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Full Stack Senior Dev / Software Architect - C# .Net, ASP, Javascript

Marietta, Georgia, United States
February 11, 2018

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Available: March 2017

Locations: North West Atlanta / Marietta/ Kennesaw/ Remote

Pref title: Ebusiness Consultant

Michelle Sollicito


To further my career as an Ebusiness Consultant/Tech Architect



1990–Current Consultant Various Clients/Consultancies

Sterling Talent Solutions

Feb 2017 – Current

Senior Software Developer/Software architect working on architecting and designing/building out the Fulfillment Apis including health check architecture, caching architecture and transition to .Net Core. Restful apis using Dependency Injection heavily. Deployed as Microservices in containers on AWS. Technologies used: (C# 6/7, Visual Studio 2015/7, .Net, .Net Core, SQL Server, ASP.Net, Web API, javascript, knockout, jenkins, Postman, XUnit/NUnit (TDD-Test Driven Development), AWS (Amazon Web Services) - S3, EC2 AMIs, Cloudwatch, IAM, DynamoDB, etc.)

Technical architect at Iteratit (Self-employed)


Oct 2016 – Feb 2017

Technical architect, implemented a SQL Server migration process including data conversion scripts, Ravendb replication, QA/testing, etc. Including creating and implementing patterns and standards. Repository pattern. Also included ensuring compliance with HIPAA standards for patient data management. (C#, ASP.Net, knockout, SQL Server 2012, MVC5, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery/Ajax, Json, Ravendb, git)


April 2015 – Oct 2016

Technical architect, designed and built a single sign on system to integrate a number of Learning Management Systems so that they could share users and data transparently. Included ensuring compliance with government standards for security, using OAuth and SSL. (C#, ASP.Net, knockout, SQL Server 2012, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript)


Oct 2015 – April 2015

Technical architect, designed and built a scheduling system for physicians and co-designed and built patient management software, billing and insurance software for the Healthcare Insurance providers. Also designed a SQL Migration process for moving all the data from Ravendb to SQL Server. Included implementing security standards and ensuring compliance with HIPAA (C#, ASP.Net, MVC5, knockout, SQL Server 2012, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery/Ajax, Json, Ravendb, git)

Greg Souther Bank Webinars

Mar 2015 – Oct 2015

Managed a webinar management software development to automate the process of creating new webinars, signing up new attendees, managing the payment processing and automating the creation of on-demand webinars and dvd-based webinars. (C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) ->

Jul 2014 – Feb 2015

Managed the rearchitecting of to be the new site employing HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap and SQL Server 2012. Bug fixes to existing web site, and development of new site (probably to be called is written in, c# and Sql Server code and uses the Facebook API to retrieve posts of ads from Facebook groups and Craigslist. It also allows people to post new ads using email from their desktop, phone or tablet device. The current version has a smartphone app and a tablet app. The new version is written in MVC4 and has a three “views” – a desktop view, a smartphone view and a tablet view. (ASP.Net, .Net 4, C#, Javascript, SQL Server, HTML5, Bootstrap, Jquery, Jquery mobile, Jquery UI, MVC4, Node, Ext Js, Knockout, Angular)

Troubleshooter at Revo (via Robert Half)

Jan 2015 – Mar 2015

Managed a software development team for a startup and helped them to build a plan for going forward in terms of software engineering. Reviewed and documented code. Suggested ways to make the code more readable and supportable, more object-oriented and more secure. Set up Team Foundation Server for source code control and defect management. Set up regular backups of software. (C#, SQL Server 2008)

Global Technical Architect at Coca-Cola (via Candid Partners)

Nov 2014 – Dec 2014

Investigated Recipe Management software options for Global Coca-Cola including gathering business and technical requirements, interviews with Global Coca-Cola personnel, interviews with potential vendors and evaluation of technical architecture options. Included in-depth exploration of labelling regulations and standards to ensure compliance with these internationally. Also evaluated technical architecture and code design. Provided a technical architecture report and evaluation report to the business. Included gathering a full understanding of the C# / SQL Server code and architecture. (Oracle PLM, C# SQL Server 2008, Esha Genesis, Hamilton Grant, Verdant and Decernis)

Yellowstone National Park (via ECSTeam)

Aug 2014 – Oct 2014

Drove a proposal to work with Yellowstone National Park Educational Institute on various projects. This involved investigation of Learning Management Systems options open to them, looking at apis/interface requirements and technical / functional requirements in detail, mocking up prototypes in Magento Enterprise and in C#/.Net, SQL Server, and looking at the existing technical architecture and recommending a path towards a new technical architecture. (Magento Enterprise, SQL Server, C#,, .Net, knockout)

Managed a project that converted an existing shopping cart system over from Drupal Commerce to Magento Enterprise. (c#,, mvc3, javascript, php, mysql, drupal commerce, magento enterprise)

GA Dept of Revenue via ECSTeam

Aug 2014 – Oct 2014

Developed a training course to teach GA Dept of Revenue employees and top management about Social Media policies and governance. Presented to C level executives.

ECSTeam internal

Aug 2014 – Oct 2014

Wrote a White Paper on Facebook integration see

Also responsible for technical interviews of many C#,.Net, SQL Server, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, Node, Knockout experts including Tech Architect level consultants. Required vast knowledge of each area of expertise. (C#,.Net, SQL Server, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, Node, Knockout)


Sept 2012 – July 2014

Managed a team carrying out dvanced C#/.Net/SQL Server programming and iPhone app programming on TxtToAd site including Ajax-ifying the interface, for performance optimization, using jquery, bootstrap and writing HTML5 code creating the iPhone app. Also wrote integration code using the Facebook API and a Facebook app. Wrote a Business Plan and carried out a Social Media-based Marketing Plan. Wrote Patent Applications etc. See the site at and see documentation here: (ASP.Net, .Net 4, C#, Javascript, SQL Server, HTML5, Bootstrap, Jquery, Jquery mobile, Jquery UI, MVC4, Node, Ext Js, Knockout, Angular)


April 2014 – July 2014

Managed a team that implemented a payment system ( into a Property Management system for KeyCo Properties. (ASP.Net, C#, Javascript, Ajax, Jquery, Telerik controls, Entity Framework and SQL Server).

Apogee Interactive

Sept 2012 – July 2014

Managed a team that carried out advanced C#/.Net/SQL Server programming to solve unique EBusiness issues on an ongoing basis.

Architected a complete Help Architecture to enable help text to be localized using WestWind and to be retrieved for all the diverse technologies supported at Apogee.

During my work with Apogee I also wrote a StormCentral type application (mapping outages for customers to monitor).

(C#, ASP.Net, Javascript, Google Analytics API work, POCO and Entity Framework 4 and 5 work, HTML5, Bootstrap, Jquery, Jquery mobile, Jquery UI, MVC4, Node, Ext Js, Knockout, Angular, MVC 3, Telerik controls, ajax, iphone/ipad apps, android apps etc.)

Jan 2014 – SnowedOutAtlanta

Started SnowedOutAtlanta, the fastest growing group ever on Facebook which grew to 55,000 members in 24 hours and was featured as a “Facebook Story” one of the highest accolades in the social media world. Also featured on a wide range of media. Carried out presentations at the highest levels of organizations – to Governor Deal’s office, to FEMA, GEMA, local EMA chiefs, local EMS chiefs, CEOs of Utility companies throughout the US, some very influential people (George HW Bush, Ben Carson, Condolezza Rice, Neil Bush) and the Weather Channel. Worked on various Emergency Mgt initiatives with all these. See

See presentation to Governor Deal’s office (Severe Weather Taskforce chief)

See proposal to Governor Deal and the Severe Weather Taskforce

Ebusiness Consultant (Daugherty Business Solutions/NAPA and Royal Caribbean)

May 2012 – Sept 2012

IT Project Mgr of a key ECommerce implementation project, replacing existing custom shopping cart code with new custom shopping cart code built around Bank of America Global Gateway API

EBusiness troubleshooter involved in setting up of application monitoring tools (CA Wiley), using these tools to spot performance issues, and suggesting resolutions to those issues including programming solutions (.NET/C#) and SQL Server query or configuration solutions

Carried out various technical architecture mini projects, e.g. troubleshooting firewall problems with the help of the network team; wrote and set up a number of SQL Server scripts to carry out reports and ftp the results automatically to client sites; carried out detailed analysis of C# performance issues with regard to database access and proposed and implemented solutions.

Wrote JQuery and Spring MVC code on a Java project for RCCL using Jboss and WebSphere servers with Revenue Analytics data and data model.

Ebusiness Architect (OrcaTec)

Nov 2011 – May 2012


Managed and re-architected the whole OrcaTec eDiscovery system. This involved creating and maintaining Project Plans, writing a Detailed Requirements document, a Database Design, Detailed Design documentation and creating a large number of C# ASP.Net web forms using SQL Server, Mongo and MySQL at the back end as well as writing a large number of stored procedures in MySQL. It also involved writing a large number of Python and Bash/Unix/Linux scripts and some changes to existing TurboGears code. The code had to work as an iPhone/iPad app also and was HTML5 compliant. (C#, ASP.Net, Javascript, BSON/JSON, HTML5, iPhone app, SQL Server, MySQL, Mongo, Python, Linux/Unix/Bash, Subversion/HG/Mercurial)

Managed an offshore team responsible creating an email archiving system involving an Outlook Plugin on the client and Exchange Journalling/X Headers on the Server. Involved creating detailed design specs and regular communication with offshore team. (Outlook/Exchange, C#, ASP.Net, REST Apis, Stored Procedures)

Re-architected the Logging System for OrcaTec Decisioning Suite. This involved developing a Detailed Requirements document and writing the core API in C#/ASP.Net, MySQL, and then putting the logging code into the rest of the system (C#/ASP.Net) to call the core API. (C#, ASP.Net, MySQL, stored procedures).

Ebusiness Consultant (Robert Half)

Feb 2011 – October 2011

Golden Key:

Architected, designed and rewrote a shopping cart system that integrated with all the back-end systems at Golden Key including Microsoft CRM, accounts and shipping/delivery systems. Wrote the code in C# and ASP.Net on a .Net 4.0, MVC Ecommerce project against Microsoft CRM API and SQL Server 2008. Included writing calls to PayFlow and BillHighway payment gateways. (.Net 4.0, C#, Javascript, Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft CRM, CustomerEffective CRM Api, REST Apis, SQL Server 2008, a little jquery, a little ajax)

Ebusiness Consultant (BrightByte)

Dec 2010 – Feb 2011 (3 mth project)

Bank of America:

Wrote C#, Javascript and SQL Server code for a BOA project aimed at monitoring servers for uptime (.Net, C#, Javascript, Visual Studio 2010, Telerik controls, SQL Server 2005/2008)

Ebusiness Technical Architect (Self-employed)

2003 – 2011

See ratings and comments

Various Mini Projects:

TxtToad (Part time, throughout 2010)

In conjunction with Webtransit (see below) I managed, designed, developed and built a classifieds/listings website (similar to eBay/Craigslist) with a unique capability – the ability to create an ad simply by sending an email (or a txt from a cellphone). See - currently in Beta testing. (.Net 3.5, Javascript, Microsoft Mobile Internet Kit,, c#, SQL Server 2005, HTML)

HurdleBuster/MonstaJobs (July 2010)

Wrote an extensive Marketing Plan for a client who wants to remain confidential – see a version of the Marketing Plan here. Carried out a full database design for a Job/Careers Candidate Management website. To see a sample of this work please contact me (due to client confidentiality). (SQL Server 2005 and mySQL)

CAN (March 2010)

Wrote a full property management/contract management system including the full database design (logical and physical), stored procedures, triggers and all the code. This project later became (ASP.Net, c#, javascript and SQL Server 2008)

Rentacoder Clients (Part time 2010)

Wrote a number of proofs of concept employing Ajax and .Net for various clients:

Ajax .Net C# Drag and Drop proof of concept (javascript, HTML,.Net, (VB.Net and C#))

PlayPlaces (Part time 2010)

Wrote the back-end of an iPhone App (also a Google Gadget) which uses Ajax, Geocoding, HTML Scraping and SQL Server. I am currently writing the front end of the iPhone App. ( C#, javascript, Sql Server) – see and (google gadget on the left hand side) – the rest is still under development.

DATCO/Dept of Transport (Feb 2010)

Wrote a number of reports for a drug testing client (DATCO/Dept of Transport) using and Microsoft Access (javascript, ASP.Net, C#, HTML, Access database)

VisionPCS (Jan 2010 – Apr 2010)

Wrote various amendments and extensions (reports, time management functionality, resource management etc) to a management application for an IT consultancy (VisionPCS) using classic asp and SQL Server (javascript, ASP, SQL Server, HTML)

WebTransit (2009 – Jan 2010 - the whole year on various clients projects)

EBusiness Consultant for Wrote .Net email processing code (for mobile phone emails including attachments) using Mailbee.Net component in C# and 3.5. Also used Ironspeed code generator to generate .Net/C# code for an application prototype and tailored it to suit actual requirements. Did some DotNetNuke development work and some Commerce Server development work. Other work included writing a White Paper about Commerce Server –, Search Engine Optimization work, Web Marketing work and various technical requirements/feasibility investigations. Wrote a number of websites for Webtransit including: and and working on various projects including:

White House History Association website (C#, Commerce Server, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2005)

AMTA (DotNetNuke, ASP, SQL Server 2005)

Other clients of Webtransit I did consultancy and coding for include: The Supreme Court, Callaway Gardens, “A Colorado Christmas”, “Silver Skillet”

RentaCoder client - Google Maps Work (May 2010)

Wrote Google Maps API code to get address data from a dataset and get the geocode info (Lat and Lon) via the Yahoo! Geocoding API, and place the points on a map using Google Maps, and then get directions using either Google or Yahoo! Maps (Google Maps API, AJAX, javascript, C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net,.Net 2.0, VS 2005) (April 2010)

Wrote a Javascript Calendar widget for an online Travel Agency (, which had to be generic and allow for different kinds of usage. (Javascript, HTML, CSS)

Rentacoder client – Google Maps Work (April 2010)

Wrote Google Maps API code to lookup locations based upon zipcode and to allow users to mark various points on a map (Google Maps API, AJAX, Javascript, HTML, XML) (March 2010)

Wrote Yahoo! Konfabulator widgets to manipulate RSS newsfeeds and ( must use with Yahoo! Konfabulator – see ) (XML, Javascript, AJAX, HTML, RSS, Konfabulator)

Various Clients (Part time 2009/2010)

Wrote a number of community websites including: (ebusiness tips), (jobs for freelancers in IT/web) (artscape membership site), (homeschooling site), (SEO site), and (members only site – if you need access contact me)

Pearson Education / SAMS/ QUE (Part time 2007, 2008, 2009)

Wrote a book on Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery (Business Survival) bcpdr (1).doc and wrote a number of articles about standards and compliance (Sarbanes Oxley, CISSP) see

EBarster (Part time 2007/2008/2009)

CTO and President of I came up with the concept of using eBars to make money using the eBay Partner Network/ API, Amazon Associates API and Yahoo! Sponsored Search API. I developed the code for the first release, the “eBar” (eBay content) using the eBay API, ASP, javascript and XML. I created an eBar Google Gadget, using the Google Gadget API, ASP, SQL Server 2000, MS Access, ADO, javascript, XML and I created the eBarster browser toolbar using the Conduit API, XML, RSS etc. Currently the “Abar” (Amazon content) is under development, using Amazon Associates Web Service/Commerce API, C#/,, SQL Server 2005, ADO.Net, javascript and XML. The “Ybar” (Yahoo! Content) is under development using Yahoo! APT Web Services API, C#,, SQL Server 2005, ADO.Net, javascript and XML. I also created the eBarster website, did all the business development and marketing, SEO, etc. The first release, the “eBar”, now needs very little maintenance and is self-perpetuating – as more clients use eBars, more new clients find out about eBars and they use it too!

Corbonzo (Part time 2007/2008)

CTO of (this links to the test version not the live version – which has since gone out of business sadly), a website for Real Estate Agents, Investors etc. My role was to plan, design and build (in a very short amount of time) a technical architecture for the original site which would cost little money up front but with a plan for going forward that would make it easy to migrate later to the “ideal” platform. The original site would be used to encourage investors to invest in the business. Once investment was obtained the site would be moved to a more optimal technical architecture. For example, the original site is written with Access but the SQL used is Ansi Standard for easy porting to SQL Server at a later date. The site creates a “sticky” community made up of RSS feeds, podcasts, videos, blogs and article submissions for signed up members. It also allows members to create their own web pages for advertising purposes. I am pleased to announce that we obtained our investment capital on 11th January 2007, so went on to develop the site somewhat in ASP.Net, though a business feasibility issue ended this project in early 2008. (ASP, Javascript, Access, RSS, XML –going to, SQL Server)

Earthlink (Apr 2004 -Dec 2004, contractor)

Senior IT and Security Auditor responsible for IT/Security component of Sarbanes Oxley (COBIT) and CISP (Visa) audits. This involved interviewing personnel at all levels of the business, primarily those working in all areas of IT, auditing the technical architecture and identifying flaws in it (and suggesting solutions), carrying out security scans, reviewing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans and procedures, reviewing code, operating system parameters and files, and carrying out walkthroughs of many business and IT processes, identifying issues and planning remediation efforts, then monitoring those. Reporting fortnightly to the Steering Committee, including the CEO of Earthlink (Gary Betty). (JSP, various Unixes, Windows 2000, SQL Server, Progress database, Oracle)

Apogee (Nov 2003 – Apr 2004, contractor) Small software consultancy to the Utilities industry –

Ebusiness Architect providing input to the general Ebusiness strategy and direction

Involved in technical pre-sales, carrying out technical presentations to customers, writing white papers and articles to aid sales

Advised customers on business and technical issues related to Ebusiness

Team Lead of Web Development Team

Responsible for technical architecture and design of many products – including security, scalability, reliability, transactions for data integrity, personalization

Estimates, budgets and light project plans

Implemented DSDM/RAD approach to development and project mgt

Designed technical architecture, developed/managed development of, tested and implemented a number of applications including a mission critical StormCentral app, a Content Mgt system, a Learning Mgt System and an intranet portal (ASP, SQL Server, VB, Javascript and HTML)

VirtualPremise (Jun 2003 – Nov 2003) Leasing/Property Mgt ISP client

Carried out analysis and design of the CRM component of a Leasing/Property Management system and then built the software using DSDM techniques. (ASP, SQL Server, VB, Javascript and HTML)

Investigated on and reported on the technical architecture and perceived issues related to scalability, reliability, personalization, localization, EAI etc.

Ebusiness Consultant (Firebird Services Ltd) Oct 00 – Jul 03


Chief Technical Architect on a team that successfully implemented a large secure, multi-language CRM Portal with personalization/customization features, newsfeeds and alerts for Yahoo!/Merck worth over $1m to Yahoo!

Managed 20+ programmers, some on-shore, some off-shore

Responsible for a complex technical and applications architecture design (Iplanet v6, Yahoo!/Tibco Portalbuilder, J2EE, LDAP, HTML, XML, Javascript, SQL Server, Oracle and Unix/NT) including internationalization/localization, personalization, security, reliability/scalability etc.

Responsible for client liaison on a daily basis (clients from all over the world were involved)

Bovis LendLease

Overall tech architect of a team that successfully implemented a number of Ebusiness projects for Bovis LendLease (Europe) and TMS, including Bluewater and Touchwood

Managed a team of 10+ programmers

Implemented DSDM methodologies and project management in place of existing SSADM and Prince methodology and project management

Responsible for estimating and planning, technical design/architecture, client liaison, recruitment

Responsible for technical architecture, design, trouble-shooting as well as some development work (HTML, ASP, VB, Javascript, SQL Server and Lotus Domino/Notes)


Wrote many technical articles for and others - see

Various mini-projects while self-employed

Evaluated .Net code generation tool (Constructor), wrote white papers, technical publicity material etc. for Dot Net Builders (ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, SQL Server 2000) See for more info

Designed and built numerous web sites (HTML, Javascript, ASP, SQL Server, Access)

Developed and ran training courses and seminars in Ebusiness

Developed an Ebusiness book proposal, researched, wrote and published the book See

Developed an Ebusiness course for an MSC in Ecommerce at the CIT Polytechnic in New Zealand

Carried out a pre-takeover system audit of Total Metering Limited’s system (HTML, Javascript, ASP, CGI, Perl, SQL Server, Java, Apache, IIS).

See for samples of work

Ebusiness Consultant (Synergy International) Sept 99 – Sept 00

Y2K audit of MAF New Zealand’s web sites (Java, CGI/Perl, Apache, IIS, ASP, SQL Server)

Developed white papers and pre-sales materials for selling Ebusiness services

Carried out pre-sales work – talking to clients about Ebusiness, carrying out presentations, designing applications architectures etc.

Team lead/technical architect of two major RUP Ebusiness projects for AMP as part of their Portal – Eterm, allowing customers to apply for life insurance over the web and Advisers, allowing customers to obtain financial adviser information over the web. (HTML, Javascript, ASP, VB, SQL Server, IIS).

Designed technical architecture and developed intranet Portal for Synergy International, which was completely integrated with internal systems (Navision/ChangePoint), had excellent personalization facilities and limited newsfeed facilities. Used DSDM techniques to manage and develop the intranet (HTML, Javascript, ASP, VB, SQL Server, IIS).

Ebusiness Consultant (Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd) Dec 97 – Aug 99

Successfully implemented Ebusiness Portal and 4 major Ebusiness PRM systems accessed via that Portal

Responsible for technical architecture decisions, analysis (liaison with business partners, develop complete understanding of the supply chain / systems etc), design (security issues, data issues etc.) and implementation aspects of these systems (HTML, Javascript, ASP, VB, SQL Server, Oracle, Lotus Domino/Notes)

Team led 4 developers

Won a number of national awards for systems developed

IT Consultant (Various Consultancies) Sept 90 – Dec 97

Mainly applications architecture design/development work

Worked for major IT consultancies Andersen Consulting (Accenture) Sept 90 – May 93, Cap Gemini (Hoskyns) May 93 – Nov 94 and Schlumberger (Sema) Dec 94 – Jun 95, amongst others

Many technical skills gained (Oracle, HTML, Javascript, VB, Sybase, SQL Server, Java, JDBC, Servlets, Corba, Unix, C, X/Motif)

Personal Projects

I am a Zumba Gold instructor. Zumba Gold is Zumba for beginners, kids, and active older adults (55+) – or, as I call them, Baby Boomers! I recently took the workshop which allows me to teach classes so I am now OFFICIAL! Yay! Now I can start charging for my classes, not just do them for free!

Creator, developer and organizer of online communities – the most successful of which is MariettaMoms (400 members, we have a meetup every day – a playdate, museum trip, moms night out, etc.). I developed the website including forums, chatroom, online playroom for kids, various yahoo groups, and classified ads etc. Then I added on a password controlled back-end using ( ) which I have integrated with google gadgets/orkut, facebook, myspace,, flickr and many rss feeds etc.

Website Manager for Mothers And More East Cobb (Sept 2006-7) ( – My role was to keep the website up to date, posting information about future events, meetings etc. (Homestead Sitebuilder, HTML)

Leader of the Stay At Home Moms Group, which later became “Marietta Moms” on (Jan 2007 – Dec 2007) - ( - My role was to organize and attend events aimed at Moms with young children, to post events to the website and to keep the community feeling going by regular contact with members via the message board, emails, phone calls and face to face meetings. I wrote search engines in ASP to supplement and various other little utilities in ASP, because of limitations in at the time (HTML, ASP, javascript)

Main Technical skills

C# 10 years+ Expert

HTML 10 years+ Expert

Javascript 10 years+ Expert

ASP(and .Net) 10 years+ Expert


4 years+ Advanced

SQL Server 10 years+ Expert

Java/J2EE/JDBC/JSP 3 years+ Intermediate

Access 8 years+ Intermediate

Oracle 5 years+ Intermediate

COM/MTS 2 years+ Intermediate

XML and .Net 1 year+ Intermediate

Facebook/eBay/Amazon/Yahoo! REST APIs (OAuth/SOAP/WCF) 3 years+ Expert


1986 – 1990 City University London, UK

Bachelor of Science Business Computing Systems

1992 - 1996 Open University Milton Keynes, UK

Bachelor of Arts OU Arts with Literature

1998 - 1999 Greenwich University London, UK

Masters Internet Technologies (Incomplete)


See all Michelle’s certifications here

2018 Microsoft C# 70-483 Microsoft

2017 Solution Architect Associate Amazon AWS

2017 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon AWS

2015 Cloud Computing Concepts Brainbench

2014 Microsoft Specialist 70-480

(HTML5, Javascript and CSS3)

2013 Microsoft (MCTS) TS 515

(Web App Development with .Net 4)

2013 Microsoft (MCP) (SQL Server 2012)

2011 Brainbench ASP.Net 3.5

2009 Odesk C#

2009 Brainbench ASP.Net

2005 Brainbench ASP

2005 Brainbench VBScript 5.5

2004 Brainbench Network Security

2004 Brainbench Info Tech Security

2004 Brainbench ITAA Info

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