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Manager Project

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
February 16, 2018

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Atsmon Yaniv, M.B.A., B.Sc. (computer science)

647-***-**** Atsmon Yaniv Target: Sr. Product Manager. Multiple Industries.

Driven by passion for excellence, new challenges, and stakeholders serving, a highly knowledgeable Senior Product Manager, with Multiple Industries experience, specializing in Machine Learning and hands-on problem-solving skills.

Experience: 10+ years as Product Manager/ Mid-Level Manager.

Expertise: Researched, developed, and managed the roadmap & Product Life Cycle (PLC) of innovative investment ideas into deployed products, which managed investors’ funds.

Excellence: Won a first-place prize at an R&D Hackathon. Selected for Next Generation product establishment team.

Management: Indirect (10’s of peers, internal and external); Direct (team of 7).

Initiative: Founded 2 FinTech start-ups; initiated critical upgrade projects, to meet external deadlines, at 0-down time.

Innovation: Selected for Citibank’s Global Innovation Centre Acceleration Program, for developing unique innovative financial algorithms.

Results Oriented: Achieved two thirds of the company’s success, of a pressured high-end promotions project. Core Knowledge Areas

Strategic, Analytical

Great Communicator

Customer Centric

Agile, Scrum

Multiple Industries

Conflict Resolver

Hands On

System-Wide Vision

Professional Experience

Sr. Product Manager 09/2016 – present

Prinse Technologies Inc. (Systematic Investment Products) Developed fresh systematic investment products, Inspired by Machine Learning and Social Networks Big Data.

Defined the strategic core strengths of ‘Prinse Technologies’. Contacted suppliers for the rest.

Explored Researched, Developed, and Programmed a line of systematic equity investment products that outperform their industry average index.

Won a first-place prize with a core version of the first product, on a Quantopian Hackathon in Toronto, on Sep-16.

Launched a line of products, targeting various equity tastes (see details at Sr. Product Manager 08/2012 – 05/2016 (relocated to Toronto) Sepaya Financials Ltd. (Algorithmic Investment)

Joined to leverage expertise of the R&D process. Personally, undertook also Scrum management of Product Life Cycle (PLC), KPI’s development & monitoring, and options/derivatives expertise.

Defined the company strategic Products’ Roadmap, their vision, targeted customer types, release plans, and sprints R&D.

Researched & Developed investment ideas and initial algorithms into a complete PLC of semi-automated launched products (Inspired by Machine Learning ideas). These products managed High-Net-Worth-Individuals Clients’ portfolios.

Developed inspection tools for evaluation, analysis, and integration of algorithms for effective PLC monitoring by KPI’s.

Managed priorities and conflicting resource allocations, to serve both long term Products’ Roadmap R&D vs. short-term needs for immediate response to market eccentric events.

Selected from among 130 start-ups for Citibank’s Global Innovation Lab Acceleration Program, for developing innovative algorithms used for US Stock market analysis, after passing a rigorous interview & presentation process.

Co-founded the company by 08/2012. Raised 2 investment rounds at 2013 & 2015. Sales & Marketing Director, and Special Projects 01/2010 – 12/2011 Modus-Selective (Portfolio Management)

Recruited to leverage sales & marketing capabilities of company’s portfolios. Personally, undertook special marketing projects, products improvements suggestions, and competitors’ analysis.

Informally managed, motivated and encouraged financial advisors to share potential leads, for generating sales funnel.

Initiated product improvements to the portfolios, improving company’s positioning. Atsmon Yaniv Page 2

Professional Experience - continued

Designed and developed the new KYC system, and migrated old data, in order to meet new regulatory changes.

Managed (total responsibility) Business Development Projects, to increase exposure to a high-end customer niche:

Total accountability for conferences and special events.

Negotiating suppliers: web & landing page designers, members club, location & catering facilitators, speakers.

Lead management: managing registrations, contacting leads, managing attendance, managing follow-up actions, and leads conversion into customers.

Informal management of peers for needed help upfront and during the events.

Created personal trust relations with customers, to increase customer loyalty. Independent Markets Analysis, Trading & Consulting 07/2007 – 01/2010 Developed Self-Motivated Projects, of new trading systems, as a strategic decision to implement PLC knowledge and R&D capabilities for Capital Markets. Completed National Portfolio Management exams.

Researched & Developed algorithms for the largest capital markets, capable of managing small to infinite funds. These tools rely on multi-disciplines acquired knowledge and courses studied during that period.

Experienced Hadoop, as a solution for organizing, accessing, and processing NoSQL and complex Big Data streams. Project Manager 04/2005 – 06/2007

Cisco (NDS, smart TV & video solutions)

Recruited to increase quality of service from R&D teams for international projects. Personally, undertook QA labs new concept introduction. Scope up to 1M USD, Resources 5-10 developers. Awarded Certificate of Recognition for professionalism.

Chosen by R&D management for the initiation team project of the next generation product of the company.

Selected for an Agile Project Management change trustee team, and participated in the pilot Agile project.

Managed (Informally) international R&D teams, and technical teams, created & tracked work-packages execution

Planned, and managed resources, budgets, technical specifications, and setup, for innovative R&D and integration labs. Project Manager 02/2003 – 04/2005

Israel’s Prime Minister Office (Telecom, Enterprise, IT) Recruited to leverage the outsourced international technological projects. Personally, undertook critical, not-in-schedule projects that upgraded live operational sensitive systems. Scope: up to 3M USD, resources: up to 10 professionals.

Informally managed R&D teams, and technical teams, internal clients, and suppliers.

Managed and responsible for pre-sale processes, RFI, RFP, to design ambitious, yet realistic, systems’ specifications.

Conducted tenders’ processes, negotiated suppliers, led agreements signing process, and created R&D requirements.

Managed integration process of multi-million-$ projects into operational systems, for successful operational launch. Education & Certifications

M.B.A. – Master in Business Administration Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel Major classes: Technology Management, performance analysis B.Sc. in Computer Science Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Graduated Cum Laude.

Machine Learning Specialization University of Washington on Coursera. ML Foundations, Regression, Classification, Clustering, Similarity, Neural Networks, Deep Learning. Courses (Academic Level)

Computational Neuroscience University of Washington on Coursera. Data Manipulation at Scale: Systems and Algorithms University of Washington on Coursera. Projects Management Government of Israel (internal) Financial Market Studies. Leading Financial Colleges in Israel National qualification portfolio consulting & management. Technical analysis; Options strategies.

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