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North Carolina, United States
January 07, 2018

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Kenatha C hery

**** * **** * ****** L ane

Apartment 1 33

Charlotte,North C arolina 2 8269

Ob jective I a m h ighly m otivated i ndividual w ho p ossesses s everal years o f e xperience u sing s everal t ypes o f c onstruction machinery, l aw e nforcement a nd c ustomer s ervices. H e i s able t o r ead a nd i nterpret b lueprint d rawings a nd i s knowledgeable i n c onstruction c odes a nd r egulations. Active i n t he c ommunity a nd h as s erved a s a s occer coach f or t he N orth C harleston R ecreation D epartment for t he p ast n ine y ears a s w ell a s t he c hairman o f t he C DI Head S tart P rogram’s P olicy C ouncil.

Skills ● Knowledgeable i n t he u se o f O ffice X P a nd M icrosoft Office

● Able t o r ead b lue p rints

Education St G eorge S econdary S chool

1987 - 1 991

● High S chool D iploma


Devaner a nd F olklift O perator 2 010 - P resent Forklift O perator w ith D ebbie’s S taffing f rom J une 2 015 until A pril 4 th 2 017 u ntil I g ot h ired o n b y S addle C reek Logistics S ervices. I a m r esponsible f or r eplenishing Kenatha C hery

twelve p roduction l ines o n P hase 1 . O n p hase 2 I a m responsible f or r eturning t he b agged f inish g ood i tems t o four l ine a s w e p repare t hem f or s hipping. I a lso a ssist with l oading t he t rucks f or s hipment.

Commercial S atellite T V I nstaller/Technician 2 009

● Reviewed i nstallation s pecifications, b uilding permits, m anufacturer’s i nstructions, a nd

government o rdinances t o d etermine i nstallation site a s w ell a s a dhered t o s afety g uidelines a nd requirements

● Evaluated j ob s ite t o a ssess o ptimal p lacement o f satellite d ish a nd c ollaborated w ith c lients t o review t he i nstallation

● Selected, o rient a nd i nstall o ff a ir b roadcast UHF/VHF a ntenna, s atellite d ishes a nd o ther r elated equipment

● Managed t he a dministrative p rocesses i ncluding v an inventory a nd a ppropriate d ocumentation

● Ensured t hat t he h ighest q uality o f s ervice i s provided t o p romote s uperior c ustomer s atisfaction Sprinkler I nstallation T echnician 2 007 - 2 009 Sentry S prinklers C harleston, S C

● Laid a nd i nstall P VC a nd s tainless s teel p ipes f or fire s prinklers o n c ommercial a nd r esidential s ites per b lueprint d rawing s pecifications

● Utilized d itching m achine t o d ig t renches a nd r efill trench w ith d irt a fter i nstallation

● Cut t ubing t o d esired l ength, u sing h and t ools, connected l engths o f t ubing, u sing p aintbrush a nd solvent

● Connected s ystem t o w ater m ain, e stablished w ater flow, a nd m onitored f low t o d etect l eaks 2 ●

Kenatha C hery

● Installed e lectrical a nd m echanical c ontrol mechanisms f or a utomatic o peration s ports-related clothing a nd e quipment

● Processed p ayments a nd p roduct r eturns

● Maintain k nowledge o f c urrent s ales, p romotions, policies r egarding p ayment e xchanges, a nd s ecurity practices

Sales C onsultant ( Part-Time) 2 007 - 2 008 Sports A uthority C harleston, S C

● Consulted w ith c ustomers t o a ssist t hem w ith product l ocating a nd s electing s ports-related clothing a nd e quipment

● Processed p ayment a s w ell a s p roduct r eturns

● Maintained k nowledge o f c urrent s ales a nd promotions, p olicies r egarding p ayment a nd exchanges, a nd s ecurity p ractices

Engineering A ssistant 2 006 - 2 007

Davis E recting C harleston, S C

● Interpreted b lueprints t o p refabricated c oncrete structures f or b uild h igh-rise b uildings a nd g arages

● Set e levation u sing s urveying e quipment a nd d rew lines f or c oncrete i nstallation

Law E nforcement O fficer 1 998 - 2 001

Barbados P olice D epartment B arbados, W est I ndies

● Served a s a m ember o f a s pecial t ask f orce responding t o c rimes a gainst t ourist

● Conducted p atrol d uties b y f oot, c ar a nd b icycle, t o administered a rrests

3 ●

Kenatha C hery

● Responded t o c alls r egarding c riminal a ctivities, disputes, a nd p ublic d isorder, a s w ell a s a ssist i n attending t o t raffic-related i ncidents s uch a s collision s cenes, v ehicle c heck p oints a nd t raffic offences

● Interviewed s uspects, v ictims a nd w itnesses i n accordance w ith r elevant l egislation a nd

administered s earches o f i ndividuals, p ersonal property, v ehicles, p remises a nd l and

● Gathered a nd a nalyzed i ntelligence, p repared c rime reports a nd o ther a dministrative p rocedures, presented c ase f iles t o s enior o fficers, a nd t estified during c ourt p roceedings

4 ●

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