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Electrical Engineering Engineer

West Memphis, AR
March 07, 2018

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Prashanth Srinivas

****, *** *, * ****** St, West Memphis, AR Phone No: 479-***-**** Email


To seek a full time job in the field of Control Systems & Industrial Automation.


Missouri University of S & T, Rolla May 2017

M.S. Electrical Engineering GPA 3.7/4.0

Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology(Bangalore, India) June 2015

B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering GPA 3.4/4.0


Warren Oil Company (West Memphis, AR )

Controls Engineer (Sept 2017 – Present)

Installation of Position Controllers

Installed, configured and programmed an IAI single axis position controller for a Blow mold line.

Commissioning of a Blow Mold Lanner

Installed and converted the SLC 100 PLC program to CompactLogix as per the conditions.

Troubleshooting of PLC’s

Analyzed, troubleshooted and verified RSLogix500 PLC’s for automation equipment like palletizers,

Dropper, Lanner, Case Packer and a Glue machine.

M.S Coursework:

Advanced Power Electronics Power Electronics Lab Photovoltaic Systems Eng

Advanced Elec Drive Vehicles Linear Control Systems Introduction to Robotics

Advanced Theory of Machines Advanced PLC Neural Network for Control


Skills: CompactLogix RSLogix 500 RSLogix 5000

RSLinx Classic Factory Talk View ME C

8051 Micro Controller MS office RSLogixEmulator

Communication: RS232, RS432, Ethernet.

Lab Equipment: Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Electronic Load, Digital Multimeter, CRO Probes, FET Box,

Transformer Box.

Research project: Analysis of stress on the secondary side diode of a Flyback Converter.

Investigated the origin, causes and effects of stress on the diode in a Flyback Converter, after exploring the switching effect of the leakage Inductance in Flyback structures.

Designed a snubber circuit to counter the stress and also explored other alternative methods to minimize stress.

Graduate Level Academic Projects: (August 2015- May 2017)

PLC Automation for a Rail Dry Unload Unit using Allen Bradley Compact Logix

Developed the sequence diagrams, ladder logic program, HMI Sequence and was successfully able to Communicate with other units concerned for the transfer of ingredients to the respective tanks.

Non Isolated DC to DC converters

Simulated and implemented a Buck, Boost and Buck Boost Power Converter.

Designed Analyzed the waveforms and the effect of Duty Ratio, switching frequency and load resistance on the output voltage.

Design of a grid-tied Photovoltaic system for Walmart Rolla, Missouri

Selected a PV module and an inverter of compatible ratings according to the National Electric Code(NEC)

The cost of all electrical equipment required for the actual implementation was calculated.

The levelized cost of energy was determined for two cases, considering the fact that the commercial establishment has the necessary funding and also considering that the commercial establishment has to borrow money from a bank.

Design of a Boost Converter

Designed, Tested and developed a voltage mode control for a open loop as well as a closed loop Boost Converter for the specified parameters.

Neural Network based Demand side management

The demand supply gap reduction for an Electric Power distribution company depicted in an IEEE paper was practically implemented, examined and verified using a single layer feed forward Neural Network


Member of India Association at Missouri S & T.

Student Life – Missouri S & T.

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