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Engineer Safety

Mecca, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia
March 05, 2018

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MOBILE No: 009**-*********/050*******

SKYPE: aslambrohi (Preferred mode of communication) Engineer CAREER Over Gained Completed 20 exposure from years BE SUMMARY. various / of B for commendable Tech international Projects, in Industrial Construction, success recognized Engineering in entire Mechanical organizations with gamut around and in of the Civil Health, 20 field Services, years of Safety (Transmission of sound MEP and Environment and experience Line Earth & Power Work in Operations HSE/Plant)Projects Safety . Construction candidate Presently professional solving CAREER Seeking the show ACADEMIC company high skills a challenging is OBJECTIVE: working values looking environment QUALIFICATION: with Co. and Ltd added departments a "as for can, position Has Construction joining and do" that experience attitude. positive in encourages the with an right international my Safety contribution. in different people knowledge self-Engineer/growth. in Kinds company the A and challenging top Manager Open of years notch projects whereby, minded of company with position experience. in with I PAKISTAN Arabian can to in analytical, utilize, utilize a The well-Electrical & job enhance, my established SAUDI communicative should skill. Transmission ARABIA.and give organization contribute me A and diligent a chance Line problem within and to a

NEBOSH-Diploma Bachelor • • • • TRAINING, • • • • Organized Attended Working Electricity Mobile First OSHA Fire QA/QC Warden in Aid of IGC 30 crane Supervisor Occupational Engineering & at CERTIFICATIONS Hour 2017 Training at CPR Height by Work course. United General Courses course. for course. Course in Health OHTL Olefins (Industry INDUSTRIAL Safety works on & complex SAFETY Course AWARENESS & Environment (ENGINEERING) Organized Organized Organized Organized Organized Organized (Organized Project LEADRESHIP COURSES by by (by by by by FLUOR (by OHSE) GTSC ICTD GTSC Salman GTSC ASTC Grade HRP SKILL-UAE K.K.ARABIA K.Grade K.Saudi S.“A” S.Fakeeh S.S.ATTENDED: A) A) A) A) ) PATH Year “A” Council LTD) Hospital of Year TRAINING Passing of of Engineers) Passing Jeddah May at 1993 K.January Jubal S.A ) KSA 2008. 1


A- Designation Company Duration COMPANY : : : PROFILE January Senior Arabian Safety 2000 Electrical Engineer up to Transmission date. Line Construction Co.Ltd Saudi Arabia(AETCON) experienced Arabian renowned stretching leaders and Electrical company almost and now-dedicated a-over Transmission in days the the became Kingdom team entire of Line terrain the Engineers of Saudi most Construction of Arabia. Kingdom and trusted workers AETCON names Company of Saudi working progress in Arabia. the (AETCON) here Kingdom in with AETCON the is field us of one in of has Saudi Saudi High of grown the Arabia Arabia. Voltage most rapidly Transmission AETCON consolidated to become has Line, well and the 06- 03- 04- 01- 02- 05- Project Project Project Project Client Project Project Designation Duration Client Client Duration Designation Client Duration Duration Duration Client Designation Designation Designation : Construction : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Looping 02/Saudi Saudi Re-Construction 16/Senior construction Installation Saudi 03/Saudi 08/30/Saudi Construction Construction Safety Construction Construction Construction Construction Safety Al-Conduct 10/Safwa 02/03/02/11/of Electricity Electricity Electricity Electricity Electricity Engineer 380 2006 Safety Engineer/ 200*-****-**** 2015 Point Cement KV of ring to of of 132 To To to to of Safety Engineer DC of of of Safety of 132 15/110KV of Company 02/27/380/Up 15/existing 380 380KV 110KV Company Company Company Company Multi KV 132 02/(KV Factory Manager) 03/10/to 02/Engineer OHTL Engineer/ KV 132KV 2008 OHTL KV –Circuit date U/2013 2015 D/OHTL 2017 380 DC (OHTL G SEC-between S/C to cable SEC-SEC-OHTL SEC-SEC-KV OHTL OHTL S COA) supply from between OHTL Shoaiba (Manager) COA) WOA) WOA) WOA) from from Aramco works Between 380/Electricity From Jeddah Al-EHV Bisha 110KV Jithamiah associated Jeddah S/S Al-North BSP 8708 to Wajjah HHR-Aramco North to S/and substation with Wadi S 3 8903 BSP Al-S/BSP Nuyyim S Aflaj PP-Al-380/& and to on Al-Dawasr 10 110/S/Hail 110 Field Umlujj Al-S 8760 Naeem 13.S/KV BSP S 8KV To BSP 8902 substation. Construction of 110KV U/G cable from Fasisalleyah to new Rabwah substation. Construction of 110KV U/G cable from Jamia substation to KM-8 substation. 2

07- 11- 08- 09- 12- 10- B- Project Project Project Project Duration Duration Designation Designation Client Client Designation Designation Duration Designation Duration Duration Designation . Designation Client Duration Duration Designation Client Client Client Client Company Duration Project Project : : : : : : : : : : : : : ; : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 380KV Construction OHTL 01/Saudi Site Project Safety 13.Construction 01/Saudi April Safety 01/Saudi 20/Site Imperial 230 Safety 04/Saudi Site 12/Saudi 02/Saudi Site Saudi 69 8 03/08/03/KV Engineer 05/01/09/08/Engineer KV KV //of Hail Electricity Electricity 1993to Safety Safety Electricity Electricity Electricity Engineer 2004 Engineer Electricity Electricity Engineer OHTL 2004 2004 /200*-****-**** 5 OHTL Rural Safety 2003 No’s Construction –Qassim to to to of to to to From Engineer Electrification United Engineer January 132 30/Engineer 30/30/to 110 30/18/17/Company Company Company Company Company 07/28/Company KV Inter-09/07/Dhahran 08/11/12/Company KV Olefins OHTL(200*-****-**** 02/2001 OHTL 2000 2000. 2001 Company connection SEC-SEC-2004 SEC-SEC-SEC-and Central Project and Contract Petrochemical (Shoiab SEC-(ERB) WOA) 20/CRB) CRB) CRB) 20/SEC-Ltd ERB) 12/Project Hail. S/12/– No CRB) Swamlah S (2001 2001 To ICC) 513/NSIF Complex to Pakistan. to 20/30/30/at (SEC-3) 2nd 07/07/Project WRB Industrial 2003 2003 CN Jubail # Estate 79/1/21) Dammam 01- Project designed COMPANY Imperial Head Client Transmission Construction and constructed : : PROFILE Lines Company 500KV Water (in OHTL)Pakistan & OHTL Power Ltd, substations in (ICC) out and arrangement is Saudi leading and Arabia 3 Development Power company of by Ghazi Plant. ICC. Barotha in Authority More Pakistan Project. than (WAPDA) involved I0, 000 KM in construction of OHTLs has of been Over 02- Project Duration Designation Duration Client Designation : : : : : : Site Site 132 30/Karachi 10/11///09/KV& safety Safety 2000 1998 Electric 220 Engineer Engineer to to KV 02/05/Supply OHTL 05/01/2001 Sixth 2000 Corporation Power ((Sector KESC) Loan Project). Worked M/Designation Duration Duration Designation Plant) POWER Worked Client Client DUTIES S ICC with Communicate To Review/as as (Pvt) MECHANICAL/MECHANICAL ensure M/AND limited. PLANT S ICC : : : : : : prepare the (RESPONSIBILITIES: Pvt) Sub-Project to Site HOBCO HSE /SEIMENS 01/20/Limited Mechanical/Mechanical/SAFETY contractor SAFETY 04/06/Manager plan Health (1997 1995 NATIONAL Sub-ENGINEER and ENGINEER AG Safety of contractor Safety Safety and GERMANY/ to to procedures ANSALDO 31/25/Superintendent Plan 08/08/Engineer Engineer POWER at at HUBCO is 1998 1998 ROUSCH of Energia effectively BLACK UK) POWER POWER an the & VEATCH implemented. ITALIAN HSE PROJECT PROJECT the INTERNATIONAL Company. progress (4X323 (412 of MW) MW) the project Oil Combined an fired American HSE Power Cycle program Company. Project Power and with

makes Maintains Preparing Conducting Conduct Supervising Participate Safety Report inspections recommendations all orientation hazards, and and and in weekly any control keeping training investigation and of unsafe safety equipment HSE daily the safety for workers meeting activities training Safety site-records relating and related to on practices and to perform site awareness and the assure to activities improvements. preparing EHS EHS with their daily Manager. of issues. job regular company to TBT in accident/ensure safe meeting. checks policy, manner adherence incident of general to work minimize investigation. to safety sites, safety risk rules ensures procedures and and avoiding safe that work hazards accidents. practices. are

identified; Liaise Audit Evaluate Sub with the – precautionary sub-contractor’s need contractors for personal procedure measures on matters protective practices are concerning taken equipment, and and implementation provide HSE. fire protection Safety advice of remedial equipment to trades measures and other as related appropriate. equipment

Co-and Patrols Conducting Arranging Develops ordinate specifies sites on-implements the with the-to the monitor Safety job equipment Client/safety orientation and proper Consultant meetings evaluates to meet safety & with representative training those program& performance. all Supervisors needs. 4 of procedures new Safety foreman group Engineer to of & ensure construction workers regarding personnel before Engineer safety deputing safety. weekly matters. on & the monthly. site.

recurrence Participated Arrange Ensured Coordinated Ensure Developing equipment/Prepare Developed, Monitored Arranging Conducted Plans Safety Conducted safety Conducted Provided Arranged Planned, Supervising Apply CONDUCTING: Maintained • • • • • • • • • • • • • and rules. and inspections that directs, Emergency Site Cranes Basic Manual Lock-Working Heat Welding Internal Internal HSE Tool HSE safety information all strict support or implements Personnel safety and and daily periodic of implements, staff Tool systems the coordinates and in with Induction updates Box Stress. the out measures Fire training Training the controls and and proper Handling files has walkthrough box Camp Site HSE the Cutting at incident. Meeting / Client/of Fighting. investigation implements Tag-sign inspection Rigging. Height. Response. are systems and and talk equipment Protective HSE Training & safety the (to record to safety reporting out. Accommodation) company's posters, for maintained and accident are Consultant Grinding on prevent New Audit. Procedure. workers with site of operational using evaluates policies and of organization for work / Employees. of Supervisors barriers personnel. Equipment Retraining and the for records. injury first equipment’s to inspection/to Safety. their safety directed any site and perform and be site and aid programs to submitted and PPE injury ensuring Compiles priority readily Site activities training personnel procedures standards Inspection. safety other which (at and their PPE) equipment safety maintenance the & to available. program Engineers. to plants materials basis and job and personnel prevention work for to include to educate and officers in in the ensure submits procedures workers in and safe loss accordance in is at compliance Client/to to store being but workers all manner incident or ensure and on of and warn adherence accident damage times. not accidents, before safety testing consultant & accomplished makes of to safe, at limited to about with potential basis. ensure with site. minimize to reports issues deputing healthy, of materials recommendations incidents to OSHA safety local, all to safety engineer. personnel required ; and safety, risk and policies, and safely. state, to actual & and procedures site. and accident-equipment state fire non- by and avoiding laws, safety and regulatory and regulations. conformances federal. free to facility and life hazards. enforcing prevent accidents. work. practices. saving agencies. safety. strictly 5

P.O BOX NO 250974

RIYADH -11341


Contact # 053*******/050*******/053*******

PERSONAL E-Name Date Membership Driving Father’s Nationality Passport Specialization INFORMATION mail of Birth License Name No : : : : : : : : : Saudi Pakistan aslambrohi@aslambrohi1999@Valid Muhammad Muhammad 01-AM3949132 Power Pakistani. 01-Saudi Engineering 1967 Plants Engineering Driving Aslam Bux (hotmail.& EXPIRE Over Brohi gmail.council Brohi License Head com Council DATE (Late) com (Transmission SEC) and 24/(PEC) 03/Pakistani 2019) Lines. COMPUTER MS Dos, MS Office SKILLS: (Word, Excel, Access & PowerPoint) & Internet. COMMUNICATION SKILLS:

English Arabic Urdu Panjabi Sindhi Brahvi : : : : : : Command Can National Native. Native Native Speak in good Written & Spoken. 6


Ambitious, Hardworking, Solution oriented and Dynamic. DISTINCTION.

Throughout of Engineering First (BE) Class academic Career, besides this Secured First Class SECOND POSITION in Bachelor OBJECTIVE. Presently environment exposure my academic utilizing I am and that looking professional various challenges forward technical, career. the for full an management opportunity extent of and my to decision capabilities; work in making an even offering skills more responsibility, that challenging I have acquired and growth dynamic during and COMMUNICATION.

I giving can communicate presentations easily and have and confidently done several to during a wide my range graduation of people degree from my and work my previous experience; jobs I as enjoy well. Enhance minimize KEY SKILLS. Occupational loss to the authority. Health, safety activities with the objective of Prevention of Injury to Personnel & Multi Able objectives to Skilled handle and and generating multitude Highly Flexible. of new differing ideas. demand Adapt easily and assignments. to Change. Generate different ways of accomplishing Risk Accept Taker. additional responsibilities without previous experience and succeed. Learn new skills/tasks quickly. Accomplish Willing Dependable. Customer problem clients. Team Deal By to Problem positions consistently with Player to is/Solver. demanding help Service. was goals of / increasing others following Leadership. and through obtain clients in need. responsibility. through people. solutions. with Excellent excellent Use on projects, This people leadership results communication skills create in potential to increased trust build and and group in word therefore, the negotiating involvement, areas of mouth of increase coaching skills. advertising generate Determine responsibility and enthusiasm, facilitating. and what continued level. they and Consistently desire relationships participation. or what promoted with the Creative problem I solver. hope Anticipate to join potential your successful problems and take team steps to avoid them. 7 Engr.Muhammad Aslam Brohi.

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