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SAS Programmer/Developer

Waukegan, Illinois, United States
February 07, 2018

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Highland Park, IL 60035-1030

Phone (H): (847) ***-****

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Summary of Professional Experience

Ruben Chiflikyan, Statistical Programmer/Developer using SAS/SQL, has 17 years of intensive experience in complex data step, advanced SAS macro and SQL programming, efficient usage of many SAS procedures, including creation of tables, listings, graph, and developing and maintaining of the reliable and efficient data-driven SAS applications across multiple platforms, including Unix. Provided statistical programming support to statisticians and data managers for various surveys, including pharmaceutical and medical. Efficient in usage of archiving technique for programs and consistency of CRF across studies. Proficient in creation of automatic checks providing excellent data quality. Created many derivation programs per request for standard and non-standard situations. Was responsible for creation and accuracy of submission data sets and data definition documents. Was effective in communication with clients, provided help and effective consultation to other non-statistical SAS programmers, demonstrated strong interpersonal skills, provided innovative solutions and displayed strong programming, analytical and mathematical skills. Published and presented 12 SAS related papers on PharmaSUG, NorthEast, and SouthEast SAS Users and other national and international SAS conferences.

Professional Experience

2016 to 2018 AbbVie, North Chicago, IL

SAS Contractor. Created several complex SAS/SQL-based systems to run regularly a set of data driven interconnected SAS programs for pre-processing of incoming source data presented in various formats, including those in Teradata format, and for subsequent download the generated data files to Teradata database. The source data represented mostly sales of pharmaceutical products impacted by variety of promotional activities targeted at physicians as well and the patients. The programs were required to adhere to more than 90 strict standards of incoming sources checking metadata and data itself across all incoming data files. The found inconsistences were displayed in user-friendly format for review by business analysts. The second system generated more than 80 statistics calculated by specifications defined by statisticians. In frames of another project, I fully automated the generation of required statistics from source data files coming on daily basis from clients.

2014 to 2016 Nielsen, Marketing Analytics, Inc. Evanston, IL

SAS Consultant. Created several dozens of complex SAS programs, readers, for importing raw data in various formats into SAS, transforming and manipulating data according to specifications. Created from scratch the autonomous system for automated handling of periodically incoming raw data for many countries for wholesale and retail sales for various categories, and other relevant raw data in various formats. Created an automated SAS/SQL based system for identifying of outliers, missing values, matches/no-matches with existing repository data. Created from scratch more than 100 statistical measures, generated requested outputs and transformed them into SAS datasets used as inputs for various statistical models. Created many adhoc reports on request of statisticians. .

2010 to 2013 National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Senior Programmer/Analyst. Worked on highly complex national projects providing programming and analytical support during all phases of data delivery.

The projects were sponsored by CDC. Created unique type of documentation, which unified many previously separate parts providing structural approach to all participating programs and relevant documents. Actively participated on all phases of data delivery, providing intensive SAS macro programming and analytical support. Created user-friendly SAS based system for bringing together and creating many customized reports of medical data on levels of various immuno-modulating agents. Was responsible for creation of highly customized dopamine and amphetamine related data files and providing them to clients on a daily basis.

2005 to 2010 RTI International, Research Triangle Park, NC.

Research Programmer/Analyst. Worked as a data manager for longitudinal multi-wave survey and was responsible for development and implementation of various SAS aspects of this complex project. He was instrumental in creating deliverable files and applied quality control procedures to the very large and complex data files. Worked with analysts to develop specifications for the variables and provided quality control to ensure the resulting data was of high quality. Worked significant amount of time with the leading analysts on the complex re-reports issues in frames of this project. Worked on federally funded study with RTI statisticians. In collaboration with RTI statisticians’ team we worked with drug rehabilitation medical facilities and their patients. The data was collected through surveys including collection of medical and assigned medication usage. After collection, data was processed to determine efficiency of treatment at each facility and used medication.

2004 to 2005 RS Informational Systems, Inc., U.S. Coast Guard, Aircraft Repair and Supply Center, Elizabeth City, NC.

SAS Developer. Conducted statistical analysis on the created SAS variables to identify the set of variables most crucial for database performance. Organized the transformation of system load variables into SAS data and their collection on daily basis. Created a series of macros for automatic generation of the unique clean historical table for system load variables on the basis of their daily inputs. Calculated various types of statistics between variables from database and system tables. Retrieved the necessary information from complex manipulation with multiple data sets as required.

2001 to 2003 Survey Laboratory, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Programmer. Was responsible for programming questionnaires into CATI, loading sample replicates, and exporting SPSS data files from CATI system. Created data entry programs for mail surveys using Access. Designed, developed, implemented, and maintained a data capture program for mail surveys. Responsible for logical and physical data modeling.

2001 National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Programmer/Analyst. Participated in Florida Ballots Project as a SAS programmer/analyst. Compiled ballot-level and candidate-level markings into system files; reviewed files extensively for accuracy and completeness; performed numerous internal consistency checks on the data; analyzed data for effects of ballot reviewer characteristics; analyzed data to determine inter-reviewer and intra-reviewer reliability.

2000 Lights of America, Walnut, CA.

Electrical Engineer. As a leading specialist of research and development department, designed and coded mathematical models in SAS for preparation of phosphor organic suspensions for compact fluorescent lamps

1993 to 1998 Yerevan State University, Armenia.

Team Leader. Designed, developed, coded, and implemented marketing analysis reports for clients, including pharmaceutical. Researched, analyzed, and developed solutions to problems. Analyzed and designed proposed modifications at program level. Wrote specifications, including all necessary documentation for clients.

1983 to 1992 Laser Technique, Yerevan State University, Armenia.

Junior Researcher, Researcher, Senior Researcher. Developed multipurpose numerical code of nonlinear kinetic equation for finding transport parameters of electrons. Tested some physical models by means of statistical methods using SAS. Derived the analog of Blanc’s law for electrons. Participated in creation of a series of numerical algorithms for detection of specific parameters in low-temperature plasmas.


PhD, Quantum Electronics (Plasma Physics), A cademy of Science, Armenia, 1984.

MS, Quantum Electronics, Yerevan State University, Armenia, 1979.

Special Courses

SAS Base Programming Certification for SAS 9, April 2016

Exchanging Data Between SAS and Microsoft Products, Sierra Information Services, RTP, May, 2007

Unleashing the Power of PROC REPORT, Sierra Information Services, RTP, May, 2007

SUDAAN Descriptive Procedures, RTI, August 2006

SAS Programming III: Advanced Technique, SAS Institute, May 2006

SAS Macro Programming: Advanced Topics, SAS Institute, March 2006

Color Graphics, SAS Institute, February 2006

SAS Web Tools: Static and Dynamic Solutions, SAS Institute, May 2005

Basic Oracle, Knowledge Systems Academy, October 2003

Advanced SQL, Knowledge Systems Academy, August 2003

SAS Applications in Statistics, Knowledge Systems Academy, July 2003

Visual Basic 6, Knowledge Systems Academy, June 2003

Computer Skills

Software: SAS Base, SAS Macros, SQL, Teradata, SAS Color Graphics, SAS ODS, SPSS VB6, Oracle, MS Excel, MS Access, Cognos, VB.NET, CATI, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, VBA, Lotus Notes, E-Prime, PASCAL, FORTRAN

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Unix, Linux, MVS, JCL, IBM Mainframe ES 9000

Honors and Awards

2012 Certificate of Appreciation for contribution to NSECE Project (2012, NORC, IL)

2012 Team Recognition Award for NSECE Project (2012, NORC, IL)

2012 Team Recognition Award for Voxco Project (2012, NORC, IL)

Spot Award for Successful Implementation of SAIS Project (2009, RTI, NC)

Certificate of Achievement for significant contributions to ISD (2005, Coast Guard, NC)

Performance Excellence, Commandant’s Quality Award (2004, Coast Guard, NC)

SAS Related Publications

Myers, S., Chiflikyan, R., & Chiflikyan, M. (2009, October). Source Code Documentation: When Comment Get in the Way. Presented and published in the Proceedings of the Conference of the SESUG 2009. Birmingham, AL

Chiflikyan, R., Chiflikyan, M., & Grubbs, G. (2009, October). An Approach to Creating Archives That Minimize Storage Requirements. Presented and published in the Proceedings of the Conference of the SESUG 2009. Birmingham, AL.

Chiflikyan, R., Chiflikyan, M., & Grouverman, V. (2009, September). The Dynamic manipulation of Numerous Web Files by Using the Filevar File Option. Presented and published in the Proceedings of the Conference of the NESUG, Burlington, VT.

Chiflikyan, R., Chiflikyan, M., & Medeiros, D. D. (2009, June). Macro for transforming almost any character calendar date into SAS date value. Presented and published in the Proceedings of the Conference of the PharmaSUG. Portland, OR.

Chiflikyan, R., Chiflikyan, M., & Medeiros, D. D. (2008, October). Identifying and listing outliers without using PROC Format option Other=Invalid. Presented and published in the Proceedings of the 16th Conference of the Southeast SAS Users Group. St. Petersburg, FL.

Chiflikyan, M., Kinsey, N. L., Chiflikyan, R., & Grouverman, V. (2008, October). Automated data converting of character into numeric fields. Presented and published in the Proceedings of the 16th Conference of the Southeast SAS Users Group. St. Petersburg, FL.

Heath, E. A., Suresh, P., & Chiflikyan, R. (2008, October). Standardization of lists of names and addresses using SAS® character and Perl Regular Expression (PRX) functions. Presented and published in the in the Proceedings of the 16th Annual SouthEast SAS User Group Conference (No. CC-028, 6p). St. Petersburg, FL.

Chiflikyan, R., Bibb, B. S., & Nguyen, M. T. (2008, October). An innovative approach to the “other specify” recoding procedure in research survey. Presented and published in the Proceedings of the 16th annual Southeast SAS User Group Conference, St. Petersburg, FL.

Chiflikyan, R., Chiflikyan, M., Richardson, J., Karlsen, R., & Medeiros, D. D. (2007). Customized solvers in base SAS. Presented and published in the Proceedings of the15th Southeast SAS Users Group 2007, Hilton Head, SC.

Biemer, P., Chiflikyan, R., Dowd, K., & Smith, K. (2007). Using administrative records to evaluate the accuracy of child abuse reports in a national survey of child abuse and neglect. Presented and published in the Proceedings of the 56th session of the ISI International Statistical Institute, Lisbon, Portugal.

Smith, K. R., Biemer, P. P., Dowd, K. L., & Chiflikyan, R. (2007). Using administrative records to evaluate the accuracy of child abuse reports in a national survey of child abuse and neglect. Presented and published in the Proceedings of the 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, Anaheim, CA.

Squire, C. M., Karns, S. A., Lux, L. J., Chiflikyan, R., Burton, J., McCormack, L. A., Williams-Piehota, P. A., Bann, C., Kamerow, D. B., & Pucci, L. G. (2006). Robert Wood Johnson foundation diabetes initiative: Wave 2 data book. Prepared for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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