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Chemical Engineering Microsoft Office

Columbus, Ohio, United States
January 29, 2018

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** * ******* *** ********, OH, **202 Phone: (970) ***-**** Email: OBJECTIVE

To obtain a position in the field of Chemical Engineering that will utilize technical, leadership and interpersonal skills. EDUCATION

Ohio State University (OSU) – College of Engineering, Columbus, OH Aug 15–Dec 17 Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Magna Cum Laude – GPA: 3.83/4.0 RELATED WORK EXPERIENCE

Office of Distance Education & Elearning (ODEE) – Lead UI tester – OSU, Columbus, OH Jul 16-Dec 17

Verified data integrity during migration process via data entry and auditing more than 200 dossiers.

Compiled non-conformances resulting from API migration of data to improve scripting used by development team.

Validated user experience via documenting and testing bugs and errors experienced on beta version websites. College of Engineering – Undergraduate Research Assistant – OSU, Columbus, OH Dec 15-Dec 17

Applied Density Functional Theory calculations on linux operating systems to predict properties of catalysts.

Generated simulations to show that Cu (111) is a cheaper alternative to Pt (111) in fuel cells.

Corresponded progress reports to supervisors related to the ongoing research and experiments. PakArab PVC fittings and Pipes – Trainee Engineer – Karachi, Pakistan Sep 14-Dec 14

Took initiative of keeping logs of input and output temperatures and identified trends.

Performed heat exchanger calculations to determine the temperatures of raw materials fed into injection molding dies, and the corresponding cooling required from chilling towers.

Performed hardness and fragility tests to ensure standardization and quality control. PROJECTS

Effect of Extraction Vessel Aspect Ratio Sep 17-Dec 17

Collaborated with an industry partner to analyze separation efficiency for different vessel aspect ratios in extraction of botanical oils via supercritical carbon dioxide.

Performed calculations and simulations to show aspect ratio only impacts pressure drops in the vessel, and separation is mainly governed by carbon dioxide residence times.

Calculated ROIs for various aspect ratios based on the minimum mass of metal required to meet safety standards. Hydrogen Fuel Cell as an Alternative Energy Resource Jan 17-Feb 17

Designed efficiency tests with laboratory grade fuel cells in different electronic and flow configurations.

Determined most energy efficient configuration, and performed design calculations for industrial grade fuel cell.

Appraised feasibility by performing cost benefit analysis to show solution was not financially viable. Reverse Osmosis for purifying River Water Mar 17-Apr 17

Administered experiments to determine optimal operating pressures, concentrations, and flow configurations.

Used a pilot-scale composite polyamide membrane to determine permeability of an industrial scale membrane.

Performed calculations to determine size and cost of membrane needed to purify river water as specified by Koch Industries.


Programming/Software: Proficient in Python, Maple, Matlab, AutoCAD, ChemCad, linux operating systems and Microsoft Office. Intermediate knowledge of SQL and web development tools like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Relevant CBE coursework: Modeling & Simulations (graduate level), Computational Catalysis (graduate level), Mass & Energy Balances, Transport Phenomena, Mass and Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Separation Processes, Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design, Unit Operations Laboratory (heat exchangers, reactors and separation units), Process Controls, Process Design and Economics, Process Simulations. OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE

College of Engineering – Tutoring specialist – OSU, Columbus OH Feb 16-Sep 17

Conducted tutoring sessions both in group and one on one and led discussions to maximize class involvement.

Implemented the process of documenting specific problems encountered by international students in engineering subjects, and communicating them to instructor.

Achieved an average increase of 25% in class grades for tutees who attended tutoring sessions.

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