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Engineer Developer

Syracuse, NY
March 16, 2018

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Manoj Panduranga Kulkarni 315-***-****

*** ****** ***, *** *, Syracuse, NY-13210 m

h ttps:/ h ttps:// E DUCATION:

Master of Science in Computer Engineering. Aug 2016-May 2018 Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York G PA: 3.30/4.0 TECHNICAL SKILLS:

● Languages: J ava, Swift, C++, SQL, C, VHDL.

● Tools: A ndroid Studio, XCode, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Microsoft SQL Server, Informatica, IBM Cognos, ModelSim, Xilinx.

● Cloud Technologies: E C2, S3, VPC, ELB, Route 53, IAM, SNS, SQS, SWF, CloudFront, REST.

● Databases: M ySQL server, Firebase, MongoDB, DynamoDB, SQLite, Core Data. CERTIFICATIONS:

AWS certified Developer-Associate Feb 2018

Validate at: h ttp:// (Amazon Web Services) Validation Number: X 3Y2XHCCDB1Q1HCE


HabitU Lab, Syracuse, New York Oct 2017 - Present

Mobile Application Developer Intern

● Helped converting the Meteor JS web app to Android and iOS platforms with the help of the Cordova plug-in.

● Implementing push notifications feature for the mobile platforms. Harman International Private Limited, Bangalore, India June 2017 - July 2017 Android Application Developer Intern

● Developed an Android app called Palm POS (“Point of sale” system).

● h ttps:// Infosys Limited, Bangalore, India Nov 2014 - May 2016 Systems Engineer

● Developed databases using ETL process with the help of the tool Informatica by applying transformations satisfying business requirements, company needs and regulatory compliance.

● Provided parameterized reporting services for the companies with the help of the tool IBM Cognos in the form of dashboards to analyze data based on several constraints for business analysis and management decisions.


News Reader App for iOS Jan 2018 - Present

Academic Project (iOS, Swift 4, AWS, Alamofire, Firebase)

● Developed the app that provides the latest news headlines and details.

● Worked on the NEWSAPI RESTful API to download JSON objects using Alamofire networking library.

● Provided the “Text-to-speech” facility using AWS Polly.

● Used the Firebase database to help the users save the particular news item for the future reference. Weather Forecasting app for iOS August 2017

Online Course Project (Udemy-Devslopes) (iOS, Swift 3, Alamofire)

● Developed the app that gives the current weather details and weather forecasting.

● Worked on the WEATHERAPI RESTful API to download JSON objects using Alamofire networking library.

Pokedex app for iPhone July 2017

Online Course Project (Udemy-Devslopes) (iOS, Swift 3, Alamofire, AVFoundation)

● Developed the app which contains the details of all the pokemons.

● Worked on the POKEAPI RESTful API to download JSON objects using Alamofire networking library.

Point of Sale Machine app for Android (Palm POS) June 2017 - July 2017 Harman International Private Limited (Android, JAVA, SQLite)

● Developed the app which functions like a point of sale machine.

● Used SQLite database to store menu items and also to provide login feature. Health Care app for Android Mar 2012-Mar 2013

Academic Project (Android, JAVA, Firebase)

● Developed the app which contains the recycler views and details of all the hospitals and blood banks in and around Syracuse, New York.

● Provided user registration for blood donation.

● Used firebase database to store the donor details and retrieve hospitals and blood banks details.

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