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Manager Sales

Pinellas Park, Florida, United States
January 29, 2018

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David hf,enry

**** **** $treet North, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Home: 727-***-****

Frofessional xted

purchasing Agent dedicated to high revers of company satlsfacrion and meeting aggressive business goals. My best assets are prcblem solving ability and to effectively cornmunicate between people and departments to solve issues, with specialized kn*wledge of inventory control, material costs, pricing, and the logistics of moving rnaterials.


. Customer $erviee

o Time fu'lanagernent

o Negotiation

o Problern Solving

r Judgment an* Decision lVlaking o Equipment Selecticn r Quality Control Analysis

r Trouhleshooting

* EquipmentMaintenance

c Administration and Management


i-:i:l.' rr rr.:: tl;!j i:'li:: PUfChaSing Ameriean PJasfic Supply and Mfg - Larga, FL

: IffJ ; ::ffi; : Hll ffi*T"T# Hil J :i" :U - nve n,. ry control. Represent companies in neg*tiating contracts and f*rmulating policies with suppliers.

o Promoted to Warehouse Manager to direct and coordinaie activities of buying, selling, and distributing materials, equipment, machinery, and supplies. o Fromoted to fudaterials Manager to locate vendors cf rnaterials, equipment or supplies. r Fromoted to Purchasing to deyqlop and irnplement purchasir':g and contract management instructions, policies, and procedures. Created relationships with new vendors and distributorships from rnajcr suppliers, cut down inventory turnover by a third, material costs were down 62%, which enahled relations with new large customers such as Walmart/Sam's CIub, Publix, Piper Aircraft, etc. r Liandle teehnical sales due to knowledge of plastics, adhesives, and chernicals. Analyze market and deliveny systems ts assess present and future material availability.

: ffi::fffi tri;trtrj[rece


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