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Chemical Engineering Engineer

Cape Town, WC, South Africa
February 19, 2018

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Wighens Ngoie Ilunga

** ******* *****, ******* ****,

Cape Town, South Africa

Email :,

Cell : +277********

Seeking challenging assignments preferably as Chemical Process Engineer / Researcher / Lecturer / Product Development Engineer

Profile Snapshot

Qualified Chemical Engineer possessing firstly a Bachelor degree in the field of Chemical engineering (Option: Hydrometallurgy) and secondly, holding a Master’s degree from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Thesis on Applied Nanotechnology for treating Industrial Wastewater effluents). Currently I’m pursuing my doctorate degree in Chemical engineering (Thesis on Solid waste remediation for Biodiesel Production). I possess almost 10 years of industry experience with strengths in mineral and hydrometallurgy, hydrocarbon processing industries and industrial wastewater processing.

Mr Wighens Ngoie is doing his PhD at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and working as Part-time lecturer. He started his chemical engineering studies since Technical high-school in Democratic Republic of Congo at Institute Technique Mutoshi and moved to the University of Lubumbashi to complete his BSc Eng. Degree in Chemical Engineering and precisely in Hydrometallurgy processes for Copper recovery, while in the meantime working as Plant operator in one of the biggest mining company in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Gecamines). Afterwards Wighens Ngoie relocated to South Africa to pursue with his studies and registered at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, for his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering involving Nanotechnology applied for Wastewater treatments, meanwhile working as Research Assistant and then Part-time lecturer. Currently he is second year PhD student at the same university, working under the Biocatalysis and Technical Biology Research Group. His thesis is about the Biodiesel production from Edible oil waste sludge using Nano-magnetic. Besides that, He has been involved and collaborated with Dr Arthur Mpela, Dr Pamela Welz Dr Marilize Leroes-Hill and Dr Seun Oyekola in several projects such as: Wastewater treatments, Insecticides Manufacturing, Mineral Processing and Biofuels Production. I am an enthusiastic, productive and professional individual who enjoys being part of a successful team. I’m extremely efficient, personable, hard working and well presented, with excellent relationship skills. I am quick to grasp new ideas and concepts and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. Able to work well on own initiative and can WIGHENS CV Page 2

demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. Even under significant pressure possesses a strong ability to perform effectively. I am seeking a long and challenging career, with good prospects, and the opportunity to gain experience within a well- established company.

In the past years, I have also gained Professional expertise as: o Well-honed leadership and management skills; with an ability to motivate others. o Sound judgment informed by extensive practical knowledge and experience. o Innovative, inventive and analytical, able to pre-empt and resolve problems with ease. o Agile, responsive and good under pressure.

o Able to handle conflict and resolve differences of opinion. o Able to negotiate successfully with internal and external sources. CAREER OBJECTIVES

Looking for a high-growth organization with a competitive and challenging environment that creates an ideal condition for delivering high quality services, aspiring to associate with an organization, which offers a congenial environment for growth I would like to work for a company that recognises the need for innovation and rewards hard work and performance. o To pursue a fulfilling career in a well-structured and challenging organization where value creation is the corporate utmost goal.

o To Train & Coach Staffs.

o To lead and develop future business leaders.


• Process Design

• Biomass

• Bio processing

• Life Cycle Assessment

• Biofuels

• Alternative Energy

• OSHA Compliance

• Standard Operating Procedures

• Plant Process Commission

• Heat and Mass Transfer



• Biocatalysis & Technical Biology Research Group – Researcher & Project Co-supervisor April 2014 – To Date

o Improving the old National Survey report on edible oil industries under the Water Research Commission

(WRC) in South Africa;

o Investigating on the edible oil processing in South Africa and remediate to all environmental issues involved;

o Improving the old National Survey report on edible oil industries under the Water Research Commission

(WRC) in South Africa;

o Organizing theme-related courses and events, especially in the field of Biocatalysis and Chemical engineering;

o Supervising BTech and ND students (Water treatment & Solid Waste Remediation); o Performing in-service presentations to share knowledge with colleagues through seminars and workshops; o Assisting the department (Biocatalysis & technical Biology Research Group / Chemical Engineering) in administration duties.

• Drywonder – Product Development Engineer & Industrial Consultant May 2015 – January 2016

o Working on improving the quality of chemical products related to different industries, and in the meantime assisting several industries to develop cost effective processes for their respective manufactured products; o Performing a series of chemical analyses and chemical process design in terms of optimising the manufacturing process of relevant products (Pesticides, Cleaning agent, CMC. MCC, Cellulosic products).

• Cape Peninsula University of Technology – Research Assistant and Part-time Lecturer January 2012 – February 2014

o Lecturing Mineral processing (2nd year students) and Chemical engineering technology II (3rd year students);

o Supervising 4th year students (BTech) and 3rd year students (Wastewater treatment & petroleum technology);

o Organizing theme-related courses and events.

• Cape Peninsula University of Technology – Part time Tutor and Laboratory demonstrator January 2011 – December 201

o Tutoring and demonstrating physics, chemistry to 2nd year students of the chemical engineering; o Tutoring 3rd year student, mineral processing and chemical engineering technology II; o Tutoring 4th year students, Heat & Mass transfer, Unit operations in Chemical engineering; WIGHENS CV Page 4

o Demonstrating and guiding chemical engineering practical’s in the laboratory to the 3rd year students.

• GECAMINES, Usines Shituru – Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo – Plant Operator August 2003 – June 2008

o Initiated statistical analysis project that resulted in effective recommendations adopted by the entire plant; o Plant (Bulk flotation and Copper Leaching);

o Collaborated with senior engineers, project managers regarding design parameters to optimize the production of copper and cobalt after electro winning process; o Prepared accurate specifications for purchase of materials and equipment in order to reduce the production cost and improve the process efficiency;

o Assisting senior manager in preparing yearly budgets based on upcoming studies and receiving budgets as needed;

o Managing pilot plant, with responsibility for direction and supervision of subordinates, and ensuring laboratory runs under safe conditions;

o Participating in training and motivation of junior staff and playing an important part in team debates and technical decisions.

• BRASIMBA, Industrial Brewery, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo – Trainee August 2002 – June 2003

o Investigating on the beer quality by improving the fermentation process of blonde and brown beer using Saccharomyces and Carlsbergensis as industrial yeast under specific conditions; o Reporting to the laboratory manager;

o Carrying out routine laboratory tests on the entire process inlet and outlet from the starting malting to the end of fermentation to ensure it complies with the requirements set. EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIALS

o University : University of Lubumbashi, Lubumbashi, Katanga, Dem. Rep. of Congo Degree : BSc Chemical Engineering: Hydrometallurgy, 2008. o University : Cape Peninsula University of Technology – Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa Degree : MTech Chemical Engineering: Wastewater & Nanotechnology, 2014. o University : Cape Peninsula University of Technology – Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa Degree : DEng Chemical Engineering: Biotechnology & Renewable energy (Expected graduation Date: April 2018).



NOSA: Safety Health and Environmental Representative Functions (NQF level 2)

FUNDANI: Teaching Assistant in Engineering (Higher Education: CPUT)

WISA: Process controllers in the Western cape (Advanced effective preventative maintenance planning on water and wastewater treatment facilities).


o Ability to work independently under deadline pressure. o Strong organizational and time management skills. o Team work and lead.

o Ability to handle stressful negotiations and strategic meetings with subject experts. o Ability to handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously. o Ability to be a team player and ability to work effectively with people from multiple cultures and backgrounds.


Computer literacy in Microsoft Package:

Full Microsoft package (as well as Advanced Excel & MS Visio) / Aspen plus / Matlab / Simulink / Vleach / Hydrus

/ Duflow / Ecosar / Phreeqc / Pestan / Epiweb / Solid edge AWARDS


• Optimization of Acid Leaching of Copper from Chalcopyrite on a pilot plant (Usines Shituru, Opening ceremony of New Leaching plant, 2008);

• Manufacturing of biodegradable insecticides from natural Plant (University of the Western Cape, Department of Chemistry, 2012);

• Effect of Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticles (ZVINPs) on the reduction of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in wastewaters effluents / River water Treatment Approach (Flow Process Research Centre, Cape Town Water Seminar, 2012);

• Reduction of ammonia from industrial wastewater effluents using natural clay supported ZVINPs

(Postgraduate conference, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2013); WIGHENS CV Page 6

• Biodiesel production from Palm oil through homogenous catalysis (Biocatalysis & technical Biology Research Group, Bellville, 2014);

• Bioethanol production from wastewater sludges using industrial Saccharomyces strains (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Bellville Campus, 2016);

• Dolomite from mineral processing as a catalyst for Biodiesel production (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Bellville Campus, 2016);

• Biodiesel production using nano-magnetic catalyst with bioethanol from edible oil wastewater sludges

(GCR Catalysis Conference, Las Vegas, USA, 2017);

• Biodiesel production using nano-magnetic catalyst with bioethanol from edible oil wastewater sludges (6th World Congress on Biofuels & Bioenergy, London, UK, 2017).


• National Award: Matric Certificate in Industrial Chemistry (2002);

• Development Research Uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa (DRUSSA): Grant for Master’s project as innovative study case at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (2013) ;

• Water Research Commission of South Africa (WRC): Sponsorship for Doctorate’s project on Solid waste remediation (National Survey on Edible oil projects) in South Africa (2014);

• Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa (CSIR) / Inter-bursary programme DST.IBS Sponsorship for Doctorate’s project on renewable energy using wastewater sludge through green and sustainable processes (2016).


South African Institution for Chemical Engineers (SAIChE): Active from 2014 – Present;

Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE): Active from 2014 – Present;

International Association of Engineers (IAENG): Active from 2012 – Present;

International Association of Engineers: For Chemical Engineers (IAENG/ChemE): Active from 2012 – Present;

Water Institute of South Africa (WISA): Active from 2014 – Present;

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC): Active from 2014 – Present;

Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA): Application in progress. PERSONAL PROFILE

• Nationality : Congolese / South African

• DOB : 29th of August 1984

• Languages : English, French, Swahili and Spanish

• Skype : live:wighensng



Name Designation Email address Phone Number

Dr Marilize Le Roes-


IBMB / BTB: Head +272********

Dr Pamela Welz Senior Researcher (BTB-IBMB)


Dr Arthur Mpela Senior Lecturer (Chemical

Engineering-CPUT) /


Dr Seun Oyekola Senior Lecturer (Chemical



Mr Felix Nkulu SHE Officer (Gecamines-KATANGA)


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