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Sales Manager

San Jose, California, United States
January 28, 2018

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**** ****** **** ****, *** Jose, CA *5120; 408-***-****;


Senior Sales VP in enterprise software spanning over public, private and hybrid clouds executing workload migration amidst diverse cloud APIs, dockers/containers and hypervisors in healthcare, banking, retail, education, defense and Telecom. Delivers tailor made solutions based on customer’s requirement, and pain points, architecture, designs processes and systems integrations requirements fully complying with minute details of RFP/RFI. Passionately executes Pre-Sales, Post-Sales and Applications support in most complex cloud and digital transformations with leading edge cloud security .OLAP, OLTP and cloud ERP space.

Enhances customer relationship through collaborative strategies aligning key drivers & KPIs

Taps adjacent markets pushing maximum re-use of core offerings and compelling differentiator

Passionate developer and relentless contributor to sales campaigns showcasing use cases for Web Security Gateways, CASBs, WAFs, managing threat vector library and DLP Data Encryption.

Has deployed 15+ hybrid and private clouds to date solving 90+ issues of performance, latency, dependency, governance, security, automation, monitoring and service chaining in agile hybrid IT.

Impeccable expert in executing Cybersecurity policies in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and IBM cloud

Customizes Azure APIs and migrates VM clusters of window clients to Hadoop/HDFS, SAP HANA and Oracle for multitenancy, thin provisioning for e-commerce and OLTP workflows hosting cost- reduced steady-state TPC transactions

Uses API and web tools for hybrid clones, workloads, snapshots, predictive workflow analytics, KPIs, RTO, RPO, RDMA, Clustering, Java middleware, CloudFront, Glacier, Auto Scaling, CloudWatch, SES, RDS and EC compression, FlexClone, SnapMirror in clustered UCS, EMC, HP and Dell servers

Proven 15 years work in scaling and orcehestrating worflows using tools from BPM, Accenture, IBM Smart orchestrator, Dell Cloud Manager, Scalr,

Unmatched skills in live migration, thin provisioning policies, data deduplication, DLP policies, billing and charge back, digital transformation and Machine learning, analytics/BI meeting client’s service catalogues in security policies, provisioning workflows, subscription hierarchies,

File integrity systems, UTM/,SIEM HIDS, secure html 5 video, traffic analysis of http client and server

Great technical skills in hypervisors/ container /docker, RestfulAPI, SOAP & XML, Puppet, Ansible

Executes elastic test bed for service chaining, service insertions, OS vulnerabilities in SDN/Cloud NFV. Layer 3-4 data applications with virtual and physical firewalls, OSPF, ISIS,EIGRP, HSRP/VRRP, LBaaS /WAN optimizers in Network Ops center and Security Ops Center

12 years of experience in ITIL,SIEM, NMAP, NESSUS to fix application and OS vulnerabilities / EPG security, CASB, WAFs, virtual Firewalls, NIDS, NIPS, Antivirus, IAM, PIM & PAM,

Drives weekly sales funnel through ROI-centric persuasive value selling and collaborative app-aware NFV and VNF integration to tap new use cases in hypervisor agnostic APP, DB and Web tiers KEY INDUSTRY CONTRIBUTIONS

Presented a paper on key performance edges of L3 VPN in IMS at cloud connect forum in 2013 & InterOP 2014

Participated in Panel discussions in CTIA 2010, Interop 2010 & 2011, RSA 2008 & MEF 2011. 2010, and 2008

Represented Air Patrol, Comit, Cisco, Motorola, Lucent in IETF & RSA on IPSEC & SNMP 1995-2010

Chaired IPSEC Euro Conference sponsored by Motorola ING in March 2004 in Glasgow, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Vice President of Sales, SAI Technology Inc (A Cloud Security Co), Santa clara, 2016-Present

CENTURYLINK ($6.9M) : Security as a service use case : Integrated PA 7000 firewall and optimized performance using SAI’s IDM, AAA server under puppet CM into Century link Data center and autoscaled layer 3 flows and optimized new security policies for PAM and IAM breaches, Deploy /configure Live Migration Azure, Dynamics and office365 Software defined Storage/IT Agility Google cloud analytics, omniture, LAN/MAN/WAN/SAN virtualization HTML5 video, AWS CloudFront AWS S3/EC2, Redshift/MapR XML, SOAP, RestfulAPI, WSDL SDN in Linux, RHEL and CentOS proxies and cookies issues, flow latency issues on 2800wireline tunnels (L2 TPv3 compliant ) and 1600 Wireless SSLVPN tunnels . Executed 64 pairs of TeraVMs (http client & server traffic ) on Centurylink live to validate SLA /QoS using loadbalancer F5 LTM for Pools, SNAT, tcpdump,Virtual servers, vlans and Snmpd.

LOCKHEED ($5.9M) : Use case was securing OTT video live migration : Upgraded firmware for Cisco ASA at internal Lockheed on-prem data center and managed IT software projects to execute 8 pairs of TeraVMs (HTTP client and server) achieving 5 Gbps line rate performance using a Nexus 1K vSwitch running VMWARE ESXi.and scaled 2000 VM to 10 0000 VMs under VMWARE SDN controller. Provided elastic test bed to scale live migration in multitenancy

PNC Bank ($5.6M): securing multitenant live migration : Installed vCloud vAir Cloud Manager, vSphere and vBlock on UCS 240 and EMC servers. Installed BPM s/w and built a hybrid cloud to migrate 800 vms from an openstack cloud to a new hybrid cloud.Tested storage/compute/network flows including flows in Cisco nexus 7K + UCS in various server LB configurations. Passed SLA by showing live migration of VMs in 240+ tenants and full back up snapshots for ACH traffic routing.

Ross Stores –Pleasanton ($5.1M) : Use Case was FTP workflow scaling : Added Brocade Vyatta Routers, VDX 6940/SLX 9140 switches for vPC, Vlans, MST and 802.1q for Top of the Rack switches and Distribution layer switches.and emulated all Layer 4-7 IP flows. Reconfigured Cisco ASR 9010/9910 and Catalyst 6509 for L3 Vlans with HSRP and advertise network in BGP & OSPF in DC including iBGP and eBGP peering between L3 routers and core routers. Scaled all FTP traffics with a battery of virtual test tools of Vyatta, Ixia tester and Wireshark

Comerica Bank ($4.4M) : Use case : migrate about 65% of workloads from Private to Hybrid cloud Managed transitioning of Openstack cloud to a new hybrid cloud by installing Rightscale and vSphere in the PHP servers serving Juniper vSRX virtual firewall for SAN and NAS traffic. Installed vBlock to optimize NAS and SAN workflows. Used Juniper Space Security Director with Policy Enforcer to automated security enforcement, unified management of new added policies and and visibility for physical and virtual assets .Executed 10 pairs of HTTP client and server achieving 10Gbps line rate performance using NSX vSwitch running VMWARE ESXi National Sales Director, Cloud & SaaS Grp, Shenick/Cobham, Milpitas 2 013-2016 Exceeded FY ‘13 quota by 4%, FY’14 quota by 5% and reduced pre-sales-to-book cycle by 20%

Kaiser Permanente Hybrid cloud ($7.5M): Installed vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager and BPM s/w for workflow, form, dashboard and rule engine integrated it with Remedy platform. Added TeraVM R620 into Nexus® 5K talking to UCS B-200 to deliver UCS’s QoS and vNIC provisioning . Accelerated Vapps, VBlock & high speed access to datasets via EMC servers thru I/O drivers sync, separate SIP trunks/ DR using redundant UCS/CUBEs. Orchestrated service insertion and chaining scaled up clinical work flow (native and synthetic). webex connectivity, OTT video, thin provisioining.

Kroger Foods ($9.7 M contract for 3 years): Installed RightScale UI/API/CM package onto .NET servers and using vSphere and Eucalyptus orchestrator migrated 6400 vms of the private cloud to a new Built a self service portal to provide access to cloud instances during warm DR and live migration of VMs for payroll and RMA data base. Installed TVM R620 to use 50+ metrics based stateful emulation of data concurrency tests, db convergence tests, IOPS, file integrity and http/https/ICMP and server load balance metrix in real time. Audited 2400 tenants and their work flow histories for 11 weeks in changing LB/ FW /Server configurations using rt emulation of Layer 4-7 flows for proxies, cookies, malwares. Integrated CyberArk PAM OS to mitigate internal breaches.

Comerica Bank Private to Hybrid cloud ($9.5): Managed transitioning of Openstack cloud to a new hybrid cloud by installing Rightscale and vSphere in the Cisco/EMC VCE environment. Also installed vBlock to optimize NAS and SAN workflows. Executed 10 pairs of HTTP client and server achieving 10Gbps line rate performance using a Nexus 7K vSwitch running VMWARE ESXi based on UCS 4XX platforms on RHEL and dockets/lnux containers on TVM620.

AT&T ($9.1M) Private cloud: Integrated F5 GTM and TeraVM firewall emulation test software to virtualize AT&T OSS/BSS billing servers using direct connect cloud security in vPaths of Nexus 9K and Citrix LB,NetApp FlexPod clusters through VSphere/VBlock. Used TeraVM deduplication on virtualized NAS through remote filers. Executed 4 pairs of TeraVMs (http client & server traffic ) on live OTT video ( RTP datagrams) to validate SLA /QoS amidst loadbalancer F5 LTM for Pools, SNAT, tcpdump,Virtual servers, vlans and Snmpd.

PNC Bank hybrid cloud/VCE:($5.9M): Installed vCloud vAir Cloud Manager, vSphere and vBlock on UCS 240 and EMC servers. Installed BPM s/w and built a hybrid cloud to migrate 800 vms from an openstack cloud to a new hybrid cloud.Tested storage/compute/network flows including flows in nexus 7K + UCS in various server LB configurations. Passed SLA by showing live migration of VMs in 240+ tenants and full back up replication /snapshots for ACH traffic routing.

Paypal ($5M win): Customized APIs for the client and built Elastic test bed for their openstack solution and licensed orchestration scripts, autoscaling, SDN Controller and Test Modules on ESXi, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen,. Customized SDN and test software NAS virtualization and emulating MySQL Leveraged Shenick’utilit for UCS Manager and windows Azure/HYPERV to Cisco Nexus 9K (APIC) transactional work flow, webex connectivity, call routing/forwarding,voIP MOS, UCS QoS, thin provisioning & live migration thru Biztalk server 2013 using cloud adapters in Azure and Biztalk360 Vice-President, Applications & Pre-Sales Arbor Networks/NetScout Santa Clara, 2011-2013

Wells Fargo Bank, MN ($7.2M) : virtualized their data center by service chaining WAF, LB and Firewall functions with orchestrator in a hybrid cloud to maximize savings by putting in storage in cloud. Installed Arbor’s IDS/IPS/WAF/PeakFlow/Cloud Signalling /Cloud diag products and installed elastic test bed for FTP files, OLTP flows amidst Object filers for NAS virtualization in AWS/EC2.

State Farm ($7.1M) DR project : Configured VMware ESX, ESXi, within VI3, vSphere 4.1 and vSphere 5, LabManager, vCloud Director, Consolidated Consolidated Backup, DRS, HA, DPM, vMotion, VMware Data Recovery, VMware SRM, vCenter Op Manager, and ThinApp

GE Healthcare ($6.7M): Won 2 major IDS/IPS OEM integration deals: $3.6M with GE healthcare and $3.1M with Sequoia hospital by integrating Arbor’s Peak cloud, IDS/IPS including DLP and DPI s/w features. Key applications: EMR,HL7,HIPPA and PCI and improving Policy based ACL to external nodes exceeding 2000+ VMs. Implemented ITIL for comprehensive security compliances like SOX,HIPPA,PCI and SLAs, OLAs.

T-Mobile : ($5.3M) Data Migration project to migrate the enterprise data into SAP HCM and manage the integration of downstream applications using Identity Management,(LDAP/Actv Directory), BizTalk & Share Repository in the .Net including full life cycle of interface development in SAP 6.0

Fremont Bank ($4M) BC and platform virtualization deal Physical-to-Virtual (P2V), Virtual-to- Virtual (V2V) and Virtual-to-Physical (V2P) migration of Windows NT, 2000, 2003, 2008 to build, configure /deploy VMs /templates. Linux servers from VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and legacy hardware.

Openstack Clouds ($5.6M) Integrated Arbor cloud/ IDS/IPS and UTM suites to build direct connect cloud security for 3 mid-tier customers using tiered EMCHybrid Flash Array storage to gain 35% in IOPS through RDMA, clustering & data deduplication and IP header compressions. Vice-President of Sales & Applications, Comit Systems, Santa Clara 2009- 2011

Bank of The West ( $5.1M) : Installed data deduplication for Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) for branch automation applications and implemented Symantec ITIL for SOX, PCIDSS and HIPPA . Added turbo-DPI based security solutions for Imation mobile storage platforms delivering url filtering, IDS/IPS,anti-malware 256 bit AES Improved fault resilience by enhancing synchronization of I/O drivers, optimized GZIP, PKZIP& LZS and SRIOV to scale IOPS

SMB private Clouds ($4.2 M) Integrated Comit IDS/IPS and UTM suites to build direct connect cloud security for 4 SMB customers using tiered Cisco UCS servers to gain 25% in IOPS through RDMA & cache coherency. Designed SSL security, deduplication,TCP off load and data compression

Radisys ($4.4M) Marketed cloud ready storage security solution to Radisys and jointly conducted product launch webinars. These cloud security solutions for their Rapidflex application server and mobile clouds deliver all pre-paid and post-paid SIP services.

PACE ($3.9M) : Installed Comit’s IDS/IPS, Data deduplication suites for real time security & in-line data monitoring (using INE with AES 256 and complying with FIFS140-2) for monitoring data plane traffic for windows servers, checkpoint Firewalls and Cisco storage MD 9000 line. Enhanced security, deduplication and Live migration performance through TCP off load and data compression products for Storage Virtualization.

Metro PCS ($3,2M) Licensed Comit’s anti-malware and SSL software stack for IP based wireless backhauling to Metro PCS and delivered IPv4 to IPv6 conversions in a security support contract Vice President, Business Development, JDSU Enterprise Datacom Division,, Milpitas 2006-2009

Licensed SaaS offerings by integrating Cisco UCS Manager as server-domain controller with JDSU IDS/IPS and virtualization of MAC addresses for Equinix,Google and NTT clouds

Won $12M EAI contracts for JDSU‘s IDS/IPS and RMONs using XML and SOAP including performance management and L3 provisioning codes for data centers of GE Healthacre and

Drove strong alliances with HP, Fujitsu, EMC and Dell on 8Gb and 4Gb Fiber Channel active datacom modules for their server needs and made HP ($28M) the largest customer followed by Fujitsu ($21M)

Developed strategic alliances with First Federal Bank, GE Healthcare and McAfee and marketed JDSU WSS switches using OTN and IP payloads for Data center’s Aggregation switches/ networks Vice Pres of WW Sales, Air Patrol Corp (An enterprise Security s/w Co), San Jose, 2004-2006

Turned around global sales from $3M to $21M in 21 months; Reduced Pre-sales cost by 12%

Brought 4 Alpha and 6 Beta customers total $11M) in first year for WIDS/WIPS s/w offerings

launched field trials to pass NEBS, AIT, SOX, and FCC at Wells Fargo bank, Metro PCS and Citi

Transformed commodity “channel partners” organizations to highly successful “end-user demand- creation” sales organization through customized demo tools, web marketing and field training

Developed and implemented new brand positioning and messaging for all product lines

Through strong collaboration became a OPSEC certified Checkpoint channel partner for all Air Patrol IDS/IPS and Wireless Switches and launched UC in healthcare, banking and education markets

Led messaging and partnering strategy for all AP products and conducted analyst briefings in NA

Moved Tier-3 VAR development and support to Inside Sales function saving $11M annually National Sales Director, Motorola Computer Group Sunnyvale, 1997-2004, Managed strategic sales to aggressively tap revenue growth in Data Center & ISP, MSO service markets Consistently met or exceeded quota. With 9 RSMs, 6 System Engineers booked $102M in FY 2003.

Sold during 2000-2005 $89M worth Motorola’s VPN appliances using L2TP, PPTP and IPSEC in all VPN oriented Vanguard customer installations to ISPs, call centers, Banks and hospitals.

Won $16.5 M from ITT on VPN networking integration /consulting service deals spanning both web services & data warehousing application leveraging Oracle9i, DB2U, Sybase data warehousing and BI

Sold during 2002-2004 about $47 M worth of unified messaging and VoIP /IP PBX solutions to Cisco partners/ISPs including NTT, Fujitsu and Radisys for their app integration with ILECs/CLECs

Partnering with Sprint won a major contract worth $ 11M with on CentriQ 1000 communications gateway for voice video and data (DOCSIS v 1.1 & PacketCable 1.0 compliant)

Sold to Pacific Bell Motorola converged data/voice architectures with Metro ethernet applications, last mile ethernet markets and VPLS/ data aggregation and various data consoles for internal data center.

Aligned Motorola converged data/voice architectures with Metro ethernet applications Director of Business Development LUCENT/OCTEL, Milpitas 1995-1997

Generated and supported $59 M of OEM wins in 2 years by introducing new Voice messaging server Sierra XL for easy and cost-effective integration of E1,T1, POS, and ATMs with ISDNs, Exceeded the targetof $14M by 20% in the very first year after launch.

Deployed, Qualified and secured acceptance on VMS II Voice Messaging server at 4 Alpha customer sites two months ahead of schedule thereby saving $3.2 M

Successfully launched and sustained On-line Web-based support centers for Tier 2 customers and below to save $5M annually.

Software Manager, CISCO (MSSBU) San Jose, CA 1989-1995 Managed 5 software engineers developing port adapters and voice cards. Managed development of secure line cards and port adaptors for Cisco 7200 using security processors delivering IPSEC, L2TP and IP header compression to enhance performance of MPOA traffic, transparently bridged ethernet frames and Layer 3 IP/ethernet

Implemented RPS Compression and zero bit suppressions and the following for 30 % performance enhancement in end- to- end line throughputs on fast packet LDP cards on IGX 3800 and voice over ATM/FR cards.

- RLL compression & G.711/G.723.1 vo-coders

- Buffer centering for clock adjustment and buffer management

- IMA (Inverse Multiplexing over ATM) up to 31 T1s

Managed all development phases of 68360 based Port Adapter card for IPX1 and implemented codes to process EIA lead transitions, SCC (serial port controller) accesses in mutual exclusion with 56K, CRC algorithms, fast pad to FRP terminations and parity management. EDUCATION

Executive MBA Certification Stanford University

MTech (EE) : IIT Delhi : BSEE: Allahabad University Management Skills: Technical Skills Business Skills Leadership product strategies XML/SOAP/Metadata/SDLC /RUP/Agile Pre-sales and Post sales management Program Management Data/Process Modeling/Methodologies Growing pipeline funnel/forecasting People’s Management Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence Develop Alliance Revenue stream Portfolio Management Oracle/SAP ERP Leadership strategies for OEM sales Budget (P&L) e-Commerce/web,J2EE, Apache Go-to-market strategies Vendor Management CRM (Siebel) Develop proposals/presentations Risk/Audit/Compliance (SOX-404) MS Project Server / NIKU / Clarity Business Process (BPM/ BPR/BPC) SQA/ Change/Configuration Management Master Data Management Lead Generation/ Inside Sales Mgmt Offshore Team Management IDS/IPS and firewalls management Managing cross functional teams

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