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Embedded Kernel Engineer/Developer

Charlotte, NC
March 08, 2018

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#C, Charlotte, NC-28262 +1-980-***-**** Education University of North Carolina at Charlotte, May 2018 Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering CGPA: 3.9/4.0 Specializing in Embedded Operating Systems and IoT Anna University, May 2013

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication CGPA: 8.06/10 Skills Professional C, Linux Kernel Development, C++, x86 Architecture, Java, C# Basic Python, MATLAB

Microcontrollers Raspberry Pi 3, Renesas RX63N, TI-MSP430 Coursework Adv. Embedded OS (MIT 6.828), Internet of Things, Computer Networking & Security Work Experience Research Intern, UNC Charlotte May 2017-

- Main researches Various filesystems’ designs, file allocation policies; Impact: performance by 24%. Aug 2017

- Implemented a paper published in the FAST ’15 USENIX conference on reducing tail latencies in file systems.

- Used Latin Hypercube Sampling (LHS) on ext4 file-system space using a tool, Chopper.

- Identified 4 internal design issues and issued corresponding patch-fixes that curtailed tail latencies in ext4 file-systems.

Project Engineer, Wipro Technologies, India Nov 2013-

- Framework: .NET; Database: Oracle 11G. Jun 2016

- Mastered functional procedures in all 3 departments of support, development, and testing.

- Managed and trained 9 new hires on project functionality.

- Nominated for the Best Employee of the Year from the project. Projects Implementation of a complete Exokernel (JOS) based on x86 in C and Assembly Jan 2017-

- Main researches Kernel standards, memory abstraction; Challenges Time/Quick deadlines. May 2017

- Developed allocation routines and mapped 4GB virtual memory using 2-level page directories.

- Created user and spawn-child environments using copy-on-write fork with traps and interrupts.

- Designed a multi-processor system with round-robin scheduler and Inter-Process Communication

(IPC) between each user environments.

Network Interface Card Driver based on Intel E1000 (82540EM chip) for JOS Apr 2017-

- Implemented device-mapping procedures with queue configurations and DMA descriptors, for CPU May 2017

-independent packet operations.

- Designed a system call interface wrapper for user programs to transmit and receive packets. Mobile simulation of Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot-like mechanism, with auto crash-avoidance feature Sep 2017-

- Main researches Android-Pi USB interfacing; Challenges Android filesystem constraints in IoT. Dec 2017

- Designed an android application that simulated car-environment, with real-time feed from Raspberry- Pi-3 computed data.

- Added mechanisms for lane detection, crash detection and avoidance with auto-cloud update and auto-boundary detection features.

Hybrid-stride-prefetching implementation on a 2-level cache system Mar 2017-

- Main Researches Caching mechanisms, prefetchers and predictors; Impact: performance by 22% May 2017

- Improved hit rates and memory access time by combining Sequential and Stride Prefetching models. Priority-based pre-threaded Image processing server Oct 2016-

- Built an image processing server that interacts with clients through a pool of worker threads. Dec 2016

- Modelled the server on multi-threaded producer-consumer concept.

- Used round-robin scheduling and semaphores for synchronization.

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