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System Administrator Manager

San Jose, California, United States
February 19, 2018

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Nan Liu

**** ****** *****

San Jose, CA *****


Languages: Perl, Python, Bash, Expect, SQL, Unix-Shell, HTML, JavaScript, Some C, C++, PHP,Java

Computer hardware: SunFire 6800 Server, Netra T1/X1/900, IBM RS-6000/P-Series, Sun T1000/T2000, ADIC/BruceHill/Spectralogic 64000 tape Libraries, Intel/AMD x86/x64 Severs and workstations, HP 9000 (700/800/C-Class/E-Class), HP ProLiant DL380 G6, HP ProLiant BL460c G6. Dell PowerEdge 1850/850/1900/R710. IBM Blade server. Supermicrio 2u/3u/4u servers. Cisco UCS blade servers. Cisco UCS rack servers and chassis. Hitachi CB500/CB2500 blade and chassis.

Network hardware: CISCO Switches C2960X/C3550/C ME3600x/ASR9001-S/Nexus5548P, AbhiWeb AFS 2000 Firewall, CISCO PIX Firewall, SonicWall 215, Cyclades CISCO Terminal Server 1900, AlterPath ACS32 Console Server. Alteon AD2 Load Balancer, Citrix Netscaler 10010/15000 Load Balancer, Cisco Terminal Server 2500/2800. SAN/NAS Hardware: HITACHI 9500V. HITACHI HUS VM, HITACHI G1000, VSPG400 Brocade 3500, SilkWorm 2800 Switch. Brocade 3500 Switch, JNIC HBA. QLogic and Emulex HBA, Netapps 900, 2050, 3240, 3050, 3070 and 6040 filers. EMC CLARiiON CX3. HP Poly Serve NAS Storage.

Operating System: Linux Redhat 7/8/9 workstations, RedHat Enterprise AS/ES 5/6/7. CentOS 5/6/7, Fedora 11 Suse 10/11 and Ubuntu 12.04.02. Solaris 7/8/9/10, HP-UX 10/11.11/11.23/11.31/11.99, IRIX 5.3, AIX 4.X/5.2L, Netapps Data ONTAP 7.x, Windows 2000/7/10

Applications: Platform LSF, OpenLava/Tephra HP OpenView, MRTG, Nagios 2.9. Apache Web Server 1/2, SSH, Flexlm License Server, Cadence/Xilinx EDA Tools, SAMBA, NFSv2/v3 Apache with Openssl/mod_ssl/mod_perl/perl_Templet_Tool Kit and Nagios 2.8. Hadoop 2.4. Version Control/Configuration Management: ClearCase, CVS, Git. Puppet and Ansible Backup Software: Veritas Netbackup 5.x, Legoto Networker and Shell script (dump, rsync) Volume Managers: Veritas Foundation Suite, Sun Volume Manager, Linux LVM. Clusters: Linux DRBD Cluster with Heartbeat. Sun Cluster, Some Veritas Cluster and IBM AIX HACMP Cluster.

Virtural Machines: VMWare ESXi6/vCenter, AWS AMI, Linux KVM, Cirtrix XenServers and Solaris Containers.

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL and some Oracle

Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, some Jboss and WebLogic Name Servers: Solaris and Linux NIS server, Sun LDAP directory server 5.2, Openldap 2.4 and BIND 9.2.3

Cloud - Some AWS and Platform 9 (Open Stack)


Certified Solaris Administrator

Certified Network Administrator

Microsoft Certified Professional


Veritas Netbackup 5.x

AIX 5.2L for Professionals

JBoss Application Server


Sun Volume Manager

Sun Cluster 3.2

Sun Systems Fault Analysis Work shop

Solaris 10 Features for Experienced Solaris System Administrators Amazon - AWS Administration

Platform 9 - Platform 9 (Open Stack) Administration EXPERIENCE

Cadence Design Systems 2655 Seely Ave, San Jose, CA 95134 5/2016 - Present System Engineer

Manage over 2000 systems' LSF/Openlava/Tephra server farm consist of RHE, CentOS, SuSE, Ubuntu and AIX. System builds with DHCP/PXEboot/Kickstart. Using Ansible to manage security configuration/patch management. Create new and upgrade LSF/Openlava clusters. Administering AWS East/West clusters for LSF/Openlava,server farms and creating virtual machines in Platform9 (OpenStack). Support EDA tools, system automate tools development in Perl, Bash and Python. Use Python to automate checking the LSF/Openlava clusters' conditions such as the license usages, the availability nodes in the server farm system. Also using python to generate daily report for 50+ clusters' operating conditions and notify the responsible administrators. OS upgrades. Manage WMware EXSI 6.5/vCenter VMs. Hitachi Data Systems 2845 Lafayette Street Santa Clara, CA 95050 9/14 – 5/2016 Solution Engineer

Create customer configurations for Hitachi SAN data storage include create LDEVs, assigning LUN path and Create zone on Brocade 3500 switches for the test bed. Administrating LVM lab systems including Hitachi SAN, Brocade Switch, vCenter/VMware ESXi 6 VMs, Linux and HPUX systems. Creating solution for the customer with SAP HANA Scale-Up Build Guide. including test the SAN storage, blade servers and SAP Hana databases. SAP Hana data loading test on Hitachi SAN/Blades Servers/Brocade Switch hardware and Suse Linux OS 11SP3.

Cisco Systems 170 West Tasman Drive San Jose, CA 95134-9883 9/13 – 9/14 Systems/Network Architect

Administering R & D labs for the test beds for new Cisco products and the solutions for the internal and external customers. The hardware includes next generation of switches, routers and Cisco servers. The software includes Cloud computing platform running on virtualization platform with Ubuntu OS for Open Stack environment. Cisco UCS Platform QA tester

Test Cisco UCS blade servers in SAN, iSCSI, FC and local storage for Redhat, Suise, Ubuntu, VMware ESXi 5.X to 5.5. Citrix XenServer 6.1 and 6.1. Oracle Enterprice Server. Test Cisco adaptors and third party adaptors such as Qlogic and Emulex. Automation test scripting for the scripts in Perl and Python. Firmware upgrade and configuration testing in Cisco UCS Manager.

Nivio 2825 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA 94306 2/12 – 9/13 Sr. Linux System Administrator

Build and deployed Linux DRBD/HERTBEAT data storage clusters for the data centers in US, Asia and Europe. Setup iSCSI targets and initiators for the application and the user data. Perl/shell scripting for the automation of the administration of the servers and the storage asks.

Huawei Technologies 2050 Central Express Way Santa Clara CA 2/11 – 2/12 Sr. Linux System Administrator

Administering EDA Tools such as Cadence, Synopsys and Target tools with Flexlm license server. Support Exceed on Demand user access and license. Manage Netapp 2050 filers for file storage. Kickstart build Redhat servers. Build Sun Grid Engine Server farms. Working with the Vendors for new Dell/HP server orders and Netapp storage expension. HP 19091 Pruneridge Ave, Cupertino CA 95014. 2/10 – 3/11 Sr. Linux System Administrator

Administer JCTL Lab about 400 servers which consist HP-UX, Redhat, CentOS and Suse Linux. Tasks include Communication to the lab (status, issues, project twiki updates, performance matrics). System installations, maintenance and patching. Troubleshooting many kinds of problems (crashes, performance, NIS, NFS, mail servers, accounts/logins/permissions) Backups and restores -monitoring and troubleshooting. Manage system downtimes. Backup and restores with monitoring and troubleshooting for HP Data Protector. HP PolyServer NAS storage. Webmaster duties for reconfigre, restart webservers. Install 3rd party tools for lab use, eg gnu tools. Perl/shell scripting for the automation of the backup reporting, user space storage usages on the NA, and the system administration. Set up Nagios/Nagiosgraph monitoring system for Redhat, Suse, HP-UX systems. Perl script for Subversion hotcopy backups and verifications. Automate scripting for check ssh configuration, system remote login, executes the command and etc, and auto post the report to Twiki.

Silicon Image, Inc. 1060 East Argues Avenue, Sunnyvale,CA 94085 9/06 – 2/10 Sr. Linux System Administrator

Setting up Jumpstart server for Solaris 9/10 to install Solaris 9/10 clients and setting up kickstart server for Redhat ES3 and ES4 for 32 and 64 bit clients installations. Writing backup script for Oracle and Jboss. Administering Netapps for user/group permissions, automount, aggregate volume(FlexVol), qtree, quota and ndmpcopy. Installing CAD tools and administering Flexlm licensing server. Administering Platform LSF computing server farm consist of Solaris, RedHat 7.2, RedHat ES 3 computing servers. Setup Sun Java Enterprise System LDAP director server 5.2 and the replications of the remote master servers. Confgure LDAP clients for Solaris 8,9,10 and RedHat Linux 7.2, ES3 and ES4. Installation of Fedora Core6. Upgrade Fedora Kernel and packages via yum. Configure Alteon HTTP Load Balancing and Cyclades ACS32 console server. Setting up Nagio server. Writing automate script to sync the new user's accounts across multiple servers. Setting up new Dell Windows Vista workstations with AntiVirus/Office software and printing. Configuring kickstart via dhcp/tftp to build CentOS 5 servers. Configuring NIS master/slave servers and clients. Configuring SAMBA server on CentOS. Configuring an internal YUM repository for the automatic package update for CentOS Linux clients. Building rpm packages. EDUCATION

State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY. BS degree of Mathematics

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