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Project Manager Supply Chain

United States
April 13, 2018

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Brian Campbell


PM Experience with 5 years of B2B Integration experience and Over 9.5 Yrs. of EDI Development & Implementation for Onboarding Trading Partners.

Experienced in both EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and EDI-B2B Scenarios.

Experience in working with various data transmissions such as EDI, EDIINT, XML.

Experienced in GAP Analysis / Implementation Guide Review / Mapping Spec –

Creation and Enhancement / Meeting Coordination and Scheduling.

Driving the scope, baseline, timeline, and business requirements of the project are several of my key strengths. I ensure team members are appropriately tasked and load balanced across the project producing better results.

PM Communication Skills

PM Technical Phase’s – SIT, UAT, Code Release 1-3, GO –No Go – Live, Production – Full Life Cycle

Methology – Scrum: Agile, Waterfall,

Change Management Software: MS Planner, Clary CA PPM

Ticket System – TFS, JIRA,

Core Competencies Include

Solid in project management essentials of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing as well as processes, scope of management, budgeting, financial tracking, scheduling, resource management, solution identification and assessment, procurement, contract negotiations, and business case creation.

Cross-functional team leadership competencies span the entire project delivery lifecycle, from conception through product development and launch. Managed large, complex projects, pulling Government - Security Cleared Personnel and Non -Government Security Cleared Personnel to focus on execution and delivery.

Captured $900,000 in cost savings for Trading Partner through tracking non payed purchase orders. These PO's were tracked down on behalf of the client and reimbursed upon having them Processed. These files had been Mistakenly qued / Unaccounted for. Due to Client turnover IT resource didn't know where to start. Due to my understanding of our Business process, I was able to locate these PO's and have them paid via GSA. Adding Value by utilizing core resources . By bringing together the "Whole Supply Chain" all invoices were paid, preventing the client from hiring a resource.

Created and instituted standardized process evaluation protocol, including Yearly Audit process. Manual Processing of Unpaid / unprocessed Invoices, Failed Non-Compliant 850’s, Overdue 997’s,Non-Received 997’s, Non Acknowledged 997’s, Invoice Pushes 50 -70,000 on a needed basis.(GSA)

Demonstrate project progress in making required systemic changes and improvements. As a result, 100% of clients were compliant with federal guidelines. Baseline was previously 88% when initial Parallel Testing took place during the first Attempt: Phase One

Supply Chain Skills

EDI X12 – EDIFACT Skills

GENTRAN: Server 2.1.1 & 5.3, Pervasive Integration Platform, ANSI X.12, EDIFACT (International) Edifices Spec builder,, Trusted Link i version 6.03, EDI Notepad,

Technical Skills

MVS/TSO: Utilities: Endeavor, VSAM, File Aid, JSF, JCL job creation, Retrieve, AS 400 Unix. Flavors: SCO, HP, AIX6.0., MS Office365, Visual Studio Office, MS Project Planner, Vantive, ProComm, FileZilla

XML File Creation - Notifty Shipment, Process Purchase Order, Ack P O, NACK (Negative Acknowledgment Messages) Change Purchase Order, ACK (Acknowledgment Messages)

ERP Environment: SAP 7.0: IDOC’s, T-Codes- WE08 - WE06-VA03-VF03-ME2N-MEPO-WE46 - WE21 -ME23N, - WE20

JDE 9.1 :

Update Customer Ship Notice - Pick / Pack Configuration *Verifying Items, Contracts and Pricing, Wholesale Price, Pricing Inquiry *Create Manual 810 Invoice* Updating of Trading Partner X-Ref Tables * Setting of Bill To and Ship to’s in Maintenance tab *Activating Clients - 810,855,856- Drop to,832, 850

-Customer Master, Trading Partner Maintenance, Sales Transaction History, Sales Order Inquiry, Contacts, Pricing,

Federal Processing System: FedPay, CSC

Security Clearance – Public Trust

Transaction/ Documents

301*-****-**** 4010A 4010 5010 / EDIFACT -INVOIC, EDIFACT ORDER

810-***-***-*** 852-***-***-*** 270-***-***-*** 276-***-***-*** 832-***-***-*** 945 846

Vans Harbinger, GEIS, Sterling - InFlight, SterlingHL, Cerner, SPS Commerce, IOS,HYBRENT, Channel Advisor, Vizient, Taulia, ONE Network, NetSuite, ARIBA, File Connect, Xpose, E2Open, Innovis, B2BGateway

Transports: HTTP, Direct Share, File share, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, Telnet, AS2 - HTTP-HTTPS, SAP Transports

Trading Partner /Account Set-Up :Pull/Push Jobs. File Domain, File Path (Internal/External), File Encryption & Decryption (Public Key/Private Key, Password Setup/Login, Automated Scheduling and E-mail Notifications


Hanes Inc. Winston-Salem, NC 10/ 2017 - Present

Project Manager SAP / EDI / / B2B Integration

PM Achievements and Daily Responsibilities

Use Clarity CA PPM tool to manage projects starting from business Idea generation to Project Charter approval to prepare detailed WBS till successful implementation of the project .

Design (OTC) dashboard and Risk / Action register project to prevent loss of Time and resource allocation

Manage and analyze all change requests during the project and process them via CCB (Change Control Board). Maintain all project documents and their approvals on SharePoint.

Managed 6 employees, 5 offshore (India) Resources and launched 3 new suppliers, 8 ship-to sites in 3 months

Establish communications for my Resources – All Offshore request, Applications Catalog – Software Request, SAP Roles, FFID, PPM Request, Submitting Resources Badges for facility access, Correlation of all Knights Apparel Department KERP Tickets -Issues, Interviewed Applicants for EDI Position

SAP Achievements:

Work with SAP team to build an interface to pull the inventory file (Quantity and US $$ value) for all plants and DC’S

Engage in Supplier Onboarding process and Manage EDI integration with various suppliers' warehouse system with EDI / SAP system to streamline Order management (OTC ) Cycle

Creating a cancellation file for an Inventory file. The inventory file creates shipments. No Inventory file – No shipment.

Only partial information is being received on Target side from DSD orders- by Hanes .UPC registered yet “Unknown”

Created presentation documents: Training, BRD’S, Resource Time Allocation

EDI Achievements:

Verify incoming 856 ASN’s are not failing due to missing detail records in SAP via EDI – Gap Analysis

Correlating sender and receiver #’s for Transmissions and receipts of Transactions

Worked with suppliers to correct ASN errors to eliminate manual intervention and confirmed all ASN's were sent to customers daily per their specs….Opened, tracked and closed over 50 SAP issues – 3 months

Verify and Test Maps SI 5.2 B2B – Full System integration Testing …Only 2 here

End-to-End implementation of partner on boarding and B2B integration process with multiple business critical EDI transactions

POC for EDI Specifications and Data to making into Sap Tables

Ticket Examples:

ASN failed with mandatory data missing

System is adding the freight cost to the item price resolved

Printed invoice not matching SAP system

“Carrier Missing” in the Shipment Document

line Item and total net value for the invoice comes up wrong

McKesson Medical - Surgical Jacksonville, Fl 02 /- 09/2017

Project Manager / EDI II - -Applications Developer / JDE 9.1 / B2B Integration

Key Points and Daily Responsibilities

Create Ticket JIRA

Create Trading Partner in TLi an Transaction sets

Create Profile

Create Envelope

Per Spec Create or Chose Map

Method of Com established

ISA/GS ID’s…Test and Prod

Establish Ship To’s / Bill To’s SQL job and confirm with Counterpart

Set up Transactions associated with 997’s - 810,855,850,856

Enter all Transactions sets in JDE 1 – 810,850,856,832

Associated 856 Drop Ship if needed

Associate 810 Invoice Send Method

GSX BizManager BizLink 3.3

Set up Connectivity- Port, Certs, IP Addresses, Set up Interconnects between 3rd Party VANS

Coordinate VAN Connectivity between Mckesson and ALL clients listed below. EDI- 850,855,860, 810 .

Establishing of rules

Actions/ Rules / Identifiers / AS2 OR SFTP / Ports / Certs...Inbound and Outbound ..Exchange Test Data Submit Change Management / Centralized Customer Set up – File Gateways – *SMTP*HTTP*FTP…. UAT Testing: 2 Test Environments, 1 production

EDI Achievements -Trusted Link 3.3

Document Tracking, Map changes or Enhancements, Worked with Internal Conversion Tables Uploading new Ship To's to existing Bill to Accounts, Trading Partner Table Maintenance, Trading Partner Envelope Set up, Address Book Creation and Update, Create Manual 810 Invoice, Updating of Trading Partner X-Ref Tables, Communication File InterFace (Transfer file to / from Tape) As 400, 850 PO Creation, - PO Inquiry / Rel Ord Edit

Clients- CANTON, Clia Waved, Clinica, GEISINGER, GHX, Hackensack Univ. Med Center, HCA, Hereford Regional Med Ct, Hope Fisherville, Labcorp, LoopPharmacy, National Surgical Hospitas, NeuroVend, Physicians Clinic

Piedmont, REDMOND REGIONAL MEDICAL CTR, TMC Sag, UMA OF THE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SC, Wal Mart, Colorado Ortho, Hoag Endoscopy Center, Newport Beach Orange Coast Endoscopy,New Britain Surgery, Touchstone, White Oak Surgery, OHIOHEALTH, Sterling

EDI Achievements -Sterling Integrator B2B 5.2

Set up User Accounts / Create Mailbox

Create Virtual Root

Set- Routing RULES

Configure Code Lists

Set – up sftp from External Trading Partner

Developed EDI-B2B solutions

Process control, including scheduling, sending and re-sending PO’s and Invoices and Prioritization of messages

Migrated B2B Integration solutions from other platforms to webMethods.

Create and maintain documentation of the integration process including field mapping, transformation logic and data sources

Monitor and troubleshoot data integration processes

Microsoft, (MSCIT) Redmond, Wa 02/2015-11/2015 PM EDI / E-Commerce /- Global Manufacturing Supply Chain IT

Project Manager Achievements

Coordinate VAN Connectivity between MS and AT&T, Verizon, Verizon Disti-New Breed &CTDI. EDI- 850,855,860, 810. Imp Guide Revision, Mock Data, New Revenue Channel – Surface Tablet-LTE

System Integration Testing (SIT): DUNNS #, DATA Structure Port, Certs, IP Addresses, System Enhancements – MAP assumptions / Modifications or Business Rule Recommendations

UAT Testing: Data Content, Mandatory –Optional, XML (Inbound) 856 EDI (Outbound), Business Rules

TRANSACTION -Integration Flow: DTV - Disti to Operator, MTV-Manufacture to Operator, Revenue Streams – MS Stores,3rd Party Retailers, Seed Stock, ATT Stores…

Telecommunications Operators: ATT, Verizon (US), Y Mobile (Japan)Softbank Mobile(Europe)

Release 1: Factory data collection and transmission to MS internal systems. SAP Config to support Deliver capabilities.

Release 2: Enable forward fulfillment of operator orders for Direct, Disti and Accessory shipments

Release 2.2: Accessories ASN for VZN and Non-Standard Warehouse ASN for ATT/VZN

Sales Order / Make PO to Manufacture / 945 – Received triggers Ship Delivery Order (940). Containment Info

PM Documents : Ticket opening for User Story,SharePoint Document Repository

Skype: Meeting Minutes & VISIO Presentations, International Meeting – India/ Japan / Brazil

EDI Achievements

GAP Analysis / Implementation Guide Review / Mapping Spec / Canonical Flow – EDI -> XML->IDOC

Creation of Mock EDI 856 Non-Warehouse- Notify shipment: Pallet, Cartoon, Devices

Creation of Mock EDI 856 Accessories – Notify shipment - OAGIS

XML Sample Data: Change Process Purchase Order – Process Purchase Order – ACKPO –

Notify Shipment –Full Containment Feed.. EDI Mock Data: 850, 856, 855,846,810

Digital Content- File Submission –Notify Shipment- Serial #, Warranty Info, Unlock and Lock Codes, Software Version, Serialized and Non-Serialized IMEI Data

MS - Make PO /Sales Order to Manufacture /Marries with PO / 945- Received triggers Ship Delivery Order (940)-Sent

Specs: Extended Logic provided for SAP Records from EDI or Flat File: Header Level or Detail Level

GSA / Archer Systems Dulles, VA 1/12 – 01/15

Project Manager PMP® - GSA Global Supply Chain

GSA manages more than one-fourth of the government’s total procurement. Archer / Vendor Supplier Network (VSN) provides day to day management / on-boarding of vendors + Military Logistic Installations on behalf of GSA to improve EDI integration activities, i.e. analyze, solution, implement and roll-out EDI requirements.

Project Manager Achievements

POC for implementing and rolling out new EDI trading partners from project initiation through production...i.e.: Transaction workflow

Support Archer / GSA in Services of SOW (Statement of Work), management of project resource life cycle

PM Documents: Service Request for Clients, Creation of Stakeholder Registry, Quote Responses

GSA Global Supply Pilot: End to End Testing: Office Depot, WECSYS, Grainger, Military Installations

VAN / Partner Set -Up –SOW, SLA, Transaction Set-Up, Partner Parallel Testing: VAN Services – Request / Billable / Data Allocation / Yearly Audit

Collaborate in the Planning, Design, Development, and Deployment of Gov. Applications at GSA – Crystal City Facility

EDI Achievements

New Client EDI Implementation -Develop New Client EDI Specifications, Create test and Prod environments

Full EDI...Partial EDI ..Non-EDI Vendors Supported. SAP and Non-SAP Vendors Supported

TESTING: -Unit testing (maps) -System Testing (Testing data with through the map and to the backend application) - User Acceptance Testing (Testing with the customer to the backend application

Manual Processing of Unpaid / unprocessed Invoices, Failed Non-Compliant 850’s, Overdue 997’s, Non-Received 997’s, Non Acknowledged 997’s, Invoice Pushes 50 -70,000 on a needed basis

R. J. Reynolds Tobacco / RSI, Winston / Salem, NC 4/13-8/13

EDI/SAP Business Analyst – Part Time 20Hrs wk. - Telecommute

Implementation Guide Creation for RJR 3010 / 4010 TO 5010 transactions: 850, 855, 810, 852, into sheets for SAP field population / Gap Analysis. Strong ability to facilitate discussions and negotiate mutually beneficial solutions. SAP 4.6 IDOC Search / Inquiry for RJRT transactions... Maps Gap Analysis for EDI Flat Files into SAP fields.

SAP / EDI - Trading Partner Inquires / Failures

ANSI X12 and xml EDI FILE formats. Experience in EDI Concepts implementing EDI specifications, business process flows, and procurement fulfilling and tracking within SAP / IDOCS

Translation Failure - Outbound - Conditional Relationship Error

Translation Failure - GS Envelope Missing- Sender / Receiver: AS2 error when sending data

Translation Failure -Missing Envelope-ISA Envelope Missing

AS2 Set-up for New TP - Transactions - 810,860,855,997,850 – Versions: 3010 thru 5010

Value Options® IT Corporate Dept., Reston, VA 4/11-1/12 EDI II Business Systems Analyst

Translate HIPPA Requirements into a technical design document: file layouts, selection criteria, transmission protocols and frequency, report formats/functionality, screen layouts, and functionality and process flow diagrams. Implementation Guide Creation Inbound & Outbound. Working knowledge of Segment and Element usage and Loop changes in 4010 and 5010 versions of the 276/277 270/271, 997,835, 837. Extracts various document types from medical providers to include: Provider Extract, Flat File Extract, Custom Response, Code Extract, 837 Custom File, 277 Medicaid, 277 FFA.

EDI Achievements

Gap Analysis, Crosswalks (4010 vs 5010 vs Custom Flat file to Customer Specs), and EDI Looping Structure.

Submitting AS400 jobs for 837I/P, 835, 997, 277, Import, Claims Extracts.

Logical Relationship queries: select, sort and define database output, created test scenarios, ran tests, performed analysis on test results, resolved difference in data, and coordination of testing... 2 week training on Pervasive EDI Software

EDI HealthcareAchivements

Gather Requirements: Business Requirements, Objectives to be resolved, Risk, Assumptions, Outstanding Issues, and Document Flow Design. Functional Specs, Level 1, Level 2, UAT Testing, Implementation. Clients: State of Louisiana, Nike Accum Import, North Carolina Medicare Extract and Provider Import, UAW, Med Star, MDS, Kansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicaid & FFA, Arkansas Import, GMC Import, State of Maryland 837 Claims Extract

CLASSY 89 Beauty Supply, Tifton, GA 3/02 - 5/11


Achieved quarterly increase in revenue for 5 consecutive years (2003 - 2008) with 20% yearly growth in revenue.

Supervised and trained 14 employees and three (3) managers on troubleshooting, diagnosis of MS Applications.

Operate and maintain local area network. Created internal conduct policies and company procedures;

Coordinated intra and interstate business logistics for nine (9) years.

Experienced in procurement, storage, inventory management, order processing, and distribution of Merchandise products.

Over 400 SKU's in store.

BlueCross BlueShield Jacksonville, FL 9/01 - 3/02

EDI Analyst

Participated in gathering X.12 requirements, design, making changes on the crosswalk for X.12 amendments. Performed unit and system testing for implementation. Tested HIPAA transactions. Assist in the planning and design of 837 and 834. Map creation for 837 and 834.

EDI Achievements

Developed and executed testing assets (test plans, test scenarios, test scripts, test cases, data sets, etc.) for one or more system-to-system integrated test environments.

Made Gentran maps for 837 professional, 837 Private and 837 Dental: Extended mapping

Mapped 834: Custom Flat file to X 12 standards then to 80 byte mainframe flat file for the output system (mainframe MVS/TSO) in one transaction

Increased work flow by assisting in making rejection codes which will ensure providers that all files have been tested to be valid TA1 and 997 involved ex: Alphanumeric valid segment (AVS) over 15 different codes for various scenarios ex: Valid segment (VS), Missing valid element (MVS)

Microsoft, (MSCIT) Issaquah, WA 2/01 - 7/01

EDI/ E*Comm Support - Global Manufacturing Supply Chain IT

TP Map Creation on Gentran 2.1./NT: partner key set-up, partner definition, Envelope definition.

International Implementation Guide Creation using Spec Builder for Inbound & Outbound Relationship, Map registration, Interchange and Group set-up, Extended Logic Mapping, 997 acknowledgements Trading Partner (TP)

EDI – SAP Achievements

Compare EDI_DC Header to EDI. EDI / EDI. SAP to Flat file Mapping.

Positional and Tab Delimitated Output

IDOC Looping Structure, EDI_DC Record Structure, Process Staged Data ¦To App and From TP & From TP to App

Scour & Analyze IDOC Records: Header (E2EK) and Detail (E2EP) for correct Input/output data fields.

EDI Achievements

EDI Mapping to and from SAP IDOCS \ SAP-EDI Subsystem

Created Group & Segment Looping Structure Gap Analysis (Anomalies), EDI Looping Structure, TP Worksheet & Specs, Process Staged Data National / International Map Creation for X-BOX Gaming Console.

Test to Production: 864 Kmart (CMODS Output) -852 Wal-Mart -810 Circuit City - 852 816 Sears (CMODS Output) - 810 Trans world -852 MEIJER (CMODS Output) - Auchan France D96A - Bertelsmann (BMG) D96A. Imp. Guide Creation.

ROCHE Diagnostics, Indianapolis, IN 9/00 - 2/01

EDI Business Analyst -Trading Partner Integration: EDI / SAP: Daily Support

EDI- SAP Achievements

Interfacing analysis and tracking of IDOCs in SAP: Workflow Analysis & Troubleshooting.

Monitored and corrected workflow/ system errors from EDI to SAP Achievements / EDI

Regenerating 810s & Reloading of 850s to the inbound Queue for production into SAP for Processing

Business functions and their interdependencies.i.e.Van, Edi,(Edi-subsystem),IDOC, SAP,Manifest

Monitored, verified, and troubleshoots outbound and inbound EDI Transactions.

Prepare: Flow charts, Decision tables, Record layouts, Screen displays and Formats for reports.

Toyota / GCI, Buford, GA 6/98-8/00

EDI Analyst - Trading Partner Integration

Completed 8 week training program: 4 weeks MVS & 4 weeks for Gentran Server. Production support for 830, 856, 810, and 862. Analyzing, Developing, Documenting, and Supporting Full Life Cycle implementation. All maps reside on MVS Platforms. Retrieve, batch processing, and job building packages were created within MVS/TSO. JCL job creation was secondary.

EDI Achievements

TP setup on GENTRAN: Client including primary and extended mapping 25 trading partner’s maps using GENTRAN: Client / 10 maps Created on Gentran 2.1.1

Test & Prod support for TMMNA: Indiana, Kentucky, & West Virginia. Cert 300 trading partners for Y2K compliancy

Maintenance & Enhancement: VAN set-up for partner Migration from Test to Production

Validation of TP and maps for parallel testing using PeopleSoft Files for Parallel Testing

Endeavor: Package building and casting jobs for production gathering/ planning/ estimating/ blueprinting/ configuration/ documentation and training

Encore, Marietta, GA 6/97- 5/98

EDI Support / UNIX Tech Support

File Analysis, Directory removal, and Remote tape verification. Hotel Management - Reservations, Front Desk, Guest Accounting, Housekeeping, Account Receivable, Credit Card Authorization, Auditing and Security on SCO UNIX

EDI Achievements

EDI batch transmission of credit / debit Adjustment (812) -Remote Site Support, Credit Card Deposits,Switching of Ports, Baud rates, and TTY interfaces -Unix File Indexing, Resetting of Permissions -Batch transmission

Unix File Indexing, Resetting of Permissions -Batch transmission


B.S in Communications, Portland State University, Portland, OR, 1995-1997

A.A.S in Communications, Clark College, Vancouver, WA, 1993-1995


-USS WM. H. Stanley CG-32 US Navy, 1989-1993 Honorable Discharge

US Naval Reserve Swan Island Portland Oregon

-Total Quality Management Certification, US Navy, 1991

-Certificate in Negotiation and Mediation, 1996

-National Security Clearance – Public Trust, 2014

-Completion of Project Manager Courses PMP®* 2014 –Test Pending


4 Week MVS / AS400 Instructor Lead Training Course - 2000

4 Week Gentran Server Translation / Mapping Instructor Lead Training Course - 2000

1 Week St.Paul Translation / Mapping Instructor Lead Training Course - 2000

2 Week Instructor Lead Pervasive Translation / Mapping Training - 2012

2 Day Training on BAM Messages - Biztalk - 2015

1 Day Training on Biztalk 365 Dashboard Messages - 2015

1 Day Training on ARIBA Cloud - 2017

3 Days of MS Office Training – Onedrive FOCUS -2017

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