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Product Engineer, CAD, CAE, MS Office, BOM, Team Center

Dearborn, Michigan, United States
January 10, 2018

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GnanaVamsi Modepalli

**** ******* *****, ********, ** 48126 Phone-+1-443-***-**** Email:


* ***** ** ********** ** Product Engineer in Automotive and Manufacturing Industry

Expertise in NX CAD and Catia V5 producing innovative designs of Suspension knuckles, transmission mounts, engine mounts, axle covers, gears and drive shafts

Proficient in using Hypermesh and Abaqus for FEA, structural, linear and non-linear analysis of produced designs

Produced quality and efficient 3D Parametric Solids and Surface models from 2D drawings of sheet metal parts, plastic parts, fabricated parts, and casting/forged parts, stamped parts, molds of various body structures

Created and Developed product designs based on customer needs and company requirements, simultaneously satisfying needs of sales, marketing and manufacturing departments

Collaborated with engineering and field inspection teams to design and draft retrofit solutions for mechanical applications.

Assisted quality assurance team with integrated capability of designed components to produce optimal quality in deliverables.

Prepared Bills of Materials and Engineering Change Notices to proactively resolve technical design issues.

Proficient with Team Center managing all documents, drawings, models, CAD databases and BOM.

Proficient in GD&T performing accuracy check and knowledge on following tolerance stack-up analysis.

Extensive knowledge on various applications of MS Office creating technical reports, presentations and using excel spreadsheets.

Excellent knowledge on DFMEA tabulating design failures, root causes, effects and their preventive measures,

Excellent Verbal, Written and Oral skills

Self-motivated with good problem-solving skills, easily adaptable to new environments and ability to work independently as well as in small groups.

Excellent Interpersonal and Analytical Skills. Detail oriented and adept multitasker


NX CAD (6.0 and above)

Catia V5 (R18 and above)

Hypermesh (11.0 and above)


Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T)

Bill of Materials (BOM), MS Office

Team Center

Exceptional Drafting skills

Development and organization of CAD symbol libraries and projects

Proficiency in engineering concepts


Master of Science in Automotive Engineering at University of Michigan, Dearborn Dec 2017

Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India May 2015


University of Michigan Dearborn Apr 2017 –Dec 2017

B-Pillar Design and analysis

Role Played: Product Engineer

Performed Ford Industrial Project under supervision of Professor Sudip Bhattacharjee (Chassis Engineer in Ford Motor Company)

Designed B Pillar of Ford Focus MY 2017. Checked for accuracy using GD&T standards.

Imported model to Hypermesh. Meshed and generated mid surface, defined type of elements, materials, added constraints and loads

Tested for torsional, bending stiffness, applied stresses under different loading conditions

Analyzed 1D, 2D and 3D elements on concentrated loads with spot-weld, seam-weld and no weld conditions.

Tested global modes of vibration for the given aluminum space frame and designed alternatives provided to increase the first natural frequency by 1 Hz.

Design alternatives included Adding Cross member, rigid support, increasing thickness of elements etc.

Determined and improved torsional stiffness by 5% using modal analysis

Validated results using static analysis.

Analyzed Lateral Deflection at load application point.

Simulated stresses, strains and displacement of B-Pillar.

Verified results by comparing with hand calculations.

Tools Used: NX CAD, Hypermesh, Abaqus, MS Office, GD&T

University of Michigan, Dearborn

Vehicle Packaging and Development of Ford Fusion Titanium MY2021 Sep 2016 – Mar 2017

Role Played: Product Engineer

Worked under supervision of Doctor Vivek Bhise (Vehicle Packaging Engineer in Ford Motor Company) to complete Ford Industrial project.

Designed and developed Ford Fusion Titanium MY 2021 meeting NHTSA, FMVSS regulations and EPA Standards

Developed QFD between Nissan Altima, Hyundai Sonata and Ford Fusion Titanium based on customer needs, functional specifications and importance ratings given by the customers.

Generated Interior Package Targets. Created Interior and Exterior package drawings and specifications of Ford Fusion Titanium using Catia V5.

Conducted Exterior and Mechanical package analysis of Front left door (Driver Side) and applied different evaluation techniques such as importance rating and thrustone method for task analysis.

Charted Interface diagram and interface matrix of Instrument Panel.

Estimated and projected costs and sales. Defined project milestone, timing plan and gateway.

Suggested and developed Innovative changes such as biometric door handles, HUD Display in ergonomic position, trolley integrated trunk platform, intelligent assistance etc.

Tools Used: MS Office, Catia V5, Customer Survey, V-Model diagram, QFD, Interface Diagram

University of Michigan Dearborn Jan 2016-Apr 2016

Alternative Materials and Manufacturing Processes to Automotive Disc Brake System

Role Played: Manufacturing Engineer

Suggested alternative materials and manufacturing processes substituting current manufacturing processes and materials for Caliper Housing, Piston, Brake Disc of Ford sedan cars.

Projected limitations of current manufacturing processes (sand casting, die casting multi-level machining) and advantages of stir casting, molding, grinding, 3 axis multi forging.

Charted limitations of stainless steel, grey cast iron, aluminium materials and advantages of 2099 Aluminium Lithium Alloy, Aluminium MMCs, phenol etc.

Proposed cost effective and lightweight material methods for reduction of cast and increase in efficiency, reliability and durability.

BEML (Bharat Earth Movers Limited), Bengaluru, India Dec 2014 – Dec 2015

Project: Mitsubishi Automobiles

Role Played: Product Engineer

Designed and developed Suspension knuckles, transmission mounts, engine mounts, axle covers, gears and drive shafts of Mitsubishi automobiles and Heavy-Duty Trucks

Created parametric solid models and performed surface modelling. Setup tolerance stacking technique to identify variations in dimensions and tolerances.

Followed GD&T standards to perform accuracy check. Tabulated FMEA (Defect Prevention Procedure) identifying the root causes, provided solutions, alternatives and preventions to the root causes.

Generated complete assembly or component layouts that met both internal and customer requirements

Modified and updated design using specifications provided by Development Engineer. Communicated with supplier and customers for modifying/changing specifications or product design.

Maintained bill of material in Team Center. Analyzed and solved complex product design, service and installation problems (Problem Solving)

Interacted with design-release engineers and cross functional teams and prepared presentations using MS PowerPoint, technical reports using MS Word and relevant materials using MS Excel for safety discussions.

Redesigned vehicle components for performance improvement in NX CAD using Part/Assembly Design, Sheetmetal Design and Surface Design modules.

Designed innovative component/module replacements for existing machinery that improved functioning and extended the life of equipment thereby improved quality of company business.

Developed new assemblies that accelerated client production line speed by up to 25%.

Tools used: NX CAD, Catia V5, Hypermesh, DFMEA, GD&T, BOM, Team Center, MS Office.

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