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Indianapolis, Indiana, 46241, United States
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February 02, 2018

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Denise W ilson

**** * . * ***** * ve

Indianapolis, I N. 4 6241



Extremely h ard w orker, e xceptional c ustomer s ervice s kills, f riendly, p rofessional, a lways w illing t o l earn n ew procedures, g ood w ith w ritten a nd v erbal c ommunication s kills, a nd p ossess e xtremely s trong w ork e thics. EDUCATION

Kaplan C ollege 2 013 - 2 014 Medical O ffice S pecialist D egree


Familiar w ith a dministrative s kills, O ptum, M edcine, M icrosoft, P owerpoint, I CD-9-CM a nd I CD-10-CM c oding, C PT Manual, s cheduling, C MS-1500 f orms a nd A mbulatory B usiness O ffice s ystem w hich i ncludes: E pic, E -Care o nline s ystem, and c ollections o f c laims. F amiliar w ith t he u se o f B rightree s ystem w hich i ncludes: i nputting p atient’s d emographics, verifying t here i nsurance i nformation a nd t he b illing o f t hose c laims. Manufacturing: 1 995 - 2 009 Rolls R oyce I nc. - D uties i ncluded t he a ssembly o f t urbine v anes, i nspection o f p arts t o e nsure p arts w ere i nside t he, measurement t olerance, u tilizing b lueprints i n t he q uality i nspection, a nd s and-blasting a nd p ainting o f p arts. Quality A ssurance 2 009 - 2 012 Thermal S tructures I nc. – D uties i ncluded e nsuring q uality o f p roducts t o m eet c ustomers s pecs., d ocumentation of d ata a s n ecessary, u tilizing b lueprints f or t he i nspection o f p arts, u tilization o f m easuring d evices s uch a s micrometers, c alipers, g auges, a nd s cales t o e nsure p roducts m et a ll c ustomers s pecifications. Production a nd Q uality 2 012 – 2 013 Fluid H andling T echnologies – D uties i ncluded t he p roduction o f f luid a nd o il t ube a nd h oses f or t rucks a nd busses, w orking o f v arious i ndustrial m achines, M IC l l R obot, R omer-electronic a rm f or m easuring t ubes t o e nsure t hey were i nside c ustomer s pecifications, a nd v isual i nspection o f p arts. Externship 2 014 – 2 014 Franciscan A lliance A BO D uties i ncluded p rocess o f p aper c laims, c ollection i nquiring o f c laims, k nowledge o f Epic, p rocessing o f d enials, k nowledge o f w ebsite s earching, a nd t he k nowledge o f a cquirement o f i nformation f rom phone i nquiries.

Initial B illing 2 014 – 2 015 Cork M edical D uties i ncluded b illing o f p atients u sing t he B rightree p rogram, i nputting p atient d emographics, scanning p atient’s i nformation i nto s ystem, a nd v erifications o f i nsurance. T he k nowledge o f b illing M edicare a nd Medicaid c laims f or i nitial p ayments, a nd t he k nowledge i n k nowing h ow t o b ill t hose c laims c orrectly. Scanner 2 015 – 2 015 Zotec P artners D uties i ncluded s orting a nd s canning o f c lient i nformation i nto s ystem, l earning Z otec’s program, d aily b reak d own o f i ssues, r esolving o f t hose i ssues, a nd t he p rocessing o f c harts f or m anagement t o view o f r esolved i ssues.

Monitor D ispatch 2 016 - P resent Denise W ilson

3132 S . R ybolt A ve

Indianapolis, I N. 4 6241


Circle C ity A larm C ompany – Duties i ncluded a re m onitoring a nd d ispatching o n c ommercial a nd r esidential alarms. T he a bility t o c all a nd w ork a ll a larms i n a t imely m anner, r eading a ll i nstructions, k nowing h ow t o t rouble shoot a larms t hat n eed b e a nd c ustomer s ervice s kills. REFERENCES:


Neil M cMonigle M onitor S upervisor 3-17-225-****

Dan D ye Q uality S upervisor 3-17-695-****

Brianne G oodon S upervisor ( Cork M edical) 7-66-810-**** Personal:

Diana S anders M edical O ffice A ssistant 3-17-694-****

Kerry O nan U nit S ecretary 3-17-856-****

Kristine M oore A ccounts M anager 8-12-342-****

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