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Beachwood, NJ
March 06, 2018

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Summary of SAS and COBOL Experiences:

Had an extensive experience using COBOL for more than 25 years, in developing, maintenance and support of different systems.

Had more than 10 years of experience in developing and maintenance of programs using SAS, here in U.S. and 11

years of experience in Saudi Telephone Company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Had been tasked by the New York City Board of Education, to convert the Students’ Aid System which were all written in COBOL to SAS and was able to increase the Refund from the State, from $300,000.00 to more than $500,000.00, annually.

Was able to solve the perennial problem in FEDEX wherein the State of Monaco was not appearing on their Service Manual, aside from resolving some of their existing Production issues.

In Wal-Mart, since they were starting to phase-out SAS in some of their systems, some of their programs had been abending and they were looking for someone who knew SAS and I volunteered to resolve the problems.

My latest assignment was with Florida Department of Education wherein I converted their system written in COBOL, Easytrieve and DB2 to SAS EG and SQL Server.


PLATFORMS: IBM ES 9000/3090/3030/370/360, PRIME 850/750/650, FACOM 230/45S, ICL-2904, DATAGEN


LANGUAGES: COBOL, VS/COBOL II, COBOL 370/390, DB2, SQL, CICS, IMS DB/DC, EASYTRIEVE, QMF, SAS EG, Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/ACCESS, SAS Connect, SAS/PH-CLINICAL, SAS Warehousing and Data Mining, SAS For Healthcare, SAS for Clinical Research, PL/1, Oracle, FORTRAN, RPG, REXCOM / REQUEST, Basic, MVS/JCL, CLIST, CPL, PM/SS, Java, .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, ORACLE.NET), HTML, Data Stage, Teradata,

DATABASES: IMS, DB2, REXCOM, Microsoft Access

SOFTWARE & UTILITIES: MVS/TSO, JCL, ISPF, MVS Utilities, Abendaid/CICS, Abendaid/Batch, Exceed, File-Aid, Librarian, Spufi, Platinum Tools, QMF, Panvalet, Intertest, Smartest, Expediter, Visio, Infoman, Endevor, Flow, BMP, BTS, Idcams, SyncSort, Siter, CA-7, SAR, ChangeMan, NDM, Princeton Softech Relational Tools, ZEKE, OLV, WINSQL, Strobe, Exceed, SCLM, Infopac, Stored Procedure, WSDL, Data Stage, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, GEAC, Clarity,


DESKTOP SOFTWARE: Windows XP/2000/98/97, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Microsoft Project


Mainframe COBOL / SAS Programmer for Verizon Sep 2015 – Mar 2018

Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Responsible in the maintenance and support of the Enterprise Tax Service System, in the process of 23 Tax Registers outputted by different systems from different locations, by doing the following:

- Submit jobs monthly, and pass data from remote LPARs to a common location for processing, using


- Responsible in developing new COBOL, SAS programs and debugging, or modifying the existing ones.

- Uploading of outputted files from SQL SERVER into mainframe, for processing and transmitting the

outputted files from mainframe process into PC, thru ‘MFT’ and ‘SFTP’.

- The reports which are in Excel are being updated to reflect the new outputted files, and sent to the users

for their analysis whether there’s a need for them to resend the corrected file/s.

- Participated in a regular Mainframe Disaster Recovery Exercise and Validation Process.

Mainframe / SAS EG Programmer for Florida Department of Education Nov 2014 – Apr 2015

Tallahassee, Florida

Analyzed the High Stakes System which was developed in EZTRIEVE, COBOL, DB2, VSAM, JCL and CLIST and prepared the HIPO (High-Level Input Process Output) Chart and IPO (Input Process Output) Analysis, to aid the work of the Business Analysts for the Reverse Engineering of the System from Mainframe to SQL Server.

Converted all the programs using SAS EG replacing DB2 Tables with SQL Server Tables.

Created different test data to handle different test scenarios.

Verified that the converted programs were functioning as it should, as validated with the files

from the existing system in Production.

Mainframe Programmer Analyst for Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Oct 2013 – Dec 2013

Pennington, New Jersey

Revised existing batch programs using COBOL, DB2, SQL, JCL, BMC Utilities and Endevor.

Revised existing Stored Procedures and developed new ones, using COBOL, DB2, SQL, XML and testing it with NEON software.

Mainframe Programmer Analyst for Louisiana Workforce Commission Jul 2012 – Jul 2013

Baton Rouge, Arkansas

Responsible in generating data to be inputted in the Data Validation for Sun System and being sent to Federal and resolving issues that it would reconcile with the Federal Reports being generated in mainframe, using Cobol, DB2, SQL, CICS, Eztrieve, SAS, HFDL, VSAM, & JCL.

Developed new and revised programs, jobs, cntls, jclprocs, copy-books using Cobol, DB2, SQL, CICS, Eztrieve and, HFDL for Monetary Determination and Notices being sent to claimants due to sequestration.

Running Users Acceptance Tests for both the Portal Wage and for Tax, inputting the data coming from .NET that would be processed using Cobol, CICS, and HFDL.

Conducted an analysis and research the for the impacted programs and jobs in converting the copying of the reports

to be kept into FILENET, from manual to be automatic.

Mainframe Programmer Analyst for Wal-Mart, Inc. Sept 2007 – Sept 2011

Bentonville, Arkansas

Responsible in the support and maintenance for different sub-systems of the company, by developing new programs, jobs, cntls, procs, and/or modifying the existing ones, using COBOL, DB2, SQL, EZTRIEVE, VSAM, JCL, LIBRARIAN, EXPEDITER, CICS, CICS/SOAP, SAS, Teradata, Stored Procedure, WSDL, XML, Data Stage, Infopac, CA-7, and Remedy.

Analyzed the requirements of the users and translated it into program/s and/or jobs, that would satisfy their requirements.

Created Program Specifications, Sub-System Flow, Test and Validation Plans, Change Controls, and the necessary documentations.

Performed maintenance and testing of the programs and/or Data Stage jobs.

Coordinated with the users and QA for Users’ Acceptance Test until it’s being approved.

Led the off-shore consultant by preparing the necessary programs specifications and verifying that all her programs and jobs were working in accordance with the specs and conforming with the company coding standards.

Provided support for Payroll System which is mainly under GEAC.

Regularly scheduled, as Primary On-Call Support, for any Production Job Abend relating to People Systems Area.

Programmer Analyst for the Department of Jobs & Family Services May 2007 – August 2007

Columbus, Ohio

Modifications of MMIS (Medicaid Management System) in-order to utilize the NPI (National Provider ID) in lieu of the Legacy Number, in the enquiry or process of Claims, Provider charges, Prior Authorization and for Miscellaneous transactions using COBOL, CICS, SAS, EXPEDITER, TSO/ISPF, VSAM, JCL, SCLM, STROBE, LIBRARIAN and OMC Flash.

Analyzed the system and identified the impacted Programs, Maps and Copy-books and the necessary changes to be made.

Prepared the proposed Screen Layouts, copy-books and new programs to satisfy the users’ requirements.

Wrote a new program that would extract the Medical Records information and outputted it into a Flat File, in a Text format.

Programmer Analyst for Fedex, Inc. Mar 2006 – Feb 2007

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Supported and enhanced the Location Service Support Integration (LSSI) System which had been implemented in IBM OS/390, MVS/ESA, SAS, DB2, QMF, SQL, PANVALET, VSAM TSO JCL and EXPEDITER.

Made enhancements to satisfy the user requirements and corrected some of the affected programs for the resolution of the Production problems.

Analyzed the systems and prepared the necessary documentations such as Sub-System Flow, Job Flow Chart, HIPO Chart (High-Level Input Process Output), IPO Chart (Input Process Output), File Layouts, Sample Outputs, Job Schedules with Dependencies.

SR. Programmer Analyst for Lowe’s, Inc. Apr 2004 – Feb 2006

North Wilkesboro, North Carolina

Participated in the development and provided support in systems for Logistics as well as in Distribution utilizing OS/390, MVS,ESA, COBOL II, COBOL 370, DB2, CICS, EASYTRIEV, SAS, VSAM, JCL, FTP, FILE-AID, Librarian, SQL, SPUFI, XPEDITER, QMF, ISPF/TSO, IBM Utilities, BMC Utilities, Princeton Softech Relational Tools, SyncSort, MS Office, ZEKE, OLV, and WINSQL.

Involved in the Trans-Load Project, by modifying programs for different sub-systems.

Prepared Sub-System Specifications, Programs Specifications and developed new programs for Manugistics and Transportation Reporting Projects.

Modified and developed new programs for EDI, Replenishment, Autobill and Inventory systems.

Unwrapped the data that’s being received thru ODS before it would be processed, from UNIX to MVS, and wrapped the data that’s being sent out.

Prepared Test Plans and test the programs, jobs according to different test scenarios.

Entered the Job Run Schedule in ZEKE, and prepared the necessary documentations.

Walked through the programs and/or jobs until they were promoted to Production.

SR. Programmer Analyst for New York City Board of Education Jan 2000 - Dec 2003

Brooklyn, New York

Responsible in the conversion, re-systemization and maintenance of the Excess Cost Sub-System developed on IBM OS/390 mainframe utilizing COBOL, SAS, DB2 and CICS to validate students’ programs data, classify, analyze, summarize and compute for the FTE’s (Fixed Time Equivalent), which would be used as to how much the State-Aid could be claimed from the State. This system also creates file for High-Cost Sub-System and computes for the Cost that had been expended per program for every student, making comparative analysis, management and investigative reports.

Converted the programs in Excess Cost Sub-System from COBOL to SAS.

Responsible for extracting data, merging files and writing SAS Programs, creation of Macros for regular and ad-hoc reports or creation of Files to be loaded to Excel, or vice-versa, or to the Internet.

Performed review and detailed analysis of the existing system, by documenting the old Excess Cost Sub-System (Inputs, Outputs, Input Process Output Analysis, Reports, Validation/Selection Criteria, Processing Requirements, Program Functions and Preparation of System Flow Chart).

Re-systemized the system in accordance with the new users’ requirements every year due to new policies, new coding scheme and for the New Continuum.

Modified and converted CICS, COBOL-1 Programs in other System (DSE) to COBOL-370.

Provided maintenance and special run of the State-Aid Excess Cost Sub-System.

Performed program unit tests of both the old and corrected programs as well as the Systems Parallel Run and compared its results.

Created new version of the system, by utilizing DB2 for the computation of FTEs, and made a comparative analysis for its effects.

Prepared the necessary documentations such as Sub-System Flow, Program Specifications, Test Plans and other requirements by QA in the promotion of programs to Production.

Provided support for the Medicaid Remittance System, written in SAS.

Made the necessary recommendations or suggestions as it deemed necessary for the solution of the problems.

SR. Programmer Analyst for Merrill Lynch Jun 1999 - Nov 1999

Manhattan, New York

Involved in the conversion of OTC-TSS (Over the Counter – Trading Support System), to run in MRO (Multi-Region Operation) environment utilizing the CICSPLEX Processing technology. This was on on-line system using CICS, COBOL, VSAM, PANVALET, TSO/ISPF, FILE-AID, PM/SS, CLIST, REXX, CLIST, INTERTEST and SMARTEST on IBM OS/390 Mainframe.

Identified all the TS-Queue names, which were being written and read, its source programs and originating Tran-Ids and compared with the Affinity Scan whether it’s being accessed by other Tran-Ids.

Developed a utility comprising of programs written in COBOL II, PM/SS (Program Machine / Standard Solution) and CLIST, providing a facility to the user, to determine the linkages of the programs based on a given Tran-Id. It gives information such as the number of levels and the count, and name of programs being invoked in every level.

Converted COBOL I programs to COBOL II in accordance with the standard methodology.

Modified the programs reflecting the Assembler-generated Data Table changing the COBOL-generated Data Table, together with adoption of new Copy Code.

SR. Programmer Analyst for MCI/World-Com Nov 1998 - May 1999

Rye Brook, New York

Involved in the conversion of programs in Global Communication Services Billing System, to make it Y2K-compliant. This IBM OS/390 Mainframe System was in Batch and On-line using COBOL/370 and CICS.

Modified the programs by calling standard routine ‘LIBWINB’, changing the hard-coded windowing techniques.

Used XPEDITER/XCHANGE to modify the system date in testing jobs for future dates.

Used QA/Hiperstation to create scripts of test data entry only screens.

Ran billing jobs utilizing both the production version of programs versus the Y2K-compliant versions and compared its outputs.

Prepared the necessary documentations using MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Changed all the “Accept” commands in every program with the “Function” feature of Current-date.

Included the standard display of program information in every program.

Modified the affected programs, procedures and drivers due to increase of the record length of some files.

Modified the programs and JCLs, incorporating the Security System, which were written in COBOL/370 and CICS.

SR. Programmer Analyst for Credit Suisse/First Boston Bank Mar 1998 - Oct 1998

Manhattan, New York

Involved in the Y2K project, converting programs in the Match Book Reporting System, which were written in COBOL, COBOL II, DB2 and CICS under MVS/ESA environment in order to be Y2K-compliant.

Analyzed the outputs of DII package on which changes needed to be reflected, whether the changes it had made were correct and in some cases it would need to be recoded.

Running both the original programs and its respective revised version, with the production data as inputs and compared its results or outputs.

Devised/created input test data for every program modified and utilized it in running both the original programs and the revised ones, compared its outputs and analyzed its impacts or exceptions.

Responsible for the documentation and promotion of the Programs, PROCS and CNTLS, by entering the necessary information in INFOMAN.

Worked on the GCF (General Collateral Finance) REPO MRS Project, which entailed the modifications of programs in the Match Book Reporting System, testing, debugging and promoting it into production.

Performed special printing of reports for users in other systems and assisted others in the problem-determination during the pilot run.

Programmer Analyst for Johnson & Johnson Aug 1997 - Feb 1998

Piscataway, New Jersey

Responsible in the conversion of an Order Processing System to facilitate the orders of the customers in a timely manner. Modified the programs which were running under MVS/ESA environment utilizing COBOL II, IMS DB/DC and ORACLE to provide the facility to have the back-orders expedited by the Order Level as well as by the Line Level. Used the following tools: IBM 3090, MVS/JCL, MVS/COBOL, COBOL II, IMS DB/DC, VSAM, ORACLE, TSO/ISPF, FILE-AID, LIBRARIAN, BTS, XPEDITER, CLIST, MVS/ESA, and SYNCSORT.

Created new segments in the database of the Order Processing System, modified the maps, programs, reports and copy codes for the addition of new fields in the database and the outputting of new files.

Converted the JCLs and PROCs, changing all the blocksize to zero.

Documented some of the programs which were modified in conjunction with the Year 2000 Project.

Wrote an ORACLE program to update the new ORACLE Distributor Customer Table.

Programmer Analyst for Association of American Railroads Aug 1997 - Nov 1997

Washington D.C.

Conducted a review and analysis of Interline Settlement System which was an on-line system using COBOL II, CICS and DB2 under MVS/ESA and prepared documentation with a view towards redesigning it, in order to resolve the recurring problems inherent in the system. Utilized IBM 3090, MVS, COBOL II, CICS, DB2, EDI, VSAM, TSO/ISPF, CLIST, MVS/ESA, FILE-AID, CA-7, LIBRARIAN, XPEDITER, MVS/JCL, SYNCSORT.

Responsible for maintenance by modifying the programs as required and handled the problems as prompted by the error messages generated by the system on a daily basis.

Performed system analysis, recommended and implemented the necessary solutions.


B. S. Commerce, Major in Accounting

Philippines College of Commerce, Philippines

Professional (First Grade) & Sub-Professional (Second Grade) = Both Gov’t Certifications.


Unix – Basic I / II

Data Stage – Basic / Advanced

Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Teradata - Basic

Advanced JCL




JAVA Programming

Introduction to SQL

DB2 Concepts

Medusa Designer’s Course

Medusa Draftsman Course


FORTRAN Programming

RPG Programming

Database Management

Structured Programming

Systems Analysis and Design

Basic Programming

Programming Language I

Assembler Programming

COBOL Programming

Keypunch Operation

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