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Masters Student majoring in Computer Networks

Los Angeles, California, United States
February 02, 2018

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*** * **** **., *** Angeles, CA-90007 213-***-**** EDUCATION

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA Aug / Dec 2018 Master of Science, Electrical Engineering (Computer Networks) Coursework: Introduction to Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Internetwork and Distributed Systems Laboratory, Broadband Network Architecture(Ongoing), Foundations of Artificial Intelligence(Ongoing). Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore, India June 2014 Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering. TECHNICAL SKILLS

Programming: C, C++, Python, Socket and Multithreaded programming, TCL/NS scripting (Data Structures). Tools/Platforms: GDB, Wireshark, OPNET, MATLAB, Linux, ASCET, SDN, Deter, VMware. Networking: TCP/IP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g/n, DNS, RIP, OSPF, HTTP, FTP, Open Flow. WORK EXPERIENCE

Embedded Software Engineer

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited, Bangalore, India Aug 2014 – Dec 2016

• Integrated safety related function pertaining to ABS, ESP into Electronic Control Units for Toyota and Daihatsu.

• Expertise in working on ETAS-ASCET, a Model Based Design tool for vehicle modelling and state machine modules and using C language and RTOS environment, generated code for TMS 570 Texas Instruments 32bit Microcontroller.

• Collaborated with a new team of 10 members on a proof of concept and simulated a failure handling system for ABS in bikes using PSOC Creator to showcase the importance of ABS in vehicle safety. ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Custom IP Network (C, GDB, Multithreading)

• Developed a Customized network protocol by designing a compact Layer 3 packet structure with adequate data to achieve high throughput for reliable file transfer through the custom IP router.

• Enhanced the performance of the custom router through the use of Raw Sockets and Multithreading concepts. Created the ARP table and routing table dynamically using OSPF to route packets to appropriate destinations. Design Weenix – Unix based operating system (C, GDB)

• Implemented kernel processes, kernel threads, thread synchronization primitive, context switching and FIFO scheduler, process related system calls.

• Developed Virtual File System through polymorphism in C for the actual file systems (S5FS and RAMFS) to support kernel data structure for open file.

• Created the Virtual address space data structures in kernel, Memory Map, Page Fault handlers, Fork System Call, Anonymous and Shadow objects handlers for running user-level code. OpenFlow based Custom Network (C, Python)

• Configured Open Vswitch to be controlled by L2 learning POX controller on physical nodes by creating a virtual bridge to process and forward custom designed packets across the network. Linux Kernel Module Hacking (C)

• Modified the TCP module of Linux kernel (4.1x) to transfer files over a lossy high delay link by redesigning the congestion control algorithms in TCP Veno. Stats: Transferred 1GB file over a 100Mbps link,20% link loss, 400ms RTT link - 20.6 Mbps.

Custom Reliable File Transfer protocol (C, GDB)

• Designed and implemented a file transfer protocol using multithreading, RAW sockets in user space. Bypassed the Transport layer, with efficient NACK mechanism for reliability and achieved a throughput of 40 Mbps over 20% packet loss, 200ms delay link.

Internet of Things (IOT-Testbed)-Research Under Professor Bhaskar Krishnamachari (Python, MySQL)

• Designed, developed and deployed the IOT nodes (IOT-SC) around the campus to collect data from various sensors wirelessly over MQTT protocol. Enhanced the features of existing IOT Testbed, created a MySQL Database Management system and a Python script to provide event driven functionality to the database server. Token Bucket Emulation Filter (C, GDB, Multithreading)

• Emulated a traffic shaper which transmits TCP/IP packets controlled by a token bucket filter using POSIX threads and using synchronization primitives namely mutex and condition variables.

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