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Electrical Engineer Design

Fremont, California, United States
December 04, 2017

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* ***** ** ********** (Including Academics) in Embedded Engineering, FPGA implementation, Logic design and Networking. Electrical Engineer specialized in FPGA/ASIC logic design, deep knowledge in Integrated circuit design

(Analog and Digital). Worked on FPGA/ASIC based design using Verilog. Strong understanding of gate, transistor, circuit level design and verification. In-Depth knowledge of digital system design, simulation and synthesis. SKILLS:

Programming Languages: VHDL, C, Unix/Linux(basic), Assembly language Hardware Platforms: Arduino-Uno, Atrix-7 FPGA Board Simulation Tools: Vivado, MATLAB, Cadence, Putty, EDA, Arduino-IDE. Code blocks-IDE, Multisim, Modelsim

PCB/Design tools: OrCAD Capture, keil, LTspice, Proteus Lab Equipment: Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope, DMMs

Operating System: Worked on Windows, XP/NT, Ubuntu EXPERIENCE:

Teaching Assistant 01/2017 to 04/2017

Northwestern Polytechnic University Fremont, CA

Teaching Assistant of Advanced FPGA Design and Implementations. System and IT Student Assistant 01/2017 to 08/2017 Northwestern Polytechnic University Fremont, CA

The roles of service relating Computer and Network Issue, Windows Setup and Installation, Computer and Student Accounts and managed front desk to assist faculties, staff, and students with their related difficulties. NANO SOFT beyond Imagination, G.I.D.C. 06/2013 to 04/2014 Advance Technology for placing Orders in Industry (Trainee) Gandhinagar, India

This application is developed with the purpose to reduce time consumption in real life applications wherever possible by using a Telephone system. Language, Back-end Tools: IVR system, ASP.NET with c#, Proteus for design.

CAPSTONE PROJECT: 05/2017 to 08/2017

Speed and Direction control car using Arduino Fremont, CA

Developed Obstacle avoiding car, changing the direction of automated vehicle as required at whatever point if any obstacle is ahead of its way. Four Ultrasonic sensors connected over the car, L293d motor driver to control direction and speed of DC motors. All operation controlled by Arduino-Uno. ACADEMIC PROJECTS:

Design LAN8720A/LAN8720i (Summer 2017)

Designed schematic of low power LAN8720A/LAN8720Ai. The LAN8720A/LAN8720Ai supports communication with an Ethernet MAC via a standard RMII interface, Designed it using OrCAD tool. Seven Segment Display (Summer 2016)

By controlling 4-bit input, alphabets and digits were displayed to the output. FPGA Artix 7 series board is used to implement the code. Using LED Display.

Design a Staircase Reconstruction Filter (Spring 2016)

Removes the White Gaussian noise from Transmitted sinusoidal signal. A low-pass filter is designed and tested with different sampling rates, order, cut-off frequency and different windows were used to test it. Thus, the results show up the regular fine output without noise. NAND Type Flash Cell & Two input (cmos) NAND Gate (Fall 2016)

Explanation of how to Program, Erase, Read the Cell and Operation of NAND gate work as flash memory with floating gate. Flash memory is a non-volatile computer storage technology EDUCATION:

Master in Electrical Engineering – Northwestern Polytechnic University August 2017 GPA: 3.75

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