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Graphic Design Assistant

Tampa, Florida, United States
April 14, 2018

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John Allen Belcher Jr.

**** ********* *** ***

Tampa, Fl 33611



In 2013, I got my Associates of Art for Graphic Design at Palm Beach State College. I am currently working on my education for a Bachelors of Art for Animation at University of Tampa.

I worked at Brewzzi’s in WPB for three years. I started as a Food Run- ner in 2011, where I ran the guest food to their tables. I would also bus tables and clean the bathrooms.

In 2013, I was asked to expand my responsibilities to include helping the bar as a Bar Back. I would make sure the bar was clean, wash glas- ses and stock the bar with what the bartenders needed, such as liquor, limes or simple syrup.

After my time with Brewzzi’s, I worked at Brio Tuscan Grill for six months in West Palm Beach as a Food Runner, Busser and Bar Back. I later transferred to Tampa doing the same three jobs. After working with Brio in Tampa for a year I started working as a Banquet server where help sever parties.


AA in Graph Design, Palm Beach State College

BFA in Digital Art, University of Tampa

Worked at the same restaurant for 3 year till they close down. Managers rewarded me with more positions due to my hard work. I received a blue belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu

In High School I was rewarded most creative for always having 10+ more drawings I needed to have for each week.

A personal accomplish I made is that I learned to live life happily and positively, by which I try to spread around to others. Experience

Palm Beach State College

August 2010 to May 2013

West Palm Beach (WPB), FL

Associates in Arts - Graphic Design

Learn skills and functions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects on the Macintosh. Understanding color theory along with learning production procedures from rough layout to fin- ished art for Graphic Design.

Worked on Drawing skills on articulating 3D illusion on two dimen- sional surface. Understanding illusion by exploring value changes to achieved form and the structure and anatomy of the human figure from an artistic perspective.

University of Tampa - Digital Arts

September 2015 to December 2017

Tampa, FL

Bachelors of Fine Arts - Digital Arts


Worked on pinch, coil and slab techniques. Learned how to glaze and fire my work in a kiln along with learning the history of ceramics. Digital Arts

Learn skill and functions of Maya on the Macintosh. Developed skills in 3D com- puter modeling, surface texturing and virtual lighting for the purpose creating digi- tal reproductions of still images, including an investigation into the concept of vir- tual, deformation, motion control, artificial reality imagery, cameras, Story boards and rendering.


Introduced to the basic principles involved in recording, processing and distribut- ing image and sound for film, television and the Internet. Learned the basics of cameras, lenses, exposure, lighting, film, microphones, scanning, basic digital ef- fects, editing and other post-production techniques and the fundamentals of the proper care, maintenance and safety of equipment.

Creating Coding

Introduced how to use codes to create art. Making rotating Mandalas along with controlling their movement and rotation, how to make a video game with codes. Other skills

Introduced to how to design a website along with managing the content of a web- site and key factors on keeping a website simple, but still gets the point across. March 2011 to June 2014



Food Runner/Bar Back

Ran food to the customers. Cleaned the bathrooms, bussed tables and made sure the food was cooked to perfection before taking it to the customers.

Assisted guests with making menu choices in an informative and help- ful fashion. Maintained knowledge of current menu items, garnishes, ingredients, and preparation methods. Effectively communicated with kitchen staff regarding customer allergies, dietary needs and other spe- cial requests. Accurately recorded orders and partnered with team members to serve food and beverages that exceeded guests' expecta- tions. Delivered exceptional, friendly and fast service. For bar back, I made sure the bar was clean, cleaned table linens, table settings, glassware, windowsills, carpets, counters, floors, storage areas and service refrigerators. Made sure the bar was stocked up with beer and liquor. Took out the trash. Managed closing duties, including re- stocking items and reconciliation of the cash drawer. Brio Tuscan Grill

July 2014 to Current

Server Assistant / Bar Back/ Banquet Server

As a Server Assistant I must assist the Servers by cutting bread and servering bread to the guest, filling the guest drinks if their glass is low. Serving guest their food along with any cheese or sauce for their food. I would also take any extra/dirty plate the guest isn't using clean the table when the guest leaves and setting the table for the next guest. As a Bar Back it is my duty to keep the Bar clean and organize for the bar tenders to make their drinks. Make sure that the bar is stocked with liquor fruit water.

As a Banquet Server I have many of the same duties as a Server Assi- stant where I have to clean and re set tables and I have the responsibili- ty to take the orders of guest and managing their parties. Highlights

Highly responsible and reliable

Works well under pressure

Very Creative

Works at 100%



skills In-depth food and wine knowledge

Upbeat, outgoing and positive Mathematical aptitude. Able to adapt quickly


Tampa University Tampa, FL, USA

BFA Digital Arts

3.37 GPA

2013 Palm Beach State College WPB, FL, USA

AA Graphic Design

2.8 GPA

2010 G Star School of the Arts WPB, FL, USA


High School Diploma 3.6 GPA

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