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Texas, United States
April 05, 2018

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Sahar Abualigaledari, PhD

Ehly *** NDSU, Fargo, ND, 58102


• More than 8 years experiences, as materials/corrosion engineer, product developer, quality engineer, and academic research assistant working both independently and in multidisciplinary teams comprising engineers, corrosion scientists, and materials/metallurgical scientists (PHMSA, DOT, Refinery, NASA).

• Strong background in materials selection (CES Edupack) for different applications in automotive and oil/gas industries.

• More than 4 years of teaching experience in university/college as corrosion instructor (training for NACE CPI/ CPII certificates), materials engineering instructor, and mechanical failure analysis lab instructor.

• Mechanical failure analysis: fracture toughness, bending, tensile/compression, hardness, fatigue, wear, creep, and metallography.

• Materials characterization techniques such as SEM, TEM, XRD, XPS, and EDS (8+ years).

• Quality engineering; metal fabrication, casting, welding, forging, stamping, surface finishes, painting, ISO 9001.

• Background in polymer processing and testing, such as compounding, injection molding, reactive extrusion, thermoforming and thermoset composites development.

• Corrosion modeling (COMSOL) electrochemical evaluation techniques, salt spray, B117, SAE J2334, APG-E, & DIN.

• Non-destructive tests comprising: UT, ET, MT, PT, VT, and ILI Inspection techniques (6+ years).

• Additive manufacturing and 3D printing of corrosion sensors with Aerosol Jet Technology.

• Thermochemical storage system developed by additive manufacturing.

• Analytical skills in design & FEA using code & ANSYS, AutoCad, SolidWorks, FLUENT (3+ years).

• Experienced in Matlab, C++, Python, LabView (3+ years).

• North Dakota State University Fargo, ND

PhD student of Mechanical Engineering Graduation Nov 2017 GPA: 4/4

• Amir Kabir University of Technology Tehran, Iran Master of Materials Engineering Graduation Feb 2012 GPA: 16.34/20

• Petroleum University of Technology Abadan, Iran

Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering Graduation Sep 2009 GPA: 15.81/20

• Materials/Corrosion Engineer, Product Developer Intern Quest Integrated Company (QI2), LLC. Research and development of NDT techniques such as: Seattle, WA Phased array and ultrasonic techniques. 2017 (summer internship) Analyzing the fracture mechanism and characterization of 3D printed sensors via tension, compression, cyclic temperature, and bending tests.

• Materials/Mechanical Engineer, Intern Quest Integrated Company (QI2), LLC. Development of self-sensing corrosion resistance coating. Seattle, WA Design and development of corrosion sensor for oil/gas industry. 2015 (summer internship)

• Quality Engineer (Materials/Corrosion) Iranian Inspection Company (IRICO) Technical inspection of urea and ammoniac tower of Zanjan Petrochemical, Tehran, Iran Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Steel Structure Construction, and 2009-2014 Mansouri Petroleum Field Construction.

Non-destructive tests: PT, MT, UT, ET, radiography, and hydrostatic test. ILI techniques: pigging, Electrical Resistance Probe, Electrochemical Probe (LPR), Galvanic Probe. Corrosion inspection: pitting, crevice, galvanic, MIC, Mesa, and general corrosion. Cathodic protection, and inhibitor system.

Strong knowledge of standards such as: AWS, ASME, API, ISO, and ASTM. Metal fabrication inspection: casting, welding, forging, stamping, surface finishes, painting, ISO 9001.

• Materials/Corrosion Engineer (PNP) Company

Multiple researches on corrosion mechanisms in petrochemical industry Khuzestan, Iran Including general and localized corrosion, Mesa attack, MIC, HIC, HE, SSC, SCC. 2009-2014 HIGHLIGHTS



• Development of a novel thermochemical adsorption materials North Dakota State University using additive manufacturing, under the supervision of Fargo, ND Dr. Adam Gladen, funded by NASA. 2018-current

• Composite self-sensing thermal sprayed coatings for pipeline North Dakota State University corrosion prevention and mitigation, under the supervision of Fargo, ND Dr. Fardad Azarmi, funded by Department of Transportation (DOT). 2014-2017

• High Temperature Corrosion and Electrochemical Behavior of North Dakota State University Superalloys Coating Using an Innovative Device: HTCMD Fargo, ND Dr. Fardad Azarmi, funded by Department of Transportation (DOT). 2015-2017

• Study of the properties of oxide coating obtained by plasma electrolysis Amir Kabir University of Technology method on the surface of steel samples at cathode, under the supervision of Tehran, Iran Dr. S.M. Mousavi Khoei. 2011-2012

• Study on the Effects of Henna as an Inhibitor on Corrosion Petroleum University of Technology Resistance of Dry Aluminum Cooling Tower, Under the Supervision of Dr. M. Peikari. Abadan, Iran 2007-2009


• Corrosion Instructor, Faculty Member DAWSON Community College Developing, teaching, and demonstrating the courses: Glendive, MT Internal Corrosion, Coatings/Linings, Schematics/Map/Diagrams, Troubleshooting, Fall 2017 Metallurgy and Corrosion, and Atmospheric Corrosion. Developing curriculum, syllabi, and work with industry partners. Developing the cathodic protection field site.

• Materials Science Instructor, Faculty Member Payame Noor University Yasouj, Iran


Graduate Teaching Assistant (Instructor) at North Dakota State University

• Materials Science Lab Instructor 2015-2017

Teaching fracture analyzing techniques such as: fracture toughness, bending, tensile, compression and hardness tests, metallography, SEM, TEM, XRD, heat treatment, helium leak, bubble leak, burst pressure testing, cycle, flow testing.

• Statics, Dynamics, and Material Science Course Assistant 2015-2016

• Engineering Design Teaching Assistant 2013-2014

S. Abuali Galedari, M. Salimi Jazi, F. Azarmi, A. Tangpong, and Y. Huang, Microstructural Properties of Air Plasma Sprayed Coating Consisting of Tungsten Carbide and Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia, Int. J. App. Ceramic. Tech., 13 (2015) 459–468.

S. Abuali Galedari, S. M. Mousavi Khoei, Effect of Pulse Frequency on Microstructure and Surface Properties of Ck45 Steel Treated by Plasma Electrolysis Method, J. Alloys Compd., 551 (2013) 415–421. S. Abuali Galedari, M. Salimi Jazi, F. Azarmi, Y. Wang, High Temperature Corrosion and Electrochemical Behavior of HVOF Sprayed Inconel 718 Coating Using an Innovative Device: HTCMD, Materials and Corrosion, 2017; 9999:1–9. Sahar Abualigaledari, Mehdi Salimi Jazi, and Fardad Azarmi, Investigation on Fracture Toughness of Coating/Substrate Interface- Case Study: Thermally Sprayed Nickel Based Superalloy on Variety of Substrates, Materials Science Forum, Vol. 900, pp. 133-137, 2017.

S. Abuali Galedari, M. Salimi Jazi, F. Azarmi, Hot Corrosion and Microstructural Characterization of HVOF Deposited Ni- based Supper-alloy Coating, CORROSION 2017, New Orleans, Loiusiana, March 26-30, 2017. RESEARCH EXPERIENCE AND PROJECTS



S. Abualigaledari, M. Salimijazi, F. Azarmi, Y. Huang, Effect of Using Dissimilar Substrate Materials on Interfacial Properties of HVOF Deposited Inconel 718 Alloy, 44th ICMCTF Conference, April 24-28th, 2017, San Diego, CA. S. Abuali Galedari, M. Salimi Jazi, F. Azarmi, A. Tangpong, and Y. Huang, An Investigation on Microstructural Properties of Plasma Sprayed Tungsten Carbide Enhanced with Partially Stabilized Zirconia, International Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition (ITSC 2015), 2014.

F. Azarmi, Y. Huang, S. Abuali Galedari, Xiao Liang, Composite Self-sensing Thermal Sprayed Coatings for Pipeline Corrosion Prevention and Mitigation, Poster Presentation, Government & Industry pipeline R&D forum, August 6-7, 2014, Chicago, USA.

M. Salimi Jazi, S. Abuali Galedari, F. Azarmi, A. Tangpong, Y. Huang, and Z. Lin, Mechanical Characteristics of Plasma Sprayed Tungsten Carbide Mixed with Partially Stabilized Zirconia, ASME 2015. Y. Huang, X. Liang, S. Galedari, F. Azarmi, Integrated Fiber Optic Sensing System for Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring. Pipelines 2015: pp. 1667-1676.

Y. Huang, Fodan Deng, F. Azarmi, and S. Abuali Galedari, Mitigating Pipeline Corrosion Using a Smart Thermal Spraying Coating System, Pipeline Research and Development (R&D) Forum, Cleveland, Ohio, November16-17, 2016. S. Abuali Galedari, S. M. Mousavi Khoei, Characterization of Oxide Film Formed on Ck45 Steel by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Method, Journal of Mechanical Research and Application, 2012.

• Journal of Materials Research; ID: JMR-2016-1058.R1.

• Journal of Thermal Spray Technology; IDs: JTST-17-08-3200.R1, JTST-16-12-2919, JTST-17-01-2923, JTST-17-01- 2923.R1, JTST-17-07-3126, and JTST-17-07-3132.

• Engineering: COMSOL, Gamry, Ansys (Workbench and APDL), Solid work, Aspen, Minitab, Fluent, PV-elite, Materials Selection (CES), Design of Experiment (DOE).

• Programming: Matlab, VBA, Python, LabView.

• General: Microsoft Office (Excel (Pivot table and v-lookup), Power Point, Word, Visio, Publisher), Photoshop. JOURNAL REFERREE PUBLICATION


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