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iOS Application Developer

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
February 12, 2018

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IOS Application Developer, E-mail:

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●7 years of overall experience in the IT industry as a developer.

●3.5 years of experience in iOS mobile application development.

●3.5 years of experience as a Web developer

●Proficient in developing applications in Swift and Objective C for various versions of Xcode.

●Worked extensively on the Cocoa touch frameworks

●Worked with local data storage CoreData, UserDefaults and property lists.

●Experienced in using the MapKit, CoreLocation and CoreAnimation frameworks.

●Expertise in customizing UIViews, TableViews, UINavigation bars, TabBars and various UI components.

●Worked with Oauths to provide social media integrations such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

●Worked with RESTful web services and APIs like Google, YouTube, Facebook and twitter.

●Experienced in integrating functionalities such as TouchID and FaceID for biometric login.

●Experienced in background tasks and multithreading using Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and Operation Queues.

●Good understanding of setting up local notifications and remote notifications using the APNS (Apple Push Notification Server).

●Used Auto layout, Size classes and Trait classes to develop apps that work across multiple resolutions.

●Worked with various third-party libraries such a Alamofire, Realm, SwiftyJSON, Firebase tools, etc.

●Good understanding of ARC for memory management of applications.

●Experience using XCTest and XCUIApplucation frameworks to perform unit/UI tests.

●Experienced in debugging using Console Logs, Instruments and breakpoints.

●Proficient in using Git and using command line tools for pushing, pulling and cloning the source code from repository.

●Familiar with TTD environment and the Continuous Integration tool Jenkins.

●Experienced in working in the Agile development methodology with JIRA.

●Possess good communication skills and logical aptitude suitable for Development, Design and Implementation.


●Languages: SWIFT, Objective-C, C, C++, JAVA, Embedded-C, Verilog VHDL

●Web Services: JSON, XML

●Designing: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

●Development Environments: Xcode IDE (5.x to 9.x), iOS (6.x to 10.x), Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, JSON, REST Web Service, MVP/MVC pattern, UIKit, Git, JIRA

●Development Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile/Scrum

●Version Control: Git

●Mobile OS: iOS (6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10, 11)

●Operating Systems: MAC OS, Windows, Linux


Domino’s Pizza

Ann Arbor, Michigan Role: iOS Developer Oct 2016 – jan 2018



The Domino’s app comes with features that allow the user to conveniently order Domino’s Pizza from anywhere on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It provides options like Delivery/CarryOut, Personal Profile, News and a Tracker. The Delivery/Carryout option lets users select a way that they would like to start their order. Personal Pizza profile allows a user to register themselves and it also provides Piece of the Pie Rewards(TM) information. News option provides users with latest news and offers happening and the Tracker option allows users to track their order.


●Worked on designing the app to be user interactive in Xcode 8.x/9 for compatibility with iOS 10/11 using Swift 3.x/4.x.

●Constructed the views of the app using Storyboard as well as programmatic UI statements.

●Provided user login option using third-party library Firebase.

●Implemented the MapKit and CoreLocation frameworks to retrieve the nearby store locations based on the user’s location.

●Used Property Lists to allow the user to grant location permissions.

●Used Alamofire to make network calls to retrieve data from the backend servers.

●Incorporated Localization to allow the app to configure to an additional language (Spanish).

●Used Cocoa Pods to integrate third party libraries SwiftyJSON, Firebase and Alamofire into the app.

●Used Keychain wrapper to safely store the users’s card details and address in the personal profile.

●Worked on parsing the JSON data from the database using SwiftyJSON.

●Implemented push notifications to display new offers to customers using the Apple Push Notification Server (APNS).

●Developed navigation between various views with a combination of UINavigationController, Segues and UIGesture Recognizer.

●Created custom reusable cells for TableView to display a list of the nearest store locations and menu options and used the callout accessory in the TableView to give a detailed description of the selected store along with the map to the store.

●Implemented the Alert Controller to give an alert regarding a particular store timing when placing an order and implemented CollectionView in the menu tab to display the menu categories.

●Worked on building the app in an MVC pattern.

●Tested the end application for memory leaks and fixed relevant bugs to resolve memory management issues using Xcode tools.

●Used Agile Scrum methodology for development.


Long Island City, NY

Role: iOS Application Developer July 2015 - Sept 2016



Citi Mobile app is a banking app that provides various banking features such as payments and transfers, track everyday activities, manage finances, view statements and check balances with a simple Fingerprint Sign On. It also lets the users manage their ATM/Debit cards by allowing them to add, lock and unlock cards. The app also lets the user locate the nearest branch/ATM in their surroundings.


●Responsible for developing and designing the user app in Xcode 7.0 for compatibility with iOS 9/10 using Swift 2.x/3.x.

●Worked extensively with the Cocoa touch framework.

●Worked on the TouchID framework to implement fingerprint authentication for signing into the app.

●Used JSONSerialization to parse JSON data to retrieve user’s six-month history and FICO score.

●Used third party library “Charts” to implement LineCharts and PieCharts to display six months history.

●Implemented the UISegmentedView to display a list of Recent and Scheduled transactions in the form of a TableView.

●Used a TabBar to provide easy navigation between Accounts, Payments, Services and Profile windows in the application.

●Created custom Reusable prototype cells for TableViews.

●Tested the application for memory leaks and bugs and fixed them.

●Worked on the project in an Agile environment.

The Hertz Corporation

Park Ridge, New Jersey

Role: Jr. iOS Developer July 2014 – June 2015



Hertz App allows the users to reserve cars with ease, save their favorite locations, search for nearby Hertz locations and enjoy special offers. This app has an easy user interface and an intuitive design that now offers the ease of connectivity.


●Participated in design, implementation and user experience sessions with the product and testing teams.

●Worked on developing the app in Xcode 5.0 for compatibility with iOS 6.

●Extensively worked with UI Table View Controllers, Customized UI Views & UI Table Views for user interface.

●Implemented the SideBar menu to provide menu options.

●Developed different Layout, Views, Labels, Custom buttons.

●Worked on implementing the callout accessory button to present the details of a selected item.

●Provided ongoing maintenance of programs and interfaces.

●Collaborated with cross-functional teams in testing and development.

●Worked in an Agile environment with SCRUM methodologies.

Wizard Internet Solutions Palatka, Florida Role: Web Developer Nov 2012- May 2014


Wizard Internet Solutions specializes in customized website design for the clients and its maintenance.


●Responsible for developing organization’s Web site and all custom web applications using Javascript, HTML and XML.

●Involves in all the phases of the Project Life Cycle.

●Developed the front-end GUI using browser friendly Javascript, AJAX, JQuery.

●Template conversion to CSS/(X) HTML.

●Used JavaScript for form validation.

●Developed Web forms using PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

●Created various Flash animation and graphics using CS4 suite.

●Created the user cases for the application.

Key Software Systems Farmingdale, New Jersey

Role: Web Developer Feb 2011 – Oct 2012


Key Software Systems provides courier and fleet software solutions which allows companies to stramline processes and ensure reliability and accountability.


●Participated in software requirement analysis.

●Designed Database tables, views, stored procedures, and functions according to the business requirement from clients.

●Implemented the web portal using PHP and JavaScript.

●Designed web templates, banners and advertisements using Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash.

●Carried out in-house technical support as needed.

●Worked with Adobe flash for the flash content on the web portal.

●Validated the website for Cross-Browser Compatibility.

●Used Agile methodology for the development.


●MASTER OF SCIENCE in Computer Engineering

California State University, Fresno

●BACHELOR OF Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering


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