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Java Web Services

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
April 27, 2018

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Professional Summary:

* ***** ** **** ********** with software design, development, analysis and deployment of web-based and Client-Server business applications using Java/J2EE technologies.

Experienced in all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC), which includes Business Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, and Deployment.

Experienced in Agile Development, Scrum and Waterfall Methodologies

Expertise in developing User Interface (UI) Applications and Web based Applications

Experienced in working with Web based applications using technologies like Java, Hibernate, JSP, spring, Servlets, HTML, and CSS.

Experienced with Functional Programming, using concepts such as currying, higher order functions, anonymous functions, closures, mapping, reducing and annotations Scala

Experienced with AJAX, JavaScript and related frameworks such as Node, Angular, D3, Vue and JQuery.

Extensive experience in developing applications using JSP, Servlets, JSF, and frameworks like Spring (MVC, DAO, Boot), Hibernate and Jersey).

Experienced on implementing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) using XMLWebServices with JAX-WS, and RESTful interfaces.

Experienced in working with data-exchange formats like XML and JSON formats.

Experienced in developing the Role based Applications using Single sign on.

Experienced in working with applications security Cryptography and privacy.

Strong knowledge on Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Web services.

Experienced in using version control systems like Git.

Well versed with consuming and publishing Web services as SOA Architecture based SOAP, WSDL.

Experienced with Middleware Technology Messaging Brokers like JMS, Active-MQ.

Experienced in Persistence Framework like Hibernate ORM (Object Relational Mapping) in a typical n-tier architecture.

Experienced in developing the analytical components using Scala,Kafka and Amazon RDS.

Good knowledge of experience in development and implementation of Model-View-Controller (MVC)

Object oriented creational patterns such as Singleton, Factory, Prototype, Object pool

Having experience with Cloud Computing Service environment like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Deploy applications in Lambda environment using Python and Elastic Beanstalk, Launching and configuration of AWS instances with load balancing

Expertise in developing applications using Python, batch processes using Perl, Shell Scripting

Extensive experience in Deploying, Configuration on Application & Web Servers such as Apache Tomcat Web Server.

Experienced with Eclipse IDE

Experience of Relational DBMS like SQL Server, MySQL for performing SQL programming and graph database like Allegro graph

Experienced in development, deployment and troubleshooting applications on Windows and Linux platforms.

Used JBPM along with apache MQ

Hands-on experience working with Continuous Integration (CI) build-automation tools such as Maven

Good knowledge and hands on experience in working with Selenium

Technical Skills:


Java 8, J2EE, SQL, Python

J2EE Technologies

Servlets, JDBC, JSP, JSF, JMS, EJB, JNDI, Java Security, Swing

Mark-up/XML Technologies

HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Angular 2.0, CSS, XML, DOM, JSON, Bootstrap

Tools & Framework

Spring, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring Boot JSF, Maven, ActiveMQ, React.JS, Typescript, Struts, Keras, Machine Learning, GCP, JIRA

Web services

SOAP, Restful, WSDL, Microservices

Web/App Servers

Apache, Tomcat


SQL-Server, MySQL server, Allegro graph, Cassandra


Eclipse, IntelliJ

O-R mapping


Testing Tools/ Others

JUnit, Selenium, Putty

Version Control


OS & Environment

Windows, Linux

Design Patterns

MVC, Singleton, Factory Pattern, Prototype, Object pool

Cloud services

Amazon web services (AWS), Micro Services.

Professional Experience:

Trade Navigator, Colorado Springs

Java Full Stack Developer July 2016 – Till Date

Description: A trading technology provider company, provides analysis tools for analyzing stock trades.


Develop Java 8 streams to use spark streams

Used Java to map reduce and collect trade ticks per day and per minute

Used Angular.JS, D3.JS, Vue.JS to create trading charts

Made rest calls using Angular JS

TDD driven development for developing Single Page Application

Load and transform large sets of structured, semi structured and unstructured data.

Designed unit testing program using JUnit.

Used Java Swing to create UI for desktop application

Used AWS Cloud components such as VPC, ELB, Security Groups, EBS, AMI, Cloud Watch, Cloud Front & Direct Connect.

Creating S3 buckets and also managing policies for S3 buckets for storing static websites, logs, build artifacts, snapshots on AWS.

Used Microservice to gather data from data stream

Cassandra Database as backend for highly available cluster

Support Trading website

Created Microservices using Spring boot

Used Jenkins pipeline for CI/CD

Environment: Angular, D3, Vue, REST, JavaScript, Java 8, Junit, Linux, MySQL, Swing, AWS, Microservice, Cassandra, Bootstrap

PEG Right, Colorado Springs

Java Developer June 2014 – June 2016

Description: An identity management company for implementing Single sign on, identity federation. Worked on developing a prototype for identity analytics


Build LDAP environment using Ubuntu Linux. Seed LDAP with fake identities using Shell Script

Created a web application for user registration using JSP, send the user information to POSTGRESQL database using JDBC

Tuned POSTGRESQL to add a notification to Apache MQ using stored procedure

Wrote Java multithreaded code to listen for Apache MQ

Created a Java parser to parse XML data from log files

Used Selenium to simulate user login to web application using LDAP.

Federated LDAP locally to enable single sign on with Ping Federate

Used Fiddler trace to observe REST calls.

Used Java Swing to create UI for desktop application

Used AWS Ec2 instances to host web applications

Created and managed cloud VMs with AWS EC2 command line clients and AWS management console.

Manage AWS EC2 instances utilizing Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing

Support PEG Right Dashboard

Worked with EJB

Used JBPM to collect data from log files

JBPM process flow to put collected data on Kafka queue

Used regression (Machine Learning) to analyze log files

Built Dashboard to monitor

Environment: LDAP, REST, Java, Apache MQ, XML, SSO, Selenium, Fiddler, POSTGRESQL, Eclipse, Swing, AWS, JBPM, Kafka, Python, Machine Learning

EST group, Colorado Springs

Software Developer May 2012 – May 2014

Description: A software development company to provide custom solutions.


Created a student management system for a school district in Texas

Created an admin portal using Spring MVC, Hibernate.

Created and registered REST end points using Jersey.

Developed admin portal further using Spring boot.

Worked on JSP for front end validations using Javascript, Jquery.

Developed Controllers, models and views using Spring MVC.

Worked extensively on Core Java API like collections for complex background processing.

Developed classes using core java (multithreading, concurrency, memory management) and some spring IOC.

Developed the application using Eclipse and used standard/plug-in features for editing, debugging, compiling, formatting and automating build.

Deployed the Applications on Application Server.

Worked on different unit testing scenarios for web services.

Created automated build scripts using Maven.

Experience in using application servers like Apache Tomcat Server.

Created various unit test cases using JUnit.

Designed various tables required for the project in Oracle 11g database and involved in coding the SQL Queries, Stored Procedures and Triggers in the application.

Used OSB (Oracle service Bus) as the layer for the security to make it available strictly available for the authorized third party to hit the service.

Used Log4j for logging errors, messages and performance logs.

Used SVN for version/revision control.

Involved in the end-to-end development of the project and go live support.

Developed unite tests using Junit

Used Java Swing to create UI for desktop application

Design roles and groups using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Develop CloudFormation scripts to automate EC2 instances. Design user's credentials and profiles using AWS IAM.

Creating NAT and Proxy instances in AWS and manage route tables, EIP's and NACLs.

Used DNS management in Route53, Amazon S3 to backup database instances to save snapshots of data.

Created reports using Data from DB2 using data query

Environment: Spring MVC, Hibernate, Jersey, spring boot, JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swing, AWS, DB2, RMI

Image Source, Monument, CO September 2011 - May 2012

Role: Java/J2EE developer


Involved in various steps of SDLC such as analysis, design and development of system and developed specs that include Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Activity Diagrams using Rational Rose.

Designed the user interfaces using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSPs.

Developed the application using Spring Framework that leverages classical Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.

Implemented Dependency Injection (IOC) feature of spring framework to inject beans and AOP for creating the exception handling aspects.

Implemented the application using the concrete principles laid down by several design patterns such as MVC, Business Delegate, Data Access Object, Singleton and Factory.

Java Message Service (JMS) API is used to allow application components to create, send, receive, and read messages.

Extensively used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database.

Implemented dependency injection of the Spring IOC to inject beans and to integrate with O/R mapping tool Hibernate.

Deployed the applications on IBM WebSphere Application Server.

Developed JUnit test case for all the services and manager methods.

Implemented SOAP Web Services to integrate third party service using the WSDL and created stubs.

XML parser APIs SAX and JAXB in the web service's request marshalling and unmarshalling.

Developed SQL for querying the Database, Written stored procedures and triggers for Oracle 9i.

CVS for version control of the application and Log4J to capture the log the events and exceptions.

Implemented the library dependency management and application build process using Maven.

Environment: Jdk1.6, HTML, Spring, Spring MVC, JBoss, log4j, Hibernate, Maven, Tortoise SVN, Rest web services, maven, Eclipse Kepler, java script, Xml, MySQL, DB2, SOAP, Mysql

CMTES, India January 2010 – July 2011

Java/J2EE Developer


Coordinated with team members and served as a key contributor in developing web application and provided support to the project.

Involved in designing the user interfaces using JSPs.

Involved in analysis, design, and development of money transfer system as well as account transfer system and developed specs that include Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, and Activity Diagrams.

Developed the application using SPRING Framework that leverages Model View Controller (MVC)architecture.

Used HTML/JSP pages with JSTL and SPRING tag libraries for UI. Designed easy to use UI.

Used SPRING, Hibernate, Spring MVC framework in server side.

Performed Unit and functional testing.

Implemented utility classes which handle the string and date manipulation.

Participated in Server side and client-side programming.

Involved on implementing the Exception handling for the application.

Wrote SQL queries and stored procedures, used JDBC to interact with database.

Deployed the applications on JBoss Application Server.

Designed the application by implementing JSF Framework based on MVC Architecture with EJB.

Deployed Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) using stateful and stateless beans.

Used Log4J to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions.

Used Java Messaging Services (JMS) for reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information such as payment status report.

Created Ant, UNIX Shell scripts for build and deployment activities in QA, Staging and Production environments.

Followed Agile methodology. Managed numerous change requests and resolved client queries, with active involvement in client meetings.

Experience with Java Struts

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, SPRING, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, JBoss Application Server, Clear Case, Junit, Log4j, Eclipse IDE, Rationale Rose, Windows., DB2


Master of Science in Computer Science from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Master of Science in Information Technology from Colorado Technical University

Bachelor of technology from ICFAI University

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