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Project Manager

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
February 10, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae: Aramco SAP No.:


Driving License:

Date of Birth:

Contact No.:

Mumtaz Hussain Gondal


Saudi Arabia / Qatar

September 19th, 1968


Experience: (As Inspector – 9.1Yeras / As Supervisor – 9.6Years / As QC Manager 4.10Years)

Having +21 Years of professional experience in the field of Quality Assurance and Quality Control inspection management for Oil & Gas, Cross-country pipe line, Chemical, and Petrochemical Construction Projects in the Middle East.

Qualification / Certification

Diploma of Mechanical Engineer 1993 from Jinnah

Institute of Karachi – Pakistan

Lead Auditor Course ISO 9001-2008

Successfully Completed the IRCA (U.K) approved

CSWIP 3.1 Certificated Welding Inspector


Orientation to Emergency Response Plan Certificate,

Uthmaniyah Gas Plant Training Unit

Membership: AWS & ASME

ASNT Level II in:

Radiography Testing – RT

Magnetic Particle Testing – MPT

Penetrate Testing – PT

Ultrasonic Testing – UT

Qualified according with the requirement of ASNT recommended

Practice No SNT-TC-1A.

Training of the INNOV-X Model Alpha 2000 Analytical Software for



Clear and effective oral and written communication skills

Strong co-ordination, organizational and interpersonal skills

Good computer and software skills

Career History

Job Title : QC Manager Country : Saudi Arabia

Company Name : Al-Muhaidib Contracting Company Start Date : May 2017

City : Jubail, K.S.A End Date : Aug 2017

Details : Fadhili SAPMT Camp Construction

Fadhili Gas Plant

Job Title : Unit Quality Lead Country : Saudi Arabia

Company Name : SADARA – SAUDI ARAMCO DOW Chemical Company Start Date : June 2013

: Chem.II Isocyanates Plant Project – PMDI Unit

City : Jubail 2, K.S.A End Date August 2016

Responsibilities: Supervise & monitor quality activities performed by inspectors at all stages of projects. Assure that all work is in compliance to SADARA engineering requirements, standards, procedures, specifications, and Schedule Q of the project contract. Provide training to others as and when required

Job Title : Engineer I (Sr. Mechanical Inspector) SMP Country : Saudi Arabia

Company Name : SATORP – Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Start Date : Sep. 2011

Petrochemical company

City : Jubail End Date : May 2013

Responsibilities: Monitor and perform quality activities at all stages of projects. Assure contractor’s work is in compliance to Prject engineering requirements, standards, procedures, spectifcations and Schedule Q of the project contract.

Job Title : Saudi Aramco QC Supervisor - GIS Country : Saudi Arabia

Company Name : ABSG Start Date : May 2010

City : Dhahran End Date : Feb 2011

Details: Upgrade Abu Ali Plant (BI-10-00441/470) from Dec 2010 to Feb 2011

Refined Product Pipeline DR-2 Project (from PS 3 to PS 4 at North from May 2010 to Nov 2010

Riyadh bulk plant) BI # 10-007**-**** - Contract # 660*******

Responsibilities: Supervise & monitor quality activities performed by inspectors at all stages of projects. Assure that all work is in compliance to SAUDI ARAMCO engineering requirements, standards, procedures, specifications, and Schedule Q of the project contract. Provide training to others as and when required.

Job Title : Project QC Manager Country : Qatar

Company Name : Archirodon Construction (Overseas) Co. S.A Start Date : April 2008

City : Doha End Date : April 2010

Details: NAKILAT Ship Repair Yard (Phase 1 & 2) & Nakilat from July 2009 to April 2010

Ship Construction Facility (Phase 4). Port of Ras

Laffan, State of QATAR

TOTAL, QATOFIN Project from April 2008 to June 2009

Marine Works Package Berth 18 Extension and Cooling Water

System Project ID QAMW – 0154

Responsibilities: Organization of Quality Control functions at a project level. The planning of inspection and testing activities. Assignment of inspection personnel and the initial review of inspection reports and documentation. Monitoring project Quality performance and reporting to Quality Manager. Assisting in the formulation of project specific inspection and test plans, Assist the Quality Manager in the review of procedures inclusive of welding procedures, coating procedures, non-destructive testing procedures and other such work instructions that are required to ensure the integrity of work

Company Name : Contracting and Trading Company “C.A.T. Co.” Country : Saudi Arabia

City : Al-Khobar Start Date : February 1997

End Date : March 2008

Job Title: Project QC Manager May 2006 - Mach 2008

Details: PETRO-Rabigh Development Project, Ethane & Butane

Pipelines – XPL, BI # 24-05000 / JO # 24-05000-001

Contract # 0015/00

Job Title Project QC Supervisor April 2005 - Mach 2006

Details: Two Grades of Gasoline – Eastern Region, Al-Hasa

Bulk Plant, BI # 10-03546 / JO # 10-035**-****

Details Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Co, SAFCO Dec. 2004 - Mach 2005

P.O. # 450******* (Modification of 18” Gas Line from

Aramco Abqaiq Gosp # 3 to SAFCO Dammam Project

Details Saudi Petrochemical Company. SADAF April 2004 - Nov. 2004

BI-21-00003 / JO-21-000**-****

Co-Generation Sales Gas Supply Project – Jubail

Details Linde Arabian Contractors (LINARCO) Jan. 2004 - March 2004

18"Diameter Pipeline Project – JO-11102276

New 18" Oxygen pipeline start from the tie-in location inside phase V @ NIGC and routed on the sleepers and pipe structures in the royal commission corridor to United.

National Industrial Gases Company (NIGC) – JO-450*******

Fabrication and erection of one buried 18" Gox, 12" Gan and 20" Gan Backup Pipeline National Industrial Gases Company (NIGC) – JO-450*******

Fabrication and erection of metering station of 6" pipe diameter inside the SIPC plant area. Starts from the insulation flange inside metering station

SIPC Gan Pipeline Project – Jubail

Job Title Project QC Manager July 2003 – Dec. 2003

Details Saudi Aramco Lubricating Oil Refining Co. Luberef II

Contract # 220*******

Sales Gas, Ethane and Propane Supply/Modification – Yanbu

Responsibilities: Liaison with Client's Project management and inspection teams on all Project related Quality matters. Preparation of Inspection and Test Plan, Method Statements, Activity Specific Quality Control Documents and report Formats

Responsible of defining quality records applicable, their completion and maintenance. Co-ordination with other departments inclusive of administration, planning and procurement to ensure a high level of quality awareness from the onset of project. Supervision of QC Inspection personnel and assigning the duties to them on daily basis to ensure Client and CAT quality requirements are fully complied with.

Responsibility includes ensuring the all activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements of Client Standards/Specification, Project Quality Plan and ISO 9001.

Job Title QC Supervisor - Fabrication May 2002 – June 2003

Details Saudi Aramco Contract # 47136/00 & 47137/00 Hawiyah

And Haradh Khuff Gas Projects

Job Title Project QC Supervisor June 2000 – May 2002

Details Arab Tank / Safra Expansion Project - Yanbu

Arabian Chemical Terminals”A.C.T”

The Yanbu expansion project – Connection of tank 112 to

Truck loading area and Yanbu Expansion Project

Arab Tank / Unilever Expansion Project - Yanbu

Unilever modification project at Arab Tank Terminal

National Industrial Gases Company “N.I.G.C”

6” pipeline with new metering station for supply of gaseous

Nitrogen from existing 10”dia pipeline header to Arab Tank

Terminal Yanbu – Project. Contract No. 003/2001

Responsibilities: Supervision of QC inspection personnel working in Fabrication shop and assigning the duties to Inspectors on daily basis to ensure Client and CAT quality requirements are fully complied with. Also responsible for maintaining the Quality documentation system for references and for the preparation of packages upon completion. Responsibility includes to make sure that all activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements of Client Standards/ Specifications, Project Quality Plan and ISO 9002.

Job Title Mechanical QC Engineer Oct. 1998 – June 2000

Details Yanbu’ Petrochemical Port Expansion (Sab-Tank)

(YPPE) Project Contract No: YEP – 98 – 007

Responsibilities: Co-ordination with client’s inspectors

Perform welding inspection on stainless steel and carbon steel piping as per project specifications, procedures and ASME codes,

Witness welder performance qualification test

Preparation of test packages and prepare punch lists

Witness hydrostatic testing and pneumatic testing

Inspections of Holiday test, Air scraping for cleaning and de-watering

The inspection and post installation verification of pumps, valves and other mechanical equipment’s, & Dimensional check on piping/structure.

Inspection of blasting and painting on pipe and structure as per project specification.

Inspection for all tie-in joints

Inspection of insulation the line, and gas kit insulation

Preparations of as-built drawings for all products line

Material receiving inspection and preparation of all required reports

Issue non-conformance report with corrective actions

Maintain record to fulfill the requirement of ASME and ISO –9002.

Job Title Mechanical QC Inspector Feb 1997 – Sep. 1998

Details Saudi Aramco Contract # 47048/00 Construction of

HWYH F/L – 206

Saudi Aramco Contract # 44095/00

Construction of 56 Km 40” UBTG-2 Gas line,

Uthmaniyah Gas plant to Shedgum Gas Plant,

6” UTKHCL-2 & 8” UTKHCL-3 Extensions

Responsibilities: Appointed to check the quality as per SAUDI ARAMCO standards for construction requirements for cross-country pipelines SAES-L-051, API-1104 and ANSI B31.8

Check dimensional/welding joint for carbon steel, stainless steel, well head and tie-in joints as per SAES-W-011 / 012

Witness of welder performance qualification tests according to ASME SEC IX

Witness of hydrostatic test of piping as per SAES-A-004 & 007 and SAES-L-056 inclusive of calibration of gauges, relief valve and witness of air pigging for cleaning and de-watering after hydro test

Inspection of pipe stringing, sand padding, backfilling, berm making and oil stabilization

Inspection and holiday detecting of shrink sleeve installation as per SAES – H – 204 & SAES – H – 200

Inspection of blasting, coating and painting for piping and structure as per ARAMCO standard SAES – H – 101, APCS – 113, APCS – 17A, APCS – 11A

Inspection of fabrication & installation of steel structure

Inspection of nitrogen purging and system leak test

Inspection of hot tap connections as per SAES – L – 052 (2” hot top to 20” Header line, 8” hot top to 20” Header line and 16” hot top to 42” flare fine)

Inspection of pipe line crossings under roads as per SAES-L-046 (By thrust boring)

Preparation of radiography record, weld map control sheet, punch list, test packages and all inspection report’s to maintain quality control records

Job Title Machinist / QC Inspector Aug. 1994 – Jan 1997

Details Gold Star Industries

G.T. Toad, Gujrat, Pakistan

Responsibilities: Implementation and monitoring of work and processes being out to the technical drawings/specification/procedures and instructions established within the production quality control department Involved checking of lathe machine “turning, facing, drilling, boring, threading, grinding,

Knurling and reaming” coating and painting, cutting tool angle and material inspection in the fabrication shop. Involved in check welding joint preparation in accordance with the approved PQRs and welding procedures, making sure the welding rods are being used, issued and stored according to approval welding procedure, visual inspection after completion of the girth welds and fillet welds.

Job Title Machinist Jan. 1993 – July 1994

Details Ceco Electrical Industries

Jinah Road Gujrat, Pakistan

Responsibilities: nvolved checking the material and workmanship of various equipment. Involved to check the operation of lathe machine, milling and drilling machine check of coating for equipment, material checks welding joint preparation in accordance with the approved procedures.

Check the maintenance of machines (Bench lathe “standard change gear lathe, quick change gear lathe”, Engine, Tool room, Turret, and Capstan lathes

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