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McLean, Virginia, United States
February 27, 2018

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**** ********* ******* **.

Annandale, VA 2203



*** – 758 – 5889

IT and Numeracy

Proficient in MS office

Efficient in analytical and

numerical problem solving


Personal Skills

Time management

Proactive and assertive

Flexible & approachable



Problem solving






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Having excellent research potential and an ability to actively contribute to the research projects goals. Able to interact with all researchers in a constructive, creative and professional manner during the processing, storing and logging process. Proven track record in properties analysis of elements and composition of materials, seeks to work as a material engineer in a renowned organization. Currently looking for an acceptable position with a company where loyalty, dedication and ability are recognized and rewarded. Catholic University of America Washington DC

Research Assistant August 2016

Identifying suitable techniques for the collection and analysis of data.

Assisting in the development & preparation of continuing funding opportunities.

Contributing to team decisions about research directions.

Ensuring the validity and reliability of data at all times.

Data coding, data entry, transcribing, data analysis & assistance with writing up.

Producing regular reports for senior management and specialists in different areas.

Maintaining equipment and enforcing safety rules to ensure the smooth running of the laboratory.

Responsible for standard laboratory routines, equipment calibration, maintenance and replenishment, etc.

Working within a controlled laboratory quality system and in accordance with relevant bodies compliant procedures.

Evaluating and writing up of results in reports and publications.

Approving the best combination of materials for specific purposes.

Approving the testing of materials to assess how resistant they are to heat, corrosion or chemical attack.

Assessing materials for specific qualities (such as electrical conductivity, durability, renewability).

Considering the implications for waste and other environmental pollution issues of any product or process.

Working to solve problems that may arise either during the manufacturing process or with the finished product.

Monitoring plant conditions and material reactions during use.

Helping to ensure that products comply with national and international legal and quality standards.

Prepare and update project schedule based on the contract.

Prepares and submit updated work program and cash flow curve showing actual progress and identify areas of weakness and establishes means and methods for recovery, if any, as well as new critical activities.

Prepares monthly report reflecting work progress summary. Rosewood Company Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Coordinator October 2011 to October 2012

Organized weekly reports for the daily work for each department.

Problems caused by daily wear and tear or change of environment.

Supervising quality control throughout the construction and production process. Telecare Company Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Marketing Representative Nov 2010 to Nov 2011

Set work program and target milestones for each phase based on the project plan

Worked a lot with customer service and E-marketing.

Working to solve problems that may arise either during the manufacturing process or with the finished product.

Had to communicate with a lot of different people.

Attended and observed weekly senior marketing meetings. The Catholic University of America Washington D.C

M.S in Materials Science and Engineering in Nanotechnology Fall 2015 – Spring 2017 NOVA Virginia

International English Diploma 2013-2015

Taif University Saudi Arabia

B.S. in Physics Graduated Spring 2009

In-depth knowledge of analytical tools and applications for analysis of material properties.

Good knowledge in composite materials and properties of elements contained in composite material.

In-depth knowledge about terminal ballistics and explosives materials.

Well exposed to crystal growth techniques, thin-film deposition, ion implantation, and photo lithography.

In-depth knowledge of industrial design, time and velocity studies, material and finished goods process management, and storage density analysis.

Proficient in welding quality control inspection techniques as well as use of mechanical test equipment and instruments.

In-depth knowledge of metals, ceramics, and polymers.

Excellent research skills.

Able to plan research and organize tasks effectively.

Ability to use various methods to troubleshoot a development in order to produce accurate findings.

Experience in carrying out experimental research.

Knowledge of maintaining safe workplace practice and procedures in accordance with the requirements of Health and Safety legislation.

Handling and protecting confidential and sensitive data with integrity.

Participated and contributed equally while working in a group for projects at work.

Ability to get on with all levels of people and possess strong relationship building skills.

Built effective personal relationships and networks within the team, which contributed towards achieving organizational and team successes.

Able to adhere to engineering principles and techniques.

Ability to evaluate and test theoretical designs.

Knowledge of considering time constraints like safety, cost and environmental issues.

Good understanding of materials related to Nanotechnology theory and principles of design.

Ability to make sketches, mechanical engineering drawings, and common computations.

Quick learner, possess a broad range of experience, highly motivated, and have the ability to work in structured and unstructured environments and initiating career awareness and self-monitoring on my overall progress.

The above details are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Given the opportunity, I will discharge my services to the best of your satisfaction. Communication

Dealing professionally with a wide

range of people including senior

management, senior engineers,

executives, etc.

Employed appropriate and often

innovative solutions to increase

communication while using time

efficiently to track progress and

meet goals.

Fluency in written and spoken

English, French and Arabic.

French: Beginner.


Analytical tools

Material properties

Composite materials

Industrial design

Reporting skills

Undertaking research

Materials Science




Data collecting techniques

Data validation

Verifying data

Report writing

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