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Computer Science Engineer

Astoria, NY
March 18, 2018

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**-** ** *** ** Astoria NY *****; Cell: 929-***-**** ;718-***-****

Email:; US Citizen since 1992 EDUCATION

Teaching Assistant/ Ph.D. student in Computer Science, McGill University, 9/97-1998. Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science, NYU Polytechnic, GPA : 3.18/4, 9/1992 -1995. B.S. (88), M.S.(92) Computer Science, CCNY-CUNY, Cum Laude, Citation, GPA: 3.5/4. Microsoft Project 2007 PMI Course number 255*-****** 3 PDU done completed 12/09 IBM SPSS Modeler Clementine workshop for Data Mining & Predictive Analytics, 2010 Microstrategy Workshop to build Mobile Application, Reports for iPad, iPhone, 2013. IBI hands-on Workshop :WebFOCUS 8 for Business Intelligence, Queries, Apps, 2014. Citrix Cloud Platform hands-on Workshop to build a Cloud Infrastructure, 2014. Salesforce 1 Platform workshop to build Mobile Apps, and Reports in the Cloud 2014 Deploying Hadoop with EMC Isilon and VMWARE,@EMC ForumWorkshop, 2014 Used, deployed mobile applications over OutSystems development platform, 3/2018 Used, and deployed Oracle Cloud Services over Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, 3/2018 COMPUTER SKILLS

Software: C/C++, VC++, UNIX, MFC, SQL, TCP, Rational ClearCase/RequisitePro/Rose, ITS-AIR, JavaScript, Java, SYBASE, Informix, HTML, Lotus Notes, IBM ITIRC/Stairs, Sockets Programming, SAM, NVTS. Adobe Dreamweaver, Python, MS Access 2010, Excel. Operating Systems: AIX, SunOS, RedHat Linux, Fedora, HP-UX, Windowxs XP/7/8, VM EMPLOYMENT

Adjunct Lecturer, The City University of New York, Touro College NYC. (2010–2017)

-Adjunct Lecturer teaching Computer Security, Python, Adobe Dreamweaver, MS Access;

-teaching computer courses: MS Office Skills 2010, Window 7 Operating Systems, Win XP OS;

-C++/Linux/Java Programming Implementations, Discrete Structures for Computer Science; Substitute Teacher, Tutor, NYC Department of Education, AAA. NY.(2007–2009)

-worked as per diem Teacher in Mathematics, Technology, English, and Science disciplines;

-tutored students in Mathematics, Science, English, and Computer Technology subjects; IT Consultant/Author, CCT Solutions, self-employed, NY. (2001 – 2006)

-optimized C/C++/Linux source code, eliminated redundant code, and removed buffer overflow;

-built, coded, and tested customer websites in HTML, HTML4, JavaScript and Java for profit;

-tested, and validated the expected behavior of Prism, and provided clinical software training;

-troubleshoot XP Windows security vulnerabilities, applied MBSA, and installed SP2 patches;

-wrote/published 4 books at Lulu(Cryptology Trends,Pattern Recognition Apps, Memoire, Poetry). Sr. Programmer/Project Lead, DDS, New York, N.Y. (2000)

-coded interface to access the registry and LDAP directory, single sign-on, MFC, VC++;

-coded/tested LDAP services for binding, searching, adding, deleting, & modifying data. Software Engineer, SDS Int'l, ATD, R&D for US Military, Newington, CT. (2000)

-UNIX sockets programming, remote command execution, VC++, MFC, OpenGL, Linux;

-NVTS (Night Vision Training System) design, simulation of NVG (Night Vision Goggles);

-ITS-AIR (Intelligent Tutoring System for Aircraft Training) coding and implementation;

-color blending innovation combining overlapped boundaries of projected images. Lecturer, University of Maryland UC, NATO/US Military bases, (1998)

-taught University-level graduate computer studies course in data structures about the imperative,functional, logic-oriented, object-oriented,& distributed programming models;

-programming languages discussed were: C, C++, SQL, Java, Prolog, Pascal, ML, FP, ADA. Sybase Developer/Tester Consultant, AT&T Worldnet, Middletown, NJ.(1998)

-defined, designed, implemented, test requirements for the AT&T Worldnet Price Plans;

-created test plan, performed functional testing using SYBASE/HP-UX/C/C++/SQL scripts;

-performed black-box testing using customized off-the-shelf (COTS) software Arbor/BP. Teaching Assistant/ Ph.D. student, McGill University, Montreal, Canada (1997).

-graded UNIX/C/C++ projects for "Files & Databases" about sequential, direct-access, and tree-structured files for computer applications at different volatility, symmetry levels;

-graded UNIX/C/C++ projects for "Introduction to Computer Science" about algorithms, recursion, interfaces, types, variables, sorting/linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees.

-hybrid research between fast points-to analysis and context sensitive points-to analysis. Sr. Software Engineer, Billsite Parking Project, Lockheed Martin IMS, NY.(1997)

-designed, coded, and tested Billsite Travel Expenses Spreadsheet in JavaScript for Netscape;

-researched the Internet Security issues with firewalls, keys, certificates, and smart cards;

-coded a shopping cart application in Java using sockets, and persistent data/information; HP-UX/C Consultant, Lucent LMOS(Loop Maintenance Operations System), BFR(1996-97)

-ported LMOS-ANSto HP-UX/C, recompiled, and removed UNIX/C redundant code;

-converted TUXEDO database to relational design, redesigned Schema as FD compliant;

-automated the creation of INFORMIX tables with dbaccess, and populated with data. AIX/C/VM-CMS Consultant,CTG- IBM ITIRC/Stairs(Search Engine/e-Library] 1996

-AIX/C Sockets programming for ITIRC/Stairs, on the IBM RISC/6000 AIX/C platform;

-AIX/C Server integration with the VM-CMS/Rexx Client, and TCP/IP configuration;

-AIX Administration using Smit, Lotus Notes design, and file import/export with VM-CMS. UNIX/C/SYBASE Consultant, BRASS(Brokerage Real Time Automated System),(1992-93)

-coded, documented, tested, & executed UNIX/C Client-Server modules for OTC orders;

-worked on BRASS projects, and produced ACES, Wagner Sttot, ADVEST applications;

-coded DBLib/C routines, embedded SQL, recovery modules, with Transact-SYBASE; Supplemental Programmer, ProductManager (Object Oriented Database) IBM, (1990)

-wrote test cases/data to validate ProductManager logical paths with IBM BookMaster;

-created a Twist Educationpackage; executed test scenarios with Twist (System Tester);

-trained employees on how to use Twist, based on the small education package written; Information Management Associate Member, AT&T, NJ.(1989-1990)

-designed solutions to specifications with structured charts, tree diagrams, pseudocode;

-coded, documented, tested UNIX/C/scripts ; created test cases, and expected results. Systems Engineer, AT&T Execu-Bill Project, EDS, NJ.(1989)

-coded JCL programs on MVS ISPF(TSO) platform; validated the batch cycle output;

-tested, documented, validated AT&T Execu-Bill functionality; trained new employees;

-created GUI Help panels with Realia Cobol to be activated by user interaction for help; GRADUATE RESEARCH IN COMPUTER SCIENCE

CDMA2000 : ”3G Trends for Mobile Wireless Systems”, 5/02, NJ Institute of Technology, ECE Dept. Cryptography :” New Trends in Cryptology”, Master Thesis, 12/91, The City College of N.Y. CUNY. Image Processing: image reconstruction, blur, sharpen, dither, rotate, refract, halftone, FFT.(UNIX/C) Computer Vision : edge contour detection, blob coloring, 4 and 8 chain-codes slope density.(C) Computer Networks : COMNET III, OPNET use for data modeling and network simulation. (UNIX/C) Computer Networks : ATM-Bank client-server application using TCP sockets/ RPC models .(UNIX/C) Operating Systems : phone data switch simulation of TCP/IP caller and callee entities. (UNIX/C) Genetic Algorithms: templates genetic evolution to match face features for recognition.(UNIX/C) Multimedia: audio, video, data transfer with bandwidth reservation for client-server apps. (UNIX/C) C Compiler : lexical analyzer, LR parser, semantic analyzer, quadruples, and code generator.(C) McCAT Compiler: hybrid design between fast points-to analysis and context sensitive points-to analysis. Natural Language Processing : interactive dialog in Turbo Prolog displayed as a counseling session.

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