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Sales Manager

Sterling Heights, MI
March 11, 2018

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A hands-on business manager with integrity. I work hard to understand customers’ expectations with domestic and international experience. Background with high precision machined components for the Aerospace, Automotive, and Defense sectors. Managed OEM and Supplier accounts, responsible for corporate short and long-term commercial considerations and planning. My experience began as a machinist, CNC Programming and Toolmaker.

I possess a great deal of manufacturing experience with exotic and specialty metals from Inconel, Titanium, M50, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, forgings and bar material. I also possess some background in fabrication related to manufacturing.

Experienced with ITAR, FAR, and DEFAR regulations supporting Wheeled and Track Vehicles for the military. Experienced with International Culture in Canada, Dubai, Belgium, Romania, Ireland, Poland and France.

Developed and maintained solid business relationships with Triumph Group, Textron, Eaton Aerospace, Rolls-Royce, GE Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, UTC, Timken Aerospace, BMT Aerospace, and other companies in the U.S. & Europe.

Strong understanding and implementation background of AS9100, ITAR, Nadcap, Non-Destructive Testing, ISO 9001, Lean Manufacturing, 5S, Documentation and Quality Control Procedures, Work Instructions, Implementation and Quality System Auditing. Personal computer manipulation and file management to include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Outlook.

An active member of Automation Alley’s (

International Business Advisory Committee and Industry 4.0 Initiatives as well as Michigan Economic Development Corporation for businesses.

Some personal references can be found on LinkedIn under my profile, additional references upon request.

Position held:

Testek Incorporated – Wixom, MI. - September 2017 to Present

Testek designs and builds custom test equipment for the Aerospace, Airlines, Aircraft Maintenance Facilities, Military, Industrial, Agricultural, Automotive and Alternative Energy, Automotive and Nautical industries. Testek’s combined engineering resources, technology and products provide “nose to tail” test solutions for a wide range of military and commercial aircrafts.

Engineering & Sales Manager for the Gearbox Division

Responsible for the day to day operations of the high-speed gearboxes from cradle to grave.

These responsibilities included managing design, mechanical engineers and field service technicians, budgeting, quoting, managing vendors, painting applications, quality, workload scheduling of engineers and department builders, inventory, purchasing components domestically and internationally and oversee the build & testing of all gearboxes.

The gearboxes ranged from 5 hp to 3,000 horsepower

Speed increase ratios from 1 to 25

Speed capabilities from 100 rpm to 100,000 rpm

Alpha Precision Aerospace – (The Parent company of M & M Turning & Mfg., Inc.)

Fraser, Michigan - 2008- Present

The company provides high quality precision aircraft machining services to its customers for Jet Engine Fan Cases, fuel combustion chamber rings, very high precision bearing races for helicopter gearboxes and Helicopter Rotor Support Systems. These components are for private and government organizations located in Canada, Mexico, Ireland, France, Belgium, Romania, Poland and the UAE for the defense & commercial aircraft industry. Annual Sales $16M Materials machine: Inconel, Titanium, M50, Magnesium, Stainless Steel and many other proprietary and exotic materials.

Business Development Manager

VP of Sales

VP of Operations

C- Level Executive - Shareholder

Lead the paradigm shift to move M & M Turning from automotive machining to a first-class aerospace manufacturing company as Alpha Precision Aerospace. Branded Alpha Precision Aerospace from M & M Turning through marketing and trade shows. Designed the company’s Logo and developed its niche market in low volume high risk aircraft machining under my direction. Under my direction the company enjoyed a growth in sales from $2.8M to $18M in sales over a 6-year period.

Lead the day to day operations and B2B for both US and International markets in the commercial and military aerospace industry.

Responsibilities include managing projects for short and long-term contracts to support Jet Engine components, Helicopter Rotor Support shafts, Gearbox components and high precision Bearings Races for these platforms. Many of the components manufactured under my direction support the Blackhawk and the Apache helicopters as well as commercial, private and government organizations for the aerospace industry.

Other duties included AR and P&L responsibilities, Tax Abatements for Property & Equipment and Marketing.

Successfully lead the implementations of ISO 9001, AS9100, ITAR, Nadcap, Non-Destructive Testing and Lean Manufacturing/5S. Experience leading initiatives in Lean Six Sigma as a Green Belt and provided direction and training to employees throughout the organization.

Highland Mfg., Inc. - 1991-2008

A high-performance manufacture of gears (spur, helical or spiral bevel), splined shaft, housings, and details for pumps (fuel, oil, or hydraulic), auxiliary power units, or actuation systems. The company also produced housings and assemblies for the aerospace and Department of Defense (DOD). Some of the parts supplied “Wheeled & Track” vehicles, M1A1 Abrams Tank, M88 Hercules Recovery Vehicle, Bradley Family of Vehicles, & the Harpoon Missile Lubrication Systems for the Navy. Annual Sales $12M

Lead Manufacturing Supervisor: Reported to the Director of Operations.

Promoted to Director of Operations reporting to the CEO & COO, the founders of the company.

Responsible for day to day operations which included problem solving, decision making, delegating, reviewing and evaluating business procedures improve operational efficiency with responsibility for A&R, P&L and manufacturing planning and scheduling.

Implemented ISO 9001:2000 and wrote the quality control Manuel, supporting documents and job travelers.

Responsibilities included the Quoting, managing the internal bidding processes and negotiating LTA contracts to support Wheeled and Track Vehicles for the Department of Defense (DOD), TARDAC, L3 Technologies, BAE Systems and Twin Disc.

A background in automotive manufacturing includes processing and manufacturing Sun Gears, Forward and Reverse Gears and Shafts for Transmissions for Ford Motor Company. This work was “bridge” work during the change years from the 5-speed transmission to the new 6 speed transmission for the F-150. The company supplied 22,000 of each gear at a 60% cost reduction to Ford over a 3-year period.

Beaver Aerospace & Defense, Inc. 1978-1991

Company Summary: Beaver Aerospace & Defense designs and manufactures ball screws and actuators for a wide range of commercial and military aircraft applications for the aerospace and defense industries in the United States and internationally. Annual Sales $100M

Machine Operator: Manuel O.D. / I.D. Grinding & Spline Grinding

CNC Machinist: Kellenberger, Jones & Shipman

Layout Quality Inspector: Responsible for 1st Articles

Safety Man: Insure safety policy and procedures are followed

Day shift Union Committee Man Local 540 (6 months)

Floor Expediter: Expedited orders on shop floor, ensured jobs schedules are running on time

Production Supervisor: Responsible for the day to day operations of the precision grinding departments. These departments machined complex landing gear, space shuttle components and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) components. Eliminated waste and increased productivity of my departments by 20%.

I was a 3-year member of the company “Employee Assistance Program” that addressed hourly employee reprimand issues to family assistance programs.


University of Phoenix – Business Administration

Macomb Community College – Applied Science

Oakland University - Mechanical Engineering

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