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Sales Manager

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
February 26, 2018

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Moumita Hanra

Phone: +*-925-***-****

Professional Experience Key Highlights:

Analytics professional with Masters degree in Quantitative Analysis from Ohio and 7 years experience in US in the field of Advanced Analytics having excellent interpersonal and communication skills with expertise working on applications like SAS, SPSS, R, SQL, VBA in the field of Market Research, Media Analytics and Sales force consulting.

Experience in industry verticals likes CPG, Food Service, Technical, Video Games, Retail stores, Insurance, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Auto industries, Leisure and Travel as well as the healthcare industry.

Skill Set Summary:

Advanced Analytics Skill Set:

Market Segmentation

Structural Equation Modeling

Marketing Mix Modeling

Media Budget Allocation Optimization using VBA based simulators

Linear, Logistic and Ridge Regression, Factor analysis, Cluster analysis

Brand Equity Scoring


Maximum Difference Scaling

Machine learning

Derived Importance, Correspondence Analysis and Mapping

TURF, Fair Value analysis, Risk Reward analysis, Lead Lag analysis

Copy Testing

Pricing using Conjoint, Van Westerndorf

Detail and Message Effectiveness

Core Technical Skills:

SAS, SAS macros




Latent Gold, MATLAB, hadoop

Advanced excel, and VBA programming



Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Resource Allocation & Budgeting, Liaison with Clients, Recommending Pertinent Solutions to clients and client teams, Data Collection and Data Analysis, Project Management, Resource Management, Delivery Management, Automation efforts for efficiency, Consultancy Services Education Summary:

Masters of Science in Quantitative Analysis from University Of Cincinnati

(June 2009)



• Data mining

• Multivariate methods

• Statistics

• Regression analysis

• Optimization Modeling

• Optimization Analysis

Bachelors of Engineering in Instrumentation, University of Mumbai

(Aug, 2005)

Work Experience:

March 2017 to Present:

Advanced Analytics Consultant with eMax Health NY

• Messaging effectiveness using different modeling techniques on asthma patients and others

• Team coordination for determining appropriate statistical methodologies to solve key client questions of pharmaceutical companies.

• Adherence analysis using logistic regression modeling in SAS

• Drivers analysis using structural equation modeling

• Working knowledge of SAS macros, arrays and efficiency coding. April 2015 to Feb 2017:

Advanced Analytics Consultant with McClelland Engineers, Mumbai, India

• Start up and advanced the advanced analytics for manufacturing industries using past industry experience

• Incorporating advanced analytic techniques including but not limited to linear, logistic regression modeling techniques among others to assess the impact of various measures over consideration of products and making recommendations to executive team

• Conduct segmentation cluster analysis to target best potential customers of manufacturing equipments

Oct 2013 to Feb 2015:

Symphony Health Solutions, Willow Grove, PA

Associate Director, Advanced Analytics

• Served as a lead operations research manager on a large number of studies leveraging primary and secondary data for the pharmaceutical industry.

• Supervised two on-shore and two off-shore team members.

• Specific types of analysis included:

o Detail and Message Effectiveness using logistic regression modeling o Driver analyses using structural equation modeling o Segmentation studies using Latent Class and Latent Gold analysis o Persistence/adherence studies (using survival modeling and logistic regression)

• Rich experience in SAS and macros, and Proc SQL

• Liaised with Client teams on studies to extract insights from the analysis on projects. Feb 2012 to May 2013:

Starcom Mediavest, San Francisco, CA

Manager, Advanced Analytics

• Applying dynamic powerful Time Series Market Mix Modeling techniques to predict how sales is driven by various metrics and engaged in the demonstration of diminishing return curves of paid media as well as earned media (Facebook and others); developed the ROI i.e. cost per point metrics i.e. cost obtained for spending one GRP, one digital impression and assessing earned social media impact from volume contributions.

• Built VBA based automated, powerful and proven cost allocation Optimizers that determines the best budget allocation strategy and optimal spending among TV GRPS, Digital Impressions and Social Media.

• Worked extensively on SAS macros to automatically create weekly contribution charts as well as predicted vs actual charts.

• Performed advanced analytics on Cookie level data and Digital media data like digital impressions, TV GRPs, Search, Facebook, Buzz metrics, Google analytics/ Organic search, Word of Mouth impact, promotions and customer satisfaction metrics to demonstrate the drivers of end metrics like Sales (The Goal), Perception of potential Consideration and Favorability.

• Conducted ARIMA models in SAS on share of sales using Media, Campaign, Attitudinal and Buzz metrics.

• Consulted regularly with client teams in Retail, Technical, CPG industries as well as Video games like XBOX by suggesting appropriate Advanced Analytic techniques to be used for the business question at hand.

• Interacted with various data vendors for discussing data requirements and costs, addressing data questions and proposing data layout suggestions.

July 2011 to Feb 2012:

The NPD Group, Rosemont, IL

Manager, Advanced Analytics

• Lead the Food Service Advanced Analytics Department; steered efforts towards the smooth execution of projects-from the proposal stage to the final delivery of results.

• Built client proposals to sell Advanced Analytics Projects as well as worked on the projects after their sale and presented the end results to the clients thereby helping them in strategic decision- making.

• Conducted internal trainings for client development teams on Advanced Analytic Capabilities to demonstrate how Advanced Analytics can be useful for strategy and decision making.

• Performed market drivers segmentation on proprietary as well as custom data using cluster analysis (using customized algorithms in SPSS and Latent Gold software) to assess how the segments discriminate among the metrics and the drivers of each segment.

• Created Brand Health Scores for each market in the competitive set and assessed ad performance using copy testing, conducted correspondence analysis, Brand Image Maps, Lead Lag, Loyalty and Clout Analysis and conducted drivers analysis to demonstrate drivers of consideration of food products.

October 2008 – June 2011:

Millward Brown, Lisle, IL

Research Analyst

• Conducting market Segmentation using Cluster analysis to see how the segments discriminate among the factors or attributes.

• Path modeling experience to demonstrate inter relationships between the various Media Metrics and ultimate impact of metrics over consideration of brands.

• Consulted with clients on the analysis findings that ultimately help them to make proper decisions on their advertising, Marketing and Promotion strategies among others

• Expertise in Cross Media analysis, Linear, Logistic and ridge regressions, factor analysis, Segmentation cluster analysis, Lead Lag analysis, Calibration, pricing, Derived Importance, Correspondence analysis, TURF, Fair Value analysis, Brand equity scores, Volume analysis, risk reward analysis among others.

• Conduct marketing mix modeling on time series data particularly predict how sales are affected by awareness, media advertising TRP and GRP and other metrics using dynamic linear models.

• Developing brand Equity scores that define the market equity of the brand and how these scores correlate to the share of sales of these brands.

• Engaging in developing and presenting “client-friendly” proposals of various existing and innovative potential solutions for our clients.

• Conduct maximum difference scaling analysis using hierarchical Bayes algorithm to analyze the relative importance of attributes of products.

• Analyze multivariate analysis outputs and give recommendations to clients on the strong factors that influence product purchase considerations.

• Extensive copy testing experience for TV, radio, print and online ads to see the client's advertisements impact the end measures like the perception of Likelihood to purchase, Call to Action, Sales and others.

August 2007-October 2008:

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Teaching Assistant

• Teaching and grading undergraduate students in Microsoft Excel, power point and statistics.

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