover rate and a superior service to clients.

b.Using my Identity & Access Management (I&AM) solution, allows for stopping data breaches, allowing secure teleworking and cost effective safe use of the cloud.

c.With my I&AM solution, existing notebook terminals can be used for both personal & secure access. No need to purchase newer units specifically for secure applications.

3.The innovative and creative use of Technologically:

a.Developed an industry best solution to stop data breaches for workers with security clearances in the Federal government.

b.Developed technique to allow personal liberties on same terminal used for access to confidential data.

c.Created low cost international call placement in a third world country via VoIP as a lower cost mobile alternative to cellular communications.

d.Developed a technique that allowed Customer Service representatives to communicate with customers over a KU band satellite circuit with 680 msec of latency.

e.Utilized narrow beam wireless technologies to provide reliable communications when the local regulatory commission did not effectively police the improper use of licensed and unlicensed radio spectrum.

f.Installed a KU band earth station on the front lawn of a call center in Guyana, SA, just in case a newly installed ocean fiber would fail. It failed for over two months and we proved we could operate a call center with 680 msec of latency. The key to this success was “Speak – Shut-up – Listen” and proper breathing.

g.Developed a 3-Factor Biometric authentication solution that is in compliance with NIST and the CSIP, while also reducing costs, increasing the speed of authentication, and increasing reliability.

h.Continuously tracking Visible Light Communications as a game changer when it comes to on-site data distribution. This has the potential to accommodate up to 250 Gbps of GPU & large data needs in a LED lamps footprint, while reducing lighting costs.

i.Developed technologies to improve Customer Service Representative performance and reduce employee turnover.

j.Developed a technique for the rapid deployment and staffing of secure Emergency Dispatch Centers to combat medical and other emergencies worldwide, in undeveloped countries for a government agency.


Society of Communications Technology Consultants - Founder, Past President National Defense Industrial Assoc.(NDIA) - Member

Caribbean Telecommunications Council - Founding Member Red Hook Sailing Association, Past President

InfraGard (a partnership between the FBI and the private sector) Approved member after being investigated.

Federal Communications Commission Marine Radio Operator Permit & General Radiotelephone Operator License & Instructor

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Member The Optical Society (OSA) - Member


Roslyn High School, Roslyn, N.Y. – Diploma Ohio University, Athens, OH – BS Diploma

NIH & AHA Research Grant plus PhD & MD Scholarships University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MA, CN


Dave Bernard – Subcontractor – CEO & Co-Founder – The Intellection Group - - 678-***-****

Norman Fast – Subcontractor – President / CEO - Industrial Video & Control - – 617-***-**** ext. 105

David R. Supple – CPA at AXCESS NETWORKS – – 203-***-****

Ranjan Dattagupta – Subcontractor - Chief Operating Officer - 24X7 Systems Inc - - 678-***-****


My solution was developed as a response to government agencies claiming that my Customer Service Disabled Veterans working from home could create data breaches, inadvertently or intentionally (CSR-Support LLC). As a direct result of their concern, I used some unique technologies and innovation to now prove that Disabled Veterans working from home could not create data breaches, and that others teleworking, in an airport waiting lounge on a public Wi-Fi, or a soldier in a foxhole in calling for a rescue chopper over a portable satellite link with a bad guy at his back, could also be stopped from creating a data breach.

Variations of this application, can also be used to protect infrastructure against unwarranted access of control mechanisms for:

Water supplies, filtration and chlorination systems,

Public power generation and their distribution grids,

Flood control spillways for dams,

Telecommunications control mechanisms like routers, firewalls, and switches,

Backup power generation, and their fuel & water supplies for data centers.

Fuel pipeline valves,

Environmental air conditioning systems and their water supplies for data centers,

Physical access by approved persons to critical facilities.

The following is a non-confidential listing of some components of my comprehensive I&AM solution:

1.The solution starts with a Cryptographic Identification and follows with a unique; Three-Factor Biometric Authentication that mitigates flaws in any two biometric authentication approaches (facial, Iris, fingerprint, palm vein, gesture, and voice), reduces the time for authentication, and is far more reliable and secure than other multifactor authentications. A third factor is used if any question remains.

2.Following initial authentication, the solution continues to authenticate the user and monitors, controls, and records the computing session, fully supporting low-speed and/or high latency access for Tele-Workers, Outside Contractors and Insiders.

3.Also following initial authentication, the solution continues to confirm if the authenticated user is still the same user who was initially granted access. Most software developed solutions ignore the possibility that the authenticated user may have been replaced by another (a bad guy).

4.Also, after initial authentication continuous behaviour analytics are used to determine if the authenticated user has undergone a behaviour change (Edward Snowden & Andreas Lubitz), and may now want to harm our country or kill us. The detection of a behaviour change can also cause an immediate alert and/or session termination. The system takes immediate action to terminate access based on an attempted breach. The issuance of reports of an attempted breach, is an after the fact event.

5.The solution dynamically ensures that the user can conduct only pre-authorized activities in a session. If the user tries to violate given authorities, an alarm is created and access to the computing session can be immediately terminated for on-site or remote workers.

6.The solution is in compliance with NIST and the Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan (CSIP) that calls for all agencies to: "improve the identity and access management of user accounts on Federal information systems to drastically reduce vulnerabilities and successful intrusions." A side effect of the solution is reduced costs.

7.Furthermore, the terminal I recommend for use with confidential or classified information is the same existing issued notebook computer. The user can conduct both personal liberties and secure activities on the same terminal.

8.Lastly, to accomplish the above, I managed a development team, proficient in SSO tools similar to OpenIDM, such as Okta, with Java/Goovy scripting and Python and Perl, Web technologies (e.g. Angular, Backbone, Bootstrap, Handlebars JS), have a good knowledge/experience of LDAP, Active directory, software development lifecycle concepts (source code management, code review, testing, etc); large, silo’d Jira-like enterprise and development systems such as GitHub, FogBugz, BaseCamp, Trello, VersionOne, and several different continuous integration systems like Jenkins.

9.In exchange for an employment contract I would be interested in signing over my I&AM Intellectual Property Rights to my employer. My proprietary Identity & Access Management solution also represents significant profits if offered to others as a Managed Service. I have prepared a Business Plan which confirms this.

I tried to offer this Managed Service to Federal Government agencies, but ran out of personal funds to support my facility and staff in advance of being awarded a contract. I did achieve recognition by Homeland Security and IBM, but no contract. They and others recognize that my solution is the best for stopping Teleworkers, Outside Contractors and Insiders from causing a data breach inadvertently or intentionally. I further believe it was a little too early to do away with CAC cards and passwords; and accept my innovative solutions.


4/1/2009 to Current – Managing Dir., Sr. Consultant & Project Manager - The Telecommunications Consultancy

After returning to the U.S. from my previous position with Third Wave International NV, I restarted my independent telecommunications consulting practice, picking up where Richard N. Kaufman and Associates Ltd. left off at the end of 1994. This practice continues today and was operationally while I started and developed CSR-Support LLC. In-fact the revenues generated from consulting clients was exclusively used to fund CSR-Support’s operations.

1.EDI Ltd (Louisiana & FCC): In 2009 I evaluated & determined networking needs for 15 rural health care facilities in the state, identified suppliers, provided requirements to potential suppliers & evaluated offerings.

2."Clinton Initiative": In 2010 I unsuccessfully promoted a project to rebuild telecommunications infrastructure and create distance learning capabilities for Haitian education, following the 7.3 magnitude earthquake of 1/12/2010.

3.Big Star Media Group: In 2011 I developed a solution to optimally stream live video and music around the world from the Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, Mississippi. A second project was to analyze, design and determine the feasibility of a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) for Coahoma County, Mississippi.

4.Jena Industries: For this client in from 2012 to 2015 I designed a call center in Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria and engineered redundant microwave paths to an expected ocean fiber landing site near Port Harcourt.

5.APT College: In 2016, I started teaching students to obtain a FCC General Radiotelephone Operators license; and have also been preparing to teach Fiber Optics for Telco FTTP deployments all over the U.S.

7/13/2012 - 11/12/2015 - Chief Executive Officer - CSR-Support LLC & dba Cyber Support Solutions, Alpharetta, GA

I created this company with the intent to establish a customer service, call center and technical help desk business to serve the Federal government, staffed by Disabled Veterans. The company evolved into offering an Identity and Access Management solution to stop data breaches at government agencies. We obtained partnership relationships with the Harris Corporation and IBM. After IBM vetted our solution we were appointed a Federal Systems Integrator in Cyber Security and a Business Partner. On November 6, 2015 we responded to a DHS RFI proposing IBM's FedRAMP FISMA Moderate hosting services packaged with our Identity and Access Management services. The latter best complies with the new Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan (CSIP). IBM is also in the process of requesting a Task Order to be written for their DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) contract as a Phase 2 pilot project. The major accomplishment here was the creation of an industry best Continuous Identity and Access Management solution to stop data breaches at Federal Government agencies, for workers with security clearances.

From a technology standpoint the computing platform started as a Hybrid Cloud solution and migrated to a proprietary solution for terminal access utilizing two redundant FedRAMP-FISMA cloud-based systems in two parts of the country connected via redundant and diverse route dedicated fiber links. Secondly, the actual computing platforms was now to be based on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using dedicated servers connected in a virtualized manner but not sharing a server matrix with other customers. The residing telephony, voice response, CRM, biometric authentication, and behavioral analytic engines are all accessed via VDI terminal access and Unified communication’s architectures. Storage of data was to be based on NARA regulations for secret data. CSR believes that we must treat all data as secret because we do not know in advance, what is classified or not or will be reclassified in the future.

01/01/2005 - 03/31/2009 - Chief Executive Officer - Third Wave International N.V. Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

I was the CEO and technologist for this startup licensed International Telephone Company. We provided international origination and termination of voice telephone calls, sold and provided connectivity to the Internet, created an Island network of wireless links to customers, provided off-site data storage vaults with high security links between their buildings and our facility. We were also planning on launching a high bandwidth "Triple Play" offering of fixed and mobile voice, internet access and IPTV. The network was based on using high-security Free Space Optical links and Millimeter Wave Radio systems. Major accomplishments include: 1) Dealt with lack of policing of wireless spectrum; 2) Provided secure collocation facility; 3) Lowest costs for international and domestic voice and data communications.

06/01/2003 - 09/01/2006 - Chief Financial Officer - Intense School, Inc. Plantation, FL United States

Served as a part time interim CFO and worked on facilitating, preparing and successfully selling the company.

01/01/1998 - 12/31/2001 - Vice President (M&A) - Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, USVI.

Primary function was the acquisition of telecom companies in the Caribbean region. This included due diligence investigations and business case analyses. Major accomplishments included: Designed and assisted with implementation of an off-shore Call Center for Guyana. After an acquisition of a Haitian wireless company, I managed same for over a year, and introduced a mobile cellular like offering, and a very low cost two-way radio paging system.

01/01/1995 - 12/31/1997 - VP Sales - Global-Net, Inc. Reston, VA United States

For this start-up company I was responsible for selling a wireless local loop product that the company was trying to develop at Virginia Tech. Major accomplishments include: Successfully convinced authorities in Poland to implement and test proposed new system. The product was never developed and subsequently Space Vest of Reston, VA, the owners, shut down the company.

01/01/1975 – 12/31/1994 – Managing Dir. Sr. Consultant & Project Mgr. - Richard N. Kaufman & Associates LTD.

Rowayton, CT. and Manhattan, NY.

This independent telecommunications consultancy conducted numerous individual consulting projects for 20 clients, plus 14 Expert Witness Litigations. Brief descriptions of these projects and litigations follow:

1.The Dreyfus Corporation (Mellon Bank) Data processing and telecommunications system design (between facilities in the financial community, major cities, other countries and over forty company facilities) specification preparation, bidding procedure, and project management for large integrated inbound & outbound telemarketing operation.

Major accomplishments included: A most advanced Brokerage and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) operation, which included Registered Representatives from nearly 40 sites from around the world combining to serve clients in all time zones. Delivered a Return on Investment (ROI) of $23 million in less than 9 months.

2.Third Wave International Inc. & N.V; Designed voice and data satellite networks, terrestrial networks and data processing systems for Trinidad & Tobago, Curacao, Guyana and Suriname for the purpose of creating large Customer Service Call Center industries in the region.

3.VITELCOM, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands; Developed network and system configuration for the Chase Manhattan Bank. The purpose of this project was to tie together branches throughout the Caribbean with high speed data for improving customer’s service response time and reducing operating costs.

Major accomplishments included: Reducing check clearing time to hours instead of days.

4.State Farm Insurance Company – Chicago, IL, Developed Voice network configurations and reviewed Telco billing for errors for a number of company locations.

5.CCMI/McGraw Hill, Ramsey, NJ, Miscellany of projects including training and counsel

6.New York City Housing Authority, New York, N.Y.; RFP, Bid processing, analysis and implementation for: 1200+ extension HQ phone system; Trained telecommunications staff for implementation and management of telecommunications systems and services; 250+ small telephone systems for housing projects;14 police precinct stations; Police HQ; ACD and dispatch telecommunications for Emergency Services; two-way radio and alphanumeric paging system using 25 repeater sites; and assisted in design and implementation of computerized complaint input and repair dispatch system for Emergency Services.

Major accomplishments included: 1) Superior response time for emergency services; 2) More efficient telecom management; 3) Cost reductions: 4) Modernization of all telecom systems.

7.United Illuminating, New Haven and other cities in Connecticut: 10 year strategic plan. Counseled company to get involved in offering telecommunications network infrastructure; Design, RFP and implementation of multi-node phone system for 1,000+ users and ACD for customer service.

Major accomplishments include: Improved customer response time for complaints.

8.Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. – Fiber Optic Ring for diverse routing - Springfield, Mass.

9.John Hancock Life Insurance Co., - Voice Network Design and Billing Error Detection - Boston, MA.

10.Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority – Automatic Call Distribution and Voice Response - Boston, Mass.

11.State Street Bank & Trust Co.–Phone system design for brokerage - Boston, Mass for Luxembourg branch

12.British Airways, - Ground Control Radio system for airport operations - New York, NY

13.The Equitable Insurance Company, - Voice Network design & detection of billing errors - New York, NY

14.Palmas Del Mar, PBX and outside plant evaluation - Puerto Rico

15.American Telegraph & Telephone Co. – Counsel re Breaking up Bell System - Basking Ridge, N.J.

16.Parsons & Whittemore – Radio and Telephony switching systems at many Pulp Mills and Manufacturing plants across Canada and the U.S.; plus a Headquarters and Recycling facility in the United States.

17.General Motors – Voice and Data management operations at Steering Gear Division in Saginaw, MI

18.Citibank, N.A. – Training telecommunications managers for U.S. - Los Angeles, CA.

19.Warner-Amex, - Satellite communications and distribution technologies - Columbus, OH.

20.Bear Sterns – Brokerage systems and interfaces in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

More Details are available for consulting projects upon request


1.Sixbey, Friedman, Leedom & Ferguson - McLean, VA - - Plaintiff

2.Nixon, Hargrave, Devans & Doyle / NORTEL - New York, NY - - Defense

3.Duffy & Fasano - Waterbury, CT - - Defense

4.Finkelstein, Borah, Schwartz, Altschuler & Goldstein, P.C. – N.Y., NY - - Plaintiff

5.Cohn & Lifland - Saddle Brook, NJ - - Defense

6.Bingham, Englar Jones & Houston - New York, NY - - Defense

7.Stevens R. Pereira, P.C. - Fall River, MA - - Defense

8.Arujo & Zelman, P.C. - New York, NY - - Defense

9.Parker, Coulter, Daley & White - Boston, MA - - Plaintiff

10.Peppard & Littman, P.C. - Fall River, MA - - Defense

11.Honeywell - - Plaintiff

12.American Hotel & Motel Association - Plaintiff

13.Arizona Hotel Motel Association - - Plaintiff

14.Veterinarian - - Plaintiff

More descriptions are available for Expert Witness projects upon request.


1.Wireless Technologies: Visible Light Communications, LiFi, White-Fi Free Space Optics, WiFi, Millimeter Wave, CDMA, TDMA, WiMAX, P2P & P2MP Radio distribution systems using 2.4-4.9-5.8 GHz, Analog Trunked Radio systems, Digital trunked radio systems (IDEN & TETRA), Airport Ground Control radio systems, Digital Paging, Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) for Point of Sale, Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS), C & KU band Satellite Earth Stations and transponders, International Protected Microwave links using 2 to 6 GHz, Tropospheric Scatter Microwave Radio links and Public Power Utility SCADA systems.

2.Wired Technologies: Plastic, Buried and Aerial Optical Fiber; Broadband over Power Line (BPL) Communications, Power over Ethernet (POE) and Outside Plant Coaxial cable splicing technologies.

3.Infrastructure Systems: Communications tower design and implementation, Nuclear Power Supplies for LMR radio in very cold weather, Telecom Collocation Facilities, Alternative power generation (diesel, gas, solar and wind) for camera & transmission systems, and collocation facility.

4.Switching Systems: Web-enabled contact center, Predictive Dialing, Intelligent routing, Virtual Call Center Technology, Voice Network designs, Very large and small Digital PBX systems, Voice Response Systems, VoIP switching Systems for Local and Wide-Area, Specialized Commodity and Stock Broker Trading Turrets,

5.Cybersecurity and Surveillance: Biometric Authentication (facial, fingerprint, voice, gesture), Behavioral Analytics, Identity and Access Management, Surveillance cameras for license plates, facial and leaking pipelines.

6.Other: Telecommunications equipment survivability in harsh environments, Billing Solutions, VOD delivery systems, IPTV, Video Streaming and Distribution Technologies, Knowledge database updating for Customer Relationship Management (call center).

7.Administrative Skills: Advanced skills working with Microsoft Office Professional applications (Visio, Excel, Project, SmartSheet, Outlook, Word, Power Point, Explorer), Google Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Professional, Fuze & WEBEX webinar meetings, Skype, SolarWinds NMS, PC backup, PC biometric authentication, ability to create and report on the success of project activity, strong presentation skills, experience in persuasive speaking to senior executives, public relations, strong writing and editing skills, the ability to develop high quality content for use in online communications, and good photographer.

8.International Experience: Bahamas, Bonaire, Canada, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Holland, Martinique, Nigeria, Poland, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, Virgin Islands (US & UK), Venezuela and incidental business meetings in all other Caribbean countries.

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