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Electrical or Computer Engineering

Taoyuan City, 330, Taiwan
January 09, 2018

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Michael W Chen (Wen-Hui Chen) 陳文輝


Cellular Phone: 886-988-976-421


****/**** *********** ********* ** New York University (Admission)

Major: Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering

2003 Shanghai Jiao-Tong University (Enrollment) (Withdraw)

Master of Science, Major: Computer System Structure

2002 University of Southern California (Enrollment) (Transfer)

Master of Science, Major: Electrical Engineering

Lab: Manufacturing Processes of Semiconductors

2001 Peking University (Admission)

Major: Industrial and Business Management

2000 University of California, Irvine (Enrollment) (Transfer)

Master of Science, Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lab: MicroSim, PSpice

1990 Rutgers University (Enrollment)

Bachelor of Science, Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Biomedical Engineering (National Honor Society)

1985 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Admission)

Major: Electrical Engineering

1982 Cheng-Kung Senior High School (Enrollment) (Transfer)

1982 National Taipei Institute of Technology (Admission)

Major: Civil Engineering


2007-2008 SMC Networks, USA, Service Center Coordinator

Responsible for the inventory control and inventory count of networking products in the warehouse and RMA Department.

Managed the inventory database, generated the reports, and uploaded to Taiwan’s head office.

2005 The Boeing Company, USA, M.I.S. PC Technician

Installed the LCD and PC systems, upgraded the Operating System to Windows XP.

Backed up O.S., email addresses, and files to servers, then downloaded to clients after upgraded O.S.

2005 iFreedom Communications, Inc., USA, Technical Support

Provided phone, email, and live chat supports for voice IP products.

Tested the i386 Voice IP devices for their quality controls.

2003 Uniwill Computer Inc., Taiwan, Technical Support Engineer

Provided phone and email supports for the Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon / Duron with Wireless LAN notebook computers.

Contacted R&D and found the resolutions of the bugs to customers from South Africa, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Spain, China, and Taiwan.

2000 Canon Business Machines, USA, R&D Test Technician

Performed the functionality and compatibility tests of the USB printers and generated bug reports.

Performed the Microsoft WHQL tests of the printers.

1998 Iwill USA Inc., USA, Technical Support

Provided phone and email supports for SCSI motherboards, 100 MHz motherboards, Intel / SiS /Ali / Via chipsets motherboards, AGP, PCI, and SCSI controllers, and DDR memory modules.

Furnished configuration and test reports for R&D.

1997 Adaptec, USA, R&D Test Technician

Performed the functionality and compatibility tests of SCSI controllers with 7 devices such as scanners, removable hard drives, DVD drives, CD-RW drives, Zip or Jazz drives, …etc.

Furnished bug reports and found the resolutions.

1996 Epox International, USA, R.M.A. Technician

Setup RMA test benches and burn-in the motherboards with SVGA displays in 3D dimensions.

Provided phone and email supports for the Pentium / Pentium Pro with Intel chipsets motherboards. Used debug cards to troubleshoot motherboards.

1994 Auden Technology, Taiwan, Sales Engineer

Met with the Australian customers and showed and explained the catalog of wireless antennas to the customers to obtain the sales orders.

1993 ATL Electronics, Inc., Taiwan, Product Manager

Verified the entire blueprints of Dolby surround audio systems with CD changers, AM/FM/WM radios, tape cartridges, and equalizers. Used Orcad and Pcad to draw schematics and layout.

Assisted the R&D and Sales Departments to furnish customer’s requirements.

1992 DTK Enterprise, Inc., USA, R.M.A. Supervisor

Managed and distributed the return defects computer peripheral to each specialized technicians.

Managed and arranged the R.M.A. defect products on each shelf and assigned R.M.A. number.

1991/1993 BTC Computers, Inc., Taiwan, Assistant Production Technology Engineer / Vice Production Technology Engineer

Performed pilot runs of memory modules, keyboards, SVGA cards, and TV cards and debug to see if there are any defects. If not, release to mass production.

Checked BOM, wrote ECR/ECN, and made engineering samples.

Supervised and monitored the production lines from H/I, A/I, soldering pot to SMT, also ultrasonic cleaner and IR reflow.

Assisted the automation process of memory modules such as SIMM Sorting Handlers and SIMM Checks.

Wrote a book called “The Structure and Organization of a Keyboard”.

Repaired 200+ keyboards and SVGA cards for the customers.

1992 SMK Electronics (Taiwan Showa), Taiwan, Design and

Development Technician

Drew schematic and mechanical diagrams using Micro Cadem, AutoCAD, and Orcad by using the application circuit diagrams to change the components.

Tested the prototype remote controllers and trackballs to see if they meet the Specs.


2008 Irvine Valley College, USA

C++ Programming

2007 Irvine Valley College, USA

A+ Certificate course

2004-2006 Irvine Valley College, USA

Cisco CCNA Certificate courses

2001 Irvine Valley College, USA

C Programming and Linux Operating System

2000 University of California, Irvine, Extension, USA

Wireless Communications

1999 Irvine Valley College, USA

HTML Programming

1997 University of California, Irvine, Extension, USA

Bluetooth and Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11

1996 California State University, Fullerton, USA

Introduction to VLSI

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