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Austin, Texas, United States
February 12, 2018

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Sailesh M otesha Phone: 512-***-****

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7+ years of experience in Network administration, testing and deployment of various network architectures. Proficient in Layer-2 switching, IGP routing and EGP routing. Experience

HP Enterprise APRIL 2015 - PRESENT

Network test lead

● Worked on network testing of HP C7000 and Thunderbird platform along with HP Oneview to manage hardware.

● Created test cases to test switching functionality on the platforms and setup lab for testing.

● Worked on HP server hardwares with FC, FCoE and ISCSI configuration along with HP 10 Gig and 40gig interconnect Modules.

● Tested uplink connectivity to SAN cloud (3PAR), Ethernet uplink connectivity to HP 5900 switches or Cisco switches.

● Managed Brocade FC switches SN3000 and SN6000 to provide connectivity to 3PAR and HP MSA storage devices

● Worked extensively on MS VISIO to create Network Maps and MS Excel and MS Word to create Cable Matrices.

● Worked on cable testing, which involved using DWDM on Ciena SONET equipment.

● Worked with python scripts to deploy C7000 and Thunderbird hardware as single enclosure or multi-enclosure setup.

● Developed Python scripts to deploy, teardown, run automated tests and run traffic to server hardwares.

● Ran tests to verify multi-path, MLAG functionality and connectivity to remote OS deployments via FC, FCoE and iSCSI.

AT&T Labs JUNE 2010 – APRIL 2015

Network Engineer

● Tier-4 support for AT&T Mobility LTE cell site backhaul to support IP transport built on Alcatel-Lucent SAR 7750 and Cisco 7609 to build Multi-service Nodes; Alcatel-Lucent 7705 and Cisco 2941.

● Worked on building small cell network backhaul using Alcatel-Lucent and Juniper hardware.

● Plan, write and certify D eployment guidelines (DG) and First field application (FFA) test plan for cell site backhaul network deployments.

● Day to day activities included building deployment guidelines to bring up live 4G LTE traffic on backhaul and to build test plan for global rollout as well.

● Performed lab testing using Ixia transport generator for verifying routing, switching and QoS for UMTS and LTE transport.

● Training Tier-3 about implementation of the new technologies in production such as LTE over Metro-Ethernet transport, SONET transport, MLPPP transport, Microwave and Direct connect.

● Used network monitoring tool C isco EMS and A lcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM, Optical power meters and other devices in the lab.

● Analyze traffic using wireshark and Tcpdump in order to certify QoS on Cisco and ALU routers.

● Worked on network hardware Alcatel-Lucent SAR 7750, 7705, Cisco 7609, 6509, 4500, 2941, Cisco ASR 9000 and Juniper M320.

● Worked on protocols and technologies such as STP, PVST, HSRP, VRRP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, OSPF, BGP, MPLS and QoS.

T-Mobile NOVEMBER 2009 – MAY 2010

Network Engineer

● Worked as Tier-3 engineer to deploy 3G HSPA/HSPA+ mobile backhaul for T-Mobile US rollout.

● Day to day activities included building MOPs to build new mobile hardware during maintenance window.

● Integrated new Cisco 7609 routers with Nokia 450 and Ericsson RNC’s for HSPA+ rollout.

● Performed tests to check HSRP redundancy of 7609 routers with Node B sites by using failover techniques during maintenance window.

● Assisted tier-2 team in troubleshooting network issues.

● Performed RFC 2544 test to check the cell site for parameters such as throughput, latency and Jitter.

● Worked on network hardwares Cisco 7609, 7604, 7200.

● Worked on protocols and technologies such as STP, PVST, Vlan Trunking, HSRP and QoS.


Wichita state University

Master of Science (MS), Networking, GPA: 3.48

Relevant coursework: Routing and switching, information security, wireless communication and data communication.

CCNP-certified (CSCO 11506375)

CCNA-certified (CSCO 11506375)


● Hardware: Cisco 7609, ASR 9k, 6509, 4500, 2941

Alcatel-Lucent SAR 7750, 7705 and 5620 SAM

Juniper M320 and MX960

HP C7000, Thunderbird, 3PAR storage and 5900 switch.

● Protocols and technologies: OSPF, BGP, TCP, UDP, MPLS, MLPPP, STP, PVST, MLAG, NAT.

● Languages: Python

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